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Queensryche - Silent Lucidity (Official Music Video)

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"Watch the official music video for ""Silent Lucidity"" peroformed by Queensryche Music video by Queensryche performing Silent Lucidity (DVD). #Queensryche #SilentLucidity #Vevo #Metal #OfficialMusicVideo"
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Dave Watson (4 hours ago)
A real tear jerker.
Carolyn Schmidt (23 hours ago)
Got raped pregnant in ass better off dude is a native American
Maria Chavier (1 day ago)
Sem comparação essa voz perfeita , faz a gente viajar sem sair do lugar ♥️🇧🇷
DyslexicGod (1 day ago)
Is Geoff or Queensryche in general influenced by David Gilmour/Pink Floyd?
Brooks Carlson (1 day ago)
This is one of the most beautiful songs of all time. I'm crying here listening to this in 2019, remembering all the times I listened to this before.
Jake Wylde (1 day ago)
5 weeks of answering the request lines and informing people this is not Pink Floyd when it came out...A lot of Pink Floyd fans became Queensryche fans...I was there, saw it happen.
Rick Black (1 day ago)
Any parent has to love this song...I do anyway...
SnotRag (1 day ago)
do wiggers like this song...curious
Kitty Purrs (1 day ago)
Thank you for the inspiration to seek and dive deep
John Evatt (2 days ago)
this came to mind while my grandpa was on his way out, I would ninja beers into the nursing home for him. We would visit till he nodded off, and I gotta say would play this on my drive home
James Mcdaniel (2 days ago)
Jeff Tate at his best
Christopher Boyd (3 days ago)
My heart breaks everytime I hear this song because it reminds me of you mom. I really look to the day that you and I mend the gaping wound that has ripped us so far apart. I am sorry and I hate the idea that life is too short because I don't think I could live life anymore if one of us leaves this world. Love ya mom. ♡♡♡
nanee8leo (3 days ago)
magical Song .. and its beyond beautiful 2see how it brings human Beings 2gether as ONE , in Pain & Love .. thru Silent Lucidity ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~
P4P KING (3 days ago)
what an absolute masterpiece. it is metaphysical and beyond human talent.
Jonas Grumby (3 days ago)
Man those comments from you all....it tore me up. How many of you are living in your own private Hell.
Tess Peng (3 days ago)
Come here by a cool geometric badge I have bought from Osaka 2000 with Queensryche metal letters on it. And I realize this isn't Britain place where the badge made from, but an unfamiliar heavy metal rock group and it is the US group after 20 yrs around by Google. Amazingly down in this heavy metal rock song, there are more down earth messages in this site. Very impressed for my very first time come here. And this is the real deep soul place that I like it. Scoop this special song to remember what my coolest badge meant and my people down here into my YT...................................................STF....................................................
Arbi (4 days ago)
This one of few song's that I liked right of the bat.
Denise Gomes (4 days ago)
Musica maravilhosa e simplesmente inesquecivel
hashyanysh Laboy (2 days ago)
Concordo c vc ..
Sister Cyclone (4 days ago)
For Danny, Freddy and King.
Noel Dorch (4 days ago)
I hate most sports I want to see something real.
Noel Dorch (4 days ago)
To tell you the truth
Noel Dorch (4 days ago)
"if it isn't live it is "Just" a rerun."
Noel Dorch (4 days ago)
Now, most the high tech thing you ownr is in your driveway!
Abel Pacheco (4 days ago)
I´m here because of Supernatural lol
Carolyn Schmidt (5 days ago)
I know you don't Kansas City was in Missouri paternities f****** man I don't get it
Claudia Vanegas (6 days ago)
I.hope u stop by for a listen... Smiling next to you...
Grímnir the Wise (6 days ago)
My older loved this song, and we played it for him at his funeral. This life we all have is extremely hard. But I'm still glad that all of you are safe, and living the best lives you can. Stay safe out there!
Dammit Greg! (6 days ago)
Haunting and beautiful
Gisselle S (6 days ago)
I remember watching this as a kid on MTV in the early 90's. Love this song. Had no idea this band is also from Seattle.
wardkdouglas (6 days ago)
What does this song even mean?
Anne Townsend (7 days ago)
My daughter was murdered only 24 God why? Rip lorianne mommy misses you and loves you my heart and soul is forever broken
Yves De Schepper (5 days ago)
Is this real or just a...?
Terry Deel (7 days ago)
We all dream while sleeping ...but only remember the bad dreams
timothy jerome (7 days ago)
This is a Biblical principle to enter the kingdom of God, that Jesus taught.
HowardTheFrog (7 days ago)
Really good song
Dave Rucci (7 days ago)
Always loved this song and still remember hearing it constantly on the radio in 91 when it was first out. Anyone done a decent cover of this? I just had someone request that I should do it, so I’m seriously thinking about it. Rock on! 🤘🏻
elcio santos (7 days ago)
Tempos bons
Hareish Sawng (7 days ago)
This song as well as Nothing Else Matters by Metallica make SO MUCH. Sense in this world AND, OURS. LYRICS TOUCH BASE IN BOTH. TRAVEL TO ANOTHER DIMENTION, it's all there. DS
Carolyn Schmidt (7 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
I am such a ass bad feelings that I don't care about birthdad pissing himoffspirutally not the first time mokery ass death conquer
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
One who I dated lostafinger another beat me and died
the Barefoot Coach (8 days ago)
listenning after death of a friend.
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
You are a ghost I'm your family
AmericanOctopus (8 days ago)
7-k dislikes? More like 7-gay dislikes!
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
Very impersonal
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
Hey cockroach shoot you
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
Nice swaraj
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
So I was craping killed my self with across then hospital shovedgitubeupafterihitmyanus my crapis lackandstillalot I'm imortal
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
Got beat tied down my operation is a nine inch nails what abunchoffuk
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
You are so old just like my old dying ex except heart boyfriend and maybe like thewellwearenotaloneindeath 45goodchoices
Carolyn Schmidt (8 days ago)
These people are really making me disturbed I have the mentality of a little kid dude
Carolyn Schmidt (9 days ago)
Crooked mama Phil Collins don't take advantage of my family unless nothing empire isacrockofshit
Carolyn Schmidt (9 days ago)
They are out back this one has a nicercae hackers pigs
Carolyn Schmidt (9 days ago)
TRUMP Colwell (9 days ago)
Greatest song EVER!!!
Carolyn Schmidt (9 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (9 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Us to
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Haker they raped me my family bankok download time Pink Floyd I'll never see this old man again
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
No phone with us 29june 16514242153
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Dad b-day almost home dad not or alone
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Hope oh please god help me one metallica
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Mud Man (10 days ago)
Panasonic 4 channel back in day!
Mud Man (10 days ago)
Pioneer sorry
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Is anyone ever gonna find us
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Mr medicine man I was watching a video of you all are you sober because I keep thinking of you dying sorry
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
My cousin is acopsgnt Tracey h if they ask been around for a while for us stpaulmn
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Sweating bullets Megadeth no antipsycot want to kill jet city lies delusions I'm older and sweating Megadeth embarrassed
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
I am severalty disturbed I must stop cuz this is very sick
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Dad's birthday tomorrow
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Cell phone going back to phone I will never ass see you again dream
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Lord Louie
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
Your boss is my bitch
Carolyn Schmidt (10 days ago)
My dad's dog was curled up my feet 3year
Addam Marley (10 days ago)
The best music of the world
Dafyd Madz (11 days ago)
Geoff Tate era of Queensryche... Simply spectacular.
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Stansfam huh
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Scared alone dirt rigormotiswoman
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Dude I'm seriously shiting myself to death fuckedupdoctor
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Birth dad's birthday my God
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Day after tomorrow is
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
I am the only one who takes ashit
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
R u english
Carolyn Schmidt (11 days ago)
Crazy babies mpo
Matt Daggett (11 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
Mouse to eat
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
Hypoglycemia you at concert I can't sleep at all conversion therapy appendix s
Allison Blakely (12 days ago)
My dad introduced this song to me before he passed away tragically. 4/25/70 - 2/25/2019.
Downriver Vintage (11 days ago)
It’s an Awesome song And an awesome thing Dream control I see my brother Everyday
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
Mommy Rose Emily elle
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
Carolyn Schmidt (12 days ago)
You assult me to the bone
Carolyn Schmidt (13 days ago)
Did you by into helping jetcityfag
Lynda Houser (13 days ago)
When one of my daughters died in 90, I’d cry every time this video came on.
Jeh Edi (13 days ago)
Umas dás minhas trilhas sonoras dos anos 90 i Love you 🎵🔊🎷🎸🎹 Love
Pavel PLACHY (13 days ago)
chybíš mi tati gabča *ps vždycky budeš doma
Vini Lima (13 days ago)
Amazing Song!😍
Victor La Muro (13 days ago)
This was my wife favorite song. She use to listen to it when she felt down. She had many demons from a horrible divorce and two kids to take care of which lead to her drinking heavily. I would often find her listening to this song alone She somehow knew something bad was going to happen and on May 1 1994 she woke up went into the other room and had a massive heart attack at the age of just 36 right in front of me. I only remembered her listening to this song months after when I heard it playing. Scary how her love of this song matched the events of her life. Rest in peace Leota  A.K.A "Shorty"

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