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NEW Colourpop Highlighter Swatches!

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Twitter @daceyhapa Instagram @daceecash Colourpop is made in LA and Cruelty Free! My absolute favorite is Wisp Watch my recent videos Affordable Spring Lip Colors (all drugstore) http://goo.gl/g7EfwW Kendall Jenner makeup tutorial http://goo.gl/Sqr4ld March 2015 favorites http://goo.gl/VZm9ew FTC// This video is not sponsored. However, the highlighters were sent to me by Colourpop prior to release.
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Text Comments (114)
blueshtarsh (3 months ago)
Yes my biggest pet peeve is when YouTubers don't list the products in their description box... YouTube 101.
Jane Rhys (2 years ago)
You look so much like rhaea estelle :0
Anis Nazihah (2 years ago)
thanks for the swatches :)
EverythingZen vlogs B (2 years ago)
I don't know why you remind me of Jessica Simpson, lol. cuteness
Jessica Ivanova (2 years ago)
Where is flaxitarian?
Jen C (2 years ago)
You have the sweetest personality!😊
The Life of Steph (2 years ago)
Are these any good for dry skin?
Madison Ossa (2 years ago)
itsmestephanie I have really dry skin and you've probably heard this before lol but moisturizers help a lot , even Vaseline in your skin is like crazy dry
Julia Dawson (2 years ago)
I just ordered Wisp and I was really unsure if I would like it or if it would suit me. I'm so glad you said it's your favorite! Now my choice feels justified <3
TattooBaby Xx (2 years ago)
How is the formula tho? Does it hold up well through out the day ?
vernique ismail (2 years ago)
write the shade of the product you show in the screen, or write it in order in description box
Hevale (3 years ago)
what you wear on your lips?
amber zoe (3 years ago)
She said in an earlier comment it was Lip liner and Buxom Sophia c:
Sharon K (3 years ago)
you commented lip liner and Buxom Sophia in a previous comment!
Dacey Cash (3 years ago)
Honestly, I don't remember because this video was so long ago! :(
Isabell Ryan (3 years ago)
I either want to get smoke and whistles or spoon but I don't know!!
megamind420 (2 years ago)
get spoon it looks really pretty
laveesta55 (3 years ago)
omg they all look so good on u i cant decide what to buy cause i use pale concealer so wisp my look too dark even tho i have a similar skin tone as u. I wanna get the most natural one i might get lunch money and wisp both
HeyyitzAlyssa (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for the help, I seriously had 10 highlighters in my cart and I couldn't decide! I'm going with wisp :)
Amalia Insani (3 years ago)
Wisp looks soooo gorgeous on you. Thinking about getting either that or lunch money. Or both haha. To get a better idea, what's your skin tone in mac?
Kathlene Daniels (3 years ago)
the texture reminds me of maybellines dream bouncy blushes..
KatrinaTorrijosVlogs (3 years ago)
love this video! Lighting is on point, very informative, and not too wordy. Definitely subscribed.
dija (3 years ago)
I just ordered wisp bcuz u said it was ur favorite. my skin tone is like urs. so I'm super excited.
dija (2 years ago)
+Courtney H I'm gonna order my second one today. i love it
Courtney H (2 years ago)
I've gone thru 3 wisp hight lights it's my fav!
dija (3 years ago)
+christoferdrew22 I've had it so long now. and I loveee it.
Keila Betancur (3 years ago)
where can i get these? I couldn't find them on their website
Ivy Moore (4 years ago)
What camera do you use? Love your videos:)
chris green Philly (4 years ago)
I really want to try the highlighters they have, but just can't seem to decide which to get! I'm very pale, so sometimes even highlighters that look light in the pan still are a little dark for me. Is Stole the Show flattering on very fair skin? I was thinking that one maybe
Crystal (4 years ago)
Please help. I'm thinking about buying a colour pop highlighter, but i'm not sure what shade to choose because i need to see swatches on my skin shade. What MAC shade are you?
Netta2theMax (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for doing a sheer swipe and a built up swipe in your swatches. It really helps me appreciate the color better. I think I might do that on my channel.
Yariela Payan (4 years ago)
you remind so much of kayleigh noelle from here on youtube for some reason, so pretty!
valentinechild (4 years ago)
Your lashes look great, Dacey! What mascara were you wearing? <3
jessica jones (4 years ago)
i don't think colour pop understands the concept of highlighters lol. half of these looks like a blush
Maria Astrid Quirarte (9 months ago)
Omg are you kidding i love that they have so many different colors because i can wear them depending on where im going and my mood !! I own as of today six of their highlighters and some of them i do wear like a highlighter but some of them are very subtle for an everyday look like school or breakfast with my friends, others are more coppery colored that i wear like blush/highlight in one when im feeling lazy and just wear tinted sunscreen and that, and i own other iridescent ones like over the moon that are almost transsluscent but turn purple when the light hits them, or other blinding ones that i obsessively layer on when im going out with my boyfriend who always compliments me so much!! Its all about playing with makeup and i love that they are so inexpensive because ive bought them over the course of the years and even when they have been on sale.... But thats the whole point of there being so many shades that you get to have FUN with them!
Emmy Rees (4 years ago)
@jessica jones They are also used to top blush while adding a little bit more pigment, instead of just adding lightness on top. That's what I personally use the pink and bronze shades for. Butterfly Beach is especially good for this because it adds the coppery pink effect when you get out of the direct light, and it blends flawlessly with your blush and makes your cheekbones appear more prominent than just a highlight alone. That's just my opinion though! (:
jessica jones (4 years ago)
@CG no i understand that but highlighters are meant to give a translucent, non pigmented glow to the skin. a pink or bronze shade is hardly translucent.
Caig (4 years ago)
I don't think you understand the concept that people are not all of the same color lol. What may look like a blush on you may look like a great highlighter on someone else.
Marie Street (4 years ago)
I love the look of these Colour Pop products but when I go to order I'm always soooooooooo over whelmed by the selection and I have no idea where to start!!!  Any suggestions on eye shadows and lippie sticks and lipsticks to start out???  Love your channel..  Thanks so much for doing this video..  This is another I was overwhelmed when looking online but seeing them all swatched out live helped tremendously!!!!
Mast ter (4 years ago)
Whats ur top 5
Breanna Ramsey (4 years ago)
This video was great!! I loved how you did two different swatches!! Just placed an order for spoon,wisp,and butterfly on beach!!
SamanthaBatterman (4 years ago)
I think butterfly beach could be a great dupe for the Becca skin perfector in Blushed Copper.
Chesney Green (4 years ago)
Do you know how much they retail for
Leidi Flores (4 years ago)
They retail for 8 dollars on the website
Liz Weckmann (4 years ago)
Great swatches! Thanks for sharing :)
Sarah McDonough (4 years ago)
So many of these look like they'd be fantastic for people of colour. From what I've seen offered, it seems like it would be so difficult finding a subtle highlighter if you're a person of colour so it's great that colourpop has a bigger colour selection than I usually see!
Kathy Vu (3 years ago)
+Sarah McDonough it looks gorgeous on all shades! I love colourpop :)
L F (4 years ago)
Wat happened to you collective haul video?!
McKenzie Mann (4 years ago)
Youre da cutesttt. Im so impressed with this color range there are so many unique ones I want to try! BLOOBURRY LUFZ YEW
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@McKenzie Mann I LUFF YEWWWWWWWW (Get wisp for sure)
alexandramclaughlin (4 years ago)
Love these! Can't wait for them to come out. Where is the thin gold ring on your thumb from?!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@alexandramclaughlin I got in Miami from a beach stand
Alonso Ramirez (4 years ago)
Tayler Brumble (4 years ago)
Are any of them similar to Becca Opal?
Kayla Lopez (4 years ago)
Seeing you smiling throughout the whole video made me smile as well! Keep it up you look beautiful ❤️
Mariah (4 years ago)
I really appreciate how you did the two swatches of each color! Great video!
theepi kumar (4 years ago)
You're amaziing 😍 Can you do a really dark smokey eye make up look for clubbing or something like that ? ☺ Would be great 👍
robin korsan (4 years ago)
does anyone know how old dacey is???
Vicky Chang (4 years ago)
Do you know when the release date is ?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Vicky Chang Still to be announced, but I will tweet when they're released!
JessiLove (4 years ago)
your hair is beautiful =]
KARA (4 years ago)
what is this lip color please tell its so much like Kylie Jenner!
KARA (4 years ago)
Thank you :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Styledbyaishyee Mauve lipliner - Nyx and Sophia - Buxom
KARA (4 years ago)
Totally want to get these now! Looks so pigmented!
Karli (4 years ago)
Maybe you should do a second channel just for vlogs! IDK just an idea..
Karli (4 years ago)
No girl your vlogs are awesome. I love watching them.. When I'm bored on a Sunday especially. Hehe
Abby Cohen (4 years ago)
does anyone know when these come out?
Abby Cohen (4 years ago)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Abby Cohen Still to be announced! I will tweet when they're released
Iris Highfill (4 years ago)
As I was watching the video I was saying, "Ok I'm gonna get that one, wait that one is also pretty, omg wait no that one is pretty" lol
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Iris Highfill Haha it is hard to pick ;)
Zia R (4 years ago)
these are perfect for prom season! do you think they could be used as eyeshadows as well? also you're so pretty what ethnicity are you (if you don't mind me asking)? <333 I love your videos, keep them coming. :)
Kaitlyn Victoria (4 years ago)
what products are you wearing on your lips!??gorgeous girl!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Kaitlyn Turner Mauve lipliner - Nyx and Sophia - Buxom
Jennifer Nicole (4 years ago)
Nikki M (4 years ago)
What foundation are you wearing? Your skin looks great!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Nikki M Shu Uemura Light Bulb
ellierochax (4 years ago)
Your makeup looks stunning in this video!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@RochaStyles Thanks!
Pah (4 years ago)
You're always stunning! So many colors to choose from. They definitely went out of traditional colors as highlights
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Pah Daily For sure, Sticky Sweet & Boba are more like highlighting blushes in my opinion!
Megan Henderson (4 years ago)
ugh damn I'm going to be broke now
Lindsay Leathers (4 years ago)
Do any of the colourpop products dry out?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Lindsay Leathers As long as your screw the lid on tightly they won't dry out
Malia W (4 years ago)
What lip liner are you wearing?
TheErikaJoy (4 years ago)
Ohh woow all these colors look amazing! Great vid! And you look so beautiful as well! :D
Tori Keeth Music (4 years ago)
you look stunning in this video omg! tutorial PLEASE
Diana De Los santos (4 years ago)
I love color pop!!
Samantha Rosario (4 years ago)
i love all your videos !! you are always the first person I watch. Please check out my channel im new to youtube!
Kalei Lagunero (4 years ago)
They are all so gorgeous! I need to try them!
Fifi Villegas (4 years ago)
Love how appropriately informative your videos are, they were all very pretty colours. I was just wondering whether you will be making any more vlogs? They were so enjoyable to watch. :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Fifi Villegas Thanks - that means so much to me that you find them informative! :) As of right now I don't have anything exciting to vlog because all I do is this and school, lol. I don't wanna say I'll never vlog again, but right now I just think they'd be so boring!
PM (4 years ago)
I couldn't really tell the what the actual colors of the highlighters are.....the lighting wasn't very accommodating :(
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Pauline Mojica The swatches are accurate! A lot of them just have a white-ish appearance in the pots
FiveFootZero (4 years ago)
ahh your teeth are so pearly white and perfect! and you're gorgeous, obvi
SUPERLYSAM (4 years ago)
I can't wait to get my hands on these! You look gorgeous btw! :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@SUPERLYSAM They're really pigmented! and thanks
Karli (4 years ago)
Hey Dacey just curious why did you delete your vlogs?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Karli Janae I just thought they were embarrassing, like looking at old pictures of yourself, haha.
Myka Stauffer (4 years ago)
I love color pop i think that have such pretty colors! You look gorgeous how do you get your teeth so stunningly white>?!?!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Myka Stauffer I honestly don't do anything special! I brush my teeth 3 times a day, I floss and drink dark things out a straw, haha. I don't smoke. I just take extra good care of my teeth because my parents were always strict about oral hygiene.
Olamide Olaniyi (4 years ago)
Cool video I think the color shade skin toners reflect a fluroesent light on people's skin
Heather Christina (4 years ago)
the colors look very nice!  Great video xox
jlo (4 years ago)
Love your hair color
Cristina Tamez (4 years ago)
These highlighters are pretty! I wonder how the champagne one compares to becca opal 😋
Simply Cory (4 years ago)
I've gotta get on this color pop train!!!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Cory Breann Ya, you do! I love Colourpop!
Jocelyn Gonzalez (4 years ago)
What are you wearing on your lips???
Meryem Toppa (4 years ago)
I love color pop products! I'm definitely going to check these out! 😍😍😍
Hana Alaj (4 years ago)
I loveeeeeee you *_* you r so pretty and i still like to see a tutorial on the look you ve worn in the video march favorites
Anna Li (4 years ago)
what are you wearing on your lips ?
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Elle Montgomery Lip liner and Buxom Sophia
Nyasa Dap (4 years ago)
You are soo pretty 😍😍

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