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MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - Hollywood [Official Music Video]

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Official Music Video | MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS - Hollywood Subscribe to the MARINA YouTube Channel - https://Marina.lnk.to/subscribe “The Family Jewels is a body of work largely inspired by the seduction of commercialism, modern social values, family and female sexuality. Each song was intricately produced and written by myself, and my only hope is for it to be enjoyed and consumed as a story and theory that encourages people to question themselves.” - MARINA My new album Love + Fear is out April 26. Pre-order now: https://marina.lnk.to/loveandfear-preorder The Family Jewels is out now: https://Marina.lnk.to/TheFamilyJewels LYRICS [Intro] American queen is the American dream American queen is the American dream [Verse 1]: She is a Polish girl in America Tall, tanned, hot blond, called Anja I asked her, "Why would you wanna be a Hollywood wife?" "Because I don't want to end up living in a dive on Vine A dive on Vine" [Verse 2] Air hostesses doing gossip magazine Crosswords on a flight to JFK Thirty-nine years old With a mile-high sheen Trying to stimulate a mind That is slowly starting to decay [Pre-Chorus] I itch my skin, I jump up and say "Lady, I know why your thoughts turn grey." [Chorus] Hollywood infected your brain You wanted kissing in the rain, oh, oh Living in a movie scene Puking American dreams, oh, oh I'm obsessed with the mess that's America, ooh I'm obsessed with the mess that's America [Verse 3] A fat security making place for me Soon as I touch down in old L.A He said, "Oh, my god, you look just like Shakira No, no, you're Catherine Zeta!" "Actually, my name's Marina" [Pre-Chorus] Your mind is just like mine – All filled up with things benign You're looking for the golden lie [Chorus 2] Hollywood infected your brain You wanted kissing in the rain, oh, oh I've been living in a movie scene Puking American dreams, oh, oh I'm obsessed with the mess that's America, ooh I'm obsessed with the mess that's America [Bridge] American dream is the American queen American queen is the American dream Is the American dream [Chorus] Hollywood infected your brain You wanted kissing in the rain, oh, oh I've been living in a movie scene Puking American dreams, oh, oh Hollywood infected your brain You wanted kissing in the rain, oh, oh I've been living in a movie scene Puking American dreams, oh, oh I'm obsessed with the mess that's America, woo-hoo I'm obsessed with the mess that's America FOLLOW MARINA Website: http://www.marinaofficial.co.uk/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marinadiamandis/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/marinadiamandis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marinadiamandis Spotify: https://Marina.lnk.to/YTspotify Apple Music: https://Marina.lnk.to/YTapple SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/marinadiamandis #MARINA #Hollywood #TheFamilyJewels
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Text Comments (17690)
MARINA (1 month ago)
Can't get enough of these Hollywood videos on Tik Tok! 💗 https://Marina.lnk.to/HollywoodTikTok
Hezekiah Rodriguez (17 hours ago)
It's been on Tik Tok!? XD
OMG! You look just like Shakira! No! No! You Are Catherine Zeta!!!
Sock QueenTM (1 day ago)
Your beautiful
lelisco (2 days ago)
+Marysia Cybulska :DD
samdustries bettas (40 minutes ago)
Béthanie Rose (6 hours ago)
God, I remember watching this video when I was 16. Straight after became the biggest Marina fan. Back when I was doing my A-levels in college, not a care in the world. Been almost ten years now, recently turned 26 and I've been through so much since then but honestly could be sixteen again listening to this. Loved Marina then and still love her now <3
Animalarious (10 hours ago)
She REALLY looks like Wonder Woman in this video.
No wonder they mad it a meme....
Arwen Solaris (15 hours ago)
shoutout to everyone that was here before tik tok
itsss lina (17 hours ago)
Kommt noch jemand von Tiktok?? (1 min 20)
Karlo Lovrić (20 hours ago)
Why is she sooo beautiful🎉😍
Nelka a Lilka (20 hours ago)
joshy (21 hours ago)
MuffinFighter (21 hours ago)
Why is this music video so 2000 :D
Zakaria Zorab (22 hours ago)
1:21 *tik tok joined the chat* 12:30 *tik tok left the chat*
Holi Jossi (22 hours ago)
Like si vienes por tik tok
Lova Andersen (23 hours ago)
Am I the only one who isn’t from tiktok or whatever it’s called now?😅
UwU Dust (1 day ago)
Her voice pisses me off
Gazelle Tanglao (1 day ago)
Tik tok: hi there I'm still a piece of garbage :D
Andrea Wu (1 day ago)
nobody: tik tok: *ruins song*
Rodrigo Perusquia (1 day ago)
1:22 is the Tik Tok part
Suppahh DryyAK47 (1 day ago)
thats j isnt it (1 day ago)
who’s here from tik tok memes
Actually's my name is Laura Mangle YouTuber Prop Drake :)
Nutella Raupe (1 day ago)
Tik tok family
Citrus Melovin (1 day ago)
1:22 Is this what you came for?
Little Power Games (1 day ago)
Quem veio pelo tik tok
Shawn Shawn (7 hours ago)
I just moved from California to Poland lol
leila (49 minutes ago)
how did that happen ? :D
xp Agatha (1 day ago)
Any Polish girls here 💗? Jestem tuuu 💓🤠
Binela Ukic (2 days ago)
xo xo (2 days ago)
everyones coming for the meme but not for marina 🤦🏻‍♀️ tik tok sucks
Riley simpkins (2 days ago)
Who’s here cause of tik tok
JoJ101 (2 days ago)
1:19 *TikTok* *has* *entered* *the* *chat* 1:31 *TikTok* *has* *left* *the* *chat*
Before We Die (2 days ago)
1:20-1:30 for those from tik tok
No this is Patrick.
Czary Maryy (2 days ago)
Jestem polskim komentarzem, którego poszukujesz 😼
nice greek movie. i ate tits today.
DBZ Whis fan (2 days ago)
1:22 thank me later
Sariyah Moorehead (2 days ago)
Song: *exists* Tiktok *its free real estate*
Aisha Motara (2 days ago)
I wonder if Marina's doing any tours because ive been dying to see her since i was 8
Johnny D. (2 days ago)
Fake Pasta (2 days ago)
1:21 for y'all tiktokkers
expensive gurl (3 days ago)
Kakashi Sensei (3 days ago)
Actually me name is Ricardo Milos
Theo Wright (3 days ago)
Sojourner Smith (3 days ago)
the part you’re looking for is 1:19
Frijol Rancio (3 days ago)
Tik tok has join the game
My Name Is Christian (3 days ago)
All of you TikTok ass mfs please leave our queen alone 😭😭
дчмзи ыкьг (3 days ago)
Tik tok ? Loool 😂
Dene Plumb (3 days ago)
She's the same age as I am now in this video...I look like a potato and she's a goddess 😭
a person with no life (3 days ago)
Actually my names Sophia Annette flores de jesus Maria Izabella joana
Omer Ozturk (3 days ago)
Actually my name is uwuwewwe onyetenwewe ogemegwim osas
like wtf (3 days ago)
1:18 thank me later
Rainbow Elle (4 days ago)
No, this is Patrick
Max Mustermann (6 hours ago)
Another song that tik tok has destroyed. Im listening to this gem for years and everyone i tell about it just says :“ yeah its from tik tok.“ No! Its not. Its a jewel of 2000‘s pop 😢😣
Bill Furler (4 days ago)
Actually Meghan, i cant sit anywhere i have *steroids*
Bill Furler (22 hours ago)
+void tutorials yess
void tutorials (22 hours ago)
Steroids? Thats not the vine?
Sweet Potata (4 days ago)
1:22 is life
Eimy Mezo (4 days ago)
RoyalMasterbub YT (4 days ago)
Run me my likes!!! 1:23
Slushlightsツ (4 days ago)
*_tik tok who?_*
ALYSSA CHAMPION (4 days ago)
the way she sings gives me life
Love Yo Self (4 days ago)
Actually, my name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrow well I’m point guard I got two games
Pearl Green (4 days ago)
*Actually* _I WANT TO DIE_
angel -Moon99 (4 days ago)
Who's gonna eat the cake?
Lucy Sherriff (4 days ago)
1.19 is when Tik tok sound is on
puking emoji (4 days ago)
*1:20** tik tok joined the chat*
Actually my name is 21 issa knife nigro headass deported
Bibbity Bobbity Boom (4 days ago)
I can't find a version with the "air hostesses doing gossip magazines" part and it's really bothering me because it's my favourite part
Th trofins (4 days ago)
just me (4 days ago)
10 years later I'm here because of tik tok
Unicorne (5 days ago)
1:20 is what this song’s iconic for
Actually, my name is Marina💁🏻‍♀️😂
Kay Kay (5 days ago)
Fruityfruit15 (5 days ago)
Natalya Sesay (5 days ago)
Tik Tok anyone???... But if you came from tik Tok then you are looking for 1:16
annιe cнan (5 days ago)
Actually my name's Betina e eu tenho 1 milhão e 42 mil de patrimônio acumulado.
HeyItzMegan ox (5 days ago)
1:21 for people from TikTok
Skyler Nielsen (5 days ago)
She does look like Shakira tho.
Skyler Nielsen (4 days ago)
eh not so much in my opinion.
Chay Zuleta (4 days ago)
Skyler Nielsen or Catherine Zeta
Aashi Patel (5 days ago)
This is 9 years old and the quality is so good
Get Schwifty (5 days ago)
Tik tok: 1:20 Thank me later.
Л.С. Мото (5 days ago)
I always wondered why there is an s in island
Actually my names *Ali-Mae Eleanor Rose Elsie pleá mcwheel*
Shinigami Kitsune (5 days ago)
*Remember when the comment section was about the song and not Tik Tok?*
Sage Taylor (6 days ago)
"Do anything for a dime" sadly me too
Natalija Maric (6 days ago)
cheese pizza (6 days ago)
1:20 tik tok moment😂
toxicc the wolf (6 days ago)
1:22 Don’t say it..
R.M.S Titanic (6 days ago)
Actually my names Fernando Fernandez Guerrero Fernandez Guerrero
That feeling when your song "shot" after 9 years
Lil potato Child (6 days ago)
Tiktokers have entered the chat: 1:20 Tiktokers have left the chat: 1:30
Galilea Agustin (6 days ago)
Por.tik tok?
“Actually my names Ethan, and I’m 14, slaying all these women with my massive peen”
Mr Ken No (4 days ago)
Neazey (6 days ago)
I came from Tiktok so did you ;)
Bruh It's Majda (6 days ago)
Tik Tok fucking ruins every song.
??? (6 days ago)
Never gets old
SFW 2k19 (6 days ago)
Diego Polanco (6 days ago)
Q U E E N 💎
Magdalena Ruszel (6 days ago)
Melodia z abc look of love
Elin Diy (7 days ago)
Whos watching this at 2019
1:20 thank me later :>
RRF - Label Manago (7 days ago)
Słychać Polski akcent 😂♥️👍

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