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Queen - I Want To Break Free (Official Video)

2009207 ratings | 306679568 views
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - 'I Want To Break Free' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'I Want To Break Free' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Text Comments (73403)
Daniel Sandoval (1 hour ago)
Único mexicano? Oy ese rolon❤️🤴🏻
Gael Barron (2 hours ago)
Agua en tu Refri :v
класс маски шоу с их эпизод сняли с пылесосом
richard millanao (2 hours ago)
Baila Como Hombre perkin Kuliaote dio sida por ser gueyyy fleto de mierda
Marc Horton (2 hours ago)
I'm glad that the real story behind the motivation of this video has been clarified. For a long time people thought that this was Mercury making some kind of personal revelation about himself, when it was really just a spoof...no different than when male cast members of SNL dress in drag for a sketch. Even though I still see some people trying to use this video as some kind of a sociopolitical 'statement' or something.
Sa Tita (3 hours ago)
Magnifique musique surtout la voix de Queen !
Dunja K (4 hours ago)
this song is my everything😍
Epic a am Russian Freddie epic Queen a am Russian
roger loves lamps (6 hours ago)
That moment you realise you have school *insert song*
Ekaterina Davidova (6 hours ago)
I hope that the editors of this channel will notice this comment. I would like to tell you, thank you very much for such beautiful songs! I cry when I hear your creations !. My childhood was wonderful thanks to you !!! Thanks for everything and for your songs !!!
Cat Rabbit (8 hours ago)
I was not listening to Queen a lot. Then I got pregnant. And now I put it on because when my baby in my belly hears this song, she starts dancing.
Tray Rego (10 hours ago)
This deserves 3 billion views
Si lee este comentario eres fan de freddy mercury y todos la música de queeen de freddy mercury este hombre es un ídolo y una leyenda a si que porque aprende abrir la mente ante de abrir tu boca Haas espérate seme olvido que eres un ignorante dale Link si opinan igual que freddy mercury es un ídolo y leyenda para los ignorante que no dan Link sino eres ignorante si te gusta toda la canción de freddy mercury dale Link Oye si vienes a decirme que tienes la mente abierta yo te diré si en verdad tiene la mente abierta porque eres tan estúpido e ignorante dime
Ahmet Bayram Üreten (10 hours ago)
Manuel Vazquez (11 hours ago)
Cuantos Mexicanos fans de Freddy Mercury ✨ Like si eres uno de ellos ✨
Soy uno de ellos
bbonifacio20 (13 hours ago)
Absolutely amazing!!
Apple Apple (13 hours ago)
Adirf Ahcor (14 hours ago)
School girl: I am the cutest girl Me: Have you seen I want to break free with Roger Taylor as a school girl???
Wilbur Mcbride (14 hours ago)
This video use to make me laugh as a kid. I don't know why MTV band Queen. I saw worse things on MTV than this. This is why no body watches that dead channel.
Poliana Scolari (15 hours ago)
😍😍😍😍amo eles
Jaaaaaaaaajajajaaja 😃😃👍🙏🙏😏😋😀😇👦👦👧
ItsMe _Hailee (15 hours ago)
Hater: "i hate queen" me: (comment down your hilarious answer!!!)
The Tom (14 hours ago)
ItsMe _Hailee you may think it’s a joke but j do actually hate queen
ItsMe _Hailee (15 hours ago)
@The Tom the frickin heck? lol
The Tom (15 hours ago)
I hate queen too
min rainbow edits (15 hours ago)
Agua en tu refri xdxd
Paul Genis (18 hours ago)
Great Guitar Riff Great Drum Riff Great Lyrics Great Songs Great Everything bring on the concert in February
CanadiaOnline (18 hours ago)
Everyone are talking about Rogerina but no one is taking about Frederica's sexy moustache
Zuzanna Vee (19 hours ago)
The best.
TheHejjer (19 hours ago)
Pretty or not, Roger's head bobbing and leg swinging to the music as Freddie climbs the stairs is comedy gold!
galactea doaa (20 hours ago)
wow they act more feminine than I do love that 👏🏾
CHAINS7337 (20 hours ago)
You know what people are asking why call your band Queen when it's only guy's??????????? Freddie's answer......... I want to break free!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than 95 percent of the trash they call music today.
Muhannad Anmar (21 hours ago)
Trin Burley (22 hours ago)
lol freddie looks good like that
Barbora Sedláčková (22 hours ago)
Mayra Davila (22 hours ago)
casa marin (22 hours ago)
Qué chafa canción
ponchik 13 (22 hours ago)
Top-10 BEST Anime waifu of all time.
dan cata (1 day ago)
Roger looks like a real girl
I want to breakk free Tuhan tau kita butuhh kebebasann
Elodia Ruíz Flores (1 day ago)
Josue Gomez (1 day ago)
Hay agua en tu refri
Buttersdynamite1 (1 day ago)
Was this before Bohemian rapsody? That light-skull effect.
The Tom (14 hours ago)
This was in 1984 bohemian rhapsody is 1975
Dalua Dalua (1 day ago)
Hes band queem
Hendrix Abarzua (1 day ago)
Lo mejor de lo mejor Freddie Mercury
LEOADY YT (1 day ago)
Freddy asme un hijo
(1 day ago)
Agua en tu refri
svetla kotseva (1 day ago)
Qienand Lesmana (1 day ago)
Fuck what is this
Rachele Massoli (23 hours ago)
Ariana Grande is the most beautiful girl ever! Rogerina: Excuse me??!? (Ironic i have nothing againts her)
Mirian Oliveira (1 day ago)
Sol Ti (1 day ago)
.........and the world’s freest freedom American MTV Channel banned this video.
Jessyca Ciminelli (1 day ago)
Idoli. Come si fa a non amarli
Armando Rivas (1 day ago)
star (1 day ago)
freddie is legend of rock
señor x (1 day ago)
I love you ♥ freddie mercury foreber history♥
Caiden Frasier (1 day ago)
Me acting like I’m stuck in my room or a shack
M.M. (1 day ago)
God save the Queen and Queen too.
Owen Smith (1 day ago)
No one in queen likes a like a girl Rogerina: hold my homework
Michelle Lopez (1 day ago)
Freddie was more cuter I thought then roger himself
Lautaro Paez (1 day ago)
Hay agua en tu refri ya no hay agua en tu refri o_O
ISMAELX5023C GAMER (1 day ago)
ahahahahahahaha que risa wey
Greg Greg (1 day ago)
306,324,601 views. Its okay I guess...
Txd Players (1 day ago)
Ano sem esquecer.
Txd Players (1 day ago)
Fantastica inteligencia em 1984 17= 18 a Rock Rio
Suena a aguanto un refri
Txd Players (1 day ago)
Saudade que doi....
Zauri Maxaradze (1 day ago)
fredie mercury in the best musical
Kevin Garcia (1 day ago)
Casi llegando en el mes de julio . 2019 y escuchando al mejor grupo de rock de todos los tiempos
Aguanto un refri
Slasher2344 (1 day ago)
My sister in law died days after his song came out from cancer.
Freddik Channel (1 day ago)
Эхх... Не нужно бы Фредди в жопу ебаться...
XxDark1WOLFxX (1 day ago)
Freddy Mercury te extraño:( Auto like para no desaparecen
XxDark1WOLFxX (20 hours ago)
Gracias por ese likaso!
Fany channel (1 day ago)
Pat Brennan (1 day ago)
63 thousand right winged closet gay guys gave this a thumbs down. come on boys, get out of the closet.
GachaPelis Movie (1 day ago)
AGUA EN EL REFRI AGUANTA UN REFRI Like si entendiste :v OoF*
Der Morgenstern (1 day ago)
Fred could´ve at least shaved his mustache, so that he would look least drag "queen" in this classic video. lol
is the best song uwu 🏳️‍🌈
Steven Delgado (1 day ago)
Junio 2019 amo esta canción :)
Donut Lover (1 day ago)
I feel like the dislikes are girls who are jealous because roger is more prettier then the girls who disliked
Luis Garza (1 day ago)
*_🎵🎵........Ya no hay Agua en tu Refri.......🎵🎵_*
dimass1979 (2 days ago)
Все российские слышат гамно?))
Ksenia Ксюша (2 days ago)
Freddy , my love
hector cardano (2 days ago)
Nadie nunca va a poder tener esa voz
xSourFlower XOX (2 days ago)
*Oh welp, know I know 2008 was looking better.*
Anal Man (2 days ago)
Lil pump is the new freddie mercury
Leeanne McGee (2 days ago)
Love this song.
bryce legere (2 days ago)
Sarah Zahid (2 days ago)
I just watched Bohemian Raspsody and it was just an inspirational brilliant movie . A must watch for all Queen fan 👑❤
petric joostens (2 days ago)
Feels like a part is missing with u gone farouk
Studdy Stud (2 days ago)
Rogerina = "It's strange but it's true."
Iverson Paul Alay (2 days ago)
My God Freddie WEAR A BRA!
esra keskin (2 days ago)
Justin win (2 days ago)
love you Queen. You guys are legend.
Petr Tauchman (2 days ago)
EdgarYRT (2 days ago)
GlazeonYT Playz (2 days ago)
Freddie in school Freddie: Teacher... Teacher: yes? Freddie: I WANT TO BREAK FREE
La reina va a pasar
WAZZA BeNnY (2 days ago)
1984 Music Videos: Men dressing up as girls dancing. 2019 Music Videos: Men dressing up as girls dancing. Even after 25 years nothing has changed. Except the quality of music.
WAZZA BeNnY (2 days ago)
*Meaning that Queen is better quality music, cause I know people are gonna comment that.
한국인 모여라
Kiko Cabales (2 days ago)
The comments are all about Rogerina, but how about Deaky? The one who wrote this song. And without Deaky, Rogerina will not exist.

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