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Lorde - Royals (US Version)

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Download Lorde's album "Pure Heroine (Extended Edition)" featuring "Royals" now: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/PureHeroineExtended Amazon: http://smarturl.it/PureHeroineExtendAZ Music video by Lorde performing Royals. (C) 2013 Universal Music NZ Ltd.
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Miggy James (14 minutes ago)
December 2018??
Arundel Mercure (1 hour ago)
It's a great song, i just hate the blaming. Like it's our fault Paris Hilton was a greedy fameball asshole back then, or that New Zealand is a backwater on the other side of the world. Lorde is very preachy and judgmental. But now she's famous too. A shame she can't amaze us with a follow-up. "Royals" was a really long time ago. What else has she got?
Aaron OBuckets (2 hours ago)
Who’s here from South Park? LOL
Matija Bjelica (3 hours ago)
She looks Like Missy from dr who
Oliver Tripp (3 hours ago)
That doesn’t look like stan
Justin Partridge (5 hours ago)
Eric Cartman (5 hours ago)
The songs about Lorde living like a nornal person but she is already ruling our hearts.😙😙😙😙😙
malorie Rodriguez (5 hours ago)
This song will be played at my wedding when we're inside drinking white wine and everything's white with a crystal chandelier and everything's perfect and I'm only 12 I got a long way to go
In sane (6 hours ago)
It's bascially 2019 and this is still promoting "no leg day" at 1:00. Absolutely barbaric!
Christopher George (6 hours ago)
"Change Your Perspective. Change Your Reality!".........or Simply Stated "Repent"!
m4c1990 (8 hours ago)
Lyrics: I look like I took way too much Xanax I have pubic hair on my head. I’m so boring but I act like this on purpose so rebellious teens can relate to me And even though this song is a huge hit and had great potential I made a vid that is painfully dull I don’t care you can’t tell but I just shat my jeans And now I’m gonna list stuff that I think all rich black people love Gold teeth, Cristal, and going to the club Aw hell no! You might as well say fried chicken also!  Yes my lyrics seem racist. (Racist) But I don’t give a fuck hip hop culture totally sucks Guys stop beating each other up  But this vid is so awful (awful) and we live in poverty, please just kill me! No me! No me! No me! Calm down guys watch some TV. Seriously! We don’t have fuckin cable! All of my animals are dead. (Couldn't take it. You were 2 scary.) They killed themselves because I am a zombie. And every one who says I’m racist I swear that I’m not.  I just live with skinheads And now I’m gonna say more random luxurious stuff I hate Running water, ass hygiene, and first aid I don’t care. I’m not getting tetanus in my dreams. Even though this song hit number one and I have tons of cash I would rather pretend I need food stamps You fake bitch now how the hell am I supposed to eat? All rich people can suck it. (suck it) I am such a hypocrite even though now I am loaded. I’m gonna act impoverished  Play this shit on repeat (repeat) If you want to hate me and maybe you’ll see (you’ll see) (you’ll see) (you’ll see) how terrible I can be
Lilian Robertson (9 hours ago)
*3046 anyone??* No one cares
Who back here 2019!?!??!?!
Crystal Thomas (10 hours ago)
Love this song
GIOVANNI (11 hours ago)
She was 17 years old !!
Sunshine Moon (12 hours ago)
GERMIE FOX (13 hours ago)
2018 Christmas anyone? 😍
Dicas da Belle :D (14 hours ago)
*2050 anyone?*
Mielina Drarry (14 hours ago)
Özgül Montgomery (14 hours ago)
Perfect song😍
Piero VY (18 hours ago)
Conoci a Lorde por South Park jajaja
Christmas everyone?
ai sara (19 hours ago)
Muito nastalgico, lembro de estar em uma viagem e ouvindo essa musica em 2014 que passou em uma rádio, certamente aquela viagem vai marcar para sempre, além de eu estar com pessoas que infelizmente não posso estar perto agora por brigas. Essa música marca muito 😍❤🇧🇷 nostalgic
roel obligacion jr (21 hours ago)
Mrs K Boyd (1 day ago)
Awesome finally got me a playlist can't wait to play my music on my birthday.
Kabal Krono (1 day ago)
Lorde actually reviews this video daily. Be nice when talking about/to her.
Kabal Krono (1 day ago)
At first, I liked this song. Unfortunately, everything she's singing about she didn't have, she's become.
Siddhu Show (1 day ago)
2018 December anyone....?
jésus (1 day ago)
have nice day
Dill Kover (1 day ago)
I love my daddy dennis
dennis bonifacio (1 day ago)
And you can call me queen pea
DT TV (1 day ago)
This song gives me so much nostalgia
Josh Barefoot (1 day ago)
Randy movin mad
f m l (1 day ago)
2018 anyone? Jk no one cares
curikz (14 hours ago)
I do
Nikki Lopez (16 hours ago)
Andres Ramos (1 day ago)
Greys Alcaraz (1 day ago)
2018 y yo sigo amando esta canción.
kethy aleyda (1 day ago)
Randy , where is stan ?
PaulTiX VAVO (1 day ago)
The videos deep af
Emils Mamedovs (1 day ago)
We all know that you are Randy Marsh :D
R0DOD3NDЯ00N (1 day ago)
Smacznego dla pana jedzącego płatki :))
Jacari Peters (1 day ago)
Sara Biggs (1 day ago)
I love you😘
nom berry (1 day ago)
2018, December??
Finnbar xd (1 day ago)
Billie Eilish is just Lorde for 00s kids
phanny phan (1 day ago)
I love this song Lorde was my jam back in the days
Oscar Garzon (1 day ago)
@1:28 Tfue?
tays Vv (2 days ago)
I used to think it said you can call me green bean
JAMES JONES (2 days ago)
Pure garbage! Glad I don’t hear this shit on the radio anymore! Kinda pissed it showed up on YouTube in my recommended!
Felipe Mug (2 days ago)
she released the song at the say time the videoclip went up or this vid came after?
DARRIS KING GAMEZ (2 days ago)
It's been 5 yrs omfg time fly's
It's been 5 fookin years??? Unbelievable. Our lives come and go so fast :(
Badboy17 Allen (2 days ago)
How does she have more views but 4million subscribers 🤔
Dunk Potato (8 hours ago)
*(Insert year and month)* anyone?? Edit thanks for *(insert number of like)*
Lilian Robertson (9 hours ago)
Oh yeeehhh im from 3046 🤙🤙
Gouki JT (15 hours ago)
Mar. 1932
y y (16 hours ago)
Dunk Potato 12/?/2018
Sassy Savage (1 day ago)
Oaktree B (2 days ago)
What's the point of this shit? She's criticizing the world she herself belongs now, after few years and TONS of money she earned from this song.
Annalyn Bautista (2 days ago)
She kinda looks like Sofie dossi
Elmo’s Dad (2 days ago)
I remember seeing this when it came out!
Problem Child (2 days ago)
The cows...
Lily Green (2 days ago)
Who did her make up? It's Amazing!💄😈💜💋
Andy Bricks (20 hours ago)
N.Z. did.
Arber Radi (2 days ago)
Jason Burnsteen (2 days ago)
if you are ever in Ottawa Canada come visit. Poor people have more fun than rich people. And have less to lose. LOL
Miguel Santos. (2 days ago)
Que musica!
Gabriel Fernandes (2 days ago)
Rodney Mason (2 days ago)
Salman Azad (2 days ago)
Anyone else mesmerized when she says "In the movies"? <3
William Terrell (2 days ago)
Nice video last time i heard this song i was in middle school just as goid as i removed it 👍 👍 👍
Randy Lafferty (2 days ago)
Randy marsh
domoneck johnson (2 days ago)
good song-1980
Nicole McDavid (2 days ago)
I remember where I first heard this song. Gives me chills
Luigi Diaz (2 days ago)
First time i hear this amazing song!.. for a moment I thought it was Fergie 😅
BIG SHAQ (2 days ago)
2018 anyone??
Ryleigh Weese (2 days ago)
This song is so underrated
Josh Kelly (2 days ago)
Anyone from 2018 whoa this song is so old
/\Jessi Playz/\ (2 days ago)
*Who here from 3567?*
Czyrine Joy Lacro (2 days ago)
Kortney Crittenden (2 days ago)
2019??? Anybody
joako salcedo (3 days ago)
Joshua Larez (3 days ago)
Damn that girl got me hypnotized with those gorgeous eyes!
Feel old yet??
Robert (3 days ago)
One of the best songs ever written. I want to unhear the others.
JaY Miles (3 days ago)
My childhood!!!!!
I like the lyrics but... I don't feel the song.
richard resende (3 days ago)
PROY (3 days ago)
south park brought me here
BadVibes (3 days ago)
Omg I remember this just coming out and everyone in my school was listening to it
Me the Funny Model (3 days ago)
I don’t get this vid...and it’s because its SO random...but I love this song it’s 🔥FIRE!!!🔥✨💖
A N (3 days ago)
This music video gives me so much vibes
Red Rose (3 days ago)
I love this song bit hate the videos usually. The videos usually reck the song for me.
Ephraim Orapa (3 days ago)
Girl is just awesome
ουяѕ ςнαє (3 days ago)
2019? Anyone here?
Sherry Vinson (3 days ago)
Ain't no fancy shit needed
Thug Life (3 days ago)
South park stans dad lol
Deep Nacho (4 days ago)
I would definitely play this for cattle
Andra Kathleen (4 days ago)
Honestly what even happened to her she literally just disappeared lol
Tai Pearson Music (7 hours ago)
Her new album is good as fuck. She took time off for about 4 years but honestly the album was worth the wait.
Tigergamma1500 (4 days ago)
Lorde lorde lorde la la la lorde (South Park)
Alexander Arnold (4 days ago)
People are not certain nationalities because their eyes are a certain way, and or their skin is a certain color.
WhoaAM I? (4 days ago)
Mr marsh can sing tho
Rene Estevez (4 days ago)
Are they from Britain or New Zealand..?? thanks..
Cellar Door (3 days ago)
New Zealand
Matt Brennan (4 days ago)
she is from new Zealand. that is where she was born and grew up. she released this song when she was around 17yo
Óscar (4 days ago)
She's Australian
Ren Cunningham (4 days ago)
Awesome talented beautiful singer chick!!!😍
deuterium tritium (4 days ago)
I was playing this song all the time back when it came out... hearing it after so long gives me short term nostalgia.
deuterium tritium (1 day ago)
+Alexina Ward 😆 what does that mean?
Alexina Ward (1 day ago)
deuterium tritium Erin?!
Kayla Hamblen (2 days ago)
deuterium tritium gggg

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