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The Year of the Rooster or Phoenix - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

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wu xing, arts, year of the rooster, chinese zodiac rooster, rooster chinese zodiac, the year of the rooster, year of the rooster, rooster zodiac, luck in 2017, fortune in 2017, These audio recordings are part of the HowtorockSpirit Astrology section. This is an audio recording describing the year sign of the -PHOENIX or ROOSTER- in Chinese or Taoist Astrology, the Astrology of the East. Chinese Astrology is also called "Wu Xing" and is based upon the lunar seasons and year-cycles of the moon's calendar. The Celestial signs and elements of the Chinese Zodiac are a key aspect of every individual's total cosmic persona. These audio recordings have been recorded by Dustin Cormier. I do not own any of the material contained herein except where noted. For Educational purposes only.
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Dustin Cormier (1 year ago)
Interestingly, this Rooster video is among the top 4 most popular videos on my channel. It seems Rooster people are very interested in Astrology. To me, I'd say its because the Rooster just wants to get down to business, to conduct his chores, and to find the right person to help see them through the daily struggles which they so love to put themselves under. There's nothing Rooster loves more than to be satisfied with a day's work, and to settle with loved ones afterwards. One thing that's for sure is that if they love something, Rooster will devote themselves to it through thick and thin. Two of the members in my band are Roosters, and as a Goat person, I don't think I could make it in this mean old world without those reliable guys at my back. ---- Year of the Metal Goat ('91), Water Horse daymaster. By the way, it is said that the daymaster sign is equal to, or even more important than, the year sign. The daymaster is closer to your taoist inner heart, your reactive personality, than is the Year sign. The year shows up more of your uprbringing - "The stalk, the parents and grandparents." The daymaster represents you. Check out this site and put in your birth info, if you want to see your daymaster sign. Then if you like, you can look up my video on that sign, and try to recognize its nature in yourself! Peace and Love. https://mingpan.pythonanywhere.com/
lord Sesshoumaru (29 days ago)
double metal rooster and got yin metal boar, sounded like the rooster description...
Queenie Madoka (3 months ago)
My criticism is my gift 💖💕well one of them . I love that way 😝 my first house Lord (Karaka in Tropical ) is Kanya Chandra ( together with Ketu in 3rd) and was born during Metal Rooster hours ( Romantic sunsetttt yayyy )
serchingfortruth (4 months ago)
July 93 cancer rooster I don't find much on people like me
serchingfortruth (4 months ago)
@Peaceful Nights I'm a bit overprotective of my daughter I'm willing to admit
Peaceful Nights (4 months ago)
@serchingfortruth even ad a dude the cancer being the mother of the zodiac will make you sensitive to others feelings and a very very overprotective parent
serchingfortruth (4 months ago)
@Peaceful Nights no I'm a dude but thanks
Peaceful Nights (4 months ago)
I am a cancer rooster of 81, if you are a female both the cancer and rooster energies will make you extremely feminine, flirtatious, and loved by most men as both energies are very feminine and sensual than the other signs
Casey Bowman (10 months ago)
lynnthegreat10 (1 year ago)
Rooster, Scorpio, & ENFP. Very interesting combo I am. My western horoscope, Scorpio amplifies my Meyers-Briggs type, ENFP. It gets kinda crazy & dark in this mind.
lord Sesshoumaru (29 days ago)
double metal rooster, aries and INTJ also left handed...
ERNi ENGIish (1 year ago)
wait... 1969. September. Virgo. Phoenix . Rooster. Yin. Yu Branch. Empress. Dragon. Transformer. Thinkers. Flexible. Unwilling to be one of the crowd. Communicating unlike others. Impression of being vain. Colors and patterns.(I just keep pausing and writing what i hear next) prophetic abilities. Develop piece of mind . self generated. etc. etc. Just copy it all. dayum! Who believes this stuff anyway? (lol)
ERNi ENGIish (1 year ago)
what a Horuscope !
kathy 1234 (1 year ago)
woot woot!!
Elizabeth Ocampo (1 year ago)
Rooster or. Phoenix good
Elizabeth Ocampo (1 year ago)
Rooster Leo
jasmina tuzovic (1 year ago)
I was wondering if the day of the week one is born on is more influential and stronger in the person's character than the year they were born ? Do you know which one would affect the person more ?
jasmina tuzovic (1 year ago)
sry ihave one more question, is the decan of your zodiac sign more significant than the sign/energy of your ascendant sign?
jasmina tuzovic (1 year ago)
Great now I don't have to feel about being a weak metal SHEEP hahaha! THANKYOU! for your very informative/'helpful response! Wouldn't mind being a dragon but at least the day I was born compensates for the sheepy vibrations.
HowtorockSpirit (1 year ago)
There is certainly a trend that says so. I myself have observed that the Daymaster (That's what it's called in most Ba Zi readings I think) seems to portray a deeper part of one's nature than the Year sign. If we could use a salesman to represent the two, we might say that the Daymaster is like the personality of the salesman themselves, whereas the project the salesman is pitching is like the Year sign. Many circles say it is a more core part of your being than the year sign. Try it for yourself! Find your daymaster (master tsai's calculator is good), and see if you see yourself in the animal video or in other descriptions of that animal sign. If you feel you resonate with these videos, the video of your daymaster will probably surprise you!
My mom is a rooster .... I love her .... but sometimes she makes me feel like eating chicken .... >:(
Mr S Is the Best (2 years ago)
born on the day of the rooster so can relate
Dustin Cormier (1 year ago)
Some say that the Daymaster is even more close to your true taoist heart, your inner personality, than the year sign is.
Joe Wood (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, you have such a great voice for audiobooks.
Howtorockacampfire (2 years ago)
Thanks so much man
Tasha9313 (2 years ago)
Happy Fire Rooster year everyone. I'm a 93 Rooster, making me a Water Rooster. Is the Rooster year really also considered the Phoenix year? That would be great cause I always thought that a Phoenix was the coolest animal ever.
Merrybandoruffians (3 months ago)
Woohoo! 93 roosters 🖤
HowtorockSpirit (8 months ago)
C (2 years ago)
El GALLO 6_6_93
Aaron Rainge (2 years ago)
Happy year of the rooster. My younger sister has a lot of these traits since shes born in the year of the rooster.
freddie alviola (2 years ago)
Amazing I'm 1981 and my group is Phoenix Fire 😱
Peaceful Nights (4 months ago)
No 81 is the metal rooster, it makes us very stern and rigid, sharp in our opinions not very flexible
Raiza Maningo (5 months ago)
Can y0u tell me what is the attitude 0f the fire r0oster please?
Fred 509Washington (2 years ago)
freddie alviola me too bro
Chim Dany (2 years ago)
I am a rooster and so proud to be
Fred 509Washington (2 years ago)
Chim Dany you look like we'd be very compatible 😉
Mr S Is the Best (2 years ago)
rooster born in the year of the tiger
Royshaun Wade (3 years ago)
# interesting
Royshaun Wade (3 years ago)
I'm a roaster and so proud to be
Ol Soul Da Oldie (3 years ago)
I have the Rooster Day (True) Animal here and was born in the year of the Monkey(Water) and Dog (Metal) Month here. this is truely sounds like me
Liv Solomon (4 years ago)
Awesome insights- thanks for the great lesson Brother.  Am an 81 Rooster, of the metal variety.  I also have several planets, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter in 9th House Virgo; so the correlation with your reading is again expressed- as deep seeker for truth; born in September as well and with a profound love for the fall.  Many correlations, and insight, well welcomed at this time. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the inspired work!! #OneLove
Tanya Magen (2 years ago)
HowtorockSpirit (4 years ago)
@Liv Solomon So glad to hear it Liv, bless ya for taking the time to make this positive comment! Wow Metal Rooster eh? That's definately one heavy Autumn influence! Peace and Love my friend :)

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