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5 Amazing Tools For Welding You Should Have

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5 Amazing tools and gadgets for welding works You should have. Mechanics, engineers and even artists and hobbyists use basic welding equipment to join metal pieces together to repair a machine or create an art piece. Welding Works is a full-service metal fabricator with a wide range of capabilities. Welding Works has been known for its ability to provide quick, reliable turnaround on all types of fabrications, weldments and machined products. 1. Мagnetic angles Smart&Solid - www.kovka-stanki.ru 2. MagTab - www.stronghandtools.com 3. Magswitch Pivot Angle - magswitch.com.au 4. Welding Clamps - www.wurthusa.com 5. BESSEY Grip pliers - www.besseytools.com/en
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Text Comments (43)
Kulbahadur Magar (4 days ago)
Ah,my eyes
G. Alonso Murray (4 months ago)
Buy magnet squares if u want an unestable arc 🤣😬
steve cokaiko (5 months ago)
except for the last clip, all of them are freaking useless. magnets in a welding workshop will be buried in dust before you can even use them. totally stupid
steve cokaiko (5 months ago)
woooow... the first clip. just wow. how bad is this guy...
Anand Singh (6 months ago)
Welding m/c me current nhi de raha to Kya karan ho sakta hai
Richard Smart (6 months ago)
I'm always looking for useful tools to make welding with my everlast welder more efficient.
Val Kilmore (7 months ago)
if you work in a metal shop and cant keep two inches of metal dust from gathering on the magnets you are screwed
Michael Intile (7 months ago)
"Würth" is pronounced "vyrt" (-;
Chip Sammich (7 months ago)
Neodymium magnets from Micheals for 5 bucks do the same thing
Mohamed El-sahir (7 months ago)
I've a problem with first tool the heat generated will affect the magnets badly
shift rk (5 months ago)
They are only in place while tacking the piece
No Neck (8 months ago)
lol....magnets and MIG don't get along and Wurth and Bessey are pricey....maybe you're trying for a sponsor?
tom thompson (9 months ago)
hardly amazing
ALIF WELDING WORK (9 months ago)
jorge pearl (10 months ago)
supermagnets are great, problem all them come from China, with tariffs they will cost more
huskiman123 1111 (10 months ago)
what is 1.40 song name?
marten van rheenen (10 months ago)
the guy using the the magnets needs to go n take a course how to mig weld . id cry if my welds would look like his .
Alex Scott (1 year ago)
Cool tools but useless on stainless steel.
herand sogomon (1 year ago)
Great Tools I love it. Thank you for this beautiful video
TheDude (1 year ago)
Jesus, these "welders" are horrible!!!
Fred Smith (1 year ago)
I really like the magnetic tool for holding bars. That would really come in handy when I've got my everlast welder out and need to do a lot of bar welding.
Baladár (9 months ago)
A small one costs 5-10 bucks, a bigger one can be about 20-25 bucks. Sold in almost every shop that sells welding accessories.
Patrick Crotsley (1 year ago)
The magnets are great, until you are welding aluminum or stainless.
carl swanson (4 months ago)
or until they get used one time in a real fab shop.. unless they have an on off switch
Daite Dve (9 months ago)
Then use magnets from both sides!
David Spin (1 year ago)
This music sucks....
Phoenix One (1 year ago)
Val Kilmore (7 months ago)
nah he was doing a demonstration more for the magnets not building a rocket ship
Он не сварщик)). Он попросту демонстрировал принцип использования магнитов, вот и всё.
Andrew Barker (1 year ago)
MIG welder what do you expect??? A monkey can do that... TIG rules......
Phil Vandelay (1 year ago)
I know right? It made me a little mad seeing how sloppy he worked. That's not even skill related, that's simply not even trying to put any effort in it. Third guy wasn't much better, suddenly jerking the torch away in the middle of welding, like what the hell?
doinjusfine1 (1 year ago)
Phoenix One I was thinking the same exact thing..
I absolutely love these ...my dog barks a lot so...
Pinkamena Diane Pie (1 year ago)
Edwin pls tell me the name of the song for the second one , the strong hand tools , also keep up the good work
Renan Medeiros (1 year ago)
what is the name of the last song? it s familiar...
Pinkamena Diane Pie (1 year ago)
EDWIN thank u
Amri Wirabumi (1 year ago)
Hello Edwin nice tool for welding.. Are you agent or distributor of these tool? Where I buy its in Jakarta/Indonesia?!
Pinkamena Diane Pie (1 year ago)
EDWIN what’s the name of how to find the song in the second clip pls
EDWIN (1 year ago)
Links to tool in video description. You can also buy on Amazon and eBay
LIBRAMOTOR JUANDA31 (1 year ago)
Siku pk magnet brp an ?
Chebbah Djamel (1 year ago)
Très ingènieux
munir ali tv (1 year ago)

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