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Jouer Liquid Lipstick Lip Swatches!

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Text Comments (77)
SweetXtract (1 year ago)
Honestly, I don't see much of a difference between Cerise and Fraise Bonbon.
dimplezpink (2 years ago)
can't find framboise on the jouer site anymore. it looks so pretty on you also the nudes! I'm thinking of getting creme Brule, lychee, dulce de leche and casis. thank you for the swatches. stay pretty! :)
SweetXtract (1 year ago)
dimplezpink Maybe it has been discontinued?
Lychee 😍
TheGlossy (3 years ago)
i think u didn't need Kylie lipstick anymore !
Sarah Bernal (3 years ago)
Wow you pulled off every single one of those colors hahaha you're gorgeous!!!!
Helen Adami (3 years ago)
Awesome! You're the only person on my list whose done this. Thank you!
Racheal Prada2567 (3 years ago)
loved it
Jouer Cosmetics (3 years ago)
Love this so much! xo
Itz_me_laetitia lele (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa are you from Chinese?
Arevik Zohrabyan (3 years ago)
loved your black hair:(
stysmiley (3 years ago)
J'ADORE !!! i like it
Ana Bee (3 years ago)
Can you please make a Kylie Lip kit swatches? Pretty, please? :*
Daniela Jalón (3 years ago)
"Shut the fuck up" 😂😂
McKenzie Mann (3 years ago)
need like six of these doeee
Evelyn C (3 years ago)
So beautiful....
Alexandria Jones (3 years ago)
Loving the shimmery colors on you!!!! 😍
Stephanie Ibold (3 years ago)
Totally nailed the thumbnail for this 😍
Jannat Majeda (3 years ago)
everything about you is beautiful
Jannat Majeda (3 years ago)
everything about you is beautiful
BeautybyElleV (3 years ago)
how do they wear? it doesn't look drying on you at all!
Halima Db (3 years ago)
please do a tutorial on this look!
kimberly pflumm (3 years ago)
love all your videos! xo
ichkann es (3 years ago)
your teeths are so freaking white
M*chelle M*chelle (3 years ago)
Beautiful omg 🌟☀️⭐️✨
Rachael Jules (3 years ago)
Btw I love them, the colors are amazing and look great on you.
Rachael Jules (3 years ago)
are these matte liquid lipstick and how long do they last for ?
Jessica Solis (3 years ago)
They are all sold out😧
GlamWithSiSi (3 years ago)
Wow need to try those out
Heather Christina (3 years ago)
They are so pretty
Amanda Guaren (3 years ago)
Praline!!! WANT <3
jinixx (3 years ago)
I love the dusty rose colours on u
kaylanie kaw (3 years ago)
hahahah the music omg. "shut the fuck up"
J SumalaMonera (3 years ago)
Dulce de leche looks good on you
Jersey Estupin (3 years ago)
omg you can pull off any color 😍
Tu Cao (3 years ago)
Self tan routine!!
Yaseerah (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa Hey I just love your make up and the petal de rose lipstick.. looks sooo perfect. thanks for all your amazing videos, but please can you do some purple eyes makeup?
Amrit Ghuman (3 years ago)
You look beautiful as always & also was wondering what eyeshadows you have on your eyes?
Harry N Aubz (3 years ago)
A perfect face with a perfect personality ❤️
KryscyRose (3 years ago)
can i have some of that??😳😳 lol just kidding tgey look so pretty on you..😀😀😊
Denise Ragasa (3 years ago)
So pretty! Are these long lasting? Pros & cONS?
Lisa Lorles (3 years ago)
Gorgeous girl!
Christine Jamoralin (3 years ago)
you can pull off any color; they all look so good on you!
Vanessa Fernandez (3 years ago)
Thanks for this vid. Gives me an idea of what I want. 😘 Check out my channel sometime! 😁 xoxo
Valeria Arcos (3 years ago)
petale de rose looks awesome
Jennifer Johnston (3 years ago)
I always get soo jealous when you do lip swatches. You can pull off any color! 😩💗
Manmeet Multani (3 years ago)
Oml your so pretty litterly all the colors looked good on you. Room tour???
Julie Thuy Dang (3 years ago)
All so gorgeous and gorgeous on you! How's the formulation and what's your favourite shade? 😍
Jasmin Lopez (3 years ago)
I got the notification that you posted a video and my mood instantly changed!! I've watched all your videos and love them all! ❤️❤️❤️
Theresa AT (3 years ago)
Okay so the music totally made my day hahaha😂 but more importantly I love your swatch videos! Thanks for makin them!
About Issa (3 years ago)
OMG thank you so much for this! I couldn't find good swatches on someone with medium skin tone and this helped me a lot!!
Tiffgod (3 years ago)
Omg they look so gorg on you 😍😍😍😍
Christine Li (3 years ago)
I think only you can pull off those metallic shades. It is definitely a statement look! Like your videos!
H (3 years ago)
You look amazing! Love Framboise, Fruit De La Passion, Petale De Rose and Noisette. You can pull off any color there is 😍😍
Kristyn Russ (3 years ago)
These are gorg! Which one is your favorite shade?
Chantal Ruvalcaba (3 years ago)
Def need cassis, noisette, and papaye 😍😍
Donna (3 years ago)
Cerise is probably my favorite on you! I just uploaded my first makeup haul if you'd like to check it out ☺️
LifeWithEves (3 years ago)
i just loveeeeee you
Emily Leah (3 years ago)
I literally want them all so badly now!!!
Sundae Sundae (3 years ago)
You look stunning in all the colors! I like the song too :)
missycrissy101 (3 years ago)
Lychee looked perfect on you!
Michelle (3 years ago)
That "shut the fuck up" caught me so off guard, he sounds so angry😂😂😂
Heather Gilfillan (3 years ago)
CookiesforMarelyn (3 years ago)
It was so unexpected it was funny.
SimplyShevy (3 years ago)
I know Lmaoooo
Chantal Ruvalcaba (3 years ago)
Lmao right??? Like I was like hold up ???? 😂
Bailey Black (3 years ago)
You're just gorgeous Dacey! xoxo
Brianna Hinojosa (3 years ago)
Super gorgeous! Always love your lip swatches :)
DanielleBanana (3 years ago)
Did you change your eyebrows? Just curious because you look a little different. Still very beautiful :)
Caroline Duquette (3 years ago)
Simply beautiful Dacey <3
C stain (3 years ago)
those metalic/shimery colours look awesome on you! did you draw faux freckles??
C stain (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa they look so cute, you really suit them haha!
Dacey Cash (3 years ago)
+cher stain I think some might be Kylie Lip Kit dupe! Yeahl.. I was just playing around.
Jazmin Diaz (3 years ago)
love when you do these type of videos! love the new hair it fits you so well doll😍 love you tons!👸
Jenny Young (3 years ago)
I wanna buy all
Jocelyn (3 years ago)
They all look completely gorgeous on you 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Ms4197 (3 years ago)
I've never clicked on a video so quickly 😍🔥

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