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Design Your Store to Stand Out: Touring Gracias Madre with Emily Henderson

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A store’s design is a part of its identity that sets it apart from the competition and entices customers to see what’s inside. Interior designer and TV personality Emily Henderson has found a chic Mexican restaurant that’s landed on their design sweet spot, making her want to go back again and again. Follow along as Emily tells you how to create a stylish, welcoming environment in your store that continuously draws in new and veteran customers alike. On a tour of Gracias Madre, Emily points out all the ways your business communicates what it stands for to your customers, starting with your storefront. Are you making the most of your storefront? Give a shout out to the type of customer you want to attract by saying something that “pops”. Order your complimentary decals here: www.americanexpress.com/lovemystoredecals
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Joseph Watkins (3 years ago)
Great tips, thanks for sharing the vid with us; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

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