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Hi everyone! Today I'm testing a bunch of different hair rollers and curlers for no damage curly hair look. I used: •Foam curlers (bendy rollers) •Curlformers •Velcro rollers •Foam flower shape rollers •Vintage sponge rollers •Sponge curlers Comment which hair curling item was your favorite! xoxo! ______________________ ❥INSTAGRAM: @dovesorys https://www.instagram.com/dovesorys/ This video is Not Sponsored - I bought everything myself and there are no affiliate links.
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SabinaRuchal Magar (23 days ago)
I love your hair curly video
Dove Sorys (23 days ago)
thanks, darling!!
Priyanka (2 months ago)
nice effort...nd ur voice is😘😘👍
anjmaga27 Magallanes (2 months ago)
I liked the grey Noodle Rods best in your hair. Good comparison test.
Dove Sorys (2 months ago)
thank you! :)
Tila Jocelyn (2 months ago)
This was fun to watch c: flexirods took this one. I was surprised curl formers didn't do better
Sandy W (3 months ago)
The larger bendable rollers work great - the smaller ones will make you look like Shirley Temple!
Dove Sorys (3 months ago)
that's true! 🤣😆🤣 Larger curls suit me better!
Gracias a ti ahora estoy mas segura de que método utilizar, aun no me decidía en mi compra! Saludos desde México! Buenos videos :)
Dove Sorys (5 months ago)
thanks! Greetings from Northern Europe 😘😘
C_ Farther (5 months ago)
Those are big pink foam curlers, what size are they? 1.5 or 2 inches?
Dove Sorys (5 months ago)
they were 1.5 :)
Christine Joy Rodrigo (6 months ago)
You should make asmr vids. I like your voice
Dove Sorys (6 months ago)
thank you, darling! ❤❤❤
Dol _ (6 months ago)
The bendy rollers made the best curls tbh
Janika (7 months ago)
I like the first one u put it and took out
Dove Sorys (7 months ago)
yes, that was a really good one!!
chelsea belehar (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video it really helped me decide on which curlers I want and can probably use with out too much stress on my thin hair.
Dove Sorys (8 months ago)
I'm happy it was helpful for you, dear :)
Maria C. Delgado (8 months ago)
Hi Dove, you selected the wrong size of velcro rollers, were very big, you'd have to select some smaller than those🙂
Dove Sorys (8 months ago)
thanks, darling, I'll try smaller ones later :)
Felicia Fuehrer (8 months ago)
Your voice is so soothing
Dove Sorys (8 months ago)
thank you, darling!
Chris A (8 months ago)
I thank you for that information I like those little small tubular ones now that I can see that makeup beautiful curl I'm going to buy some but only a larger thank you
CM G (9 months ago)
I'm Poppy
annika s (17 days ago)
I'm poopy
bella bee (3 months ago)
I'm plant
Dangeresque Mustachio (5 months ago)
I'm Charlotte.
sparkling glitter (10 months ago)
Hi would you mind rating all of the curlers from best to worst i really need help 💕
Dove Sorys (9 months ago)
ok, I'll try :) 1. The winner in my opinion was Foam curlers (bendy rollers). 2. Curlformers were also nice but more complicated to use. 3. Foam flower shape rollers were good, but curls were too small. 4. Vintage sponge rollers and ball shaped Sponge curlers - not impressed. 5. Velcro rollers totally wtf. Although maybe I'm using it wrong haha :D
Serenity M (10 months ago)
I found your video because I was search for how-to's on those ball-shaped last ones you put in (I just bought some on a whim at walmart) - but I wish i got those long, bendy ones now, because those look great! I'm hoping I really just get some loose waves out of the foam balls, they might still be okay.
Dove Sorys (10 months ago)
I hope they will work perfectly for you :) try to wrap the hair in the same direction always, bc I think it was the reason why some of my hair got stuck in the ball shaped one :D
Miss Viking (10 months ago)
I'm curious which you liked the most? I think the ones you pushed through a hole? Was the easiest to put on?
Dove Sorys (10 months ago)
they were really nice, but time consuming. If you have to do all hair like this..small section by small section omg it's a nightmare haha :D I liked the first ones (bendy rollers) the most. Simple, easy to use and beautiful curls :) Have you ever tried any of them?
Alex D (11 months ago)
You didn't use the Velcro rollers correctly..
Sarah Odell (1 month ago)
All the pink ones velcro and the sponge ones that close are older curlers. They are used with wet hair and normally over night. I slept in those pink spongy ones that close when I was little in the 70s.
Adreanna Shehan (8 months ago)
+Dove Sorys you need to spray your hair with a water, but not to much! And you just roll the roller on your hair, and wait for 1 day or 3-20 mins
Dove Sorys (8 months ago)
thank you so musch!! I've never thought of doing that with velcro rollers as they were marketed for heatless curls haha :D omg everything is so complicated :D
intense screaming (8 months ago)
+Dove Sorys they require heat before putting them in. Some people use a heated curler then put the rollers in & sprits with hairspray. I watched this to see if I REALLY needed to buy a curler. I guess I do 😅
Dove Sorys (11 months ago)
It might be, dear :) could you tell me how it is used correctly? Thanks!
Ithaca Alley (11 months ago)
The best are steam rollers from conair
Dove Sorys (11 months ago)
this is really interesting, I think I might try that! Thank you!!
Naomi Joy (11 months ago)
Foam flower rollers
Tina Hanchate (1 year ago)
I bought 12 velcro rollers couple months ago & used them just once, they really hurt & make hair frizzy😑
Dove Sorys (1 year ago)
yea, velcro was such a disaster.. I don't get it how people use them again and again haha :D

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