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How To Use Hot Rollers | Hair Tutorial

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Learn How To Get Volume & Romantic Perfect Curls using Hot Rollers! Your hair will be voluminous, bouncy and BIG! by the end of this tutorial! xo PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO: Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo: http://rstyle.me/~ahkL7 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner: http://rstyle.me/~ahkLe Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray: http://amzn.to/2FuEooH T3 Featherweight Dryer: http://rstyle.me/~ahkMN Babyliss Pro Hot Roller Set: http://amzn.to/2GB9ah5 Boar Bristle Round Brush: http://amzn.to/2ErdhLS ❤ Did you see my LAST video? "Hits & Misses/CRAP Products - February 2014" -- http://youtube.com/watch?v=A0q0vZTUxJM ❤ SUBSCRIBE for NEW Videos Every Week! http://youtube.com/bentleyblonde ♡ Follow My BLOG: http://bentleyblonde.com ♡ LIKE My Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/bentleyblonde ♡ TWEET Me: http://twitter.com/bentleyblonde ♡ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/wendybentleyblonde ♡ Business Inquiries? CONTACT ME: [email protected] ❤ ❤ WHAT IM WEARING: FACE: Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation, Physicians Formula conceal RX, Laura Geller Balance & Brighten, Tarte amazonian clay blush EYES: Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette, Tarte Multipleye liner, Tarte Lights camera flashes mascara LIPS: Dior Addict lipstick NECKLACE: Twisted Silver Music: Skrip - http://youtube.com/skripmusic FTC: I was sent the Dove products for review consideration. I create this vlog as a hobby. From time to time I may give my opinion on and/or experience with a product or service that I receive for free. It is just my opinion, I'm not an expert in the field. I only recommend products that I use and enjoy myself. Anything I don't like, whether received for free or not- will eventually end up in a crap products video ;)
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firegal2k (3 months ago)
What I love about hot curlers is that you can get up for work, put these in your hair, then take a shower, brush your teeth, feed the pets, get dressed, anything you want, then take these out right before you run out the door. You can fluff your hair with your fingers when you stop at a traffic light then finish it off at work in the restroom. You save SOOOO MUCH TIME when you use curlers. A curling iron you have to stand there while using it but curlers you don't. They do the work while you're doing other things. So get your curlers on!!!!
Mickeyb B (11 months ago)
Great tutorial! Is your hair cut in long layers?
Gianna Santoro (1 year ago)
Are you saying that me, an 11 year old, looks like a GRANNY every night? I pretty much am sorry to say. I knit and my name is Gigi.........................................................
CountessKitty18 (1 year ago)
Any tips for really frizzy fine hair?
Claire Scott (1 year ago)
Big help. I'm too uncoordinated to be able to use a curling iron but I have some old hot rollers and I think even I can handle that lol
pinapple cake (1 year ago)
Do they damage your hair?
IAmPrettySoldier (1 year ago)
Do these products also provide heat protection? It's a main concern of mine.
Brittany Smith (2 years ago)
WENDY! I have the same problems - flat and lifeless... (bleh) Is that root enhancer greasy? A lot of those products makes my hair looks okay the first day than a flat grease pan the next day. Please let me know! I know I'm a few years late for this comment... but I'm in desperate need.
Wendy Bentley (2 years ago)
Brittany Smith aah the struggle is real 😣 I feel your pain girl. no it's not greasy at all!
Ranjeeta Gomes (2 years ago)
superb explanation. I like it.
jasmine murdock (2 years ago)
how do you keep the curls from gettin fussy when you brush them out??
ahgaseNCTzen (2 years ago)
kvog85 (2 years ago)
So I have a kind of silly question, because I've never used hot rollers before--How hot are they? You used just your bare hands with them in this video; I'm afraid to use them because I am afraid I'll get burned!
Kate West (2 years ago)
kvog85 hey! I saw no one answered this so thought I'd step in! I have heated rollers and use my bare hands. The middle part of the rollers are the hot part, but even then they're not that hot! There is usually a slightly raised edge to them that you can hold comfortably without burning yourself. heated rollers have a gentle heat which is why they don't damage the hair. There is usually a metal inside the plastic that is damn hot, but because the plastic is guarding it the heat isn't as intense. hope that helps?
Chrissy Lee Turley (3 years ago)
I like your tutorial but i'm not fussed on the advertising for dove :) Your hair looks gorgeous!
Ashley Gwynn (3 years ago)
Your natural color is so gorgeous! Good for you on going natural! It looks beautiful.
rachellee2012 (3 years ago)
Beautiful lady <3
Nattums Mcgee (3 years ago)
Omg you are gorgeous! and you resemble Julia Roberts (back in the day of course) ^_^
lauren price (3 years ago)
What rollers are these please? Great tutorial!
Wendy Bentley (2 years ago)
Thank you! Babyliss Pro
Laura Vganges (3 years ago)
Do you still like the dove root volumizer? Do you suggest dry shampoo before curling?
Lucy Ben (3 years ago)
Lovely eyes
Elizabeth Barthel (3 years ago)
What brand hot rollers are these? looks great
Wendy Bentley (2 years ago)
Babyliss Pro
margaret macmillan (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing you made it look so easy to do❤️
Jo Fuller (4 years ago)
I know you get this all the time but you look JUST like Julia Roberts! Those big eyes and big smile and HAIR! LOL, it's gorgeous. I love love love the color. Great video. I'm doing the same thing of restoring mine after years of.....wait for it......perming! oh yes, i'm an 80s early 90s chick. *shudder*
Fiona Coultrup (2 years ago)
Jo Fuller have just tried this on my daughter, hope it comes out as good x
Lauren Neloms (4 years ago)
Phoebe Katy (4 years ago)
very cute!
Wow you did an amazing job
Alex Hernandez (4 years ago)
Hi, im using my son'd acct & great video, thanks for sharing your secrets. your hair came out good.
richard Turk (4 years ago)
Very pretty, thanks for the tips Wendy.
kia given (4 years ago)
Hi, I know you said your hair is fine, but I was wondering if you had any tips for thick hair? I get instant Texas hair and I was wondering how to tame it
Marisa Lawler (4 years ago)
wendy what should i do if i have bangs in front?  use the rollers around them?
Wendy Bentley (4 years ago)
You can roll them, but it could turn out a little crazy ;) lol I will usually separate them and curl them with a regular barrel curling iron
Leilani Luu Looms (4 years ago)
Thanks so much this helped a lot!
Gretchen Linner (5 years ago)
You are so perfect, omg. Great tutorial, subscribed!! :3 <3
Katherine Barrenechea (5 years ago)
Hi! I'm new to your channel and I'm loving all your videos! Can't wait to try this dove volume product out. Btw you remind me of Nicole Richie, such a babe :)
Beauty Talk with Sam (5 years ago)
This is random but what brush did you use when you were blow drying? I typically have bad luck with round brushes but I know they can give a ton of volume
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
It's a boar bristle brush :) 
Kayleena (5 years ago)
I love this review and tutorial girly! I honestly think I might go buy these Dove products tonight! My hair is in dire need of volume at the roots! haha  xx
Solana (5 years ago)
Your natural hair color is BEAUTIFUL
Arlette Arizmendi (5 years ago)
I have baby fine hair to but mine is frizzy
lmark6213 (5 years ago)
Are all of your rollers in one set?  What brand do you use?
lmark6213 (5 years ago)
@Wendy Bentley Thanks!
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Yes they are :) It's the Babyliss Pro Hot Roller Set
Kim H (5 years ago)
your hair looks AMAZING! is it just me or does wendy look like she's losing a lot of weight??? YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS
KPsBeautyBuzz (5 years ago)
I have such fine hair too -- great to see what a fellow fine-haired girl does to get some volume ;) xoKP
Becki Kolodzie (5 years ago)
Hey girl ! Love the video . I was wondering what type of brush you are using . Is it boar bristle ? It glides through your hair like a dream !!
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
It is! :) Got it at Sally Beauty a couple yrs back!
mary y (5 years ago)
What is the brand of your hot rollers?
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Babyliss pro! :)
Jannatul12 (5 years ago)
Your hair so pretty and nice
Sonu K (5 years ago)
which brand are your hot roller set pls or which one you recommend you look so pretty with those big  curls I have very fine flat and limp hairs I am always looking for some volume in my hairs I will try these dove stuff
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
They are from the brand Babyliss Pro! :)
2morrowsplus3 (5 years ago)
I'm definitely buying the dove oxygen line!!! I have fine flat hair too.
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
let me know what you think! :)
karenacox4311 (5 years ago)
I've missed your videos!!! You're hair looks great :)
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! :)
MedicineLover 15 (5 years ago)
looks like everyone on youtube is using these new dove shampoos....O.o I use dove as well and I thinkits gr8 but I am kinda surprised that youtube gurus went from 40-80 dollars shampoos to dove -_-''
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
I use a mixture of drugstore shampoos and higher end. I like to alternate between dove, redken and my tea tree oil organic shampoo. Although im out of Redken now and we live in the boondocks, so might not be repurchasing for awhile! ;P 
spalata (5 years ago)
If you hair is tangly try using the Macadamia natural oil comb ( not the tangle teaser kind, just the wide tooth comb ) I use it and love it! It's made out of resin that is infused with the macadamia oil so it almost glides thru your hair from root to end :)
Katerina Williams (5 years ago)
Amy Lee (5 years ago)
I wished it snowed in Australia :(
CuteCoil (5 years ago)
Your hair looks so amazing!! 
irishbutterfly369 (5 years ago)
i just started using the dove pure care dry oil shampoo & conditioner, they make my hair insanely soft, i am loving them so far. i might have to try the oxygen moisture ones though
Danielle R (5 years ago)
So happy to see more of your tutorials! You always hold my interest. :)
Melissa Victoria Smith (5 years ago)
Thanks for this video, I forgot how I use to use my rollers, I need to pull those puppies out and use them.
Chelsi Greer (5 years ago)
Great video! Love it!
Julie Smith (5 years ago)
That looks great, I will try this.
Nicole Wilfong (5 years ago)
beautiful, darling
LoVaughn88 (5 years ago)
Love it! Your hair sure does look super healthy now! And your natural color is gorgeous!! I'll have to give that Dove line a try. I know I was eyeballing it the last time I was in walgreens.
Check Chetta Out! (5 years ago)
I am currently using the Dove dry oil. I tend to always stay away from moisturizing shampoo & conditioners because of how fine & thin my hair is. But surprising it doesn't way it down at all.
Debnmakeup (5 years ago)
Wendy love the hot rollers I am trying so hard to get those to work for me. I use the Dive products now but need to try the ones you showed us. Great to see you back I see you hung some decorations on your wall enjoyed your video of your Xmas presents for the house Debbie
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Yes! you will love them :) and yes, haha very slowly but surely! im so indecisive with decorations ;) xo
MyWhitelye (5 years ago)
I remember back in the day we used hairspray for root lifting and 20 yrs later...I still do and still works.
ladybugcarrie (5 years ago)
I was a 80's girl and everything was hairspray. Was the best to get that big, big hair. lol. Remember Aqua Net? I think we killed the ozone layer. 
kate koss (5 years ago)
Girl you're gorgeous! I love Dove hair products
RefreshingLeighSimpl (5 years ago)
This is great! I have very fine flat hair as well, so I always appreciate tips from girls in similar situations! I have been meaning to try hot rollers for awhile now.
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
thanks for watching love! its def a lot more work to get good bounce and volume with fine hair ;) but it can be done! hehe Def invest in some hot rollers! they are little miracle workers! 
Brooke Tacos (5 years ago)
Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking! Loving your length and color!
Linda Stitches (5 years ago)
I'm usually bored silly by any haircare videos, but I am going to watch this and hope for the best.
Stephi Sachse (5 years ago)
Why is everybody in the world able to work with such an brush while Bülow drying? The only Way i can work with it is with the babyliss one which is spinning and blowdrying at the Same time
Sean Williams (5 years ago)
always pretty 
Ashley Potter (5 years ago)
Why is your hair dry underneath?
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
I eat breakfast, get dressed and apply makeup before filming so my hair had air dried quite a bit! 
WrenNeigh (5 years ago)
Dang it! I literally saw this today at Walmart and ALMOST picked up the set. Guess I'm going back tomorrow! Awesome tutorial Wendy!
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
yay! let me know what you think if you try it :) thanks for watching! 
Elle Is For Living (5 years ago)
I have been using the Dove oil shampoo and oil spray and love them.  I may have to check out these products.  Has it seriously been a year since you were Bentley Blonde?  Wow, time flies!   ♥ Elle
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Ooo I saw the new oil line the other day as well! Glad to hear you're loving it :) might have to check that out next! Thanks for watching Elle! xo
Angela Maria (5 years ago)
Hey love, in which state do you live? If that is too invasive of a question, just ignore me. But I have always wondered what weather you dress for, etc. :) Great video as always. 
Angela Maria (5 years ago)
@ladybugcarrie Ha, all good states. We have about a foot on the ground where we are (near Akron, OH). :) 
ladybugcarrie (5 years ago)
@Angela Riotto My daughter just moved from home (NY,Long Island) to PA and our best friends daughter is moving to OH. They will be about an hour away from each other. She keeps teasing us on how we keep getting hit with snow storms and they have not. Her x boyfriend lives in MD. Just thought I would share. haha
Angela Maria (5 years ago)
@Wendy Bentley Thanks for taking the time to reply. :) I am from PA and now live in OH, but one of my best friends lives in Germantown, so I know the weather down there. 
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
thanks love! I live in southern MD
Deb Pirollo (5 years ago)
Where is that fancy schmancy new hair dryer you just got???
SimplySherry (5 years ago)
Wendy have you ever used powder play by big sexy hair? I use it for volune but I don't like the sticky ness feel in my hair it leaves like a build up. I'm just wondering if this dove line works the same without the yucky feeling
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
I haven't! But I've tried a similar product from Got 2 B. It was great for volume when I was blonde, but it was definitely chalky & would never work in my brunette :/ This line doesn't leave behind any residue, not even stiffness :)
mellber (5 years ago)
Very pretty, you look a lot like Olivia Palermo!!
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
oo thank you! :) I love her! 
courtney wilcott (5 years ago)
the new Dove Dry oil line smells similar to the Morrocan oil...I love it!!
Samantha Reilly (5 years ago)
Like a little roosta! Lol girl, your videos haven't been in my box for months....and then you pop up. Missed ya doll xx
lety reyna (5 years ago)
Great for vid will get products thank you
Dani Mae (5 years ago)
I neeeeeed this in my life.
Kristin McBride (5 years ago)
THANK YOU!  I have been looking for a shampoo and conditioner like this for forever!  I have tried so, so many that claim to give major volume.  Some work OK- others not at all.  LOVE your hair, girl!  If my fine, flat hair looks anything like yours does after I try this (and I WILL be running out to get me the whole line!:))...I will be one happy lady!  I have not used my hot rollers in literally years!  I will be digging them out ASAP!  I always enjoy your videos.  So informational and helpful.  Thank you, Wendy!  I trust your judgement and opinion on all things beauty related.  :)
Wendy Bentley (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for the love Kristin! Definitely dig those rollers out! ;) Let me know what you think of this line if you try it out! :) x
Kristan (5 years ago)
When I run out of my Redken Root Boost, I am giving the Dove one a try. I also might try the new Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner when my litres run out.

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