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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - 'I Want To Break Free' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'I Want To Break Free' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Text Comments (69052)
Leoni Hancock (11 minutes ago)
Hi I'm jeff
Butterfly Pea (33 minutes ago)
Funny how humans can be kills by microscopic viruses.
Luli Ramires (34 minutes ago)
Mythzecal (48 minutes ago)
This is disturbing but also good
손현승 (55 minutes ago)
This shows how people's eyes changed since 1970. ex) 1970 : what the hell are they mad 2019 : wow roger is sexy
La vale ;v (55 minutes ago)
Awanto un refri xd
aTLas ¿ (1 hour ago)
Agua en tu refri
Liz JR (1 hour ago)
*23/03/2019 Brazil - Goiânia - Goiás.*
Din jävla snopp (1 hour ago)
roger is just.. *maons loudly* amazing
Ramon Moreno (2 hours ago)
Hello friends here you have the gay app where you will see all the local www.urbanloopapp.com
Kushaans playlist (2 hours ago)
Imma time traveller. This song is legendary in the future
Austin Garland (2 hours ago)
Woman: ugh men can't be women. Roger: hold my beer
Z 2 (3 hours ago)
SAM 17 (3 hours ago)
rogerina so cute
RAIZO (4 hours ago)
In this video Roger looks like Goldie Hawn xD
StrayHyena (4 hours ago)
He's so extra I love it
Iqbaal Mift (5 hours ago)
Roger in this video is very beautifull wkwk
ByronRaver (5 hours ago)
Roger Taylor. My man crush deepens.
Findlay_kd _ (5 hours ago)
Even though roger loves his car, he is a sexy women
big man steve (5 hours ago)
*_would definitely bang rogerina but he's in love with his cAaaaaAr_*
Alessandro Gimenes (5 hours ago)
Maravilhoso adoro o queen valeu brazil
DRM Mania1666 (5 hours ago)
wow queen is really cool, this song has been sung by an Indonesian band, DEWA 19, with rock arrays.,,
Agua en tu refri :v (no se enfaden,solo es un comentario sin sentido)
Rosie vlogs (6 hours ago)
2019 anyone 😂
Yuvraj Zala (6 hours ago)
It's so weird to miss someone that you never met and that died before you were born.
Darla Parsons (7 hours ago)
One of my favorite Queen songs!
Jack Quiogue (7 hours ago)
Dahil sa kantang 'to humiwalay si Freddie sa Queen at tinanggap nya ang offer ng CBS RECORDS! 😂
Cool song
Tomáš Havel (8 hours ago)
Laxman Gc (8 hours ago)
Damn still good in 2019❤
herlyana mesti (8 hours ago)
who is rogerina? someone can tell me?
vyshak vinod (9 hours ago)
I was here..
ΛLΣЖ Ƨ LθPΣZ Ɣ (9 hours ago)
hay agua en tu refri? :v
Adalynn Wicen (10 hours ago)
When you fall in love with rogerina just remember she is actually a he and he loves his car
Saira Labajo (10 hours ago)
Science still can't figure out how Roger looks hotter in a school girl outfit than female supermodels
prasetyo virgo (10 hours ago)
john deacon make it i love this song.
AngeR _1 (10 hours ago)
I search drag queen and look this vídeo and my face :U<- look this XD
Luiz Araujo (11 hours ago)
Ninguém fala português?
Alvert Castillo (11 hours ago)
Tremenda rola
Jillianne Fanning (11 hours ago)
I like how my subtitles just say “Music” 🤦‍♀️ that’s not really explaining the words but I guess that’s why we have lyric videos.
hidden_mort33n *_* (11 hours ago)
Freddie:melina Roger:rogerina Bryan:Bryana John deacon:John cena
unknown incognito (11 hours ago)
*not even you,who wrote the* *bloody thing*
anderson lirio (12 hours ago)
vou dormir kkk
Nicole Holman (12 hours ago)
I love this song but did he have to sing it in a dress lol😂
Blueberry and Mochi (12 hours ago)
The most beautiful thing ever 😹😹😹
Aguanto un refri :v
Camilo Jimenez (12 hours ago)
Aguanto un refri,ya no ay agua en tu refri,Jajajajajajajajaja,like si hablas español
KairoWork (12 hours ago)
bubzie (12 hours ago)
ROGERINA YAAS oh wait thanks Freddie for making this music video god bless you ROGERINA YAAS
Francisco R (12 hours ago)
Gabriela Chaves (13 hours ago)
John wants to break free from his Grandma costume :v
lizy- studio (13 hours ago)
marcio stolle (13 hours ago)
Uma das melhores bandas da época
Jessica Condori (14 hours ago)
Lo mejorrrr una leyenda me escuchar su music me inspira go te amo Freddy
kareliz escalante (14 hours ago)
hay otro k tenga un comentario en español
Angela Ramirez (14 hours ago)
kareliz escalante agua en tu refri ahree
Ayari alexa (14 hours ago)
Ya no hay agua en tu refri!!
Conchi Lopez (14 hours ago)
Que en forever
Felipe Bc (14 hours ago)
2019? 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Quinton Mckay (14 hours ago)
Coronation Street my ass 😆😅
allpeace Pearson (14 hours ago)
This video was banned in America on MTV. I see nothing wrong with it. Im a Black, American straight woman. A video cant make you gay. You like what you like. Queen are legends. Rest in paradise Freddy Mercury.
Juliane Nascimento (15 hours ago)
Saudades Fred
Look at life Studios (15 hours ago)
Happy 35 Years mate
momo (15 hours ago)
lmao 2019 anybody? 11 years late anybody?
Angelica Majano (15 hours ago)
Hee hee vs eo
Willy Rhama (15 hours ago)
2019? From indonesia?
drxym (15 hours ago)
Rubbing one out on Roger. That's a joke. Or is it???
Andrea Ramirez (15 hours ago)
la mejor cancion
Angela Ramirez (13 hours ago)
Andrea Ramirez sabelo
Angel Tejada (16 hours ago)
Eeoo :v
bubzie (16 hours ago)
Rogerina.... how could you.... YoUrE IN loVe WItH YouR CaR?!?!
Anna VT (16 hours ago)
All of these comments are Rogerina
J3an C4 (16 hours ago)
*Hay agua en tu refri* :v
Kku Kung (16 hours ago)
But what about *Fredderina* ?
Patrizia Sforza (15 hours ago)
Hot too even if he's dresses as a woman 😂
commankillah420 (17 hours ago)
277M people came here for Rogerina :)
Fatima Pertuz (17 hours ago)
Ya no ay agua en tu refri jajaájajaja
Yux2314 Olsen (17 hours ago)
Haha, what the f*ck?
miry SS (17 hours ago)
😐👍 👗 🧦
daelco (17 hours ago)
I want yo break free!!! Aguantas un refri?
expectaetions x (17 hours ago)
Damn roger what them legs do girl
Buddy Dude (17 hours ago)
Queen is the greatest band ever..
TheDAFER L (17 hours ago)
TheDAFER L (17 hours ago)
I wan to refri ya nooo xd
Socorro Larios (18 hours ago)
Está canción la cantó hasta dormida
maria spataro (18 hours ago)
Oggi, nel 1984, i Queen giravano il video di "I Want To Break Free" presso il Limehouse Studio di Londra
Socorro Larios (18 hours ago)
Amo esta canción tanto como a Roger Taylor
2019 forever
Raíssa Kethily (18 hours ago)
Wow Roger have nice legs Is so cute
Fuck You (18 hours ago)
Ana Bananas (18 hours ago)
Whys everyone saying stuff about rogerinas legs?
garry Whiting (18 hours ago)
Stephen Clarke and garry whiting we are both real true proper gay partners forever together and we both a very true match together and this queen is for top gay athems and we both like very same music together and both like proper stuff too
Juliusz Słowacki (18 hours ago)
Everyone talks about Rogerrina but what about Briarina? She's beautifull too.
Galaxia Arcoiris (18 hours ago)
Agua en tu refri :v
Marcela Cerrato (19 hours ago)
Like si hablas español Like si escuchas esta cancion en 2019
Juliusz Słowacki (19 hours ago)
Rogerina... will you marry me?
Matthew Addison (19 hours ago)
Happy Coast (19 hours ago)
RoGeRiNa Is My AeStHeTiC
Happy Coast (19 hours ago)
Okay but...RoGeRiNa HaS NiCe LeGs
Dorian Gray (19 hours ago)
Lehelke zeneje
Ronaldo Granier (19 hours ago)
temaikenn ndahhh

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