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The Year of the Horse - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

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year of the horse, chinese zodiac horse, horse chinese zodiac, the year of the horse, chinese astrology horse, horse zodiac, chinese horoscope horse, These audio recordings are part of the HowtorockSpirit Astrology section. This is an audio recording describing the year sign of the -HORSE- in Chinese or Taoist Astrology, the Astrology of the East. Chinese Astrology is also called "Wu Xing" and is based upon the lunar seasons and year-cycles of the moon's calendar. The Celestial signs and elements of the Chinese Zodiac are a key aspect of every individual's total cosmic persona. These audio recordings have been recorded by Dustin Cormier. I do not own any of the material contained herein except where noted. For Educational purposes only.
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Queer Hinny (12 days ago)
OK I love you thank you for this!! I'm a Metal Horse here :D subscribed!
jimmy dizon (4 months ago)
10,17,1978 I just want peace and love. And I don't want anyone hurt each other's I like music and all my pictures is made by me just images but don't mean I'm bad. I use to be shy guy and back in the day I'm always get bully. I have patient and I'm always scared to people when I see something is not right. That was me before. I'm Budweiser hores hores? Just kidding Libra me too. I like it your study about hores. Loyal and always look he's friends love ones safe. And yes haha stubborn yes for no regrets tho. But me getting old now . Love u all guys and peace always. I don't like argue anymore life is shorts. It's make me feel good your reading it helps me. Make my spirits bright till the last of my day I'm pretty strong and healthy. And hope you all be healthy also and don't get sick. All human be healthy and strong that's all I can ask God. Love and peace. Peace peace peace..
Thank you.
My name is John Lee and my date of birth is November 1 st, 1966.
Howtorockacampfire (6 months ago)
Wow, I would be honored! I always love making local connections in any way that I can, I'm sure it would be mutually beneficial for both of us. How about you contact me anytime on my personal email, and we'll get something set up :) ---- [email protected]
Dustin, if you do not mind, I would like to interview you and put it up on our channel.
The cafe is temporarily closed...I am operating from the second floor...it is nice to meet you Dustin.
Howtorockacampfire (6 months ago)
Haha well, I'm in Whitby, an hour east of ya :p I'll have to come and jam sometime!
Eon Hardy (9 months ago)
June 1, 1990 (metal horse) born in the hour of the DRAGON 🔥🔥😈😈
Dustin Cormier (1 year ago)
By the way, it is said that the daymaster sign is equal to, or even more important than, the year sign. The daymaster is closer to your taoist inner heart, your reactive personality, than is the Year sign. The year shows up more of your uprbringing - "The stalk, the parents and grandparents." The daymaster represents you. Check out this site and put in your birth info, if you want to see your daymaster sign. Then if you like, you can look up my video on that sign, and try to recognize its nature in yourself! Peace and Love. https://mingpan.pythonanywhere.com/
Colline Gepiga (1 year ago)
Metal Horse.
d q (1 year ago)
12/01/1978 here.
I love you
HowtorockSpirit (1 year ago)
I love you too! :D
The Cats Pyjamas (2 years ago)
I was born 9/3/90 am I a water horse? I'm a Pisces but not sure, love to know! Thanks for sharing and making this video its great :)
Eon Hardy (9 months ago)
The Cats Pyjamas metal horse like me 😈 6/1/90
jovanian sol (2 years ago)
Metal Horse
Fathma Monsur ali (2 years ago)
Can some one tell me what element I am iam born 2002july 7
HowtorockSpirit (2 years ago)
Then you are the Water Horse :)
tigerfist1126 (3 years ago)
Wow...... Gemini Rising <---------also born hour of the horse.
Boris Lukic (3 years ago)
white horse Chinese astrology

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