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Queen - Death on Two Legs (Official Lyric Video)

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Subscribe to the official Queen channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - Death on Two Legs (Official Lyric Video) Taken from A Night At The Opera, 1975. Sing along to 'Death on Two Legs' with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video. Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (1810)
Didididood (17 hours ago)
When I was a kid the first part scared me lol
MGstaR17 (1 day ago)
the beginning of the song sounded like R-2 screaming
TOMAS GAMERS (1 day ago)
I have to sing at school...... Thanks Fred!
Juice Man (2 days ago)
Sounds like most American politicians 😂😂😂
i s (3 days ago)
Wow, Queen wrote a song for *my* ex girlfriend!
Islam Hussein (3 days ago)
Die Kavallerie (3 days ago)
Who is from 2019
Aldana Páez (3 days ago)
Nice way of say 'fuck you'
LolFacePalm (4 days ago)
I'm way too used to the segue into the piano riff of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon coming after
ניצן נשרי (4 days ago)
Their operatic scream at the beginning of the lyrics is so awesome
Suzanna Meyer (4 days ago)
I hope this song is about the prick paul prenter!!!
Amandala Santos (4 days ago)
Laurie Ford (4 days ago)
I was 16 years old when A night at the opera came out. My friends and I knew Queen and Freddie Mercury would be a legend. no, we didn't know any of that. They were amazing, fascinating, talented, brilliant. The instruments, the voices, the lyrics....brilliant.......we knew that, but at 16 I never much thought about it...I, we just knew we loved their music. We didn't have the media nor knew much of their personal life. I don't remember when I learned Freddie was gay or do I care. I am saddened by how he died. I just watched Bohemian rhapsody. I loved it, it wasn't perfect, wasn't "accurate" but loved it just the same. I think back... 16 years old, '67 super sport Camaro, 8 track deck, spending Friday nights with my friends and listening to A night at the opera, cant get any better than that ;)
ranodum (5 days ago)
Youch, brutal! Hearing this for the 1st time in 2019, now I have a Karaoke song to sing in private when I'm particularly pissed off with someone.
este hombre es la onda
so happy they made a song about my friend
James Wasmund (7 days ago)
Probably the first dis track
Rogerina_TaylorOwO (7 days ago)
This song is underrated and I don't know why! It's the first track for A Night At The Opera which has Bohemian Rhapsody on, pretty sure their most popular/famous song. It also has other tracks which are included on the greatest hits! Really surprised how this is underrated, I love this song!
Ruby Bennett (8 days ago)
This is all of Freddie’s anger in one song. U be like SHIT he going for it 😂❤️❤️❤️
Ruby Bennett (8 days ago)
This is my favourite queen song ❤️ I listen to it on repeat 😂❤️🎶
Claire Frewin (8 days ago)
Best four minutes of my life
Jenny Piontek (8 days ago)
Wow they must really do hate Norman Sheffield because they wrote a song about it😂
Louis Ignacio Cañeda (8 days ago)
Looks like Freddie Mercury is pissed while singing this song
Fiery Gaming (9 days ago)
that intro has to be the shortest intro that is over a minute ever
Droosy1 1 (9 days ago)
this song could have been composed by Taylor Swift
mike thomas (10 days ago)
Oh fucking god this is pure raw acid
Shahar (11 days ago)
Freddie: “We’d like to dedicate this song to our beloved manager. We love you darling”
magmaster4 (11 days ago)
Who then annoyed Freddie? Who is this bastard?
SoundIsImportant (12 days ago)
I love that he added "I Think You Should" 2:19
Daily Dose (12 days ago)
Idk why but I just LOVE that transition 0:44
Obby (13 days ago)
This disstrack is 🔥.. Jk but this one of their best songs seriously.
van Randelon (13 days ago)
Don't mess with queen
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I wuv queen so much my favourite song by queen is Lazing on A Sunday Afternoon
Miggy Arosa (16 days ago)
the swearing song of queen
RØĐMER (16 days ago)
Q pedo
Mister Fahrenheit (17 days ago)
Queen- Making diss tracks before they were cool
Sara Najam (17 days ago)
taylor swift who?
Alejandro Hetfield (18 days ago)
Guitar riff reminds me a bit of cemetery gates by pantera...
Roberto Fong (18 days ago)
OMG the first time I heard this song on the radio I thought It was Black Sabbath, because of the psychedelic Intro
Gilliàn Sinçlàîr (19 days ago)
I can think of a few people who fit this to a tee
카테고리 음악           노래     Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) [Remastered 2011]     아티스트     Queen     앨범     A Night at the Opera (Remastered 2011)     작곡가     Freddie Mercury       YouTube 라이선스 제공자     UMG, Believe Music(Queen YouTube Music Key 대행); LatinAutor, ASCAP, UBEM, EMI Music Publishing, SOLAR Music Rights Management, LatinAutor - SonyATV 및 음악 권리 단체 8개
Disco Deaky (19 days ago)
Guessing thats on brian? Hes git a rep for sad songs n depressed shit !Oh wait just editing this : it’s actually freddie
Archie Ferrarini (19 days ago)
Musico Sama (20 days ago)
ohh ohh ohhh damn is sooo gooodd
I am Tired (22 days ago)
i love that lazing on a sunday afternoon is right after on the album. like you go from this to some happy song it’s pretty wild.
전제균 (22 days ago)
RIDD BOY2 (22 days ago)
0:23 sandman song in spider Man 3
greks g (23 days ago)
Hola Javier
greks g (23 days ago)
Kaya Mast (25 days ago)
Paul Prenter this is for u u bastard
bopp9 (26 days ago)
Paul Prenter did nothing wrong.
Robson Castro (26 days ago)
Igual Chopin o inicio
Ms H (27 days ago)
current mood😈😈😈
Irena Milivojevic (27 days ago)
kinda wanna be roasted like this
fuckin dani (28 days ago)
fuckinf underrated bop
Arial Mac (26 days ago)
Logan Leija (28 days ago)
Hardest diss track I’ve ever heard!
Fanny Bass (29 days ago)
Thank you for all the lyrics!
NWAWskeptic (29 days ago)
A song truly worthy to be played in honor of Trump and his presidency.
The Lazy Yinzer (30 days ago)
Man... a roast before the internet oven was even preheated! Queen really was innovative!
Probably the loudest track on "A Night At The Opera" :)
Est Mus (1 month ago)
Defon tchu leeeeeeguis
luis martinez (1 month ago)
how is this not a jojo stand?!
Dark Diablotin (9 days ago)
Is this a JOJO reference?
Francis Schmitt (1 month ago)
I believe all three musicians in THIS band are highly underrated Brian May SUPERB guitar the drummer superb and so is the bass player and I believe Freddie Mercury is the best rock singer there ever was.
Antonio (1 month ago)
Rock Band Blitz 😂
Levin Buijs (1 month ago)
would you buy the CD or on Spotify
Классная тема
CHELO (1 month ago)
Sshhhh... No le digan nada a los possers de esta canción, no quiero que la arruinen.
fancypantszak _ (1 month ago)
Queen is sending mixed signals. In 1975 they say that you should try suicide, then 5 years later they say to not try suicide. Thonk emoji
SeniorCooler (1 month ago)
I like the way in the tittle there is (Dedicated To...)
Dona Burns (1 month ago)
I adore 39 - Brian has written some of my favorites!
Dona Burns (1 month ago)
Is that why I could quit my psychologist?
Luke Tyrrell (1 month ago)
Didn’t know Queen predicted the existence of my ex girlfriend
Something Orother (1 month ago)
HOLY SHIT i just realized dio kind of sounds like freddie mercury
Saira Labajo (1 month ago)
the lyrics sound angry... BUT I LOVE IT
Alma Marquez (1 month ago)
You suck my blood like a leech You break the law and you breach Screw my brain till it hurts You've taken all my money - you still want more, Misguided old mule With your pigheaded rules With your narrow - minded cronies who are fools of the first division- Death on two legs - You're tearing me apart, Death on two legs You never had a heard of your own - Kill joy, Bad guy, Big talking, Small fry You're just an old barrow - boy Have you found a new toy to replace me, Can you face me - But now you can kiss my ass goodbye Feel good, are you satisfied Do you feel like suicide (I think you should) Is your conscience all right Does it plague you at night, Do you feel good - Feel good! Talk like a big business tycoon, But you're just a hot - air balloon, So no one gives you a damn, You're just an overgrown school - boy Let me tan your hide. A dog with disease, King of the 'sleaze' Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Know all, Was the fin on your back part of the deal...(shark!) Death on two legs You're tearing me apart Death on two legs - You never had a heart of your own, (You never did, right from the start) Insane you should be put inside, You're a sewer - rat decaying in a cesspool of pride Should be made unemployed Then make yourself null - and - void, Make me feel good I feel good.
Kami Lee (1 month ago)
A strong contender for “most savage song ever written”.
吹雪跡部 (1 month ago)
Is this for Paul Prenter? 🤔
NIKKOO WhR (1 month ago)
Not at all. It was written for their old manager, Norman Sheffield. He 'stole' all their money from the albums, specially Sheer Heart Attack (their first hit, Killer Queen).
Matthew Gearhart (1 month ago)
Lol best song ever I'm the queen of the sleeze
Toshiro Hitsugaya (1 month ago)
This is probably one of the most vicious go screw yourself songs ever written, sharp as a razor blade.
A Tre P (1 month ago)
The OG disdtrack
Patrick Strong (1 month ago)
When ever I hear this song now, I think of Donald Trump. It fits perfectly
Freddie Mercury (1 month ago)
Nah I think of a manager
Giuliana Lucchesi (1 month ago)
Should’ve sent this to my ex
Kelly Harrison (1 month ago)
Reminds me of Trump.
Aries Gemini Pisces (1 month ago)
barry white (1 month ago)
same theme, different band. funny how both bands wrote a really killer tune about the same thing.......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyXqWzZ_8sM
barry white (1 month ago)
those hi watts
Joshua V. Harding (1 month ago)
Queen never did a bond song but if they ever did, I'd nominate this one.
The hunter show (1 month ago)
Wait did queen just tell me to kill my self
TheaterPup (1 month ago)
You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you.
shahaman noodah (1 month ago)
If I were to choose my favorite queen song i think it would be this. The raw emotion of Freddie's signing, the kick ass instrumental, the lyrics themself are awesome and witty. It is just the ultimate "fuck you" song which is rare to find.
stranger vevo (1 month ago)
Peppy (1 month ago)
Pelo men (1 month ago)
Super hit !!!!!!
Luis Olmedo (1 month ago)
Queen wrote diss tracks before they were cool
Sam Edenburn (1 month ago)
*cough* Mike Madigan *cough*
Georgia F (1 month ago)
Wow! Freddie wrote a song about Paul Prenter before he even knew it was about him!
DefientBoss941 (1 month ago)
No if you didnt know they made this song to their original Manager who screwed things up for Queen
sjj48706 (1 month ago)
This period of time was sort of the nadir of respect that people had for band managers. Stan Polley had driven Pete Ham to suicide, Allen Klein was trying to get his paws on money that was raised for Bangladesh, Don Arden was just a straight-up gangster doing gangster shit...and anti-managerial songs like this and "Have A Cigar" by Pink Floyd (though that was a lot less pathological) were sort of expected. In addition to the money problems, if, as the song implies, there was some 'personal' betrayal between Freddie and Sheffield, you can see why that would send Freddie a little bit round the twist.
I Love Lea Thompson (1 month ago)
I sang this to Trump. Now I'm deported
Else Cuestrador (1 month ago)

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