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Meet Mr. Deathsparky

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mpd nation forum http://thempdnation.com/ I hope you guys enjoy.
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MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
extremely easy to tell you didnt watch the video... Because it doesnt say watched...
Alex Waddington (6 years ago)
U suck
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
thanks man i appreciate it
rigoherewego (6 years ago)
thatdudebelski2012 (6 years ago)
Good job bro
Vasily (6 years ago)
nice video
UKN PSYKOTIK (6 years ago)
55-5 man damn man beasting it,only thing i would suggest is getting better quality vids man
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Hannibal King (6 years ago)
Great video dude I enjoyed :)
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
my man.. Thanks a lot!
InfinitySandwich (6 years ago)
And also glad LegacyDealer chose to feature you today on the League :). Congrats man! You deserve it :D. Especially since you've been helping out around mpdnation :)
InfinitySandwich (6 years ago)
I love the intro man :). But as Josh's face said, you should probably think about shortening it just by a little bit :) So you can get to the game video quickly :D. And YESH! Love the shoutout to mpdnation! :)
bcmel15 (6 years ago)
yeah im that 9th prestige that runs next to him at 55 seconds get on my
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
im thinking about cutting the end of it out, ill prob do that but thanks lol
MrDeathsparky (6 years ago)
thanks a lot guys!
MrConviktion (6 years ago)
Alternitious (6 years ago)
Dat voice. DAT VOICE.

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