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Brunette roller set 1960s hair style

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Brunette roller set 1960s hair style
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Deb (3 months ago)
Crappy, annoying music! Why???
Juss Sayin (1 year ago)
Hair looks blonde to me, not brunette.
Ursa Minor (1 year ago)
When hair was made to do things
Nancy Couch (1 year ago)
Great vintage video but horrific music.
the seventh sojourner (2 years ago)
Very nice. The good 'ol days.
Victoria Miller (2 years ago)
It actually turned out really pretty. If I had a time machine I might have to try it.
murphyc (10 months ago)
It's fun. Go buy some cheap plastic rollers and play around with wet sets, doesn't cost much. I bought some Lotta Body at Sally's, which lasts forever, and some hard-to-hold hair spray. I try vintage styles on my shorter hair all the time (I even cut my own). I don't tease all that much. I swear I get compliments all the time, lol. I plan on buying an old hooded hair dryer today at a church sale.
Rosiegiggles 69 (3 years ago)
This music killed this video for me. Remove music please!!!!
murphyc (10 months ago)
Oh hell no, keep the music, it fits and I love it. Lol.
Rosiegiggles 69 (2 years ago)
No when they first posted it it was relaxing to hear the lady talk and to hear the brushing sounds. It used to help me sleep but now they added this obnoxious music. Like I said the music killed the video.
Barbyl W (2 years ago)
Rosalinda Saenz mute?
miss laverne (3 years ago)
Nothing compares to a true wet set, it flatters the head so well. If I want to look my best I still set my hair from wet, it's the only way to set the sulphur bonds with no damage, and it always lasts, great set by the way
nichick39 (3 years ago)
Love it very 60's and the lady pulls it off wonderfully it flatters her so well!
suzan1315 (3 years ago)
nice to see the good old wetsets.
Boogie Maam (4 years ago)
This hairdresser is throwing vintage style down like A BOSS! I don't know what the people who are complaining about are taking because the demonstration is 100% true to 60's . The color is ashy with no highlights, the result is big and smooth like 60's hair. Watch about the first 6 episodes of Adam 12 people and you can see for yourself this is authentic video! This hairdresser is definately working on old people on a daily basis cause she has skills!
Tony (10 months ago)
Back in the 80s while away at college, I was going to this unisex shop for my haircuts.. It was more like a beauty shop in there but they did men's hair. Almost all the ladies in there were getting those roller sets,. Perms , and hair teased out and sprayed. Some of them I'd chatted with religiously had standing weekly appointments..the one lady there older than my grandmother, always shampooed my hair.. she had one of those classic hairstyles. I had to laugh, every time she got my head back in the sink I'd look up at her and say .. Please no blue or henna rinse!,,
Chris Flejter (2 years ago)
These hairstyles are so beautiful and very easy to do when i was in beauty school thats all we did most of the time is roller sets
LaPinguinaTwitch (4 years ago)
I was wondering for how long you keep the roller sets before taking them off?
Philip Mueller (3 years ago)
Sounds like u know what to do I wish someone do mine
LaPinguinaTwitch (4 years ago)
Thank you :)
Alisha Guiden (4 years ago)
LaPinguinaTwitch (4 years ago)
Thanks for the upload..nice :)
Barbara Jackson (5 years ago)
not bad but needs to be teased and sprayed more. Also shave out nape.
Thomas Cook (5 years ago)
Beautiful lady with beautiful hair. This is how a lady should look when leaving her salon. No long, stringy strands that are looking for a comb. Frosted tips and/or highlights would have been a nice touch. Her hairdresser should be commended for the small details she looked out for during the comb out. Beautiful hair lives!!
Paul Reel (5 years ago)
great style she can do that to my hair anytime
simon98520 (6 years ago)
Great set would be better cut much shorter with a taped nape beautiful women
DomBarber (6 years ago)
classic retro-hair style
DomBarber (6 years ago)
musicmanjdk (6 years ago)
Not bad but 60's hair styles had much more teasing than this.
Günter Wagner (1 year ago)
Wäre das nicht auch eine Frisur für Männer
Chris Flejter (2 years ago)
Yes the 60s were the time of big hair however not all of the hairstyles had a lot of teasing.

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