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Top 7 Metalworking Tools 2018

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PLEASE HELP OUR ANOTHER FRIEND BY SUBSCRIBING CHANNEL -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxcyTz7hBBhMpGYAcdbrGEw Top 7 Metalworking Tools Eastwood Bead Roller Drive System -https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-bead-roller-drive-system.html KAKA Industrial Sheet Metal Notcher -https://amzn.to/2NBj74a Metabo Beveling Tool -https://amzn.to/2N2j8yU NARGESA MX340-https://www.nargesa.com/en/industrial-machinery/hydraulic-punching-machine-mx340g FEIN pipe milling machine -https://fein.com/en_us/sawing-and-cutting/pipe-milling-machines/ Metal Twisters -http://www.metalcraftusa.com/twisters.html 600 SERIES PC3 BAND SAW -https://www.marvelsaws.com/product/600-series-pc3-bundle-cutting-bandsaw/ FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK-https://www.facebook.com/YOUR-TECH-GURUS-277826136072563/ FOLLOW US ON GOOGLE PLUS-https://plus.google.com/u/2/b/106242885727192362406/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER-https://twitter.com/YOURTECHGURUS SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUITUBE CHANNEL -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADPm3gmlxhmwrs-_5xQXKw
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Text Comments (101)
MCHamii (6 months ago)
5:11 here is your "clickbait".... watch video before talking shit @Dubsy Dubs
Gene Haines (5 months ago)
Welding projects
Lock Cracker (6 months ago)
I'm almost ready to wipe now. Should i stay seated and watch it?
Ryan Maddry (6 months ago)
+MCHamii watch it again please.. look at the handle and trigger at 5:11 and compare to the handle and red button at 6:42.. see the difference there?
MCHamii (6 months ago)
@Ryan Maddry If this tool is COMPLETE different, it wouldn't do that, what it's doing in the video. In germany we have a word for people like you. Nothing bad: "kleinkariert". This tool is exactly doing what i (we) expected. Please don't talk to me anymore. I am sorry for my rudeness to Dubsy Dubs.
Eric Narvaiz (6 months ago)
MCHamii hahahaha
Курумультук (5 hours ago)
Все наши спизженные придумки
Gatto Npc (2 months ago)
Make a video about afordable tools..
G. Alonso Murray (4 months ago)
a to z music (5 months ago)
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Metabo Fan (5 months ago)
Great video 👍
2ndAmendmentGlock (5 months ago)
No spanish person is gonna buy from kaka industrial....Is that really the best name they could come up with?
YOUR TECH GURUS (5 months ago)
but why sir?
Представляю во что обойдется таковой строчек МЕТАБО
YOUR TECH GURUS (5 months ago)
вы сможете узреть цена в описании ссылки
Jon Ryan (5 months ago)
I got some great ideas from this video on what pneumatic tools I should make with my everlast welder and air over pneumatic press. That beveling tool is cool to watch but not sure if I would ever need soemthing like that.
YOUR TECH GURUS (5 months ago)
feel good to hear that
Levi Browning (5 months ago)
Who ever hand grinned that chamfer has zero skills.
YOUR TECH GURUS (5 months ago)
Virginia Hoffman (5 months ago)
I want the Metabo beveling attachment, looks fantastic.
YOUR TECH GURUS (5 months ago)
dear virginia links are in description
QuangQuang Nguyễn (5 months ago)
Cua hang ban may phai câm tay ở dâu vây
al fit (5 months ago)
Просто ahyet
al fit (5 months ago)
Заворажывает !
shockadellick (6 months ago)
+ YOUR TECH GURUS the 80's music sucks!
TheDutchGuy110 (6 months ago)
5:22 you should fire your grinder operator, even i can make better bevels with a tapemeasure, a scribe and a flapdisk
Shipbl (6 months ago)
KAKA Means Shit in estonian
Alucard Pawpad (6 months ago)
6:00 So a hand held metal milling head hahahahha, costs like £800
Armored Welder (6 months ago)
Awsome! thanks!! https://youtu.be/AtWFn23R8oY
Camping Out Of Debt (6 months ago)
Are these available at Harbor Freight?
Xénos Polemistí̱s (6 months ago)
Brand name literally means "poop."
Jochen Heuser (6 months ago)
Nothing new...
Daniel Woodsworth (6 months ago)
In a fab shop maybe. This shit wouldn't last in the field worth shit. Learn to bevel.
Wolfytototito (6 months ago)
Music name please?
Larry Woolford (6 months ago)
The Metabo beveler really caught my eye , but it’s super spendy ! I guess I’ll stick with my plasma cutter .
Greg W (6 months ago)
You maybe asking yourself how can this benefit me as a garage mechanic? When you figure that out please let me know.
Whatyoudo (6 months ago)
whelp! Add TECH GURUS to the list of sites that show a common-looking shop tool then waste your time showing $100k bandsaw and crazy pipe cutter that have no business being in the vid. "note to self, avoid clicking on crappy TECH GURU vids"
Mocking69 (6 months ago)
Mike Cade (6 months ago)
This stuff is amazing!!! Thanks for a great post!! Love the angle grinder bevel tool, Ima gonna get me one. Keep up the great work!!!
audiocrush (6 months ago)
Do you have permission from the original makers of these videos?
Craig Murray (6 months ago)
clickbait shite
aidan zollner (6 months ago)
I got a wood saw add 😂
Просто великолепно и завораживающе
Work With Nature (6 months ago)
4:00 Is the worst tool you will ever own for several reasons but mainly learn to be a blacksmith to accomplish that twist correctly. Actually many of the tools would help out, but could be accomplished by a blacksmith!
Blc ME (6 months ago)
First one, you don't need to waste money to buy that. You can do it without this .
canuckguy worried (6 months ago)
These are tools big corporations buy not a small business or one person use...so anyways they look useable but of course the Cementheads won't like them.. Stuck in the 70's - 90's mentality.... They have a use and spot in some industry...I guess...
frickenbored (6 months ago)
Gee i cant wait to get my own personal industrial pipe milling machine
Stupid Dog (6 months ago)
"КАКА" industrial, подозрительно пахнет ... хм.
Lex Alford (6 months ago)
This is a lot of very specialized tools for a specific task if you do a lot of that then great for you but cost gain is very much a factor here before you pay the hundreds or thousands for that. Make sure that it will pay for itself.
NASACrooks (6 months ago)
Ok, and why the gay music?
i am cancer (6 months ago)
if you used your brain and read the title of the video 😱
Vladimir Polkovski (6 months ago)
Donovan Chaas (6 months ago)
There’s not a tool in this video that I would ever buy
Specialized 29er (6 months ago)
16/09/18 - did 391 folks cry when this clip brought them joy.
Adrian Connolly (6 months ago)
I have that corner notcher . Its good but there are some bad points. Firstly, the guides aren't lockable in a 90° setting. It takes a bit of setting up to make sure they are perfect. Also the guide rule is a waste of time. I set my guides using scrap metal to ensure they are accurate. If you are only notching a couple of corners then it isn't time saving. It will cut 3mm mild steel and 1.8mm stainless 100mm x 100mm so it is a good tool to have if you're a sheet metal worker.
Dojah Mastah (6 months ago)
This old tony? Lol
Artem 007 (6 months ago)
Это хай тек, а у нас в странах снг- хай этак!
Miguel Dias (6 months ago)
all made by white people
Notus Notus (6 months ago)
Micheal Owings Your family is trapped in vehicle wreckage and in need of quick medical attention. A team of women arrive and fumble with the jaws of life. What's your first thought?
Micheal Owings (6 months ago)
some of best welding helpers I've had were women. brute strength is only an advantage the first couple of days of the week....with plenty of clamps and cheater pipes...only first couple hours of the day.
Notus Notus (6 months ago)
Josh Henline electricians, plumbers, firefighters, mechanics, engineers, carpenters, machinists, inventors, soldiers, technicians, farmers, etc.. Not AT ALL saying women don't do important things for the world at large, but it is white men who literally turn moutains and mines into tractors and airplanes. Walk down a street and throw a stick over your shoulder. It will land on something a white man physically built, or the idea for it came from the mind of one.
Josh Henline (6 months ago)
Right where's all the feminists when it come to welding, riveting, grinding and so on.....?
Notus Notus (6 months ago)
Miguel Dias So is 95% of the modern world. Not white people. White MEN.
Guds777 (6 months ago)
i take it all, if someone else pays for it...
Jeff Bingaman (6 months ago)
:21ish Enjoyed being shown how to screw in the handle. Quick, short, to the purpose.
Gulfam Ahmad (5 months ago)
+Miguel Angel Andrade kiwy shaft
Miguel Angel Andrade (6 months ago)
Jeff Bingaman oo
Scott Uher (6 months ago)
@ 5:21 although I do like the beveling tool, any real metal worker watching can grind a bevel better by hand than the sample shown.. just sayin
canuckguy worried (6 months ago)
They do that for advertisement....standard and crap...yeah a good grinder dude can do better....that was a Salesmans test sample!!
Trevor (6 months ago)
Or just do A little bevel weld it and send it on it’s way, cause unless A cjp ain’t nobody got time for that.
Sean (6 months ago)
Totally agree.
MCHamii (6 months ago)
Agree! 👍🏼 it's an overstatement 😅
earthling john (6 months ago)
Scott Uher : total agreement...even old school shadetree fool like me can top that
clinton jolly (6 months ago)
I’ve used a version of that beveled. Worked great. But the chips were more like needles. Eventually they got tracked into my home and that was it. Back to angle grinder.
Paul Paul (6 months ago)
5:23 I can make it look like the beveling tool with the angle grinder
Work With Nature (6 months ago)
most can
dazaspc (6 months ago)
The bevel cutter lol built one 20 years ago that attached to a 9" grinder. They are all but useless on a straight cut as they only follow the edge thats there. Still needs extra prep if the edge isn't dead straight, also for X ray joins the inspectors don't like any chatter. My home made bead roller has an air motor and reduction box with a 2 stage foot valve, just roll your foot left/right. Could see the pipe cutting/bevel tool being useful but they aren't new either.
Frank Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Me too!!!!
volvo245 (6 months ago)
Yeah the guy was either doing it for the first time or drunk. Getting a fairly uniform bevel isn't exactly hard.
SNOOP U 2 (6 months ago)
As a fabricator/welder is what brought me here to see tools I've never seen before that could make a life a whole lot easier.
SNOOP U 2 (6 months ago)
+NewJackRustler 👍🏽way cool
NewJackRustler (6 months ago)
I just beveled 12' of half inch 2205 stainless with a 7" dewalt grinder.. that metabo bevel tool has me drooling.
SNOOP U 2 (6 months ago)
+Micheal Owings I agree I was smoking weed and being creative then they started to test that's when I stopped smoking I can see why because I was dealing with machinery and welding tanks I wasn't going to let it get in the way of making my money.
Micheal Owings (6 months ago)
SNOOP U 2 yeah me too but can't help but think most are a desperate attempt to dumb down with machines a lot of things we just do....sad that so many new to the trades are just plain lazy and unmotivated to learn basic skills....on the other hand adding CNC was a good move....but not discarding everything for it a lot better...out of 8 shops...mines the only one in the area still open. We don't need more work....just good workers....at least able to pass a drug test 😔
Germancristian Marti (6 months ago)
por dios que hermosos juguetes ..guuuaaauuu
orlando Murillo (6 months ago)
khaled ibrahem (6 months ago)
he is unprofessional where is the ear muff
EVP Channel (6 months ago)
영상 잘보고!!😱😱갑니다
rachid hata (6 months ago)
AM Soldadores (6 months ago)
quanto custa a maquina
cognitor900 (6 months ago)
Ditto below. Nothing new here except woeful compilation video....sigh.
jannvs ahri (6 months ago)
Hobbyists wet dream comes true
Antonio Bautista (6 months ago)
Dale olson (6 months ago)
Music junked video
Javier Garcia Alvarez (6 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 KAKA in spanish = poop, shit 💩💩🤣🤣🤣
Will S (6 months ago)
80k views and 1 comment. Seems legit.
Holley Ragnarok (6 months ago)
most come to watch a video, not type
Mazaher Faramarzi (6 months ago)
دم شماگرم

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