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Chapman Guitars At NAMM 2019

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Chapman Guitars spent NAMM 2019 catching up with our favourite brands, retailers and friends at the show. The following documentation documents the experience that has been documented! :-) Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0 Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars. I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo. Twitter: twitter.com/robchapmanmusic Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialrobchapman Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: http://bit.ly/1il3TH0
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Text Comments (195)
bluecaster (13 hours ago)
Is that Rob Scallon in the background?
Said Saidi (1 day ago)
Was waiting for Iron Man to play at 1:15
jparkerriffs (2 days ago)
Rabea - " Well played ".
The Meme Dream Team (3 days ago)
The guy at the very end was amazing
Brian Williams (5 days ago)
Ola's such a fucking Viking!
ted kaczynski (6 days ago)
largely a load of shit.
Sebastian Keil (7 days ago)
5:00 Sully Guitars :-o @jsullysix
KENNy DAVE STOUGH (7 days ago)
Best of luck Rob !!
tronus98 (7 days ago)
That John guy from BadCat is really nice. I once called to see about purchasing some speakers like the one that came in my Mini Cat II. He was excited to talk about his gear. I called back years later because my early run of the Unleash finally cooked itself due to the potential for user error (I made it about 5 years before I finally did something stupid). He had just recently did the same thing lol. We talked about the Unleash and how we thought we'd never be the ones to fry our Unleashes...lol. I got to ask him about sticking a Radial Headbone before it and using two different lunchbox heads... Tiny Terror for dirt and Mini Cat II for cleans. He hadn't considered it before but we both got kind of nerd-excited thinking about the different possibilities.
tronus98 (7 days ago)
LOL. As a guitar player in a jazz program I can relate... just remember. Soprano = straight.
RenoNuski (8 days ago)
Greer Amp from Athens!!!!! Georgia!!!!
Shite guitars.
Rabea plays the tastiest licks, such a unique melodic sense.
Yoseph McJoe (8 days ago)
NOT ENOUGH PAUL GILBERT SCREEN TIME. That man is too beautiful for 8 seconds of screen time.
Yoseph McJoe (8 days ago)
Also I never knew that background with Faith where they sent you a guitar, what an Awesome company ran by awesome people. I feel ashamed I don't own one.
Brenden Smith (9 days ago)
Anyone know what guitar Rabea is playing at 33:30
Chris pilgrim (9 days ago)
fuck me, if these two were made of chocolate they'd eat themselves.
Henry Z (9 days ago)
Hello Rob, writing here because your company's support staff is not giving me any answers. I purchased a ML3 Semi Hollow Pro Traditional, the new model, at a Guitar Center in Delaware, USA about the beginning of Feb. Its great however the tone pot came faulty. The range is completely off and I needed to make a warranty claim. Your support staff, via email, directed me to the repair tech at the original GC I purchased from. I went back there and the repair tech said they were not authorized to service Chapman warranty claims, and refused to do the work. They then directed me to contact Chapman again. I have and they said Chapman is in the process of reauthorizing guitar center. I have followed up multiple times to which I have received no reply. It has been close to a month now with no word from your support staff despite numerous efforts to contact them. I want what I paid for, which is a guitar with a properly working tone knob. Please help. Thanks
Chapman Guitars (9 days ago)
Henry Z Hey Henry - thanks for your message and sorry to hear about the issue. We’ll look into this and get back to you ASAP... thanks
Ben The guitar boi (10 days ago)
I love that rob has some gray Buts still pretty much the best shredder there
David S (6 days ago)
Pension Rock rules
Jim Jam Banana Slam (10 days ago)
I'll be waiting for the Ola signature guitar with a penis on it.
Deluxe Memory Man (10 days ago)
Paul MF Gilbert. Hell yea.
Deluxe Memory Man (10 days ago)
28:16 Props to Stevie T.
Deluxe Memory Man (10 days ago)
Headless guitar, sorry, I like the head.
Guitar Nerd (11 days ago)
59:44 Paul Glover That is what Ola Englund will look like in 20 years.
Cycada Acolyte (11 days ago)
Chapman looks like he's vying for the Static-X front man gig...
SixSixtySix (7 days ago)
Oh, you do it again You do it again Destroyer.
Jay Svangdibbledobble (11 days ago)
That was a lot of facial hair. I wonder if they all shave their ball bags to balance things out. Hmmm...
PeterDad60 (11 days ago)
They spent all of 5 seconds at the Gibson pavilion.
Tom03215 (11 days ago)
One thing I absolutely dislike about NAMM videos is the ubiquitous hugging. What happened with good old handshake?? C'mon people it's so cringy! :D :D
Leon Crisp (11 days ago)
John from badcat looks like Freddie Roach
Alexander Hubmann (11 days ago)
as usual there is someone playing sweet child o' mine in the background at 33.10 ... finally
Sean McEvoy (11 days ago)
I’m torrified maan
JoKing (11 days ago)
How does this video not have more views? I mean Rabea in the thumbnail looking like November Rain should get all kinds of clicks.
Ryan (12 days ago)
45:39 To come out from two absolutely naughty solos by Rabbea and Pete, to 12 seconds of Rob and Matt being Rob and Matt, only to be asked by Bea, "Are you going to say anything interesting?" with Matt replying, "We're on our way to Fender." and then the immediate cut was a very enjoyable experience. Cheers for that, lads (and Michael?)
brunothebassguy (12 days ago)
33:11 I think that's fuckin sweet child o mine right there
David (12 days ago)
8:00 You need to watch that Neunaber guy, "Brian", he looks like one of those INTJ people that has probably has programmed the pedal to hack into your WiFi and SWAT you via VoIP in the middle of the night... All the while listening live with his private party of mysterious machine minded macabre masochists. (🤓).
Daniele Lupo (12 days ago)
Is the track at the beginning of the video an actual song??? I freaking love the riff!!!
Biff (12 days ago)
Wannabe hipster try-hard cool kid.
rjmcdade (12 days ago)
44:24 I love Sepultura in the background over a smooth jam lol
sunley1983 (12 days ago)
34.48 chappers reminds me of David Brent 😂😂😂
Ravi Singh (12 days ago)
Can I just say that whoever edited this deserves a cold can of Dr Pepper and a shoulder massage <3
GeekLegion (12 days ago)
At my local Guitar Center I got to play one of your fanned fret basses. Good god man, it's the best bass I ever played in my self. Ran circles around my German made Warwick. Bro.
Gary Moseley (12 days ago)
Really enjoyed that :-)
Emmanuel Bertucci (12 days ago)
The Space drum is just really great
Emmanuel Bertucci (12 days ago)
Best part is Miyuki sax solo
tooManywaystoFall (12 days ago)
grubs, rawhiders, limeys
THE DAVESTATION (12 days ago)
Who else hates the look of headless guitars?
Mark Rooze (12 days ago)
My goodness! That Neural plug-in is an EXACT copy of the amp! This digital stuff has really come a long way!
Daniel Martin (12 days ago)
No interview with the Dev? I was waiting for that. :( We need a Captain or Chappers meet Devy ASAP
Keith Birdsong (12 days ago)
With rabea’s hair he and Ola are the same height
CamRebires (13 days ago)
Gotta love Ola
mcafee1971 (13 days ago)
Saw that Sully 71!! Awesome
Michael Walshe (13 days ago)
Hefty Mastodon vibes in that opening song!
Jake Willson (13 days ago)
Many, many thanks for the feature, guys! Increase the peace! Love your work :)
elevenAD (13 days ago)
Angels signature is killer!
mike stratocaster (13 days ago)
Love that soprano sax....🎶☑️
cristianfcao (13 days ago)
33:20 wow!
Michael William (13 days ago)
Soma vintage preamp - a volt in time saves nine
venom663 (13 days ago)
Namm is like spot the guy not wearing black lol.
Silkaz7 (13 days ago)
Rabea and Danish Pete jams are epic.
anders striberger (13 days ago)
In the thumbnail rabea looks like the singer from like a storm 😁
R. Nashoba (13 days ago)
The intro tune sounds Tremonti inspired
BassMonster Adsit (13 days ago)
forgive me for saying this, being an american, but that was BLOODY BRILLIANT!! You all covered this so well!! I've only comparatively recently become a fan of you gents, Dorje, Toska, and yourself Rabea and Chappy!! Keep up the amazing work and music my brothers!!
DankMemesMetal (13 days ago)
The Neunabers sound like a djentle caress of the ears and soul
Mute that Bozo (13 days ago)
Oilid (13 days ago)
I was there before this video got claimed by YJM and George Michael! 😂
Chris Poore (13 days ago)
I’m lovin’ this VICTORY amps bro!!!! U could plug an air guitar into those and it would sound badass!! Lol.
alex (13 days ago)
that tim henson signature is so sick
AnthonyFernandoMusic (13 days ago)
I have a lot of respect for how many smaller artists you shouted out. Not everyone does that. Total respect man
Bad Cat Amps Official (13 days ago)
Thank you for featuring us, Rob!!!
KENNy DAVE STOUGH (7 days ago)
still lovin my mini cat II, glad to see Rob playing a Bad Cat !
Schorschers (13 days ago)
Damn the guy from Kemper seems really strange to me. Bit like Paul Reed Smith, but his German version... Rabea seems a little uncomfortable around him as well.
venom663 (13 days ago)
Schorschers most of the greatest things we have in the world have come from the hands/minds of weird people, weird people think differently to most and it’s that which gives them a more creative mind to create something others wouldn’t think of.
Fredrik Svärd (13 days ago)
Neunaber is cool. Chapman guitars is like those "microbrand" watch brands that import from china, slap a label on it and add 1000% to the price.
Andrew Lock (13 days ago)
Bea needs a dragon behind him in your video thumbnail, He has a bit of a John Snow, game of thrones look going on haha
massimo Bargagna (13 days ago)
Awesome !
Reed Tard (13 days ago)
Metal sucks, who's with me?
Boggesh Zahim (13 days ago)
Better than all the 1000 videos that andertons put out during namm combined
Mike Lee (12 days ago)
"Every time you say less gain, a fairy dies." -Rob Chapman, 2019
Zwopper NordNerd (13 days ago)
JDStone Creations (13 days ago)
Once again I've had a terrible day... but of course, Chappers comes to the rescue with another awesome inspiring video to chill and forget the world for an hour. A wholehearted thank you from me.❤
Music Therapy Laz (13 days ago)
There was so much I missed at NAMM...this was one of the ones I really wish I had time to visit! Next year! Hope you'll be there!
Absurdity (13 days ago)
What song is that at 4:50 its very yngwie but I dont know the tune
OngoingTech (13 days ago)
It sounds similar to racer x technical difficulties but I don't think it's that.
Ben Logan (13 days ago)
I was thinking they were gonna show the line for 2019 but it appears they were just checking out the show? Huh?
Llewellyn Bosman (13 days ago)
Hey Rob did you see the Polyphia signature Ibanez guitars? Would love to hear your thoughts on them!
Curtis Chavez (13 days ago)
With the beards I thought I was watching the Dutch Masters relaunched! :)
Richard Burrows (13 days ago)
The tones from that space drum reminded me of Akira
RoBenhood7 _ (13 days ago)
Intro music is THICC!
Diego Leiva (12 days ago)
Yeah. I find it almost a waste that it didn't find it's way into an actual song. It sounds like a modern metal band crosspollinated with King's X, and that for me is saying a lot.
Dizzy Duke (13 days ago)
"We're here, together". .......... Oh reh-heh-healy? EDIT "We got close, in Japan". ......................... EDIT "If I want to make a"....... I give up
ER Webster (13 days ago)
There are a lot of really great, really brilliant people in the music industry. What a kick ass time to be alive and into music.
VibroSteve (13 days ago)
Eddie Kramer...Wow!
VibroSteve (13 days ago)
Love the saxaphones too!
Shaun Ashley (13 days ago)
Du know what the tune reminds me of, "sink with the snakes" by fight star
Matt Hornby (13 days ago)
Good times!! 🤘🎸
FreePadz (13 days ago)
Womder did they bring Matt Hornby so that he could bully the Tone King?
Timothy Thompson (13 days ago)
Chapman's coffee shop
Justin B. (13 days ago)
The kemper guy is a snob from hell. Bombs Rabea's question, rants about FRFR, then multiple times talks about how the speaker is not quite a guitar speaker it's also full range. What a wanker.
Justin B. (13 days ago)
There's now so many options with easier to use interface's that are portable and substantially less expensive.
Uki Malefu (13 days ago)
Careless whisper kind lady, best in the video XD
Joaquin Lance (13 days ago)
Epic sax lady
Michael Jeck (13 days ago)
The bearded show!
Nathan (13 days ago)
Crazy how many people have the middle initials "MF"!
NR Productions (13 days ago)
Hey Rob! I was wondering if you have any news from Nelly, the slide guitar master. He wasn't been online for a long time, I hope he's doing OK...
Alex B (13 days ago)
Randy Willcox (13 days ago)
Bea, I hope you played Jake Willson’s Fibenare. It was THE best playing guitar at NAMM! I was floored! 🙌🏻
bdpa kaknox (14 days ago)
A lot of black T-shirts and blue jeans walking around NAMM.......
Aulcy (14 days ago)
Love you Rob!
knop3se (14 days ago)
I´m sure there´s a good reason but why are you always switching to a new factory?

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