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DIY Sheet Metal Bending Tool || Sheet Metal Brake

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Hello Friends, Today I Make A Sheet Metal Bending Tool. I Hope You Like This Video. Subscribe My Channel For More New Videos. For Dimension And More Information :- http://www.mistrymaketool.com/post_detail.aspx?nrand=6mWum3 Visit My Official Website :- http://www.mistrymaketool.com * Follow Me On Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mistrymaketool/ Thanks For Watching.. Hit Like & Subscribe Button Crimson Fly - Huma-Huma: https://youtu.be/qpxhgby-ONI Music: Crystal - Vibe Tracks https://youtu.be/BpboFkTeN1w THANKS FOR WATCHING...
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Text Comments (234)
Rich K (1 day ago)
Would using 2- 4" or 5" butt hinges near both ends of a 6 foot brake made of 1/4 " x 2"x 3" angle iron be sufficient to make it work well?
NoSuchThing (11 days ago)
Not bad. Not bad at all! Thx for sharing and keep up the good work!
Luis Alayo (18 days ago)
Andi Zakirullah (19 days ago)
Got U thanks
CK_32 (22 days ago)
For the love of god people. Use cutting oil, at the very least WD 40.... Stop neglecting the shit out of your tools.
El Chapo (1 month ago)
That’s really help full great work
Trumpington Fanhurst (1 month ago)
I skipped to the end, shame I missed all that wonderful music.
Marcos Silva (1 month ago)
Sua explicação foi a melhor pra ser feita você esta de parabéns agora segunda-feira ja vou fazer uma estou precisando muito sua explicação e simples e bem objetiva que Deus te abençoe a cada dia eu sou marquinho soldador
Rufus Chucklebutty (1 month ago)
The axis of the hinge is supposed to be on the corner of the angles .
Denver Jn Pierre (1 month ago)
Thank you for the idea. Great video.
Hambone's Adventures (1 month ago)
Very helpful thank you for sharing I will attempt to make one
ddrusa (2 months ago)
Hello there what's the name of the song your using, I been hearing this in every video I see
Eugenio Rodz (2 months ago)
MAn, you Genius, thanks !!
HRPM Projects (2 months ago)
that is simply brilliant!
王飞 (2 months ago)
Alex Alyokhin (2 months ago)
Hi. How about aluminum of 3-4 mm? Did you try to bend it?
macatac14 (2 months ago)
This is the version i will be making,no fuss,it doe's what it says on the tin,top video.
Mihai Mateescu (2 months ago)
Very simple and useful tool.
Rodrigo Alves (2 months ago)
Tanto trabalho só para dobrar um pedaço de chapa
CHARRUA UNO (2 months ago)
Very nice and thank you for sharing, have a nice day.
Vas El (3 months ago)
👍👍👍👍👍👍 Best one. Simple design. Simple to build. ☺
Diego Casafus (3 months ago)
Que bueno y no necesito soldsdrs
Akshay Seth (3 months ago)
could it bend 3-4 mm sheet
Douglas Oliveira (3 months ago)
Cara sensacional. Parabéns. Essa foi a que mais gostei muito fácil de fazer. Obrigado por compartilhar com a gente
amen (3 months ago)
Bravo 10
ADHI S (3 months ago)
Good,,,,, come to my chanel
Bill Admond (3 months ago)
Very simple and economic.
ADAL BARS (4 months ago)
💫 Достар, мен Сіздерді өзімнің Ютубтағы Патшалығыма Арнайы Қонақ ретінде Тіркелуге Шақырамын! )) 💫 💎 Сіздер үшін кер_ремет Қызыл Алаша төселген! )) 👑 Кіру тегіН )) Тек қана әрдайым жаңа видеоконтенттерімнен кеш қалып қоймас үшін жай ғана " Подписаться " дегенді басып тіркеліп қойсаңыз болды )) Менің апта сайын шығатын қайталанбас майы тамған роликтерім Сіздердің Назарларыңыздан тыс қалмасына 100% Кепілдік беремін! )) 😎 Әрдайым Жолдарыңыз бола берсін ! Сіздерге тек Сәттілік )) 😇
Canal SHAW-BE (4 months ago)
Parabéns pelo trabalho 👍 Nossa arte e maravilhosa😉
gustavo reina (4 months ago)
Buena idea brother 💪😎
LENIVALDO SANTOS (4 months ago)
Bem bolado! Mais está parte superior deveria ser uma cantoneira
Marachenka (4 months ago)
best and easiest build seen so far. tip: You can use an angle iron top bar instead of flat bar - get perfect 45 degree bends - also turn same angle iron top bar on side ( with extra holes on side ) and then get perfect 90 degree bends with same top bar.
Miguel Camargo (4 months ago)
Very good idea
Fernando Hernandez N. (4 months ago)
A la verdad, pésima tú idea, pero gracias por tú intencion, así es.
Gopal Jaiswal (4 months ago)
Very good
Russel Osborne (4 months ago)
Thanks for showing how to do this without having to weld!
Aldo Dandy (4 months ago)
FUCK YOU! You're god damn genius!
oShane Kasper (4 months ago)
Might consider mig welding some large wing nuts on top Allen head bolts to make it a little faster. Very nice job!
Edgar Salgado (4 months ago)
Boa idéia! Parabéns!
ergun tulay (5 months ago)
Very good metal bending tool. Tank you
Juancho Local Guide (5 months ago)
Thanks for the idea and save me money jaja! hugs from México!
IVAN REIS (2 months ago)
You Free Job!!!
Clayton Silva (5 months ago)
What was the biggests thickness that you have tested? In milimeters please
Saravana Kumar (5 months ago)
very good idea....
Roger Goss (5 months ago)
Very nice. I don't have a drill press. Was wondering if you could make the parts with the holes and send them to me?
Roy Weeks (5 months ago)
Elvis Tobias (5 months ago)
Substituiria apenas os parafusos por tipo borboletas para aperto. Ótima ferramenta
gabriel (6 months ago)
5:00 is that steel?
gabriel (6 months ago)
Liked before watching...(at 0:26, atomic number of iron)
Wasleyton Costa (6 months ago)
Não sabe o que falaste kk
Royce Ifuku (6 months ago)
Simple and effective ! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE . I also used " L " angle for TOP stop so I wouldn't pass 90° angle , and I etch in my own measurements with longer increments to line up my sheets straight to bend. Also BIG wing nuts easier for top lock down bar. GREAT job !
eternalfizzer (6 months ago)
Nice job! I'm figuring out how to make a baguette baking tray from sheet metal - if I add a pipe in place of your flat bar clamp that should give a nice rounded bend where I don't have a roller.
Aimee Propst (6 months ago)
I don’t understand the downvotes. Free video tutorial with a link to dimensions!? Thank you! This is a great idea for someone who wants to be able to bend some sheet metal and isn’t ready to invest in buying an expensive sheet metal brake. No, it’s not going to hold up for someone who bends heavier gauge metal on a regular basis, but certainly 20 gauge, maybe even 18? would be reasonable for the hobbyist’s purposes.
pululo98 (6 months ago)
Pavel K. (6 months ago)
Самый обычный!)))
Sir what size of drillbit you use to drill the whole then the size of the tap to make the thread?
eldigitom (6 months ago)
very clever, good job!
Very nice
Isaac Salazar Carrasco (6 months ago)
Excelente idea¡¡¿ FELIZ NAVIDAD ¡¡¡
jadekayak01 (6 months ago)
why didnt you just weld the arms on?
Offgrid professor (6 months ago)
Grind the top front edge of the hold down bar to 45° . This will allow for sharper 90° corners on boxes and sharper tighter bends for fold over edges.
Tom Open (1 month ago)
He didn't sink the hinge pinion with the deck. It can never be a crisp bend.
HARJINDER SINGH (7 months ago)
Very nice👌
Tom Michael (7 months ago)
Allen Key does not make the job faster, add or weld a Tee bar to it and your job will be faster. Good job, thanks for sharing.
Killer Pro (7 months ago)
А с 4х сторон будто загнуть не повредив боковые?
Abdullkhalil Mohammadi (7 months ago)
تشکر از برنامه های تان
indiana (7 months ago)
mm chapa ???
Honestly AV 2 (7 months ago)
For aluminum about 1/8 inch thick would you suggest heating a sheet that's about 12" wide (length of the 90 degree bend) before bending it? I've heard of people either chiseling or scribing a line without heating to avoid cracks and I've also heard people say you don't have to do either to make the bend in 0.125 thick aluminum. I only have one piece of aluminum sheet so I'm reluctant to start bending unless I know which has the best chance for success.
هلو هلو (7 months ago)
Latif Qureshi (7 months ago)
все превосходное попросту .молодчина
HAJI HONDA (8 months ago)
Sergio G (8 months ago)
Dislike for filthy music.
Muito bom show diferente e pratico
NOI RATCHAPON (8 months ago)
เยี่ยมเลยครับ 👍👍👍🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
I M Attari (8 months ago)
Not success sir
thomas woodruff (8 months ago)
You could also add a protractor easily to see exactly what degree your bend is at. You could just cut a slit in the piece of angle iron that has the handle, and then weld a protractor say as far to the left that you can on the far piece of angle iron. That way you can measure your bends
Alfredo Chahin (8 months ago)
I just made one of this. It works exelent. La a strong usefull machines. Thanks for the idea.
Subhan Mughal (8 months ago)
Good but lot of flaws as stated by Raj lyer
Fernando Castillo (9 months ago)
Muy buen aporte e estado pensando como elaborar esta maquina y no encontraba como felicidades muy buena video
Мне часы приглянулись.
Bapa Iman (9 months ago)
Mario Padron (9 months ago)
Good idea just to maybe weld some parts instead of using screws and bolts..to improve the strenghtness of the build,my opinion.
Claudio Andrzejewski (9 months ago)
Congratulations! Very nice idea, and conception!
Robert Anderson (9 months ago)
Ar Yhani Worker (9 months ago)
What the name soundtrack?..
mas oji (9 months ago)
no efective
Ale Zava (9 months ago)
Congratulations, I did it and it was very good.
Infinity Umesh Rawul (9 months ago)
You r geniuses good
Adilson A.G.M (9 months ago)
Oliver Kauper (9 months ago)
Personally I would have welded all of the pieces together with a powerarc welder to ensure they don't flex or come loose at the joints. I like the design though. Keep it simple.
jose Teixeira (9 months ago)
FaidaMen (9 months ago)
Wowwwww good idea!!!!!
GS1200adman (9 months ago)
could do with a bevel on your clamp bar so you'll be able to achieve a 90° bend easier
Altamiro Oliveira (10 months ago)
está....Onde encontro esses parafusos com fenda.
Rehan Ansary (10 months ago)
Osm wonderful ...dude...
Klaus Wehner (10 months ago)
This tool looks pretty perfect,but much too complicated for a normal homeworker. Who has all the needed tools. Like for welding etc. There are easier ways to build such an oufit, and to get the same results of bending sheet metal for home use.
Aussie Jules Kilmister (10 months ago)
I like some of your projects but you use the most god awful music. Can't you at least set it to a low, low volume please? It's really awful.
Mario Sergio (10 months ago)
maravilha 👍 muito bom você e um genio

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