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Mineral - Live at The Echoplex 2/3/2019

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February 3, 2019 - Mineral performs live at The Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. http://officialmineral.com/ https://mineralofficial.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMineralMusic/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral_(band) https://twitter.com/officialmineral Band Members: Jeremy Gomez, Scott McCarver, Chris Simpson, Gabriel Wiley Hometown: Austin, TX
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Text Comments (7)
Igor Demetrio (17 days ago)
the best set list ever.
James De Vile (1 month ago)
Was his mic even on..?
Cielos Ciegos (1 month ago)
The Best Songs ever (ily mineral)
This was only a few weeks ago, I’d like to see a third album love this band got me through some fucked up times
man,thank you from Russia
midwest emo (3 months ago)
на их евротур не собираешься?
конечно чет далековато

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