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How I Roller Set Relaxed Hair [part 1 of 2]

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PART TWO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lseDTXsZnc&feature=channel&list=UL Get connected with me: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ilovedestiny Instagram: allofdestiny Hey you all it's allofdestiny! This is an updated video on how I roller set (wet set) relaxed hair. Part two of this video will show how I pin curl and style my mom's hair. for a straight look, wrap your hair after removing the rollers and tie it down with your hair scarf Products used: Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion Ultra Sheen setting lotion Magnetic Rollers Annie Hair Clips denman brush wide tooth rat tail comb hair net *all hair products used were purchased by me with my own money. I am not getting paid to say anything about these products. thanks for watching allofdestiny
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Text Comments (33)
Nyisha Slaughter (1 year ago)
Your mother is beautiful 😊
C Sky (1 year ago)
I am so happy you pointed out where one should apply the clips, that was my greatest challenge.
Margie Graddicks (2 years ago)
I struggle with roller Sets, this method should help me.
Ms_Nicole_Leo (2 years ago)
Girl....this is the best video ever lol! I watched this video and my hair roller sets were instantly more polished and silky smooth!!!
Fay Griffiths (2 years ago)
What a waste of my time, why would I follow this method without seeing the results :-/ what sort of tutorial does not show you the end result -___-
Lisa Stewart (2 years ago)
Fay Griffiths rk
allofdestiny (2 years ago)
Did you read the title or the info bar. the video is split into 2 parts. thanks for watching.
Fay Griffiths (2 years ago)
What a waste of my time, why would I follow this method without seeing the results :-/ what sort of tutorial does not show you the end result -___-
Dionna (2 years ago)
Can you stop being ignorant ? it's a part 2
Brittany Duncan (3 years ago)
I love it! but I still want to know what setting lotion do you use, and how do you manage broken ends or breakage in the front from roller setting. I think I have been using the wrong product.
Anishea Paulk (3 years ago)
you did a great job, but your suppose to have nine section and the rollers are all suppose to be rolled under not over ...
Anishea Paulk (2 years ago)
+Stephany Lewis child you commented on my shit.. please find you something to do...
Stephany Lewis (2 years ago)
+Nene Love Please take your own advice. You have a better one! 😄
Anishea Paulk (2 years ago)
+Stephany Lewis matter of fact just stfu and gone bout your business...stop looking for drama immature ass..have a nice night 😚🖒
Anishea Paulk (2 years ago)
+Stephany Lewis lol I'm glad you so focused on my comment...all cosmetologist watch hair video's for demo dumb ass
Stephany Lewis (2 years ago)
If you know what you was doing, why are you here?
Jasmine Toliver (3 years ago)
like your hair
cecillbill (3 years ago)
Very helpful video even though everyone in our home has natural hair!
Dreamseeker731 (4 years ago)
Great job! You set those rollers in your moms hair very neatly!! Thanks for sharing...
allofdestiny (4 years ago)
+Dreamseeker731 soo glad you enjoyed it! thanks!
jadelizabethTX8 (4 years ago)
+allofdestiny You're really good at roller-sets. Girl I still haven't got the hang of it.
Markia Jayy (5 years ago)
What Is In Your Setting Lotion?
Tete91 (5 years ago)
Can u do the style on short hair that has layer...my hair is around my check bone.
MrsAlton2012 (6 years ago)
Girl now I wanna learn how to do this on my own hair. U did a good job. I'll try it this week hopefully. I'll try to post a vid if I do
Harden Thicke (6 years ago)
someone beat me to it. i really like your accent and the video too since I'm looking to see if magnetic rollers are better or how much better they are than sponge rollers. i have curlformers too but I'm not too sure about those.
stmrcl (6 years ago)
Lois1593 (6 years ago)
you are a good daughter to be doing your moms hair like that, and it's saving you'll a lot of money :)
Meterra Eliantes (6 years ago)
Heeeey! Can you guys please please please checl out my channel andd subscribe. Thanks
Grace Dwomoh (6 years ago)
nice video waiting 4 the results
hairjunkie2011 (6 years ago)
wow! You make it look so easy, i gave up on my 3rd attempt and now you've inspired me to try again :) can't wait to see the results! Is that lottabody setting lotion? How do you mix it? How many parts to water?
sweetfm2008 (6 years ago)
Hi!!! Great video!!! I can't wait to see the results!!! Love your channel!!!

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