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Fried Rice Cake Cubes or Char Koay Kak - Malaysian Hawker Food

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Fried Rice Cake Cubes or Char Koay Kak is one of Malaysian famous and favorite hawker food. It is rice cake, cut into small cubes and fried in lard or vegetable oil with thick black soy sauce, light soy sauce, chili paste, eggs, bean sprouts and preserved turnips (cut into small bits). The bean sprouts and preserved turnips give extra crunchiness to the rice cake cubes. The Chinese chives is optional. It's served on a banana leaf and usually as take away. A great and delicious food usually eaten for breakfast but is also suitable for lunch, dinner or supper. Cheap, delicious, convenient, and nutritious (substitute lard with vegetable oil). It's also a great place to catch the latest local news and hot, juicy gossips..all for free.
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