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Cast Iron Welding Repair using Flux Core Wire

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Cast Iron Welding Repair using Flux Core Wire. Follow along as I repair this broken cast iron using Matheson .030 Flux Core welding wire. For this demonstration I explain the benefits of a preheat as well as controlling the cool down rate by burying in dry sand. Be sure to check out the other repair videos in this series to see how this welding repair method compares to the rest. ⇨ SUBSCRIBE to Brandon Lund DIY Builds: https://www.youtube.com/brandonlund THE TOOLS & GEAR I USE 🔴 https://www.amazon.com/shop/brandonlund Link to Flux Core Nozzle https://amzn.to/2Qozz9E Link to Hobart Handler 140 Welder https://amzn.to/2E3UAk5 Link to MIG Pliers https://amzn.to/2QuszI8 MORE CAST IRON WELDING VIDEOS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzbcVb2UymA&list=PLfbf78fMz9VpweFv4IqUfrrNV6Vvro7Cd Any commission earned from the above Amazon affiliate links all goes towards helping to support my channel. FOLLOW ME (for behind the scenes stuff)! ⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunddiybuilds ⇨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LundDIYBuilds ⇨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LundDIYBuilds For Business Inquiries: [email protected] Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only and as such, you should not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines before handling tools. Seek professional advice and training before using any welding equipment. Never operate any tool without wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Final warning, Do not attempt to do any of the things you see me doing!
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Text Comments (413)
Subbed immediately. . . .I like the way you think and operate. . .A open mind about techniques and processes! No stupid preconceived elitism! AWESOMENESS!
julian ladinos (11 days ago)
Cubancomanche 21 | "Giving Back to the Good Earth" uu
+Brandon Lund That be some feast you could cook in that pan at 90 odd pounds !!!! Quite amazed at the strength especially because of the leveridge in your setup ! Welding in general is brutally strong but 90 pounds is astounding, I was expecting around 30-40 max ! :)
+Brandon Lund You are very welcome Sir! I have been a welder/fabricator/woodworker/blacksmith for over 40 years and I get really tired of the old way of thinking where creativity is squashed by old farts teaching the young people coming up that "their way" is the only way! You are willing to try new ways of doing things and then proving their viability through destruction testing thereby "proofing" i.e. PROVING the end result. . . ALL THE BEST SIR!
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Thank you very much! There are a lot of good channels out there with some really good content, so thank you very much for your comment and support. Its much appreciated.
John Mott (7 hours ago)
Great video and attitude! Subbed!!!!
Terry Maines (1 day ago)
thanks bro!
Brandon Lund (1 day ago)
Thanks Terry!
Aaron Anderson (3 days ago)
There is no moisture IN the cast iron. It's condensation from the rapid heating of the metal.
Brandon Lund (3 days ago)
I should have said it was combustion we were seeing. On job sites (especially during winter) we always had to heat the steel before welding. It removed moisture ON the steel, not IN it as you pointed out. I misspoke
Gasgiant (7 days ago)
Good test, great video. If ya don’t question things ya don’t find out.
Brandon Lund (7 days ago)
Thank you for your kind words! As a kid I always wanted to know "why"? I suppose that curiosity is still in me as an adult.
Brandon Lund (7 days ago)
Thank you!
Vince vojtko (7 days ago)
Used flux core plenty of times on cast iron, works fine. Are some tricks but nothing ridiculous.
Brandon Lund (7 days ago)
I was surprised how well it held!
Danny Ivy (8 days ago)
works for me. i don't think i'll be frying a 91 pound chicken. haha very impressed, thanks
Brandon Lund (7 days ago)
Thank you Danny!
bob loblaw (8 days ago)
ok man..you can tell us..this is a SAFE place....did your wife break that fryin pan over your head or what...
Brandon Lund (8 days ago)
Lets just say that when I go to the Dr's office and they ask me "do you feel safe at home" I say "no" LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Mr71chevyvan (9 days ago)
like to know the amperage setting and if you think my el cheapo harbor freight AC only stands a chance to make this weld work.
Brandon Lund (8 days ago)
Are you asking about stick welding?
Brent Mcfadden (9 days ago)
Great show Sir! Tis the way NASA do's it! 👍🏿👍👏
Brandon Lund (9 days ago)
Thanks Brent! I appreciate your support!
Pancho Villa (9 days ago)
What I do sometimes I go to the yonkyard and get some of the fiberglass hose protector out of Honda or Nissan cars from the motor and I use that as a nossle protector and is very cheap in case that you don't have another option.and it works fine.
Brandon Lund (9 days ago)
AWESOME IDEA! thank you for sharing!
Michael Morrison (9 days ago)
If you would have welded both sides it would have held up more
Brandon Lund (9 days ago)
Michael, tune in Friday...that is EXACTLY what we are going to find out! Cheers brother!
Derek Bryant (10 days ago)
The handler 140 is cold when the trigger is off. It's only hot when the trigger is on. Doesn't matter what polarity is set up.
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
Derek Bryant 👍 that’s correct
LEO'S SERVICE (10 days ago)
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
LEO'S SERVICE 👍 preheat is your friend!
Brian C (10 days ago)
Get some muggyweld and see how that works
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
Here you go!😁 https://youtu.be/kzbcVb2UymA?list=PLfbf78fMz9VpweFv4IqUfrrNV6Vvro7Cd
Kim Curtis (10 days ago)
Good video AND I subscribed, immediately! Question, though this video has NOTHING to do with cooking, is using the flux core wire on the cooking surface safe to cook on? That may be something you don't know as your video was only for welding purposes. I have a cast iron griddle that is cracked and I want to see if I can repair it with the only welder I have which is a flux core welder. I HOPE it will be safe to use for cooking purposes after using the flux core wire. If anyone knows whether this is safe, I'd appreciate knowing. I can be reached on Facebook. Thanks, Brandon. Keep producing these great and informative/instructional videos!
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
Thank you very much Kim i truly appreciate the support and sub. I cant say if its food safe but here is my take on it. The pan is obviously made of metal, carbon and a bunch of other elements. The wire is made of steel with a flux in the core. The only purpose of the flux is to shield the molten weld puddle until it solidifies. Once that happens, you chip away that flux /slag layer leaving an exposed steel weld bead. I personally dont see any health risk (no different than cooking with a steel pan) but I'm not an expert. I can say however I would not eat out of something that was repaired with nickle rod. Nickle is a carcinogen. That's my 2 cents anyways. Cheers :)
Sergio Figueroa (10 days ago)
Great video dont listen to stupid people I think they just envy u for your open ideas
Sergio Figueroa (10 days ago)
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
Thank you for your support Sergio!
Pekka Tapaninen (11 days ago)
water comes from the combustion of a hydrocarbon and oxygen in the air. The produced water condenses when the metal surface is still cold...
mike losinger (10 days ago)
You typically would change the gooseneck out as well, for fluxcore. They come coated in a braided Kevlar something material, and a threaded end to screw on a small ceramic end piece. Also if you want to have the best weld experience and results, use ESAB wire there is no comparison, Lincoln is subpar.
mike losinger (10 days ago)
No problem, but I meant the the gooseneck not the liner. -Lincoln Electric XM13304-6 K126 Squirt Gun Tube with, -Lincoln Electric XT12313 K126 Squirt Gun Tube Thread Protector. Also, you should really give Esab a try, depending on the type of welding your doing we use the core shield 8 for bridgework. I would imagine the core shield 40, 6, or 7. 👍🏻
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
Thanks Mike. Interesting. I have never heard of swapping liners for flux core. I think the liner I'm using in this one is teflon but I cant remember. Surprisingly enough I have never run ESAB wire. I might have to give it a go. So far, this Matheson wire is probably some of the best I have ever run.
Fluffy Fullbox (11 days ago)
I preheat in the BBQ grill. And use stainless wire.
Brandon Lund (10 days ago)
When I first heard of repairing cast with stainless it doesnt seem possible but it sure is!
TMoD7007 (11 days ago)
The moisture during preheating is condensed water vapor from the flame on the still cold metal. When the metal reaches about 70°C the water does re-evaporate. There is no water in metal. It worked here, but cooldown in cold sand is actually worse than just in plain air. Packing it in heat resistant mats works well.
Ben Press (12 days ago)
I did this exact repair on a pan with gas and gas wire. It worked swimmingly.
Brandon Lund (11 days ago)
If you a referencing mild steel wire and shielding gas, I have had good luck also. I repaired a broken leg on a cast iron park bench with that process. Surprisingly enough it worked!
Ben Press (12 days ago)
Why didn't the viewer just try flux core MIG wire himself?
Brandon Lund (11 days ago)
No clue. Maybe he's just curious, Maybe he doesn't own a flux core machine and wants to know if it works before he considers buying one, maybe he has a piece of broken cast and doesn't want to spend his money on wire if it doesn't work. I have no idea. It could literally be 100's of reasons.
Derek Greenhalgh (12 days ago)
I don't think your fried eggs would weigh that much even if they were from a dinasore.
Brandon Lund (11 days ago)
It should hold my breakfast! :)
Bruce Roger Morgan (12 days ago)
Some years ago I was stuck with a broken iron casting, can'r remember what it was now but nothing critical, just had to stick it back together. I used a stick welder with normal steel electrodes. Looked like crap but it held together just fine for as long as I needed it to. I didn't know about nickel electrodes then, I'll use those if there's a next time. Which there may well be! This video was very informative and very well done, thank you for that.
Bruce Roger Morgan (12 days ago)
+Brandon Lund Hi Brandon, it was about 30 years ago! I can't even remember what it was that I welded, I just remember that it was something that I had to do with the resources that I had available at the time.
Brandon Lund (12 days ago)
Thank you for your support and comment Bruce! Do you remember what you used for a rod for your repair? 7018 maybe? I'm just curious because I've had good luck with 7018 myself.
Darcy Mcnabb (12 days ago)
Use a stainless steel wire not mild steel . Don't mean to nitpick but the correct terminology for what you are doing is self shielding flux core . And with gas is called duel shield flux core.
Brandon Lund (12 days ago)
Darcy, I know what it's called. This was about proving or disproving if flux core would work. I already know that stainless works because I've done videos on it.
Jaye Davies (13 days ago)
Keep up with what you are doing as it is very informative
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Thank you Jaye I appreciate your support!
Nick Sennett (13 days ago)
91 pounds, that’s a lot of bacon before it breaks
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
It sure is Nick!
Eben Waterman (14 days ago)
I stick stuff like that in the oven @ 450. Cast aluminum cyl. heads etc. I watch welding vids while I wait. Also, stick it back in the oven and shut it off to stress relieve it.
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Excellent! Thanks for the tip!
minouchat (14 days ago)
I like the way you do the work with the explanations and tests that you impose to prove the resistance of the job. Well done sir! Thank you so much for your videos. They are really useful
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Thank you very much! I'm glad I can help!
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
+minouchat You got that right! She doesn't mess around!
minouchat (14 days ago)
@Brandon Lund , With the heavy weight in the cook pan, you'd be better off being polite with your wife hahahaha
Billal Naqvi (14 days ago)
Where can I get those gloves? Whenever I search for welding gloves all I can find are those gigantic unwieldy kind?
Billal Naqvi (10 days ago)
Thank you for the help.
Eric Sprado (10 days ago)
Ask for Tig welding gloves at the supply store. They are incredibly light. I've switched to them..
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
These ones are just basic leather and nylon I got from home depot. You can get away with using these mig welding as long as your careful but for stick welding they are too flimsy. You might find that a tig welding glove would work well if you dont like the bulk.
Peter Quintana (14 days ago)
That's cool , my first experience welding cast was needles on a ha baler. I was 12 years old. I used to braze them, they worked. My next venture was an engine block. It was a disaster, I was 29 at the time it bugged the hell out of me, failure , I don't take very well. Short time passed I got a job in steel mill in Pueblo Colorado. I was operating an overhead crane on the hotside of the tube mill. I always pulled doubles after my shift with the millwright s . And afellow showed me how to weld cast with the stick. Nickle rod but he had to pre heat with the rosebud first. And like you did bury it in sand. That was interesting . Keep up the good work. Always more than one way to skin a cat.
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Thanks Peter. I appreciate your support!
Robert MacKenzie (14 days ago)
Thank you for the video! Very nice and informative.
Brandon Lund (14 days ago)
Your welcome and thanks for the great comment!
scheusselmensch (14 days ago)
The water is condensate from the propane torch. It's not coming out of the pan when you heat it.
Brandon Lund (14 days ago)
I should have said that what we were seeing was combustion, however I was always taught to heat metals (not just cast) to help eliminate surface moisture.
kennybo (14 days ago)
how heavy are your sausages for the pan?
Brandon Lund (14 days ago)
As long as we are under 91 pounds we are good :)
craig brown (15 days ago)
really weight check how many eggs and slabs of bacon can you eat its a pan, but otherwise excellent show of knowledge on how to weld cast iron...
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Thanks Craig. As long as your 90 pounds hungry you should be ok :) cheers brother!
AbdRahman Abdullah (15 days ago)
I wished you can make a video of same cast iron welding project by using regular cheap arc stick welding machines, in our country mig welding its so expensives. Thats gonna be great and really much appreciated sir thank you. god bless you sir.
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Check the videos in the welding cast iron playlist and the videos in the beginner welding series. I've done a bunch of repairs and projects with budget stick welders and I have the links for you too! Cheers brother!
AbdRahman Abdullah (15 days ago)
I totaly agreed with your idea sir, not every one have a proper tools or machines to do this kind of welding process weldone sir, for such a brilliant idea in these project.
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Thank you very much!
Wade Shiver (15 days ago)
Yeah, that sand is going to suck the heat right off of it. You use sand with thick metal. Try hardwood ash if ,oh want to anneal thin stuff well
Brandon Lund (13 days ago)
Interesting! I will have to give it a try...thanks!
Del Allegood (15 days ago)
I repeatedly coated the end of a brazing rod with a silver dime and first with the silver,then with the brazing rod ,brazed a 3 inch piece back into a big lincoln V8 valley under the carb . It had frozen and popped out.I propane torched it before and after,slowly drawing it away during 30 minutes.It held several years,until the engine wore out. Cast Iron loves silver.
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Very cool! Thank you for sharing!
Rattletrap2 (16 days ago)
Hey Brandon! Just found your videos and subscribed! Great stuff!
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Thanks! I appreciate your support!
Coca Marian (16 days ago)
Brandon,you have a new subber,next,i want you to try to try a repair with 6013 rod,it is the most common due the welding sources across Romania and any handyman has one for himself since the '90's,cheap and reliable transformes did a fairly good job over time (deeeeespite that has a lower strenght) yet worth a try,preheat it and try to welt over a stainless wire IN THE GAP of the place where u need to weld,and try to wrap also a copper wire around the 6013 rod and weld that,very old techniques still do a pretty fair job,test it and you will be surprised ;-) ( *wink* )
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Thank you for your support! I will give it a try!
Joe West (16 days ago)
I enjoyed your video very much but I must say you should have weighed the results without the plastic bucket full a metal the bucket alone looked as though it could have weighed 40 or 50 lb who's to say it it wouldn't have broken the frying pan with just five pounds of that bucket weight would be great if you had some lifting weights to put in there adding all that way to the end kinda messed up your calculations
Brandon Lund (16 days ago)
Thanks joe. I dont really know how much the bucket weighed but the pan took pretty much all of it as I was letting go. I'm guessing the final calculation is within a couple pounds and within the same range as the other tests weve done
William Walker (16 days ago)
I do my cast iron cooling in a old oven and taper it off from 600 degrees all the way down and I also do a lot of cast iron filler rod with a torch and you can actually construct parts out of the rods
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
This is probably the best method to insure no cracking!
Chuck G (17 days ago)
I've always wondered if I could just fix my cast iron , I've got a lot of them that I have broken over the years , I feel that you have shown me that I can , great video and I'm glad you added the part about the heat up and cool down , without that I most likely would have just waisted my time trying this out ,... Now for my favorite part of the day , I'm going to weld something 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Cheers buddy! Glad I could help! Everyday is a GOOD day when your welding! 😁
anonymous (17 days ago)
Good job Moe!
Ray Munger (17 days ago)
when I was in the Navy, 20 yrs old,I was working in a weld requal shop. Some guys came to me with a broken bench vise. I wasn't sure what to do, so I heated it in the rod oven and welded it with a stainless stick. I guess it worked. They didn't bring it back again.
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Right on!
Ray Munger (17 days ago)
I worked at Lincoln for ten years. Lincoln only makes Lincoln wire. They call the flux core innershield, I think. It's made at the Heisley road facility in Mentor Ohio.
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Good to know! I seem to remember someone telling me that Lincoln owned a division of Matheson and that's how it was said the wire was made in the same facility but I could be wrong.
5dancox (17 days ago)
Thanks for this video.
Brandon Lund (15 days ago)
Your welcome! 😁
Sheran Naidoo (18 days ago)
Mmmmm.... Why not heat the skillet on a stove?..... Its a skillet right?
Stephen Liberty (16 days ago)
Daaa......he is not welding in a kitchen. LMAO
Brandon Lund (17 days ago)
You could, but I don't have a stove in my workshop.
Travelin Thru (18 days ago)
you can't wear it like that because you added the bucket and broke it you should have put piece-by-piece on there and then weighed the pieces so you didn't prove anything
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
There wasn't enough room to keep stacking. For this crude test I'm convinced plus or minus a couple pounds that FCAW is a viable repair. Cheers.
Webb walle (18 days ago)
Idid it on my gardenpump 2 y ago and it still works!
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
Nice! What happened, did it freeze and split open?
Way Gone (18 days ago)
Good video, thanks, I'm one of those guys with only a cheap flux core kit and it does what I need it to do which is admittedly very little but it is nice to know that I can to cast if the need arises.
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
Thank you and I'm glad I could help! Cheers
Jeffery Shurtleff (18 days ago)
I guess shielding gas dosen't matter since cast has porosity anyways.
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
+Jeffery Shurtleff That's not completely true. I dont want viewers with a flux only machine thinking they need gas to make a proper weld. Flux core wire is actually self shielding and does not require a gas. Although gas can be used to help prevent the issues you mentioned, it is not required and often not used. One of the advantages of a self shielding wire is it can be used in the field and outside where running a gas is not practicle due to wind blowing your coverage gas away. I have run self shielding wire on commercial jobs for years without any gas. It's very common. Cheers
Jeffery Shurtleff (18 days ago)
Flux core is meant to be used along with shielding gas. There are many many people that dont realize this fact! The gas prevents porisity, the flux is not a complete substitute for gas.
Billy Jones (18 days ago)
Well perhaps a MIG welder isn't acceptable for a cast iron machine repair but if you can get it to hold 90 lbs I'm sure it will fry my eggs and bacon for years to come. Later, I've got an old skillet to repair and all I own is a MIG welder. Thanks.
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the repair!
Evobrubaker (19 days ago)
Just found, and definitely subscribed, to this channel! I definitely watch my fill of YouTube and I do like your approach! Wasn’t too keen on destroying what you just fixed but I did learn from the result of you destroying the piece and I’d say that’s what your aiming for so job well done! Don’t worry so much about the keyboard know-it-all’s, it’s almost as annoying listening to a creator bitch about them as it is reading them myself. That’s my own opinion though. You do you no matter what.
Brandon Lund (19 days ago)
I very much appreciate your comment and support! Thank you!
Jose Murillo Casimiro (19 days ago)
Gracias por tu video te quedo perfecta tu sodadura
Austin Carlson (19 days ago)
That would have to be one hell of an egg and a slice of bacon to wreck that pan
Richard Sharp (20 days ago)
Thank you for your video I learned a lot today that was really nice
Brandon Lund (19 days ago)
Thanks Richard! Glad I could help
FLIPPIN CAMPER! (20 days ago)
Will I get cancer from the flux
Brandon Lund (18 days ago)
+FLIPPIN CAMPER!My dad died of cancer. I always try to wear a respirator, especially when there is not much ventilation. Most everything welding related is a carcinogen including your grinding dust. Your best bet is to limit your exposure as much as possible.
FLIPPIN CAMPER! (18 days ago)
+Brandon Lund I know I'm in California LA county an cuple of people I know died of cancer .
Brandon Lund (19 days ago)
Only if you live in California. Seriously though, most chemicals if exposed long enough can be cancerous.
Christopher Sanchez (20 days ago)
I had alot of nay Sayers teachers in highschool say you can't well cast iron.. Also hear it's expensive to repair/ weld cast iron.. Fuckers.. Good job..
Brandon Lund (19 days ago)
Hahaha you sound like me (off camera). A lot of people say things cant be done....until you try
gunny U.S.M.C (20 days ago)
they will get over it, my compliments Sir
Brandon Lund (19 days ago)
Thank you and same to you!
gunny U.S.M.C (20 days ago)
Brandon Lund hope you and your family have an awesome new year
gunny U.S.M.C (20 days ago)
your welcome sir
Brandon Lund (20 days ago)
:) Thank you...and by your screen name, thank you for your service! 👍
HO LEE FOOK (21 days ago)
Yeah I hit dude in the head a broke mine too
19882fast4u (21 days ago)
I only have a flux core mig wire welder..... So yeah..... Thanks
19882fast4u (20 days ago)
+Brandon Lund Ok.... Thanks, I'll definitely check them out
Brandon Lund (20 days ago)
+19882fast4u your welcome! This was part of a series we are doing and then we break test them at the end. If you havent seen the other videos similar to this, they are in a "welding cast iron" playlist on the channel. Thanks for the great comment! Brandon
19882fast4u (21 days ago)
+Brandon Lund Well this was something I was always told never to do....... But now I can clearly see I was talking to the wrong people. Love the video and I'm going to start practicing on someone scrap to skill myself in this new art lol.... Thanks!
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
Your welcome! You can do a lot with a flux core welder!
The BigJoe (21 days ago)
It will hold anything you can fry or bake.
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
right on brother!
Edward Foehring (21 days ago)
Some cast iron is very weldable this way. Also try 7018 stick rod. Nickle rod is very very expensive.
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
I have had good luck with 7018 also https://youtu.be/9pMbeG7QVZA Thank you for your comment!
Prod. SlapHappy (22 days ago)
What did that tip ever do to you???? those copper and brass threads shouldn't be tightened that much
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
Lol I know it looks like I was cranking it right down but the pliers were slipping a little . It does look like it though :)
Euclid Morales (22 days ago)
I don't know why I'm here
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
Because you like cast iron welding videos? :)
kauaisfinest14 (22 days ago)
I don’t see why a lot of people hate flux core. I get that other ways are so much better but flux core is perfectly fine if welded truck frames I’ve welded rear and front differential that are daily drivin on that now locked rear end and it’s been over a year and more and still holding great
kauaisfinest14 (12 days ago)
living in a desert in all my honestly stick welders are great for that job and any other welding types. But flux core definitely gets the job done. If it was welded and the new crack is out on the side of the weld that’s common since now all the stress is there. Your gonna wanna grind everything flat drill a small hole above the crack to keep it from cracking again and weld in a reinforcement plate instead of just welding the crack only
living in a desert (20 days ago)
Truck frames with flux core..mmmmm then thats what i need..I have small crack..looks like someone used stick welding but it cracked next to it..I used jb weld on it but this one crack isnt having it..have never welded in my life..this will be fun...
Brandon Lund (22 days ago)
People get spoiled and sometimes they have a tendency to stick with one process. When you go from solid wire to flux core it feels "dirty" so you stay with solid wire (until you need to weld outside in the wind). Same thing when you go from stick to solid wire. Solid just feels "cleaner". Personally, I don't care. I pick which ever process seems like it will work best for the job. Usually with a little creativity you can make whatever process you have work. That's what I try to demonstrate in many of my videos. There is always more than one way to get the job done!
crashscbshop (23 days ago)
Dcen means dc electrode negative ... the ground or work clamp becomes positive
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
+The Ghost of the Flying Dutchman Thanks! I appreciate your support and feedback!
+Brandon Lund haha. Just a small mistake. Keep up the good videos
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
+The Ghost of the Flying Dutchman Ahh. OK I see what your saying now. LOL I dont know what I was thinking when I replied back lol. I deleted the comment so that people wont get confused. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It sucks getting old...brain fog I guess lol.
+Brandon Lund No in regards to the comment. He talks about DCEN in his comment and you said that it is know as reverse polarity.
Brandon Lund (21 days ago)
+The Ghost of the Flying Dutchman I'm confused? I agree 100% with what your saying...did I say something different in the video? Your the second person to say this.
TIG Master (23 days ago)
It's great, but tig is awesome😂
BRIAN BROWN (20 days ago)
yep tig far better .
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
I agree!
tek413 (23 days ago)
You have the play sand with gold in it. If you pan it, you may get 5 bucks worth out fyi. Per bag. I'm not kidding. Google it
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
Seriously? I'm going to have to look into this. If what you are saying is true, I will certainly do a video on it and I will mention you! You are the 2nd person this week to mention panning for gold. I recently uploaded a video where I drained and serviced my hot water tank and a viewer told me he pans his for gold when he cleans his (he has well water) I can only assume that if these are being sold with 5 dollars worth of gold that someone has caught on and they are no longer selling them. I only paid 3 dollars for the sand. You have me very curious now!
Ralphie20 Lee (24 days ago)
Broke in the heat affected zone running too hot
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
It's pretty common that when a cast iron repair breaks, it will almost ALWAYS break in the heat effected zone. It's never as strong as it was prior to the break.
Stephen Theiss (24 days ago)
309 gtaw
Stephen Theiss (23 days ago)
+Brandon Lund the best way I found anyhow. U can do without preheat. But would recommend
Brandon Lund (23 days ago)
100% will work. It might even work without a preheat. I might test that. Thank you!
Rummi (24 days ago)
I tell you ,,,thats the way to doit, mesure in Kilos also, people seems to forget that are many people from europe watching this kind off experiments. Good job.
Brandon Lund (24 days ago)
Thank you very much! I have a lot of viewers from across the pond so I try to use Kilos if I can remember. I appreciate your support!
Bettina (26 days ago)
This was awesome! I love oxy/acet, but I love the convenience of my flux core! So as long as I'm not cooking any 91# chili I think I'd be ok!
Brandon Lund (26 days ago)
Thank you very much!😀
fujiobass (28 days ago)
Thank you for the wonderful video. I am learning.
Brandon Lund (27 days ago)
Your welcome and I'm glad I could help :)
Good video
Brandon Lund (28 days ago)
Thank you Juan!
Ricardo F (29 days ago)
Muito bomm
Brandon Lund (29 days ago)
Ricardo F Muito obrigado
Paul Abderhalden (30 days ago)
Thanks for the video Brandon. very helpful, and a great bit of info. Good on you mate!!
Brandon Lund (29 days ago)
Thank you very much!
A Macca (30 days ago)
I would just buy her a new frypan.......... But thats just me.
Brandon Lund (29 days ago)
I like that idea! Maybe I will give it a try. :)
A Macca (30 days ago)
+Brandon Lund As a blooper type bit at the end it would be gold mate!
Brandon Lund (30 days ago)
Yah but who wants to watch a video of me buying a frypan?! Lol. 😁 cheers brother!
ryan (30 days ago)
Gotta say, really glad I've seen this. I got an old cast iron stove that I broke a couple small decorative parts on and part of the damper handle. All I have is the mig with flux core. Seems like this method will work for me.
Brandon Lund (30 days ago)
Glad I could help! Please report back and let us know how you made out!
Charles New (1 month ago)
Seems strong enough for most repairs in a lotta cases
Brandon Lund (30 days ago)
It should do thetrick
Charles New (1 month ago)
Its strong enough to scramble a dozen egg heads ,and. Still fry bacon bits afterwards lol
Brandon Lund (30 days ago)
Now i'm hungry!
Azhaar Laghari (1 month ago)
Wait up... The cast broke, not the weld so we need to rethink if nirod is best. A new crack may have developed as that break was really clean and rather straight. Maybe more heat and a slower heat buildup was needed and a proper cooldown performed with heat blankets.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
We already know the usual cast iron repair methods work. I would refer you to the video description of why this process was chosen. Cooling in sand is not an improper method.
Darren Kastl (1 month ago)
Who's noggin took the damage? Too damage that ci pan, like that ???? Mmmmm!
Darren Kastl (18 days ago)
Brandon Lund lol! Me too!
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
I can think of a few that could use that pan :) LOL
Johan Schröder (1 month ago)
cheap charlie, buy a new instead
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
That's no fun though.
James Holbrook (1 month ago)
After the exhaust manifold for a pan its more than anything you would use it for
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
It should hold my bacon and eggs :)
NOT SO SLIM JIM (1 month ago)
Preheat, small welds, post heat.
NOT SO SLIM JIM (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund I've always had luck with putting my cast iron parts on a charcoal bbq and letting the coals slowly burn down for a post heat/cool down.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Also a great procedure!
pnbliveca (1 month ago)
Good one sand from the beach is going to be dry enough but sand from a gravel pit is to wet hahahaha stop sniffing gas
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
pnbliveca Where I live you have to generally dig INTO the ground to get sand (it's too wet for this purpose). However, if you go to the beach, the sand is on the surface and is very dry (especially near the shoreline). That is the sand that would work for this and what I was referring to. I tend to forget that not everyone understands our climate and geography.
Robert Karpeal (1 month ago)
this was helpful thanks. i have a fireplace grate to repair and now i know i can do it with 7018 or flux core....(dont have a tig)
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Your welcome! Good luck on your repair!
Yousitech (1 month ago)
I totally did this once when my mom dropped my skillet. I didn't use preheat or Bevel the edges. I just cleaned and welded it and it still seems to be holding well
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Nice Job!
SHRED CT (1 month ago)
He blinded me with science.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
It's poetry in motion 🎵🎵🎵 👍
Jeffrey Snethen (1 month ago)
all my years of vo tech & real life experience tells me your not supposed to do this ever! however hahahah I agree with everything you just did! when I weld cast spike tips to my ornamental iron I ALWAYS USE FLUX CORE! , depending on the situation, cost, time, what its used for , I always keep my eggs under 90 lbs! good video OUTSIDE THE BOX!!
Jeffrey Snethen (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund they are! I will say if you had to do a"textbook" job they work damm good, but we both know not all jobs have to be "textbook" hahaha
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
+Jeffrey Snethen They sure are! Much more $ than flux core :)
Jeffrey Snethen (1 month ago)
nom cast rods are expensive!
Jeffrey Snethen (1 month ago)
+Brandon Lund yep, way back when I started vo tech I build an anvil pedestal out of two huge 4'' thick chunks of tool steel with an "i" beam in the middle, welded the anvil to the tool steel with 7018 ahahahaha it never broke! recently built another one tried "nom cast rods to weld 45lb weight plates together works as it was intened to then overlaid it a bit with flux core :)
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Hahaha awesome comment brother! I can tell you've done some cast repairs yourself!
Stefan Forsberg (1 month ago)
Well done! You are so right about the screws and the sand! When something get broken you take what you have got at home to repare it. Stefan 👍
Tito Alvarado (1 month ago)
Dang, I never found a 94 lbs steak to put on a cast iron skillet
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Thanks man! :)
Eddie Rice (1 month ago)
Great information. Been planning on fixing a crack in a small pot and all I have is a flux core wire welder. If it works I gained a new pot to my collection if not... well I got the pot from the scrap yard so no loss. Thanks. Love the videos
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Thanks Eddie! Im also a huge fan of the scap yard! Good luck with your repair buddy.
ramdodgetruck (1 month ago)
I've had good results using stainless steel rod.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
Right on. Good stuff!
John Parrish (1 month ago)
I just wonder if after repeated heat cycles would it crack??? But 91 pounds is slightly more than 3 of my wife's pancakes so it's safe.
Brandon Lund (1 month ago)
There is always that chance of cracking down the road because the repair will never be as good as before it was cracked, but 90 lbs of pancakes is a lot! If you need help eating those pancakes, I'm in!

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