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A Winter's Tale ....Queen with lyrics below.

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It's Winter-fall Red skies are gleaming - oh - Sea-gulls are flyin' over Swans are floatin' by Smoking chimney-tops Am I dreaming... Am I dreaming...? The nights draw in There's a silky moon up in the sky - yeah - Children are fantasising Grown-ups are standin' by What a super feeling Am I dreaming... Am I dreaming...? woh-woh-woh-woh (dreaming) So quiet and peaceful Tranquil and blissful There's a kind of magic in the air What a truly magnificent view A breathtaking scene With the dreams of the world In the palm of your hand (dreaming) A cozy fireside chat A little this, a little that Sound of merry laughter skippin' by Gentle rain beatin' on my face What an extraordinary place! And the dreams of the child Is the hope of the man It's all so beautiful Like a landscape painting in the sky - yeah - Mountains are zoomin' higher - mm - Little girls scream an' cry My world is spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin' It's unbelievable Sends me reeling Am I dreaming... Am I dreaming...? Oooh - it's bliss **************************** *************************** The album was recorded in a much different way from Queen's other studio albums. In early 1991, months before his AIDS-related death, vocalist Freddie Mercury recorded as many vocals as he could, with the instruction to the rest of the band—drummer Roger Taylor, bassist John Deacon and guitarist Brian May—to complete the songs later. Put to tape during this time were primarily "A Winter's Tale", "Mother Love" and what would eventually become "You Don't Fool Me". After his death, the band returned to the studio in 1993 to begin work finishing the tracks.
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Becka P (2 years ago)
poetry. a truy magical and beautiful song. exquisite.
Rinat Avni (2 years ago)
im so so sad...such a beautiful song....freddies hart is in the lirics
Pax Cat (4 years ago)
The power of your incredible voice The beauty of your music Your strong personality Still inspires me so I still love you
STARDUST- ONE (5 years ago)
austin williams (5 years ago)
I love this song. i play this song when i go to bed every night. it makes me sleep so nicely. more people should make music like this but they can't because queen is the best.
sam armytage (6 years ago)
the world is colder without freddie,michael,whitney. the sun doesn't shine as brighty
JAH Shogun (7 years ago)
mynextime (7 years ago)
i was im my car, in the forest. Snow everywhere,fogg around us, and that song, Unbelievable,Just fantastic, mysticm unique chorus, power of voice of freddy, Volcano of ENERGY and talent, He was doted, as child didt new nothihng, It it a reallu[y piece of music This is IT, FReddeie The best of the best, If someone somehow will have a journey by winter roads, winter time, please take with you Winter Tale Freddie Mercury, You have to listen it and cry because a song is beatiful.even if do not f
Tihana Majstorovic (7 years ago)
beautiful song, and very touching also, one can almost feel the atmosphere of saying good buy to a world, with all of its beauty and magic. Or maybe it is just because we know the story and the fact that was one of his last songs
This is a last song written by Freddie
Stocko (7 years ago)
lovely song freddie was truley an icon!!!!!

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