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Queen - I Want It All (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the official Queen channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from The Miracle, 1989. Queen - 'I Want It All' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'I Want It All' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Text Comments (13079)
Herlambang Putro (23 minutes ago)
Anyone can tell me whats wrong with freddie’s lower teeth? Seems like darker. Is it bcs of his illness?
David (2 hours ago)
Mylifeis funny (8 hours ago)
Godly rock and roll baby!
Michele Dal Prato (9 hours ago)
IgnusIncubus (9 hours ago)
Estou aqui depois do fim de temporada do Jogando RPG do Game Chinchilla, que me lembrou dessa musica incrível, e vocês?
vinicius gonçalves (9 hours ago)
hauahuaua,eu tbm
LANA PACINO (11 hours ago)
Beautiful Mercury🤘 Perfect voice, perfect song❤️ RIP🙏
Kevin Prior (16 hours ago)
If only Queen played this live with Freddie. It wud have been huge in a concert. Of course they didn't cos of Freddie's illness
TheRightGuy1 (22 hours ago)
I came from that GrubHub ad.
#Diossalvealareyna 😗😗
Abril 2019 #Queenforever 😍😍
Antony Allard (1 day ago)
Brian Crouch (1 day ago)
Brilliant bloody brilliant
MAC THE SLOVAC (1 day ago)
Going through these comments I cannot believe individuals actually bringing up Justin Bieber comparing him to Freddie Mercury what a joke
Benjamin Laustsen (1 day ago)
Daniel Hemburrow (1 day ago)
Modern stars:i have a cold i cant perform Freddie:im dieing lets make a album Shows most stars are just in it for the money freddie did it cause he loved it
Pronay Biswas (1 day ago)
Such lyrics such vocals such guitar works
김소정 (1 day ago)
X1.25 is soooo good!!!!
Smashidin (1 day ago)
2:09 when you order take out and want it i less than 1 minute.
Licorice Bush (1 day ago)
Today's performers cancel shows due to a fever..Freddie has AIDS and still kicks ass!
Jessica C Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Nicolás García (1 day ago)
Они ведь были мистической командой! Больше 20 лет совместно, фактически все свои хиты делали совместным творчеством. У каждого из участников свои шедевры, дополненные талантами других. Невероятно! Великолепная четвёрка!
Alex Carratu (2 days ago)
Even when sick, Freddie could still hit the notes. His voice never failed him. When he said "I want it, I want it" from 3:47-3:50, it's as if his voice never aged. He was in his early 40s here, but still sounded great. In fact, his voice got better with time. RIP, Freddie. You were a legend and will always be missed. Your music is eternal
Alex Carratu (1 day ago)
+Kostadin Frengov, 42 is early forties. Anything from the age of 40-43 is early forties. I know that Freddie was 42-43 years old here, but I was saying that Freddie's voice never failed him as he got older, whereas many singers' voices decline as they enter their forties. That's what I meant
Kostadin Frengov (1 day ago)
Alex Carratu he was 42 here
sdfcseafdfs (2 days ago)
Probably the best performer of all time. I know people will say michael jackson or prince, don't get me wrong, they were amazing and were kings in their own right, but the fact that freddie could maintain such excellence with a deadly disease, dying not too long after this.. there isn't much doubt in my mind.
Vauxhall Fan (2 days ago)
This should be the Black Friday sale song. XD
Paul Dempsey (2 days ago)
Umut Erdem (10 hours ago)
3:13 Santa is dominating the drums
luvQueen (2 days ago)
Freddie suits every costume in the world somehow... but is weird seeing him in formal clothes with a beard..
Riley Swards (2 days ago)
damn it foxtel
Teresa Mogollón (2 days ago)
El más grande...hasta la muerte y más allá.
giuseppina masello (2 days ago)
Rock and roll
TheLegend (2 days ago)
Millennial myself. Man I miss him and I have missed some legendary music. He was even incomparable to legends at that time let alone the shits of today. Wow.
james zehna (2 days ago)
I guess this goes to show you that even with Freddie's AIDS, he wouldn't let it back him down from music and I embrace him for not giving up :)
james zehna (3 days ago)
This is my favorite Queen song and it was real great hearing Brian rocking the Red Special and him singing especially at 2:15 because he's my favorite member of the band.
fitness next tv (3 days ago)
Freddie mercury is the singer who's voice got better and better as he aged.
SadieElizabeth (3 days ago)
Freddie low key looks like a middle school principal but I’m kind of here for it
Ryker Braineater (3 days ago)
I liked queen before I knew who they were
conchi gimenez (3 days ago)
tutopro do'h (3 days ago)
Justin Bieber: Sorry, I have a cold, I can not sing. Freddie Mercury: I have AIDS and Seguire singing because I love it!
ItsDeimosGames (3 days ago)
It’s hard to pick a favorite queen song because they are all good
LOVE 💓💓💓LOVE 💓💓💓LOVE💓💓💓 🎵🎵🎵 👏👏👏 💓❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓
ID CLICK (3 days ago)
El puto anuncio del mediamark me tiene hasta los huevos
Dante pinedo (3 days ago)
みぎ (4 days ago)
Ivy Wall (4 days ago)
Freddie was amazing, I love Queen SO much! he died doing what he loved ❤❤❤
Christian Vance (4 days ago)
Fucking Legends!!!
Jenny Piontek (4 days ago)
👨 👔 👖 👞
Jenny Piontek (4 days ago)
I want Freddie Back😭
Mike Barrantes (4 days ago)
Who is best? Guns N roses [like] Michael Jackson [mj in the comments] Queen [ Queen in the comments]
TheLegend (2 days ago)
+Finn The Goldfish well my point exactly.
Finn The Goldfish (2 days ago)
TheLegend Guns N’ Roses got nowhere near the attention this band gets
TheLegend (2 days ago)
+Finn The Goldfish That's ironic. Guns n roses most songs felt overrated to me too. Queens passion, freddies raw emotion and talent, his lyrics. The fact that he didn't need auto tune, didn't need any bullshit backdancers or anything. How can you turn a blind eye to all that? He sang his damn heart out and the end of his days.
Finn The Goldfish (2 days ago)
TheLegend Queen is overhyped
TheLegend (2 days ago)
Guns n roses, Metallica, iron maiden, led zeppelin, hell even the Beatles combined don't hold a can over queen(and yes that includes all members not just freddie)
Doxielove 7 (4 days ago)
Hard to believe this was only 2 years before he died 😢
Andrew White (4 days ago)
Each song different each song original each song priceless !!!!!
horrorbro (4 days ago)
Song Was Feature On Grubhub Commercial
Amiran Kereselidze (4 days ago)
Rock 4 ever
Ashley Eardman (4 days ago)
Freddy mercury is an amazing human being. The best voice past present and future 😎😍🤩
Rony (4 days ago)
Lots of people discovered them after watching that movie But I have never seen that film and I love them before the movie came out Actually, I didn't know that there is some movie about Queen
Henri (2 days ago)
Anna Dods (4 days ago)
Anita "I want it all. I want it now" Brian *clicked in his head* Thank you Anita. I have a new good idea of song! Anita ???
Falcon 84 (4 days ago)
Cobra Kai brought me here..
JB:I have a flu,i can't perform today Freddie Fucking Mercury:I have AIDS but i can't stop rocking and THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT
Jessica Kanye (5 days ago)
my favorite song😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
8 year old me in the Lego isle at Target:
Leo Santos (5 days ago)
I'm addicted to dis
FPP Mvg1cux (5 days ago)
mamaaa uhhhhhhhhhh
Thomy Aragon (5 days ago)
Youtube deberia recomendar esto y no trap!! Aguante Queen viejaaa!
keelsmac01 (6 days ago)
Best song he did if you ask me. Love you Freddie..miss you.
Rusty Kalashnikov (6 days ago)
get this garbage off my suggested videos youtube!!!!
Bent Hage (6 days ago)
bester song aller zeitens
Wojtek Branczewski (6 days ago)
Queen super music !
Dmitry Pental (6 days ago)
This music is eternal, never ending
Cringe Queens (6 days ago)
For once I can barely see any skin on Freddie
Marketka Palcikova (6 days ago)
Charlotte Lindahl (1 day ago)
Today's so-called "performers" have absolutely NOTHING compared to the Legend Freddie Mercury. They cancel their concerts because of stuff like colds or broken hearts. But Freddie kicks their asses & knocks them off their feet & out of the park with his spirit & voice❤💐🤘😎
Ashwin Bhatt (6 days ago)
after youtube red series COBRA KAI.. yeah i want it all
Mr_funny_beans (6 days ago)
I would kill to have met Freddie. Long live the queen.
Jackie Ilomanoski (6 days ago)
I could listen to this song all day
KINGOFDRAGONS 415 (6 days ago)
I love it when Freddie and Brian sing together
SANDRA CHICAIZA (6 days ago)
My favourite song
. (6 days ago)
I miss Freddy. Died to young.
Lucas Richard-Harding (6 days ago)
Freddie beard is auwsome
Sharon Cusack (7 days ago)
Me looking at the euro millions @1:01-1:07 💶
Hayder Majid (7 days ago)
He is realy man
Andrew P (7 days ago)
erveytime igo past my music shop i want brians gituar in shop window x:0) sigh no stairway
Michelle Harrington (7 days ago)
Jesus there is so much negativity in the comments. It really takes away how amazing queen was when you compare Freddy Mercury to singers now. No one is asking you to listen to bands you don't like. I doubt Freddy would want negativity.
Shant Ka (7 days ago)
Natasha Bella (7 days ago)
Let's appreciate Brian May's voice
Assassins Unite (7 days ago)
YukeizzYT (7 days ago)
*you're not a true queen fan if you don't know the other members*
Henri (2 days ago)
And why is that so?
kvjc7398 (6 days ago)
Agreed...though I'll admit when I was much younger, I only knew Freddie and John by name...it wasn't until Wayne's World came out and Bo-Rhap was back in rotation on the radio and MTV/VH1 that I found out Roger and Brian's names 😉
R32SkylineFTW (7 days ago)
YukeizzYT True
😭😭😭I love You Freddy Mercury ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️
Constable Sam (3 days ago)
Helen y Ernesto Sanchez Its Freddie Not Freddy
Lenny Summers (8 days ago)
Someone: hands me a dollar when they have a stack of it. Me: I want it all
Sabrina Sabri (8 days ago)
It's one of my favorite songs since I was 15 :) Great Brian May's song. Magic Freddie's voice.
Mango Fango (8 days ago)
And they say Queen is not rock enough...
Jeremy (8 days ago)
Most commercial-friendly song ever written
Dario Zaratanich (8 days ago)
Cobra Kai never dies!!!
Emmanuel Alejandro (8 days ago)
Freddy Mercury this is god
farming symulator (8 days ago)
Omg it was amzing😱
T. Marinelic (8 days ago)
Shame it's poor quality video
The best for all time....I love him...
Zsanett Juhász (8 days ago)
marco involti (8 days ago)
Sascha Funk (8 days ago)
The German Band "Hämatom" has made the collest cover of "I want it all". Watching here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAVHxKH6CyM
Ingrid Charton (8 days ago)
RIP Fredy Mercury
Ingrid Charton (8 days ago)
Freddie Mercury sorry. 😉

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