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Queensryche - Silent Lucidity

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Music video by Queensryche performing Silent Lucidity (DVD).
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Dancares (36 minutes ago)
Am I the only one here because of Supernatural? The use of the Song in "Heart" was just magnificent -amazing filmmaking- I'm stunned -definetly my favorite episode so far (I know I'm quite late to the show). Really impressive acting in that episode as well
G Glow (1 hour ago)
Donald Marshall brought me here
Lisa Swainson (2 hours ago)
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ takes you somewhere.... Nice.
Susan Harvey (2 hours ago)
Sole set free to fly
Nina Escobedo (6 hours ago)
Love this jam. To all my babies, I can listen to this jam, in no matter mood I'm in, and it always makes me feel emotional and in a damn good way
mattie isaac (1 day ago)
A queens Wright by king might
Helen Walker (1 day ago)
A Classic about sexual assault. It was a secret in all the family. And when the dam explodes, people are stunned. Yet the truth comes out.
Crushed Luminary (1 hour ago)
? The song is about *Lucid Dreaming (Chris DeGarmo interview).* Dream Control... which can lead to... OBE. There's a visual lyric version by _Florida Jet Skier,_ that pretty much sums up OBE.
Renara Almeida (1 day ago)
Bons tempos quando as músicas valia a pena Brasil2019.
Adilson Paula (1 day ago)
Os meus ouvidos agradecem!!!!
Looking forward to what ever may come. My life barely begun but feels as though its already ended because of the multitude of doorways to tske to see a new view of whst it is thst all of you in this world of man made delusions that drive you through complete madness and you commit your crimes against our connection to the beauty that once was all around, we have lost our way and I give it all away, back to the great beyond that I shall take as what will perhaps be, my final door, or will it lead me back to where it all begins again? Back to you. Best of all that comes, to us all in this time. 🕉🤘
2012TunnelRat (2 days ago)
Fun fact: The spoken words during the interlude - “How are we feeling today, better?” and “Help me!” are from the movie “Hellbound: Hellraiser II”
Noel Dorch (2 days ago)
My late great music I love of all time. Click on the icon.
Kenneth W. Lovette (2 days ago)
Very few know the interpretation much less the true source of this endeavor. I know the truth of both meaning and it's origins....most of all WHY!.
Missy Glitter Vlogs (3 days ago)
Happy Birthday,Geoff Tate! 🎂🍰🍦🎁🎊🎉🎈✨♥️
The Peller (4 days ago)
Dad Rock
Barto Bruintjes (4 days ago)
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Barto Bruintjes (4 days ago)
NATIVESUNSETS65 (3 days ago)
Lyrics Hush now don't cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye You're lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream Spinning ..in your head Your mind tricked you to feel the pain Of someone close to you leaving the game ......of life So here it is, another chance Wide awake you face the day Your dream is over........ Or has it just begun? There's a place I like to hide A doorway that I run thru in the night Relax child, you were there But only didn't realize and you were scared It's a place where you will learn To face your fears, retrace the years And ride the whims of your mind Commanding in another world Suddenly, you hear and see This magic new dimension I .......will be watching over you I .......am gonna help you see it through I...... will protect you in the night I .......am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity Visualize your dream Record it in the present tense Put it into a permanent form If you persist in your efforts You can achieve dream control Dream control How's that then, better? Dream control Dream control (hug me) Dream control Hug me Hug me Hug me If you open your mind for me You won't rely on open eyes to see The walls you built within Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin Living twice at once you learn You're safe from pain in the dream domain A soul set free to fly A round trip journey in your head Master of illusion, can you realize Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but I .......will be watching over you I .......am gonna help you see it through I ......will protect you in the night I ......am smiling next to you
Tirano 8.8 (5 days ago)
Essa música é muito foda!!!
Ben Hoarty (5 days ago)
Anyone who has disliked this has serious problems with their musical tastes! It's as close to perfection as you can get!!
annie clide (5 days ago)
i was down in the sub at isu when i saw this video for the first time. it was so cool with the cymbols hanging from the chains. just an awsome song and actually the whole album is good!
shnoop123 Jimbo (6 days ago)
alwys thought this was from pink floyd
Neff (6 days ago)
I think of a cold winter back in 1990
Ann Young (6 days ago)
Great American music
Leo Cadena (6 days ago)
Wow! This song has touched so many in so many ways! Simplicity can go deep. ❤
Marcia Silva (6 days ago)
Juan pablo salvidea Mira bien lo que escribes. Parece que no sabes nada de un poder superior
Marcia Silva (6 days ago)
Juan pablo salvidia First of all im not a man. And second my brother wont lead me to eternity when i leave this world. What you said in your comment doesnt make any sense. It seems to me you dont know nothing about what a higher power means
kevin kingsbury (6 days ago)
I always thought that this song was interesting. Really well written and performed.
Jim Hunphrey (6 days ago)
This song reminds of how lucky I am my daughter was born with issues and flown to NICU I was told they had to remove the respirator and they needed my wife there I remember this song playing on the way to get her
dacosta0656 (6 days ago)
Queensryche kicks ass
Kyle Williams (7 days ago)
I still remember, and will never forget the day I found out my father took his life. I was left stunned, in absolute shock. I was out of town visiting my girlfriends family. On the drive back home I was sitting alone in the back listening to music, basically shutting the world out and finding solace in my longest friend, music. The moment I'll never forget is when I looked up and out the window at the sky. The sun was finally breaking through the clouds. Just a few rays breaking their way through, shining down like spotlights. In this moment, my mp3 player shuffled to this song. I was overcome with emotion. I felt everything in that moment. But mostly I felt connected to my father, I was and still am 100% certain our spirits were connected and he was reaching out to me. This has, and will always have a special place in my heart and playlist!!!
Guy Morris (7 days ago)
It appears at least 6300 people are unable to have and enter lucid dreams unlike the rest of us good humans. I've had plenty of them during my life.
Brian Gaddis (7 days ago)
Damn good song...did think this was pink Floyd back in the day when I first heard
trishiaann hellums (7 days ago)
beautiful song, i was abused, and molusted, as a child i still fell the pain and nightmares, god bless my twin brother mitchell clay collums r i p, 1/7/1955, to 1.8.1955. your sister trishiaann.
sashasue00 (7 days ago)
Back in the day, I'm thinking they opened for Def Lepard ("88)? I know they were great, just not sure what concert we went to that they were the opening act?
R. Araújo (7 days ago)
Supernatural 02x17 💖
Cynthia Renee (8 days ago)
LOVE the lyrics, LIFE, All I've been through, I'm greatfull I came through the other side, it gets to me at TIMES, crying my eyes OUT,
John Wilson (8 days ago)
Back when music was good and lots of pot smoking 😵
Johnny Wayne (8 days ago)
Some of the most beautiful, thoughtful poetry and art ever produced. A PhD. in Humanities would be hard pressed to come forward with anything better....
Kenny H (8 days ago)
Hugh G. Rekshun (9 days ago)
0:59 vagina
Luís (10 days ago)
Steve Clay (10 days ago)
Not much else to say but simply beautiful.
Stacey Roush (10 days ago)
So excited! Coming to Baltimore in March! YES like 2019 🤘
neve1064 (10 days ago)
Many never learned the nuts and bolts of music creation. Despite it, the had plenty of hustler type mentality and they “made it happen” and now we live in a sea of a puff Daddys. Everyone paints with a broad stroke and the details are left to kids programming hi hats fills for rap tunes. God help us.
Reanna Sillivan (10 days ago)
I played this for my mom as she died it was her favorite
Joe Louis (11 days ago)
Steve H (11 days ago)
It took me years to figure this all out. Many of the musicians and singers in music are Sirens. What is a siren? Books of enoch calls them (sirens are mermaids or fallen female angels) . what is bands name Queensryche? why the female name? Sirens put sailors in a trance. he may not wrote the song, but its all about the other side of the veil. So how can he be a dude and be a siren. They channel it Sirens speak, sing or play through them . I like the song, just talking about it. help people understand music
Ethan Usher (13 days ago)
RIP dad, my first Christmas without you was difficult, but songs like this masterpiece help.
Wilma Wiss (13 days ago)
Mooiste hartverwarmend nummer ooit geschreven. Zooo diep en puur.
chandra collinsworth (13 days ago)
This song reminds me of a better day, when CHRIS DEGARMO was at the helm.. sad to see it die...RIP
Robin r (14 days ago)
a beautiful song queensryche is phenomenal
Robin r (14 days ago)
Michael Wilton is drop dead gorgeous
David Roberts (14 days ago)
My resident, Crystal's man, from 2009 central Virginia, loved this track and shared it with me for repeat play as I had to drive Shenandoah to Hartford again. It has received criticism locally in Connecticut as too worldly reflective for the modern christian.
Eva Dahlén (14 days ago)
Dis sounds like Crash Test Dummies
Cristian Micu (14 days ago)
this takes me back 30 years and to my memories from university years, campus and my friend gabriel who played this album a lot another gem More Than Words - Extreme
Emily Smith (14 days ago)
Wow Donald Marshall’s cry for help at 3:53 . So many subliminal messages
metal metal (14 days ago)
Canção simplesmente perfeita , lindo classico do Hard Rock
Terrence Jasso (15 days ago)
My cocaine come-down song for many years ...I LOVE this fucking song !! :)
Sompeat Som (15 days ago)
Queensryche card bord house
Stefania Gambarotto (16 days ago)
Danilo Fausto (16 days ago)
Loved it.
David Coursen (16 days ago)
Man been all over hearing this awesome song. We were in the car one time...pouring rain..burning one.
Aaron Rolston (16 days ago)
Funny how this beautiful song came out when I came of age. Timeless is the greatest compliment
mattie isaac (16 days ago)
What's simplest thats best as light and darkness what nor withers nor toils simplest thats best as light and darkness 🌑🌕
berry perry (16 days ago)
my son passed away 6-13-18 . He was 24 years old, died in a great happy moment in his life....I'm soooo sad for my loss
Ferjam 74 (16 days ago)
Just the first few guitar notes, all hair stands straight up.
JT Alan (16 days ago)
This song means more than I could ever express to anyone, my only sibling(brother) died suddenly in 1998 in his sleep of a Massive Heart Attack w/o ANY prior warnings or symptoms but he is to thank for turning me onto the HairNation n Metal🙏🏼TY bro😢😢See you on the other side🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🎸🎼🎤❤️🖤💔
Indra Rock (17 days ago)
Indra Padang mantap
S Kelly (17 days ago)
jeoff is great singer yet do wonder what went wrong with his voice solo version....was he drunk?
Jordan Cummins (17 days ago)
During the beginning of this recent December, my second cousin messaged me about my great uncle that passed away. I was emotional but at the same time I always thought he's now in a better place. Rest in peace Laurel Goddard.
Kalvin Harris (17 days ago)
This song literally saved my life. When I was 16, my older brother, my only real father figure, took his own life at the age of 22. After that, horrible dreams of him shooting himself plagued me, I hated to sleep and tried not to. I became a different person, sullen, depressed and withdrawn. Nobody knew my battles. I didn't feel like anyone cared. I was alone. A few years later, constantly contemplating my own death, this song played on the radio and everything in my mind changed, I took it as a message. I felt like it was written for me. Something in this song touched me, deeply, and still does to this day. Did I learn dream control? Of course not. But the nightmares eventually left me, and I began to live again. This song is so special to me, that when my time does come to leave this life, this will be played at my service.
Oregon Gold (17 days ago)
It's okay to let me go, I never really belonged here anyways.. To my true friends, I love you all.... I will go home when I get the call. Until then, my heart is enclosed in ice. Never to be loved again.
mark schnabel (17 days ago)
The power in this song is incredible. It oozes out of all its pores. But yet it is delicate and fragile. A truly special song. Absolutely amazing
Jonathan Yañez (18 days ago)
Para soñar
Phoenixboy 602 (18 days ago)
Rest in peace , to my best friend of 20 years,killed dec 11, 2018 ... I love you gerard hayes my friend my brother....
Diane Snarr (18 days ago)
uma obra de arte, que letra incrível
Amber Bullard (19 days ago)
I played this song at my husband's funeral..he passed way 12-11-17.. A few months ago..I got to see them in concert...all I could do was cry when they played this song... They were his fav.
Joice Toutsaint (19 days ago)
Queensyrche, such beauty and perfected voice with music...did give me strength in my younger years, as I wiped away my tears and learned to smile as I approached the last mile. Home...
Clint Clore (19 days ago)
Such a beautiful song still listening in 2018
Aaron Sexton (19 days ago)
saw them in Pensacola fl in the early 90s with suicidal tendencies awesome show
Asso D'Clown JR (19 days ago)
Almost 2019 and still going strong
ravi kumar singh (20 days ago)
Who is listening in 2019
Joseph Rose (20 days ago)
Lisa Dobecki (20 days ago)
I'll be watching over you.
SyedAhmedUnited (20 days ago)
when I first heard this, the intro reminded me of "Only Women Bleed" by Alice Cooper
Christopher Wilson (21 days ago)
Reminding us of life after death.
Tim Johnston (22 days ago)
Through Music God is helping us all.
That Guy (22 days ago)
I miss my family.
Christopher Wilson (22 days ago)
Silent lucidity is one of those songs that really speak to your soul... One of my favorite songs ....
Unitedetruself Life (23 days ago)
Angelina Marquez (23 days ago)
you can watch over me anytime ...
Scott Brown (24 days ago)
This album reminds me of my moms Xboyfriend who passed away in 04. His name was Dwane and he was a really cool guy. Miss you bud.
Melanie C (25 days ago)
My band.. Seattle baby!! The Jet City! All of their songs have a real special place in my heart.. and they're so dam fun to sing.. plus the lyrics are amazing in ALL of them!
Rocky2002Play (26 days ago)
24.12.2018 Bertus I Miss You ❤️ @)----------)---------------
Bruno Madail (26 days ago)
This song is so haunting! so amazing so... it makes me fly
Kelly Blue (27 days ago)
K. 2018.
Jacqueline Ponte (27 days ago)
Remarkable voice......talent......wish they did more
Tonya Aasved (27 days ago)
hi josh

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