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Queensryche - Silent Lucidity (Official Music Video)

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"Watch the official music video for ""Silent Lucidity"" peroformed by Queensryche Music video by Queensryche performing Silent Lucidity (DVD). #Queensryche #SilentLucidity #Vevo #Metal #OfficialMusicVideo"
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Mister McGoo (1 hour ago)
Ébém Obem Rock and Rollin! Better to Burn out than too Fade Away!
bogus peanus (1 hour ago)
this song will never not give me goosebumps
CHRIS L (10 hours ago)
Help me
Mark Stettner (12 hours ago)
So miss the REAL Queensryche, Jeff Tate will live forever
Rob Reiser (13 hours ago)
"If you open your mind for me, you won't rely on open eyes to see" gets me every time.
Leandro Silva (1 day ago)
Que música!!! Perfeita!!! Isso sim!!! Incrível!!!
Debbie V (1 day ago)
To my baby I didn’t give you the chance of life 1986
Fernald Paperguest (2 days ago)
Somehow cannot explain 6+k dislikes. Are you made of wood?
Trump campaign brought me here!
Anne Gratia (2 days ago)
#march 2019 still soooo in love with this song😍most of the comments here made me cried sooo damn hard😭...
Carol Pacheco (2 days ago)
Essa musica me destroi 💔
Jonathan Adamson (2 days ago)
supernatural baught me here
Holly Hollis (2 days ago)
I love this song. I haven't heard it in years. Close my eyes and fly 💫
Surgar Kay (3 days ago)
Yes 3 with wonderful years and memories and 5 with love in my heart and mind, my soul always with them. I am standing next to you.
Richard Conner (3 days ago)
a t (4 days ago)
me, I love this song.. you are lying safe in your bed, it was all a bad dream. Such a beautiful and healing song.
Muzahid Ahmed (4 days ago)
One of the greatest songs ever written, and one of the best solos ever.
Zeek M (4 days ago)
Silent Lucidity or Violent Proclivity?
lourdesmaria s (5 days ago)
3:31: acho essa parte desnecessária. A música é linda mas esse trecho incomoda.
Maila V. (5 days ago)
jesus ruiz vazquez (6 days ago)
hermosisima melodía simple mente !!!
Shawna Graham (7 days ago)
Why don’t this have more views? Epic song
One of my songs to remember my mother by. Miss you everyday mom, you mean so much to me
Machine Gun Messiah (7 days ago)
Erin C (7 days ago)
I have always loved this song ♥️ Reading your stories on here I'm glad this song has provided some sort of comfort during hard times. Hope you all have a great night 💕
Bambi Pardis (8 days ago)
I felt this song with Roy hendrickson. Its alot of colors black red blue purple clarified .like a seperate place by ourselves.we had spiritual world together
AB VFX (8 days ago)
Inspired by Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd, this Song is equally Deep and Highly Superb in its rendition. I'm so in Love with Queensryche.
James Batten (9 days ago)
Takes me back to the days with my bro. Semper Fi bro,,,I'll see you when I see you.
Tyler Laird (10 days ago)
All I can think about when I hear this song is when i'd in my room with my brother and how he'd just pick up the guitar and begin to strum the intro of this song. gosh I started to hate this song but I started to listen to it when I was in ITB and the nostalgia came roaring back like a flood. We went through so much horrible shit growing up and yet no matter what we had each other. Now look at us both. We are brothers by blood, spirit and in arms. Making a name for ourselves. I try to talk to him all the time but my job kinda takes that liberty away from me. All I know is that in life nothing is guaranteed so I try to make the most out of everyday and tell the people in my life that I love and care for them no matter what.
0 (11 days ago)
Sascha Preusse (11 days ago)
Die Tränen der Welt 😁🤗
William Shipley (11 days ago)
RIP Lana Sue Lentile
J (12 days ago)
One of my favorite songs from my childhood watching music video channels. One of my favorites forever. Finger Eleven- One Thing is a is a great homage to this song.
Alxala (12 days ago)
This song is super excellent! 10 stars out of 10. Even my dad loves listening to Queensryche and other 80's rock bands such as AC/DC, Bon Jovi, etc.
HiFiman4u (13 days ago)
A Magnum Opus Classic.
chetkayeable (13 days ago)
Metal Pink floyd but done so well.
mark glover (13 days ago)
Ankit Mishra (13 days ago)
S Zane (13 days ago)
I think of my brother and my son
Frank DeGagne (13 days ago)
On tour! ... without Geoff Tate ;( new singer sounds great tho, Verdict sounds awesome... need Vancouver dates!
Reel Tristan (13 days ago)
This song gives a hint on practicing lucid dreaming
Crushed Luminary (3 hours ago)
That's exactly what the whole song's about, according to Chris Degarmo.
SteilerSilva oficial (13 days ago)
Brasil 2019 alguém aí ? Deixa like...
José Ma. Díaz M. (14 days ago)
Soul touching song...
ricarleite (14 days ago)
The best Pink Floyd song not written, recorded or performed by Pink Floyd.
Jujuju hhh (14 days ago)
Así es 🙏👌👌👍
Ben Dillard (15 days ago)
I love the acoustic guitar is just the whole combination never been duplicate d
regtoyz (15 days ago)
One of the most beautiful songs ever written. It always makes me think of my daughters and how much I love them and want to always protect them and keep them safe. They mean everything to me.
Ron Bridges (15 days ago)
I lost my 11 year old granddaughter on Valentine's day 2017. She had spinal menengitis at 2 weeks old and had sever brain damage. When she would get restless I would put this song on the stereo. You could watch the peace come over her little face. I will always cry when I hear this song. But remember the look of peace that she would get. Thank you for all the great music the band put out!!!!!
David Fenner (11 days ago)
Sorry for your loss..
Eleny Lambros (16 days ago)
I've been hearing this song for a long time. Just now, the lyrics have a very different meaning to me... the doorway through the night, dream control, a soul set free to fly, etc. Beautiful.
Maureen Wagg (17 days ago)
Father in law is hours from his passing. This song is great. So comforting.
Roy Villanueva (17 days ago)
Am i the only one here who thinks this song is about astral travel and lucid dreaming? Good song though!
Anthony Cristo (17 days ago)
This song always brings tears to my eyes. After my mother died of cancer in 1999, this song took on a whole new meaning for me. I was so numb and "wished the dream was over" but realized it "only just begun." You never stop grieving. You learn to eventually accept, but never "like" it. As for the part in the song when you hear a woman say, "help me" it reminds me of the looks my mother gave me as she lay deteriorating in pain. Her looks always seemed to say, "Help me. Make it stop." It is a feeling and situation I would not wish upon anyone.
LJ Marzula (18 days ago)
This song can help guide you to heaven..
FLAbiu 11 (19 days ago)
😁to ficando velho mrm 👏👏😎
Maybeline Mable (19 days ago)
Saw them about 14 years ago. He was Lip synching it was awful
Maybeline Mable (17 days ago)
+Barto Bruintjes I was in my twenties
Barto Bruintjes (17 days ago)
So you must be 4 than at that time.,
Deborah Saunders (19 days ago)
I saw Queensryche in I believe it was 1989. The best stage show I have ever experienced in my life! Def Leppard came in 2nd for best stage show
Roel Garza (19 days ago)
This reminds me of the most beautiful woman I ever did see & of course I lost her cuz of my stupidity
Banda legendaria afines de los 80s del Heavy Metal, este tema una pincelada de un excelente tema silent lucidity
LoneWolf78 (19 days ago)
Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
JG Sculpture (20 days ago)
At long last the journey ends - towards the end of construction of the Eagle Owl the the song 'Silent Lucidity' by Qussnsryche and the influence of a special friend seemed to strongly suggest the name of the Owl
S S (20 days ago)
The best Pink Floyd song not written or performed by Waters and Gilmour. Similar to Comfortably Numb, but not enough to be sued. It was more likely "inspired" by Floyd's Magnum opus...Bravo to Geoff Tate for the amazing, almost operatic vocals.
Hound19745 (20 days ago)
This comment section got real. Blessings to all, see you in my dreams.
Carlos Schroeder (20 days ago)
The vocalist looks a bit like the young David Gilmiur and the song sounds like something Pink Floyd could have recorded. Kinda odd.
Dawn Welch (20 days ago)
Makes sense what you’ve said - I think the late composer MIchael Kamen did stuff for Pink Floyd and Queensryche!
Matthew Schipper (20 days ago)
Aousome song
FarOutWest (21 days ago)
It is a good song, don't get all choked because you young bucks have not lived long enough to to say this is the BEST SONG. I can say something that would blow your mind.I won't!!!
Authorized block23 (21 days ago)
Dv Nope (21 days ago)
of my fathers favorite songs he's still alive . Reminds me of my childhood in better times couldnt understand it then
EdnaMaria Knupp (21 days ago)
Noel Dorch (22 days ago)
The Beginning of how humans will start to fly....
Noel Dorch (22 days ago)
Python and Lotus 123 tells me I am right.
Noel Dorch (22 days ago)
The very beginning....
DivineJ (22 days ago)
The lyrics are incredible as you pull so many meanings from what the singer is saying. Feeling loss. uncertainty, bad dreams. what is certain is that the idea of visualizing your life as positive and having belief will get you through this life in a beautiful way and discovering your true potential. Of course with someone taking care and watching over you. Love the tin man "pointed hat" falling on the boys head.
Warren Lightning (22 days ago)
Who is the singer?
Jack Stovall (21 days ago)
Geoff Tate
Why is this song in my que ? .... I've never looked for or ever like this depressing song ..
Kpax (22 days ago)
For a very close friend of mine who died of leukemia years ago. She took her last breath in my arms as her fragile, weak and underweight body simply couldn't take it anymore and gave up. She was a true master to me: she taught me the true meaning of compassionate love. One without judgment, none whatsoever. When I think of her, I sometimes feel her presence by my side. I know she lives on... somewhere where there's no more pain and fever. RIP baby.. I love you ♥
gretagrain (23 days ago)
the 12 string is the thing to mention
gretagrain (23 days ago)
remember nightmares are dreams too
gretagrain (23 days ago)
you simply rendered reality as something to be overcome
gretagrain (23 days ago)
don’t be gay
jenirocksotb (24 days ago)
just beautiful
Richard Vasquez (24 days ago)
"... if you persist in all efforts you can achieve Dream Control.... Dream Control". Words of wisdom!
Juan Garcia (24 days ago)
This is poetry in a song back when lyrics really meant something, nowadays anyone can make a song with just sampling and autotune that tells nothing.
onetwiztidndn (24 days ago)
This song has always meant so much to me but never as much as when I lost my oldest brother. He was 11 years older than me and always my protector. Just over 14 years ago he committed suicide. I was devastated and have never really recovered given our close bond. Since his passing, I've lost 4 more siblings, 2 more being to suicide. My mother and 2 pregnancies have also been a part of my loss since his passing. This song always seems to find me when I'm at my lowest and feel like I can't go on anymore. I will forever miss you all 💔
Fisherman Fro (25 days ago)
This song will be played at my funeral
Fisherman Fro (25 days ago)
Chris Degarmo is a helluva song writer
Big Sexy (25 days ago)
Hear because of supernatural
Lyana B (26 days ago)
Wonderful song ..great sound ...great voice ...great quitar ....congratulations ....best Queensryche ....happy for all humans in the world ....
F. Santos (27 days ago)
John Sailo (27 days ago)
...like and lo e this song....not to be heard...by this generation...dont think they have the value for it......just speaking my mind...thank you
Raul Restrepo (27 days ago)
1:26 is the best part
babygirldeath (1 month ago)
My father used to play this when my mom was pregnant with me. Its always been our song. I love my father more than he knows. When I need him (he lives 10 hours away), I turn this song and close my eyes. It brings me comfort on my darkest days
myk C (1 month ago)
My mom passed away one year ago today at a healthy 81. But leaukemia killed her 2 days after diagnosis. I remember listening this song back in the 90s driving to see her in happier times. It's just one of those things that swells up a big guy who wimps out when hearing this.
Jack Stovall (1 month ago)
Sorry for your loss
Debbie V (1 month ago)
To my baby I gave up on Never Forgotten you be 33 now I always think you looking down and with us we were just kids
Jose Carollo (1 month ago)
This is the song that reminds me of a very special girlfriend. Inspiring.
Sudarshan R (1 month ago)
Yeah.......Another Pink Floyd like song
Danny Reed (1 month ago)
Hush now don't cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye You're lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream Spinning in your head Your mind tricked you to feel the pain Of someone close to you leaving the game of life So here it is, another chance Wide awake you face the day Your dream is over Or has it just begun? There's a place I like to hide A doorway that I run to in the night Relax child, you were there But only didn't realize it and you were scared It's a place where you will learn To face your fears, retrace the years And ride the whims of your mind Commanding in another world Suddenly, you hear and see This magic new dimension I will be watching over you I am gonna help you see it through I will protect you in the night I am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity [Visualize your dream Record it in the present tense Put it into a permanent form If you persist in your efforts You can achieve dream control (help me) Dream control (How's that then, better?) Dream control (help me) Dream control (help me) Dream control (Help me)] If you open your mind for me You won't rely on open eyes to see The walls you built within Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin Living twice at once you learn You're safe from pain in the dream domain A soul set free to fly A round trip journey in your head Master of illusion, can you realize Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but I will be watching over you I am gonna help you see it through I will protect you in the night I am smiling next to you...
Mc Dreamy (1 month ago)
They don’t make songs like this anymore.
Denise Hedden (1 month ago)
🥀Awesome Song🥀🤘
Mark Youzwa (1 month ago)
Classical rock was always my favorite genre. I would definitely pick this as the #1 song of the 90 ,s.
ALEKM13 (1 month ago)
1:08 One of the greatest parts in a song ever.
banninl (1 month ago)
perfect sound like Pink Floyd cq Roger Waters ,TOP !!!!!!!!!!

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