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Make a Professional Looking Forums for Free!

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Hello, thank you for watching my video today! In this video I will be showing you how to make your own professional looking forums! If this video did help you out, please Like Favorite and Subscribe to help me out massively! Thank you for watching, bye! The next few parts should be uploaded over the next few days, these videos will include things like: -Adding a theme -Making your own theme -Installing a shoutbox -Adding any type of addon Links: MyBB: http://www.mybb.com/ FileZilla: https://filezilla-project.org/ Winrar: http://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0
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Text Comments (16)
Exiege Cycle (5 months ago)
hello sir do you have more updates about this? thank you for your tutorial sir
mytuny gaming (6 months ago)
Or a lot simpler to use mSadForums.Com for quick & ease setup
Xan (1 year ago)
For rich ppl i reccommend xenforo
Dallors (1 year ago)
Shiny Exploits (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tutorial! http://www.robo-forums.xyz/member.php?action=register&referrer=1 is my website :) Also, I do not recommend using 000webhost. Instead, I recommend using Hostinger! https://www.hostinger.com/ There service is $12 for 3 months, but, you get a custom email address like me, [email protected], and more professional things! (Wordpress, auto-installers, phpMyAdmin, unlimited storage, etc)
Lucas Callum (1 year ago)
Hi, what do i put in for the Database Server Hostname now (2017) because mysql12.00webh... doesn't work and also localhost doesn't work
Aaron Franks (1 year ago)
Could you remake a video of this because of the updates it would mean a lot
Lets say I'm done using BB and I want to restart all this from scratch, how do I reset everything?
BusterZlista (2 years ago)
dear god that background is horrifying for childrens
Aero Snake (3 years ago)
So, how do you delete this?
CakeIsMe (3 years ago)
Error There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied: Could not connect to the database server at 'myhostishere' with the supplied username and password. Are you sure the hostname and user details are correct?
Nexz (2 years ago)
Yeah I am having that error too sucks..
Ghe (5 years ago)
Hi could you make some new RSPS tutorials?
BOA Reviews (5 years ago)
Can't connect through filezilla, have the username and password in correct, wont connect.
stefan frederiksen (5 years ago)
yea please. i will love to see more (how to make your own rsps) soon. :)
Henry (5 years ago)
Sorry for the slow uploads lately, but I do plan on uploading more videos soon. Don't worry I am going to make more videos for the RSPS series and these forums. Look in the description for more information on the forums uploading and content.

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