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Queen - '39 (Official Lyric Video)

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Subscribe to the official Queen channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - 39 (Official Lyric Video) Taken from A Night At The Opera, 1975 and Forever, 2014. Sing along to '39' with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video. Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (2128)
Vicki Reynolds (1 hour ago)
Brians voice is great in this . I love this off Night at the opera .......so great and lyrics are magical.
Bugaloosfan (1 hour ago)
I’m listening to this song in 2019, 20 years to go until 2039
Viola Rossi (3 hours ago)
This is one of the two songs in my school music book, near to Bohemian Rhapsody... I wonder why but I'm really happy about that
jajceboy (9 hours ago)
It took Brian May 3 minutes to tell the same story that took Christopher Nolan 3 hours to tell!
Klaudia (13 hours ago)
I was trying to sang rigers falsettos xD
Chicken Plays (13 hours ago)
I'm watching with 39% battery level
Bolby Ballinger (2 days ago)
top 10 songs to play on a train.
ani (2 days ago)
1:30 SAND
Eva Maria (2 days ago)
It kinda sounds like a Beatles song ...But I love the Beatles ...and I love Queen ...so I love the song!
pakamausi (3 days ago)
"for many lonely days, sailed across the milky seas" - I wonder how hard it was for Brian to resist writing "milky way"
roch elle (3 days ago)
Tom Bux (3 days ago)
Thiis song is so beautiful and upbeat, but so sad. It reminds me of my children.
AK -39 (4 days ago)
Scott Palmtree (4 days ago)
Roger’s voice scares me sometimes...
Klaudia Łokieć (4 days ago)
April 2019?
Marianna (4 days ago)
catch me still listening to this in 2039
Alex Negri (5 days ago)
A folk song with Queen vibes. You can listen theur style in everything they do, amazing. I saw a documentary in which Brian May said that he really loved this song and wanted it to become a hit single but the record company chose another song. Only hit single were sung by the crowd and Brian was really angry with them.
Bernhard Lohr (5 days ago)
Great composition from Brian May. I love it ! Wunderbar & superb !! One of my favourite Queen-Songs !! B.L.,germany
SadAce (5 days ago)
Brian’s voice is so underrated
Tristan 2118 (5 days ago)
This song is quite different in terms of style unlike their other songs
fear me (6 days ago)
Me: I don't like country music. Also me when '39 plays: YEE TO THE FUCKING HAW. 👏👏👏
Samuel Ling (6 days ago)
Dona Burns (6 days ago)
One of my many faves!
Orchid Dreams (7 days ago)
This is the most underrated queen song ever.
RUDY DEL VECCHIO (7 days ago)
This is more than just a song. To me it's kind of sacred. It could even bring out a tear.
Jonny Lampis (7 days ago)
It could be easily inside Help, sung by John or in Revolver, sung by Paul.
Olivia Michalik (7 days ago)
I die at those harmonies. Love u Queen
If this song had been in the movie, we may have understood how 1980's Freddie had a mustache in 1977's We Will Rock You
Alejandro Heredia (7 days ago)
I have 39% of battery at this moment
Hermione L. Scamander (8 days ago)
Can't understand people who say they don't like Brian... I mean... How? Explain please... I really want to know...
ManUEightythree (9 days ago)
This is so good.
Jakub 83 (9 days ago)
I have the 8d audio of ‘39 on my channel if you guys wanna hear it
Benjamin (10 days ago)
ill listen to this again when im 39
Mr. Fahrenheit (10 days ago)
Roger’s voice can go higher than my friend’s oboe’s highest note
Queen is my Oxygen (10 days ago)
This song is beautiful♥ Brian's voice is so calming and peaceful.
Steart Fires (10 days ago)
More like 69 am I right
Havannah Sang (10 days ago)
Thanks Brian for blessing us with this
Phil D Cooke (11 days ago)
I’ve always considered this as a future classic and I think it is , I love it
Cherylann Ganz (12 days ago)
I need to get to a website.
Taha Kalam (12 days ago)
Wow... Brian May at the vocals is like a whole new band. Just Imagine they had no Freddie... they would have still done pretty awesome.... but of course, It was written in the stars
Yeety drawings (12 days ago)
3 minutes and 38 seconds, such a pity.
Potato Peeps (12 days ago)
im gonna come back to this in 2039, after the apocalypse and finally finding a haven land. At least thats kindve how I see itll fit in that time.
Rupika Suriapperuma (12 days ago)
Everyone else: 69 Dr. Brian May- 39
What amazes me is that the song ended at 3:39
RB (12 days ago)
This is my second favorite Queen song only second to White Queen as it Began, both Brian May songs WOW!
Ash Aun (12 days ago)
MC KING (12 days ago)
I love with madness that song. Is art in the complete expression
Bean (12 days ago)
This sounds like it was (kinda) based off the time of the dust bowl- was it?
juchan (13 days ago)
Briaaaaaannnn ❤❤
Benjamin Clarkson (13 days ago)
Why does it credit John in the description of this one and not other songs?
eurositi (13 days ago)
Proper song lyrics for an astronomer. :) This space (and time) travel song would've been an obvious pick for the "Interstellar" soundtrack... But that never happened.
Reese Jadia (13 days ago)
The original Interstellar.
Fro Vids (13 days ago)
This song is my religion. Is anyone interested in joining?
Pearl 66 Pink Lasagna (13 days ago)
heck yeah
Ellie Gem (13 days ago)
saddest 4 word sentence Despacito has more views
r.s.b 1997 (13 days ago)
Thumbs up if you fucking love this song.
vera (14 days ago)
Roger Taylor (14 days ago)
I went skiing and on my "racing" shirt there was 39,I won so I researched 39 on YouTube and I found this song of the queen that made me love them again
Dana Wolfhard (14 days ago)
Brian has such a sweet voice
my dude (15 days ago)
why is all dead, all dead on the play next
Roger Gonçalves (15 days ago)
❤🇧🇷 minha favorita 2019
Eva Animated (15 days ago)
**cries in ‘39**
Rachel Lellis (15 days ago)
Unconventional but I really hope they use this song in Good Omens.
KnoxTN Yankee (15 days ago)
The song that’s like no other Queen Song
Im Awkward (16 days ago)
this song is so beautiful <3
Inku Ayako (17 days ago)
This song has helped me in my darkest times
BenDizzy19 (17 days ago)
In the year of '39.. I wasn’t born then.
Droosy1 1 (18 days ago)
Brian CAN sing!!!!
spozgirl (18 days ago)
so unlike Queen's 'sound' but i ADORE Brian and i could listen to him sing and talk all day :)
Brian literally sounds like an angel. Talk about a smooth voice, damn. 😍
sofiarays (18 days ago)
Another Queen masterpiece!
Wybie Lovat (19 days ago)
I'm sorry but Roger sounds like a fucking misquote lmao- I'm so sorry
TheMarrification (19 days ago)
Seriously, let's petition NASA and SpaceX to play this song on Mars as the first music ever played on another planet. Like a historic gift from Earth to the cosmos. The song is perfect for it! Let's make it happen!
Fer Rz (20 days ago)
Es que me encanta esta canción
Evelyn Cornwell (20 days ago)
Day 6 since I found this song. A 100 times listening to it.
Dominik Meckel (20 days ago)
0:24 Melodie, Puhdys - Alt wie ein Baum
Braydon Barnum (20 days ago)
genius mix of electric and acoustic on the bridge, such an underrated song
rissa usd (21 days ago)
Brian May singing. .great!
Estrella Gutierrez (22 days ago)
I really love this song..... just thought someone had to know😂
shadow102994 (22 days ago)
I love songs like these. When the lead singer doesnt dont the lead vocals but comes back in and helps kill it on the chorus. I will never pick a favorite Queen song but this one will always come up.
Bennia Hidden (22 days ago)
Can’t wait for 2039 so I can listen to ‘39 in ‘39!
Naomi May (23 days ago)
This is literally my favorite Queen song.
Aleida Díaz (23 days ago)
Celeste Aguilera (23 days ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 the Brian voice is so... AAAAAAAAAAAHH 😍😍😍😍😍
Celeste Azarcon (24 days ago)
please, make taylor swift, miley cyrus, ashley tisdale, vanessa hudgens, selena gomez, and demi lovato, etc or many artist sing to this please.
Robin Olivia (24 days ago)
Jade Poole (25 days ago)
I was looking for five nights at 39 and so i just typed 39 and found this song... now i like it thank god
Ronja Hobach (25 days ago)
amazing - best music ever
Dana Wolfhard (25 days ago)
Ugh I just I love Brian so much I can’t explain in words
Lukáš Coufal (26 days ago)
Best song of relativity... In the year 39... 1539? 1839? 2139? Only Brian Knows...
Robson Castro (26 days ago)
Ao vivo na voz do Freddie e foda
Viola Van Sant (26 days ago)
am I the only one who hears Roger let us in the sand instead of "write your letters in the sand"
Half volle yoghurt (26 days ago)
This doesn't sounds like a queen song at all! This only proves how great Queen really is.
Sarah Greeley (26 days ago)
When I was one of those edgy little shits who insisted that modern music sucks, I always went on about how breakup music was so unoriginal at this point and 'why can't people write about different stuff, like time travel?' (I hadn't heard of Queen yet). And while I've since grown tf up & now appreciate all music, I listen to this song and cackle gleefully, bc someone DID write a song about time travel and it wound up being a fan favorite. I👏was👏right👏
Nicole Hahn (27 days ago)
one of my first favourite songs ever...
라떼조아 (27 days ago)
2019.03.26 뉴스룸 엔딩곡
Chloe Foo (27 days ago)
my phone is at 39% while watching this. coincidence? Yes.
The Russian Zombie (28 days ago)
This song is so trippy
I didnt notice that this song is 3:39 minutes long
+Mel Reitzell O O F
Mel Reitzell (20 days ago)
Hate to break it to you but its 3 min 38 sec
Katie Gottfried (28 days ago)
I think Brian May cast a spell on me because i cant stop listening to this song

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