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STICK WELDING SHEET METAL with 6013 rods! Beginner Welding Series!

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Stick Welding Sheet Metal with 6013 rods! Beginner Welding Series! This is the thinnest sheet metal I have ever welded using this process. I'm welding very thin 16 gauge metal to even thinner 20 gauge metal It's not easy to do but it can be done with a little practice. Learn some tips and tricks as I get this repair work done! ⇨ SUBSCRIBE to Brandon Lund DIY Builds: https://www.youtube.com/brandonlund Lint to the Welder I'm using: https://amzn.to/2JjM9jr Link to the Plasma Cutter I'm using: https://amzn.to/2Hq5AFx Link to Material Thickness Gauge I use: https://amzn.to/2JtnXhV THE TOOLS & GEAR I USE 🔴 https://www.amazon.com/shop/brandonlund Any commission earned from the above Amazon affiliate links all goes towards helping to support my channel. FOLLOW ME (for behind the scenes stuff)! ⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunddiybuilds ⇨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LundDIYBuilds ⇨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LundDIYBuilds For Business Inquiries: [email protected] Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only and as such, you should not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines before handling tools. Seek professional advice and training before using any welding equipment. Never operate any tool without wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Final warning, Do not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing!
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Jaques Daniels (7 months ago)
Good honest real world repair job, on stuff like that, backing the joint with some copper strip or heavier steel can help avoid burning through-if of course you can get to the underside of the job. Stop n start helps (its how I weld vertical up with 6013 if I have to). Did I hear you say "its just a wheelbarrow" what a thing to say about the thing you take your cash to the bank in each week.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Jaques Daniels thanks buddy! Great tip on the copper bar! You caught me, thats the real reason it wore out,..hauling all that cash 🤣🤣🤣
nice tutorial video sir
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
Thank you very much!
Kirk Brode (23 days ago)
Great video man. Really helpful. Thanks for posting it!
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
Thank you! Glad I could help!
tony mememe (24 days ago)
A really large washer would work too, and it would drain water very well.
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
Excellent idea! Thank you!
Vhandrick Sbm (28 days ago)
Hey sir do you want to learn more about on how to stickweld a thin metal. If you want to Watch my video on how i stickweld the 1.2mm flatsheet metal and Using the gasless mig and stickweld. Heres the title sir of my vid. so you can easyly find it on youtube. Powerhouse gasless migweld/powerhouse trditional stickweld comparison(sbm)welders of the north philippines.
none (1 month ago)
How about 6013 vs Technolit TS-177? A German product for easy sheetmetal arc welding https://www.schweisser-king.de/technolit-ts-177-duennblech-elektrode/a-101542/
Brandon R (1 month ago)
Doesn’t arc force temporarily up your amps to help it start, so could it be negatively effecting it? Could you have just ran in straight polarity to keep the penetration down?
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
@Brandon R good question. There are actually 2 things going on. Arc Force prevents the electrode from sticking during welding, while Hot Start temporary increase the output current during the start of a weld. In other words, Arc Force compensates by increasing or decreasing current based on how close or how far you hold the electrode off the work piece while hot start is just temporary to keep the rod from sticking until the rod is lit. Straight polarity as you pointed out is better suited for thin metals.
Brandon R (1 month ago)
Not sharp shooting btw, just don’t know the answers myself.
Lucius Irving (1 month ago)
I have a Lincoln AC box and I just welded super thin gauge metal just fine. Btw, I used spare rods in case I blew a hole through sheet metal and I use those spare rods I have lying around to do my poor man's TIG welding on sheet, fusing every piece of bare rod onto sheet.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Nice! Thin metal can be difficult!
Whitaker's World (1 month ago)
Good video - thanks!
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Whitaker's World thank you very much!
Anon Ymous (2 months ago)
I wish I had seen this video last week when I was dealing with a similar situation with a carriage bolt.
runningman (2 months ago)
seriously, 20 ga in a wheel barrow? junk it.
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
Nah, I've had it for 20 years. It will probably outlast me now.
WICKED GRAIL (2 months ago)
Definitely can do it with a buzz box. Run it at 70 travel speed is much faster . Just have to focus on how much your heat is being placed in one spot .
overbuilt automotive (2 months ago)
i use a ac225 n love it old Lincoln tombstone
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
I started out on an old 225 also. Those old tombstones are hard to beat.
José Duarte (2 months ago)
2mm sheet metal is the scourge of welding. Some welders like the 90 amp 110 stick seem better suited. You did an admirable job on the 20 gauge material.
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
Thanks man! Im going to be doing some thin metal butt welding soon. It should be interesting...
Michael Patterson (3 months ago)
Thanks... good info
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Thanks Michael!
Asil Narvel (3 months ago)
Brother can you help me for my textile product know as Reed for power looms please reply. [email protected]
Mark Thomas (3 months ago)
I weld it quite often.. I just use the same rod for everything.. 6011 1/8".. Same technique you used with the touch and go.. But, i put more angle on the rod, aim it at the thicker base metal, turn the amps down a little,,, get my puddle on the new base metal and whip it into the thinner rusty wheel barrel metal.. You are basically only pulling/pushing the puddle that you already have going from the thicker metal down to just touch the thinner metal..Of course, it is faster than it sounds.. Each tack probably 1.5 seconds at the absolute most.. But, you can still stack the beads when you control your puddle from the thicker base metal.. But, best to gas weld it with a coat hanger or something.. Ha.. And, if you use yours to mix a bag of quickcrete from time to time,, you are going to wish you put those patches on the bottom side.. Ha..Ha.. I have one just about like yours.. I had to beef up the cement mixer the other day.. build some new bushings, rebuild the old motor mounts that were rusted just about away.. Had to beef up a creek dam behind my place a bit and put a drain filter in it, since I was working on the creek with the backhoe the other day.. Nice Job on the Skillet.. I figured 7018 would work.. I'm sure 6011 would to.. A 400 degree preheat would just about guarantee a good weld without cracks, etc.. A guy bet me one time that I could not weld Copper to mild steel over some beers.. For the Challenge, (Another Case of Beer), I welded a flattened out piece of 1/2" copper pipe to a 1" thick solid stock mild steel bar.. If you can't tear it away without copper being left in the weld.. I win.. Ha.. I enjoyed his beer.. Ha..Ha.. I took $20 from the same guy years ago when he said I could not weld some 20ga sheet metal with the penetrating 6011 1/8".. Said I needed to use 3/32 or at least 6013.. Half way through the bet, he said, it had to hold water.. Ha.. Ok,, I will make a second pass after I grind the first.. Well, I found a few little pin holes and sealed them up too.. He yells "Oh Shit" when I tell him,, I'll bet you.. Ha.. I keep telling him.. I never went to school to learn I could not do all of these things.. Ha..Ha. Cheers.. Enjoy the videos.. I have probably 20 of them I would like to upload but I just go from project to project.. Might have some short ones I don't have to edit and put together and can just upload from my phone.. Ha.. Later..
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Thanks for your support brother! The story about you betting your buddies had me in stitches! 👊😁
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
U can also make a wire core as filler rod in smaw if its too thin i tried it and it works :)
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
Texas tig.? The place of the Cow boys??? Infact i also see that in some of my co workers in construction but not as good as on video. Im from philippines anyway :)
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
That is also referred to as "Texas Tig" :)
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/3fqH5coZUuM i got the idea from here
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
Just dont forget to remove the flux of another electrode to make it as filler rod. Or any thin steel with thickness of 3/32 inch can be a filler rod for smaw just to absorb the arc force
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Right on!
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
Good strategy
Angelo Joson (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/3fqH5coZUuM i got the idea from here :)
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
James Melson (3 months ago)
Hole saw would have worked great and you would already had your center hole,great job though your good on your plasma cutter
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
Good call on the hole saw and thanks for the compliment!
Mohamed abd alazem (4 months ago)
Thanks for good job
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Your welcome!
fractalign (4 months ago)
I have been doing this for years, while using a Mig does a cleaner weld, it has a tendency to push through thin metal. That coupled with the fact the the wire has a habit of kinking inside the cable makes it more trouble than its worth. I have been repairing a beat up old Model A Ford fender using my trusty old stick welder. I added two patch panels and welded them in and ground them smooth inside and out, it’s about 80 percent done and by the time it’s finished you won’t be able to tell it was stick welded.
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
NICE! My dad was right into the old Fords...30's & 40's. I first learned on a stick welder so I'm a big fan of others trying to make repairs using stick first then graduating on to other processes.
Frank Crawford (4 months ago)
Fine job!
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Thank you very much!
Super Newf (4 months ago)
I would throw it in the garbage and buy a new bucket.
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
I try not to do that :) easy fix and it's back in service for a bunch more years!
Tank Soldier (4 months ago)
That worked pretty good ,maybe some linseed oil for the handles . Are you going to build a wood splitter ?
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Thanks! Funny you mentioned the linseed oil, that's exactly what I used on the handles. I was going to use poly but I had some left over from a project. I'm tossing the idea of building a splitter but I don't have a good understanding of hydraulics so I'm not really sure.
Pankaj Vig (4 months ago)
Thanks! It helped a lot.
Vasily Custom Builds (4 months ago)
Nice video brother!! I find the tac method works very good! I used to stick weld alot, but I find it is bulky. I just use a flux core welder. If you have time check out this video were I tried welding razors blades https://youtu.be/ecvohL7d1NU Thanks I subbed
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Thank you very much! I really appreciate the sub and support! I will be sure to check your video!
RAGHURAMAN U (4 months ago)
I purchased New 200 amp stick welding machine recently, i have a Knob called arc force I would be thankfull of you make a video on arc force control and types of welding rods to use on metals and the current (amps) used for welding. your videos are useful to beginners like welding cast iron sheet metal welding etc.
Brandon Lund (4 months ago)
Be sure to click the notifications button, I will be doing just that. I have some "how to" videos on welding thin metal in my "beginner Welding" playlist if you haven't seen them yet. Thanks for watching and congratulations on your new welder!
john dowe (4 months ago)
just make your own with some 3/8 sheet
Arden Nielsen (5 months ago)
i welded some 1/8'' plats onto the sheet metal on my car with a 110 volt buz box with 6011 at 100amps. if you slowly scratch on one spot enough it slowly builds up enough material to were a bead can be welded over it... scratching, long arcing to spray metal on the thin sheet before welding. was not easy.
Arden Nielsen (5 months ago)
i have lots of patches yet to make and weld in... the thin rusted spots are easy to find. the thinnest rod the stores have that i can find is 3/32''
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Arden Nielsen I bet it wasn't easy. I've always had a hard time welding thin metal on ac so good for you for staying with it!
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Arden Nielsen I bet it wasn't easy. I've always had a hard time welding thin metal on ac so good for you for staying with it!
Shehzad Haukim (5 months ago)
Thnx dude
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Shehzad Haukim your welcome!
SuperQuickfix1 (5 months ago)
did you run on dc or ac? find dc works better on sheet metal
Lucius Irving (1 month ago)
He used an inverter, so it's DC only.
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
I was running DCEP. I agree with you that DC works better on thinner metal (for me anyways) but others might disagree.
Ed Pontiff (5 months ago)
Did the same thing but used a 75 dollar AC 100 amp buzz box with 6013 1/16 th rods , lots of them , at 45 amps with square 2 in by 2 in sheet steel , came out nice and strong ! Can be done !
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Nice! Those 1/16" rods burn FAST!
Jerry Chan (5 months ago)
Very informative, a lot of useful tips, thanks!
Brandon Lund (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Lucas Robinson (6 months ago)
I love welding with my powerarc welder. They are so handy.
CrazySparkie63 (6 months ago)
When using E6013 rods on thin metal use Straight polarity (electrode negative) for less penetration!
zane G (21 days ago)
+arsenio egoy torogi guinat yes that's what that means
sir, what is electrode negative means? does it means that the electrode conected to negative and the ground conected on the posive side? thank you sir.
Brandon Lund (6 months ago)
Right on brother!
danietkissenle (6 months ago)
Lastnivht in welding class I decided to master the 6013 buttweld on 16 gauge vertical. And I gotta say I got pretty good
Akshay Seth (6 months ago)
"Lund" ROFL
D Rickard (6 months ago)
Dude...I looked for a pair of those gloves. The biggest they had was XL and I couldn't get' started. So if the glove doesn't fit you have to quit...lol
Brandon Lund (6 months ago)
D Rickard lol I have the same problem trying to find gloves that are big enough but if it fits, it ships lol
Gordon Reiher (7 months ago)
Nice job! We're you using that Anson 180 amp machine?
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Gordon Reiher Thanks buddy! Ansen spiked the price to over $1200 after my review so I will no longer promote them. I’m using the 160sti Blue Demon (TIG and Stick combo) and I’m using it in this video on 120 volts. I’m very impressed so far. The next 2 episodes we are going to see just how far I can push this welder. Take care brother!
D Rickard (7 months ago)
It's like deja-vu...similar problem with a similar wheel barrow. It was my parents' wheel barrow (I would have thrown it away ). Bolts were just like yours. I liked your solution, I'll tuck it away for later ... mine was an angle grinder. Got those off and went to change the wheel and those bolts were spinning in the wood and couldn't get to any of them. After investing most of an afternoon on it I convinced my mom it would make a great planter. They don't need to be running around with a wheelbarrow anyway ! I have that same ring tone. ..it got me.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
D Rickard great minds think alike!!! :) i can totally relate to blowing an entire day feeling like your spinning your wheels. That's a typical day in the shop for me lol I like your solution though! That wheelbarrow won't be giving anyone problems anymore! It seems like the only time my phone rings is whenever the camera is rolling. It's usually a telemarketer and I like to include them in my video! Lol
PacoWang (7 months ago)
I sure like these. I am learning a lot. Thank you
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
PacoWang I’m glad Im able to help buddy! Thank you!
Richard Valcourt (7 months ago)
I would just like to suggest to you, next time you have a job like that, try 6011 using the same technique. May be just my preference but I dislike 6013 it is prone to porosity, 6011 on the other hand has much less flux, and less prone to porosity. I did successfully use 6011 on thin metal with a buzz box. Not telling you what to do, this is just a suggestion.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Jaques Daniels I got a lot of great viewer comments and suggestions on this video which prompted me to pick up some small diameter 6013 and 6011 rods and make passes using dcen and dcep and then doing a side by side comparison. The arc force must have a lot to do with it because I've never had good luck with 6013 either. Wait until you see the comparison video.
Jaques Daniels (7 months ago)
By coincidence, Uncle (LOL) Bob Moffatt has just done a video on rusty steel using 6011 over on weld.com, second coincidence, is I just did a job on thin wall steel tube to rusty old tube. I used 6013s and cleaned up the steel best I could, inverter welder EN. 2.5 mm rods at 40 amps, plus a try with 1.6mm 6013s. Not pretty, it seems to me the problem with 6013 on inverters at low amps is arc blow- it looks like the arc does not have enough juice to push the slag back, I don't have arc force settings on my old inverter, nor do I have a buzz box I could have switched to,so I had to do hotter passes and start n stop to avoid blowing holes, I still ended up with what we limeys call "Farmers welds" or Pigeon poop welding.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Richard Valcourt interesting Richard! I might just give that rod a try... I've never had great luck with 6011 rods running real low amperage on a buzz box so maybe I'll give it a try on this dc unit. It might make for an interesting video! Thanks buddy
CavemanJoe (7 months ago)
You could've used the 1/16" 6013 rods. $5 at harbor freight.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
Ray B. I was running electrode positive but you are correct, electrode negative generally results in less penetration (good for thin metal). I don't seem to get as good results though... It's probably because I have not run it much. I am going to be doing a bunch of thin metal and electrode comparisons in a future episode and we will burn some rods on electrode negative and check it out. Thanks for the suggestion...be sure to look for it in an upcoming episode!
Ray B. (7 months ago)
I bought some of the HF 1/16" 6013's and they can be tough to run.. I've read that running electrode negative would reduce penetration as well.. Were you doing this?
CavemanJoe (7 months ago)
Brandon Lund Thanks! I keep a box or two around, just for the sake of saving time. They burn crazy fast, but when you get them dialed in on your machine, they sure are nice to have.
Brandon Lund (7 months ago)
CavemanJoe great idea! I'll use your suggestion in an upcoming video

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