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Use Audacity Sound Editor To Cut and Fade In/Out Audio Files

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In audio editing, the most important tool in the edit process is cutting and fading. We need this to cut or trim a song and to fade in/out a part smoothly. Audacity is a reliable and extremely powerful freeware and it is simple and easy to use. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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Text Comments (137)
ROXAS7824 (1 month ago)
Thank you. This really was quick and simple step that idiots like me missed. And love that music.
Affendi (5 months ago)
It really Helpful..Thanks
Renee (1 year ago)
Most helpful. I spent way too much time trying to figure it out and here you just gave me the solution in under two minutes. Thank you!
Some Guy (1 year ago)
mute. and thanks.
Ruben Rodriguez (1 year ago)
i just want to learn how to fade out not to learn arabic dance
DanPlayzGames (2 years ago)
Thanks for the help!
Bob Heap (2 years ago)
Fade in/out greyed out doesn't work waste of time
Incredi Boy (11 months ago)
Instead, greyed out just gets isolated...maybe its just me.
autumn white (2 years ago)
thank you !!!!
seba83888 (2 years ago)
I dont See The Fade in and fade out on the Audacity
Shunderz (2 years ago)
oy vey
JulieS (2 years ago)
Awesome tutorial
Lenny face (2 years ago)
When I try to do the effect, they are all grey so I can't click any of them.
bl00dwork (2 years ago)
@Atsuko MizuKodomo yeah kinda weird
Lenny face (2 years ago)
@bl00dwork you have to stop the track, pausing it doesn't let you add the effect.
bl00dwork (2 years ago)
it helped that i make an effect and then undo it
bl00dwork (2 years ago)
same :/
John-William Gambrell (2 years ago)
You have to change this music!!!
deepblue153 (3 years ago)
This song
Michael Parker (3 years ago)
Is audacity still free?
GamersArsenal (3 years ago)
TheDucklets (3 years ago)
Legitit intantit (3 years ago)
Lose time, Not Showing how to cut ! :@
loraxmm (4 years ago)
whats the song meen ? :D
Derreck Sunderland (4 years ago)
Thank You. That was just what i was looking for. When I need more help, I will surely come to your channel.
Xxxsorrow (4 years ago)
Thank you so much!!!
Ninjya (4 years ago)
thanks <3
Maria Stein (4 years ago)
I loved this tutorial and MAINLY the music sound!!!! It is wonderful...made me to dance on the chair:-) :-)  Please give me the name of the song.
Enger (1 year ago)
It's been 2 years and no reply, people are mean. Anyways it's Darude - Sandstorm :)
Dominic AaAaa (4 years ago)
cheers for the video very helpful! hated the music a lot though.
Henry Robert Walker (4 years ago)
What is the name of the song playing on this video? I love it!
Koen Kroon (4 years ago)
Thanks for this video, it was very helpfull, live long and prosper.
Tom H (4 years ago)
cyberespace936 (5 years ago)
hello do you know how can I transform a fade out for have in final a music who have the same volume in the beginning to the end please ?
blueyoshikid (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for doing this video It helped me out a lot!
Tracy Allen (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Bonkyhead99 (5 years ago)
Now that you've shown me how to fade out i feel like a bit of an idiot not being able to work it out my myself :-s
RAJESH GOSWAMI (5 years ago)
thanks you so much for gide to audacity saound editor 
The Modern Shoe (5 years ago)
Pretty much exactly what I needed. Good tutorial
Benjamin Ehlers (5 years ago)
Thank you so much!
Mocha Gypsy (5 years ago)
Grazie! :)
Darrin Tidrick (5 years ago)
I've been able to get one track in a project to fade in or out.  Then I do the SAME THING on a second track and when I click the "fade in" or "fade out" - nothing.  Should I just buy a Mac product so I can use GarageBand?  This is ridiculous.
Troiler (5 years ago)
dat music. btw thanks for help
QuasIIc (2 years ago)
dat music
Tongus Vongus (5 years ago)
dat music xD
Lion Rose Music (5 years ago)
A million thanks!!
acskateNiblets (5 years ago)
nvm.  You have to press the stop button not the pause button to be able to edit anything.  It would be helpful if the video mentioned this.
Kirk Bonney (5 years ago)
I'm glad you said something, thanks!
acskateNiblets (5 years ago)
this is such bs.  I can select the portion and highlight it.  When you say to click the select tool though (where the rest of the track dissapears).  I could click it all day and it won't do anything!  This doesn't work on the version of audacity I have.
Flash Zero (5 years ago)
Thank you so much!
SoulWalker (5 years ago)
GUIDE MORE RESULTS how to cut mp3 files with fade out 1:44 / 1:57 Use Audacity Sound Editor To Cut and Fade In/Out Audio Files videosvibes videosvibes·116 videos Subscribe 303 97,149  Like 261      Dislike 10 I like thisLike I dislike this About   Share   Add to   Statistics  Report Uploaded on Aug 3, 2009 In audio editing, the most important tool in the edit process is cutting and fading. We need this to cut or trim a song and to fade in/out a part smoothly. Audacity is a reliable and extremely powerful freeware and it is simple and easy to use. Distributed by Tubemogul. Show more  4:15  Watch Later Doctor P & Flux Pavillion - Stinkfinger [HD] by joerover22 Recommended for you AVS4YOU Official Channel  AVS4YOU Official Channel 212 videos Subscribe 21K  3:47  Watch Later How To Merge 2 Songs Together Using Audacity by CharlyFoulkesVideos 127,909 views  3:41  Watch Later How to Cut a Song using Audacity. by TheGreekSniperZ 67,489 views  7:03  Watch Later How To Mix Music Together With Audacity HD by ashleywheller 92,523 views  7:50  Watch Later How to Use Audacity to Edit Music by islandgirlie304 6,168 views  4:29  Watch Later Audacity tutorial--combining 2 songs into one by btownsmostwanted 55,224 views Thumbnail    111 videos  Thumbnail  Thumbnail  Thumbnail  logic tutorials by rhabarberkompott  11:01  Watch Later How to Make a Mixtape on Audacity by Chase March 21,290 views  1:35  Watch Later How to rip myspace-songs with audacity by repat123 13,327 views  3:54  Watch Later Audacity - Minus One/Remove Vocals of a song by Mem Pineda 130,749 views  2:21  Watch Later How to Remove Lyrics From a Song Using Audacity by HyrulianScholar 47,998 views  2:55  Watch Later How to take out Vocals from a Song using Audacity by Renas 147,688 views  0:57  Watch Later How to Make Your Voice Sound Better in Audacity by lucasmagic1 51,423 views  4:39  Watch Later Smooth fade under with Audacity by jasonscreencasts 3,235 views  4:05  Watch Later Chinese Zodiac 12 Animals Symbols by videosvibes 113,301 views  3:06  Watch Later How to split audio track in Audacity by Shahrukh Hasan 21,409 views  2:11  Watch Later Tutorial - How to use Audacity by TheRixCentre 88,514 views  6:00  Watch Later Audacity Tutorial 2: Audio Editing by teachinglearninguoit 36,350 views  9:16  Watch Later Tutorial #1: How To Use Audacity by elvemage195 115,607 views YouTube home   Language: English    Country: Worldwide    Safety: Off      Help   About Press & Blogs Copyright Creators & Partners Advertising Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Try something new! 
EpicFishFingers (5 years ago)
Fucking finally, followed the long-winded, unclear instructions to the letter and of course it didn't work until I did this. I just spend 20 minutes trying to cut the first 5 seconds of silence off a song so i can use it as a ringtone. This software is as user friendly as a bucket of shit
stephengambello (5 years ago)
Thank you Enzo. You saved me a lot of grief. The tech guys never seem to alert us about these little bugs in the system!
stephengambello (5 years ago)
A sincere thanks to Enzo Reyes! This is the single most important advice, little things like this are things the tech guys seem to forget about!
Jay Unknown (5 years ago)
thank u this help alot
Michelle Gibson (5 years ago)
Thank you sooooo much for this!!! Very helpful for a 1st time user ;)
ante kuzmanic (5 years ago)
thanks enzo :D
screams3 (6 years ago)
Easier way: Select area you want, effects, fade out/in. No need for cutting the audio clip etc.
oohlalalaohhlala (6 years ago)
Thanks for this video man. seriously.
vipul varkar (6 years ago)
for those who didn't get it heres another one /watch?v=iZT3IdMCy4Q
PetPrep RadioShow (6 years ago)
I just want to fade out and I already have all of the other files in the piece of work that I am editing--it wants to add the fade to all of the files in the project--Any suggestions? HELP! ;) I am in the middle of it right now... Oy Vey!
Josh (6 years ago)
adobe auditions
Josh (6 years ago)
hold click over the area and highlight just as if you were using a highlighter!
ChocolateSparkles47 (6 years ago)
Like, it starts out soft and then when it goes to the next part, the melod and such is the same, but it sounds louder and it make everything sound wrong. How can I make it sorta...'blend' I guess you could say and it doesnt sound so harsh?
ChocolateSparkles47 (6 years ago)
I need some help/ So theres this song I want to sing so I downloaded the instrumentals onto audacity. However it was too long so I decided to cut out part of it. The song ends with the person singing the refrain twice. So I thought, I can just take out one refrain, keep the first one, and smoothen out the sound so it flows well into the end. I cut out the part that wasnt needed and the transition between the end and the refrain sounds right...however, it also sounds to harsh.
coconutxp123 (6 years ago)
how do u highlight?
xxxCRAZYLOVExxx (6 years ago)
anyone know a good musiceditor that can cut off voice/instruments or move them around ?
Dana Hood (6 years ago)
thank you!!!
JC7595 (6 years ago)
iloveSE7EN (6 years ago)
OHHHHHHH. Thank you. I tried using OpenShot and found out you can't export just audio so I had to try Audacity... but Audacity.... is just so ugly. I couldn't find anything. : ) Thanks for pointing to it. lol
Amanda Wijethilake (6 years ago)
you are a life saver.
Jay knows best (6 years ago)
omg thank you ssssoooooo much i was about to freaking break my laptop cause i was getting annoyed!!!!!!! lol
Bforeelz (6 years ago)
HOly fuck dude i've been going ape shit trying to get it to work then giving up and trying to find other programs like and i couldnt get the keygen bullshit to work and then i came to this video and saw your comment. THANK YOU !
Tuta Parinda (6 years ago)
its not working for some reason i select it and then i press effect but then it doesnt allow me to press fade in/out
groundnsky (6 years ago)
Thank you. Exactly the sequence I needed.
Deaf Orphans (6 years ago)
evilwarcow (7 years ago)
Yes but how do I get rid of the fade in and out?
Verreauxi (7 years ago)
Highlight over the part you want and press trim, then drag it to the start. Works exactly the same.
Whitworth (7 years ago)
How do you save as Mp3? I have no choice
idril (7 years ago)
Same problem here..
Strive4impact (7 years ago)
Thanks for the video! Very helpful! I love Kevin McLeod. One of my heroes.
middykiddy17520 (7 years ago)
you never showed us house to cut?
BelleFlower15 (7 years ago)
Now can someone tell me if Audacity only lets you do 7 minutes of audio? I have a ten minute long song that I want to cut the beginning and end off of, but the song cuts off at 7 minutes. :(
BelleFlower15 (7 years ago)
You, dear YouTube person, are a hero.
purezelda (7 years ago)
omg i want to bloody kiss this! this shit has been driving me crazy for the past half hour!
Alezeh Potter (7 years ago)
@kill2liveand4fun i don't get it please help!
ALCHEMY (7 years ago)
@R0xasTeh0taku Yeah, I figured it out a few hours after I made that comment. You have to click stop before you do anything.
Lena R (7 years ago)
thank you soo much! really saved my project! :D
Andy Ellston (7 years ago)
Thank you very much videosvibes for a easily understandable and instructional video.
davesseasonal06 (7 years ago)
@kill2liveand4fun thank you sooooo much!
Cleven Lehispuu (7 years ago)
Can I cut out sounds from movies ??
Elmokllr (7 years ago)
@kill2liveand4fun FUCKING brilliant, a bro fist for you sir.
Finn Portman (7 years ago)
@kill2liveand4fun you make a good point lad :))
underthehood123 (8 years ago)
@JakeSelkirk Thank you so much :)
Marq (8 years ago)
mines still aint working..
Frank Castle (8 years ago)
Gosh. I was fucking annoyed and i forgot to use the zoom tool to be precise. Thank you for the tutorial man!
Frank Castle (8 years ago)
Im motherfucking cursed!!!!! I got 1.3 version and i select the party that i want to remain and when i click select nothing happens!
Jake Selkirk (8 years ago)
@98nfsmw98 u have to click stop. then highlight n cut. its lame.
Marskod (8 years ago)
@98nfsmw98 audacity just sucks donkey boner
mangastaries (8 years ago)
@98nfsmw98 idk it happens to meh too!
Emberakitmeglottek (8 years ago)
love you man!
Rufusdos (8 years ago)
I select the area I want to fade in, click fade in, and suddenly a much bigger area completely disappears! any ideas?
SunglassesKate2 (8 years ago)
not warking... what a shit!
WestCoastPCbuilder (8 years ago)
What a shitty, inaccurate program. WTF. Any recommendations for a better one ?
middypuppi (8 years ago)
This worked really well! thanks :)
Nerdgazm (8 years ago)
dont work
EmpressOfSpace (8 years ago)
@UbNub4TW try pressing the stop button after that and try that. it worked for me
Soheb Bhimani (8 years ago)
@Anakin53Padme you are suppose to stop the playback instead of pausing. use space bar or stop button to stop playback and all the available option will be active.
Tekashi69 (8 years ago)
will this trim music tracks that are radio ripped i have some ripped i want to trim the finish and start
ALCHEMY (8 years ago)
@alexlap08 haha don't worry, i solved my problem ages ago

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