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Top 7 Metalworking Tools You Can Buy Online

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Top 7 Metalworking Tools You Can Buy Online ======================================== SUBSCRIBE OUR NEW CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoza9Pm7nsDIWz2e3N6o0kA/videos ================================================= 7 FEIN pipe milling machine RSG 1500 https://fein.com/en_us/sawing-and-cutting/pipe-milling-machines/ 6 PUNZONADORA HIDRAULICA NARGESA MX340 https://www.nargesa.com/en/industrial-machinery/hydraulic-punching-machine-mx340g 5 KAKA Hand Notcher US-- https://amzn.to/2ykNd2u Canada-- https://amzn.to/2zWsIez Other-- https://www.kakaindustrial.ca/products/kaka-manual-pipe-notcher-ra1 4 Metalcraft Master Twister picket http://www.metalcraftusa.com/twisters.html 3 marvel 600A-PC3.1S Bundle Saw https://www.marvelsaws.com/product/600-series-pc3-bundle-cutting-bandsaw/ 2 Bead Roller Drive System https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-bead-roller-drive-system.html 1 Metabo beveling tool US-- https://amzn.to/2ylFHnY Canada-- https://amzn.to/2Rx83Ev Other-- https://www.metabo.com/com/en/tools/cutting-sanding-milling/metal-processing/bevelling-tools/
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Text Comments (243)
Christian Beasley (1 hour ago)
well i guess the fist one is cheaper than a bandsaw that can cut that OD... but a bandsaw is way better.
Steven Van Densen (9 days ago)
Oval buy crap!!!!!
Cameron Frye (19 days ago)
I watch an absolute *plenty* of crafting videos online, mostly in regard to blacksmithing and woodworking and claywork.. the “functional” crafts. In that way, I absolutely get why YouTube thought “hey, let’s show this guy this video, it’s about tools.” But at the same time, with my absolute fascination for hand tools and manual work for how much more effort goes into it, for how much lower (initial) cost it is if you’re one of those people who says time is money (which makes no sense on a true to self level but alright), and for the simplicity of it, I’m now confused why it showed me a video where a decent bit of the things are industrial basis and all but a few are automated. Or, why with more than one of these being industrial, or one at all, it’s titled “these are things you can buy.” You can only buy this on a personal basis if you’ve got a warehouse for a workshop and a slow month is over $1m in take-home profit. So, short story long, can’t say I’m too satisfied, feel and think like I’ve been a bit misled in honesty..
alanjrkaminski (21 days ago)
God what a waste of 14 minutes
The beveling machine @ first is an absolute labor intensive piece of shit
John Forbes (25 days ago)
A pipe mate & chain with oxy torch would finish that before this machine is set up. Too complicated & far too expensive to be competitive.
UpRange (29 days ago)
I thought i can only buy angle grinder online.
Xin Yua (1 month ago)
MX340G is awesome.... The price too :D
Xin Yua (20 days ago)
@Arunkumar Baskar 9167 dollars
Arunkumar Baskar (21 days ago)
How much is the price?
Іван Яцків (1 month ago)
Метабо по качеству Гамно!
R Slatt (1 month ago)
Can anyone say RETARDED?
Daniel Flather (1 month ago)
I cut 24" pipe all the time, I need this. 0:13
Chris Bidegain (1 month ago)
The first saw I woulda cut the god damn pipe already by the time they woulda set that piece of shit up. Fuck all that shit dont noyone know how to use a frekin torch anymore
stephen bernsen (1 month ago)
That pipe cutter is way to much work, just use bevel machine
Olograph (2 months ago)
Those are extremely specialized, like "needed once in a lifetime" category. Interesting, but superfluous overkill for most mortals.
fb4344 (2 months ago)
Annoying music
Matt Lawson (2 months ago)
I could of went and got a new set of bottles for my torch, cut that pipe and cleaned it up way before that guy even had that saw set up.
Dom Domaja (2 months ago)
how do I live without these machines?
BLUE KAOS (2 months ago)
Are these in the industrial section on Amazon? 😒
thatkyleguy 1 (2 months ago)
For a home garage huh?? I doubt harbor freight sells these for 19.99. This was a waste of time
Eco Crime (2 months ago)
Когда ты менеджер из ооо рога и копыта и для тебя поручили отыскать покупателей для этого говна, запилив видосики)
Dejan Urukalo (2 months ago)
What a bullshit
Per Hammarström (2 months ago)
Stupid music. Unwatchable!
DarkShadowsX5 (2 months ago)
that second one that cuts metal using shear force is extremely handy and modular for any metal fab shop.. the rest of these tools are junk in comparison for a home shop.
kee Namgung (2 months ago)
World First welding tool.(weight 1.5kg, 120A, hand-gun type) https://youtu.be/OipEnRG_wSc
Pham Trung (2 months ago)
những chiếc máy hiện đại quá
David Curran (2 months ago)
ha ha that pipe cutter.... great if i was building an 18 storey house.
Thomas Kallmyr (2 months ago)
Slick Ratchet (2 months ago)
Cut one pipe and then its lunchtime boyz
Two Cent Productions (3 months ago)
zig says i need 2 of the pipe cutters!
CK_32 (3 months ago)
That pipe cutter takes longer to set up than just cutting by hand. Wtf.
alanjrkaminski (21 days ago)
That's got to be for the union welders and fitters
jason fontenot (1 month ago)
Bevel machine for a torch. Have it setup and cut in 5 min flat. Or on a pipe that size a crawler and band. Still have to grind a landing on that machine cut but it takes a whole lot longer than a torch.
DarkShadowsX5 (2 months ago)
im sure they made it like that to be portable but damn it looks like it takes an hour to setup. i could make something to cut it straight in less time. it just wont be as portable.
Brian Hanners (2 months ago)
I'm sure it will be a great straight cut by hand....
Kenneth Fountain (3 months ago)
Garras Porgratix (3 months ago)
T"hese are as useful as a tire changing machine for DIY when they do it for free when you buy a tire at the tire shop
Johnathan Watsonson (3 months ago)
this video is a true waste of time. It only shows heavy equipment that is 50k and up. Buy it online rightt..... dumbass
thanh nguyen (3 months ago)
DM no ben
ultranitro (3 months ago)
Holy shit how many steps can one pipe cutter take?
rajib mozumder (3 months ago)
Blue Haze (3 months ago)
That pipe cutting machine is a total waste of time! A technician can cut that pipe with an angle grinder with the time used for preparing, levelling and adjusting that contraption
Kenneth Prince (3 months ago)
I really liked the metabo bevel grinder but for 1599.99 they can keep it lol
Kenneth Prince (3 months ago)
And also why should i have a 30inch pipe cutter lol this is supose to be items everyone should have and ive never had the need to cut that large of a pipe lol
Alex K (3 months ago)
Yep... Every man tools, must have in every homemade garage... FUU.... K... 🤦‍♂️
陈建均 (3 months ago)
FEAR NO BEER (4 months ago)
With 80k and 75 easy steps you and a mate can cut a pipe
George Dennison (4 months ago)
Just another form of fucking clickbait. No creativity, or usefulness. Steal seven companies promo vids, gang them together, and toss on a ridiculous 'baity' title, and then monetize it. Think about the title... Why does it matter if you can buy the damn things online. At least, most of these top 10, 5,, etc vids have a qualifying adjective, like: best, cheapest, newest, etc... Watching the pipe cutter rig, about the time they took the handles off, I thought, 'What, no CNC?'
George Dennison (4 months ago)
WTF, I can't fast-forward the damn thing to see the thumbnail tool, which I WAS interested in.
George Dennison (4 months ago)
I took a look at their homepage to see if they made any original vids. These are the posters over-using 'ingeneous' and 'on another level'. I just realized as I came back to the vid... the REAL title is "07 tools... ... you should have.", NOT "You can buy online." Did they even steal the original vids, and compile the list, or just steal this vid?
Не вижу что то новое
david brown (4 months ago)
That multifunction press would show a careless man absolutely no mercy. It cut and punched all that shit like it wasn't even there.
tomsans1946able (4 months ago)
Too much advertising
oShane Kasper (5 months ago)
I've seen pipeliners cut pipe a lot faster than that first deal
Matt Lawson (2 months ago)
oShane Kasper I would of just used my torch and grinder and been done long before
Abhi Dil (5 months ago)
Aisa lag rha he jaise ye cake he.....iron lag nhi rha
Fred (5 months ago)
Nice item, but who could afford them? arm and a leg here!
Anthony Collucci (5 months ago)
You could torch it before you finish setting it up.
Хуйня системы
ابو سيرين (5 months ago)
Name pf the last one !! Plz
Mustak Ansari (6 months ago)
sandro (6 months ago)
Conrol Pannel huh?😂
Al Ward (6 months ago)
One word ( excellent )
Soy la Noche (6 months ago)
Industrias KAKA
Jonathan Bower (6 months ago)
The iron worker and bender are now on Christmas wish list
mateuszrzepa (6 months ago)
1st tool is so fantastic ! I can use this at home....ahahaha what a stupid title of this film!
gregg4164 (6 months ago)
Far too much set up time on that first pipe cutting system. Faster with powered rolls and a stabilized torch or plasma cutter.
R.L. HEARN (6 months ago)
Where can I buy these ? Will my weekly unemployment check buy them ?
sapvolo (6 months ago)
Sería tan amable de devolverme los 12 (hasta ahí llegué) minutos que perdí viendo este vídeo de mierda? Gracias
siuL Chalo (6 months ago)
Wow that's super cool and easy
Abdul Shalam (7 months ago)
Tools you can buy online are they? Post some links please I’m interested 😂
Anonymous Goat (7 months ago)
Mx340-G would kick ass for my fab shop, similar to a Piranha
MedSou (7 months ago)
Very Cool 👍👍👍👍👍
Gasgiant (7 months ago)
I live on an old oil rig & find most of these “metalworking tools you can buy online” come in very handy, good job I sell crude oil to help pay for them, p.s. for the viewers who don’t like the music, press the mute button.
Slick Ratchet (2 months ago)
Can I move in with you?
D.I.Y. AUTO SCHOOL (7 months ago)
And all these tools would do nothing for any DIY GUY! What a JOKE!
Enzo Rocha (5 months ago)
Because the video never claimed these were for the DIY guy, duh. You're the joke.
Sajid Bhojani (5 months ago)
No worries Mate (7 months ago)
But nobody can afford!!
Edgar Herrera (7 months ago)
Caca industrial jajajaja kaka suena igual
Tru BLUE (7 months ago)
cheap where???
Vesa Roivainen (7 months ago)
0:57 is that really the fastest way ?
Matts Madness (6 months ago)
no lol thats just the most expensive way
Andrey Ivanov (7 months ago)
Metabo price?
ryan lewellyn (7 months ago)
HAHAHA a guard on a hand operated punch 5:01..........anyone know where I can get the soundtrack?......danced all the way through the video mm mmm goooood!
Domenic Dalleva (7 months ago)
This is crazy to put on yountube
P P (7 months ago)
в рф такового не прдумают здесь живут одни бесполезные бюджетники .
Hagbard Celine (7 months ago)
What a fucking retarded sound track.
lolamann110 (7 months ago)
Music for ADHS - Hollowbrainers...
Grim Reaper (8 months ago)
Jeremy Mettler (4 months ago)
If a good hand not a foot could of cut that three times by hand time you do playing . Still see pipe cutter maybe for pipe fitter on like victolk but welder should be able to out do it ten fold
B 2 (8 months ago)
Idiot music.
Начни вещать на российском!!! Будет больше подписчиков.
Mar Gou (8 months ago)
The first was way too complicated
Glauco Matteucci (8 months ago)
Ho **
Mitchell Smith (8 months ago)
Neill Wylie (8 months ago)
That bar twister was actually pretty good!
easystreets70 (8 months ago)
2:22 Cable?
Mike H (8 months ago)
#7 OMG! Get a torch and be done with it!! The quality of the cut sucked!
AirsoftSlo (1 month ago)
What if the pipe is pressurized with flammable gas? Or is used to transport gas where even if the gas supplied is closed there will still be some left?
Octavio Guerra (2 months ago)
Right get a torch I could have cut it and grind It Off by the time they rigged it up
YUNAS ALIMARDANI (8 months ago)
Very Good
Rajnish Kumar Prasher (8 months ago)
Nice products from where I can purchase and details of products and there prices
Shaq Deisel (8 months ago)
2:30 was not a proper cut. Its off by more than 1/4"
AAAO OAAO (8 months ago)
only number 2 is interesting https://youtu.be/f0KDfEnB3pM?t=567 (@9:27)
xl (8 months ago)
"buy online".. Yeah because some people refuse to sell things "online"...
Bunsdad (8 months ago)
What is with the stupid hamster dance music?
Tukang Komen (8 months ago)
Richard Anderson (8 months ago)
This sounds like the music that youd listen to while porkin a furby! If I had to guess of course.
Antony Mikiel (8 months ago)
The question here is: Who the fuck is on that grinder. Those preps are shite. Learn to use a grinder and move on 😂
Munawwar Ali shah (8 months ago)
Masha Allah
Element of Kindness (8 months ago)
I like that Metabo beveling tool, but $1600 . . . . that's a lot of loot.
Antony Mikiel (8 months ago)
We have one at work gathering dust. Been there for years and I don't think anyone ever used it 😂
Rob R (8 months ago)
I like finding new tools however a simple commentary explaining the various items would be sufficient. The loud music does nothing but distract you and make the whole thing feel like one giant commercial.
Seth C (8 months ago)
7:28 Amazon must have one heck of a drone to be able to deliver the Bundle Saw 🛫
joedmac78 (8 months ago)
I always love to listen to rave techno music while using industrial strength metal working machinery

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