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Caruso Roller Set EPIC FAILURE & Style Redemption on Natural Hair

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Text Comments (36)
BelAge (5 years ago)
You have such beautiful hair!  I love Caruso rollers, I think it is very healthy for my hair.
Way to make lemonade out of lemons ;-)
Hosanna87 (6 years ago)
purebloodgoodness (6 years ago)
Not cute
saldiamond (6 years ago)
this is cute and i like the texture that's still present!
TashimaC (6 years ago)
It turned out really cute.
chanie jones (6 years ago)
Love it
O'bey Me (6 years ago)
i like it!
everythingonearth (6 years ago)
what do u mean by protective bobby pins?
treasurecat03isme (6 years ago)
hey ms. lady! there's another girl on here, taren916(i think) she had her hair done with the steam rollers in an effort to use less heat on her hair, but the guy who did it, still did a really quick flat iron on her natural hair. he didn't go in depth at all but i guess it was just to get a little more stretch and "act rite" out of her hair(lol) and it was BEAUTIFUL afterwards! so maybe you could try that method next time. or not your fabulous either way! much love!
BlakIzBeautyful (6 years ago)
I love roll tuck n pin styles!!
Home-Loving (6 years ago)
This is very pretty, Nina!!
LiberianGoddess83 (6 years ago)
Fabulous job, great job girl
Aiesah Williams (6 years ago)
Tonya Mable (6 years ago)
Love it!!!
Nature's Addiction (6 years ago)
Three videos in a row!, uh oh! She's baa-aaaack. ;-)
Keya Royster (6 years ago)
Diggin the do. Keep inspiring!!!
shenna Taylor (6 years ago)
Love it!
TheUrbanTreasure (6 years ago)
Your hair looks pillow soft with that style and its really cute!
Desery168 (6 years ago)
Memories, real cute and simple
photogenic305 (6 years ago)
Love it!!!!! Quick Style
kymmi721 (6 years ago)
Very very cute.
Jamaican Portuguese (6 years ago)
I had this moment today, I had to turn failure into fierce. I love this style.
teeahtate (6 years ago)
lstubbs614 (6 years ago)
wanna benatural (6 years ago)
Good to see you. Thank you for the video.
TheOnlyNorma (6 years ago)
After seeing someone that I subscribe to, I tried these. My hair looked like yours, that was not my goal at all. I did see the tutorial where Jerome Dickey wiped the moisture off with a tshirt. But, no go. I exchanged the rollers for my Gold n Hot bonnet dryer. I do love your fluff, though.
LifeNewJourney (6 years ago)
Cute. I've done this style a few times for work & love how professional it looks.
Chrissy Renee' (6 years ago)
i love seeing your videos in HD :-) what were you using before (to record your video)?
Ashley M. (6 years ago)
ARe these the steam rollers? If so, another youtuber did a video on it and her stylist said the trick is to wipe the moisture off the roller before you put it on the hair. Maybe that will help
QueenBee1118 (6 years ago)
I'm not sure what look you were going for. If you wanted a blowout effect, it seems like it worked to me. If you were looking for a more defined curl look, you may want to try it again on hair that has been previously stretched. Nadine of "girlsloveyourcurls" has one of the best no heat stretching methods I've seen that she uses on her daughters. I've been too lazy to try it yet myself.
Ariesqt0323 (6 years ago)
#pause you're telling me you got a blow dried effect from using these rollers on wet hair?? :-/ hate we couldn't see how you achieved this "fail" (sounds more like a win to me)
beautydee9 (6 years ago)
i love it!!! im gonna try this...
Darleen (6 years ago)
Nice save! Very simple but elegant.
RCIYAH (6 years ago)
RCIYAH (6 years ago)
I bought me some of these rollers!! I can't wait to use them!!

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