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Eden | Set an appointment! http://www.stylesbyeden.com/ Instagram @hairstylesbyeden http://bit.ly/2rJoaSo Tools & Products |http://stylesbyeden.com/blog/shop/Flat Iron Roller set Process! | Shampoo - First 2 Washes: Black carbon 500 mixed with kera care hydration Shampoo Third and Final Wash: Kera Care Hydration Shampoo Conditioner - K360 Conditioner Water & setting lotion used to rollerset Heat Protectant - Kenra Thermal Styling Spray Skinny serum- Paul Mitchell Keracare - Edge control Temperature of the Flat Iron - 200 degrees product
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Text Comments (1152)
Vanessa Jaz (15 hours ago)
She ruined it
acay (16 hours ago)
What in the world...???
Mely Treviño Limones (18 hours ago)
I don't like....
Mona Lisa (1 day ago)
😂😂😂 the client was very disappointed.. I would've smashed you up for doing something stupid look like this.
She Hulk (1 day ago)
Just loc and Nubian knot. No need to do this to your hair.
Shaheer Glover (3 days ago)
What in the CURL happened here?🤔
Gina Burnett (4 days ago)
NO, BOO BOO!!😁 This is definitely a Hot Mess!!🔥🔥😂
mourn-a-lisa (4 days ago)
My grandma had some creepy doll in her house that had this exact hairstyle. No ma'am!
Elizabeth Tucker (5 days ago)
At the end I was like, that’s all?? Looked like my hair at 8 before a midget league cheer competition.
Mme Smith (5 days ago)
Look better without passing the iron. She doesn't look to happy either with the end results
Lynne Springer (6 days ago)
Nice texture change after the rollers. What style was she trying to achieve... like some below said... a Shirley Temple look? Her hair is nice but, I agree it needs to be trimmed/cut. At beginning before curlers came there appeared to be two distinct layers but, this did not show once the hair came out of the curlers. I was curious how to integrate the hair together after the curlers together because I knew that if combed it would not stay smooth. People on board not liking the style. I do not know what style was wanted. Also, lots of Chi's cannot be set to a particular temp.
Michelle Blanchard (2 days ago)
You are right about we commenters not knowing what the client's expectations were. However, all of us are giving our honest reactions to the finished product. The stylist invested a lot of time and skill into something that was not aesthetically pleasing in the end. The stylist "Has strong arms" as one commenter said. Perhaps she should pursue another avenue, such as the "Natural hair" movement.
Carla Thornton (6 days ago)
Um no
Crystal Avena (7 days ago)
Why did the curly look tighter at the end of the video? Pls dont tell me she re curled it. Omg a hot mess
Yann II (9 days ago)
Looks Amess and by her expression she know it does
Iva Lee (9 days ago)
you could done the same thing with just a curling ion
fashion fashionizta (10 days ago)
Why didn't u used a big cone n open her curls she would had look beautiful.
Ginnie Cruz (10 days ago)
Kenya Davis (11 days ago)
Why her ends so straight nah sus try again
They Call Me Humpty (12 days ago)
Ummmm............ I don't understand what happened
Jessy Sapp (12 days ago)
OML! The customer’s face said EVERYTHING!!!
makeit happen (13 days ago)
Diana Sula (13 days ago)
What the hell is that😂
judik lettenmeijer (14 days ago)
What do you mean, beautiful?
Danielle Scarberry (14 days ago)
Elsa Elsa (14 days ago)
Mais c'est moche ! J'espère que la cliente est repartie sans payé, pour un tel résultat. Moi je fais un scandale sérieux.
mariah amador (15 days ago)
she was supposed to blow it out after the rollers and then pass the flat iron through. Fresh rollers on curly hair is not a style lmaooooo
Art Carrol (15 days ago)
I think it was pretty clear that the client wasn’t happy lol
Michelle Blanchard (15 days ago)
If It was put up it would look pretty with the spiral curls hanging down. This hairstyle is just unflattering and unfashionable.
Chandra Estes (15 days ago)
Kamilah Griggs (15 days ago)
That was a lot of work and I will give the stylist credit for attempting to create that style but I personally don’t like the finished product.
Carol O (17 days ago)
I would have loked the style if the coils started from the roots. This half straight half coils look is a hot mess.
delrue rosa (17 days ago)
Lala Newkirk (18 days ago)
Ok..she was not happy....AT ALL....
Betty Hancock (18 days ago)
Loving it
Candance Combs (18 days ago)
Why she didn't leave the curls in and let them fall
Rena Frazier (19 days ago)
The roller set was beautiful but when she started to flat iron it ...like what happen??? That wasn't even needed. I was curious if it was totally flat iron straight but you would have had to wrap the hair....She has Beautiful hair - The stylist if that what she is.... Mess her hair up this was HORRIBLE. And this is why I do my hair myself..P.S. Get your Money Back and her tip for today.."Don't Never Again"
Stupidhacking Fatty00 (19 days ago)
She don’t look too happy and I can honestly see why 😐
FastTurtle011 ASMR (19 days ago)
8:07- “After separating the the!” What the heck.
Imani Newbill (19 days ago)
I'm not a fan
claritycentral (19 days ago)
Was going to like, but the half straight half curly did not work for me. Plus the customers face....did she not like the look or was she having a bad day?
Devonne Clinton Amos (19 days ago)
Darling! Great head of hair!
Not too cute, but natural hair is beautiful, but the style is weird at. Looks like pirates of the Caribbean style
PsyMarie (20 days ago)
Maybe the client wanted her hair that way. I don’t think you can really say she is upset or not because she had the exact same expression before she even started. She may just have resting b*tch face. And she may not have wanted her hair cut. At the end of the day we don’t know specifically what the client wanted her hair to look like (other than a roller set) to judge wether or not the stylist did a good job.
coralarch (20 days ago)
Beautiful? Looks like a hank of steel wool.
Life of a Mom (20 days ago)
But every stylist loves to say "I specialize in natural hair".
Michelle Blanchard (2 days ago)
This is as far removed from natural hair as the earth is from mars. Her hair was manipulated to the highest degree. Hair is fun in that we can manipulate it in strange and new configurations, but... This configuration was not the most attractive one available.
Life of a Mom (20 days ago)
Not a fan of this style.
hMh (20 days ago)
And so you didn't??? W H Y...and look how happy she is. Freakin stylists.
enelda cedeño (20 days ago)
Me encanta trabajar el cabello afro y tus técnicas y producto son especiales , me encantaría que los videos fueran español para entender y conocer el producto y las técnicas .
sandilovee (20 days ago)
Her hair kinda reminded me of those curly gift bows. I didn’t like this and I don’t think the client liked it
Tracey Marshall (20 days ago)
Looks awful
Marjorie Jonas (20 days ago)
I hate it
trini (20 days ago)
After she took the rollers out I thought she was going to finger comb the curls and leave them. They had some bounce.
ebony waller (20 days ago)
She looked very upset with this hair style and why would she put heat in it if it was supposed to be non heat because it's a freaking roller set that she wanted if she wanted you to flat iron it she would have asked for it looked very unprofessional she she have not put this on YouTube I would not have paid her for that because it was not what I wanted at all period
hardamber (20 days ago)
She has such beautiful hair!
feliciamonique D (21 days ago)
She wanted the rollers in so the curls would last longer! All u had to do was run your fingers through it then style if even that
Call Me Chelle (21 days ago)
This is so wrong. Why on earth is the top section of the hair so straight and kinda frizzy while the bottom is in little girl ringlets gone awry? I thought she was going for an updo and that would kinda/sorta explain curling just the ends, but that didn't happen. It's a very confusing hairstyle that can't figure itself out or look right. She's very beautiful and her hair was amazing before it went askew.
Keyna L (21 days ago)
That looks terrible.
Claire Wood-Forrester (21 days ago)
That's ugly
Sheila Darling (21 days ago)
Awwww. Please encourage your beautiful natural curls. Such a gift.
Matilda Reed (21 days ago)
Bio Nurse (21 days ago)
This is ugly
AyeIt'sHAHA (22 days ago)
I mind is so blow right now this look so beautiful  and those professional really did the job!!!
lillyj (22 days ago)
You messed that up sis. That's how my hair looks when it starts to revert back.
deja12580 (22 days ago)
Why flat iron if you want curls that Extra unnecessary damage to the hair no bueno
Cynthia Carter (22 days ago)
Wow....Girl u shouldn't be allowed to do hair or even have hair...or even look at hair...just stay the hair away from me.
lemon yellow (22 days ago)
When the dislike is more than 50%, i know something is not right!
Laika (22 days ago)
Who taught the stylist this technique because..... idk how she can let her client leave the chair looking like that
rizeuse (22 days ago)
I dont like and customer doesnt like it either
"Hello. Can you get me that 'Angry Black Shirley Temple Look' errybody been talking about? Thank you."
Octavia Roberts (22 days ago)
This ain’t it
Celia Wilson (22 days ago)
You are sooo good girl xx
Denise Lyons (22 days ago)
Beautiful 🌹
steven buckwright (22 days ago)
Don't like the finish and really don't understand why you straightened half the curl out masking the root really flat..!
Kasey Burt (22 days ago)
She doesn't look too happy with the results. I saw another girl have her hair done and it was straighten with a flat iron all the way to the ends and then trimmed. I think the same should have been done here.
Jane Dewhirst (23 days ago)
Don't like it
essence.studios (23 days ago)
Don’t bash the hairstylist, being a hairstylist myself some clients want what they want despite the stylist tryna talk them out of it or suggest a different hairstyle, but also on a personal note I will not put my name on anything I don’t like. if I know what u want done is gonna look bad ima tell u str8 up that it’s not for you or your face frame and I’m not gonna waste my time and ur money to butcher you
Lindsey Smead (23 days ago)
Her face at then end !!🤣🤣
Amber Whitaker (23 days ago)
5 dollars she went home and wrap it up with a wide tooth comb.
cat sniffer (23 days ago)
Her hair really looked nice until it was messed up by a flat iron.
Cynthia Peebles (23 days ago)
You made her go through all of that, and there is no telling how long she had to endure the dryer.  Only for you to take your good time in messing up all of her curls.  If I were you I would take this video down, before you mess up your business.
debra cyrus (23 days ago)
Looks so bad
SIMI936 (23 days ago)
This donut will not help anything. :-/
Miss LaDiva (23 days ago)
Yeah I think it's crazy to not have the curls all the way to the roots. I personally dont like the finish product. Beautiful hair
Tawni K (23 days ago)
Dropped the ball on this one.. damn that poor lady probably ran home and washed her hair immediately to lose that horrible, cheap, doll looking hairdo.
cindy boyd (23 days ago)
I don't think the Hair was Beautiful as said in the Info, It could of been a lot better if Trimmed up some like others mentioned in comments
Paola Da Silva (23 days ago)
se ela melhora se a cara de cu ficava bom
C Queen (23 days ago)
This is a mess!!!!! She looks like she has natural hair & definitely needs a trim. & why do a protective style like a roller set & then put flat iron heat on it ?! I’m confused ? Because the roller set itself looked WAY better than when you flat ironed it. Take this video down, sis. You do not know what you doing. Her face says it all, I would have been hotter than that flat iron in that chair if you had my head looking like that when I left. Then you had the nerve to flip it every which way as if you did that smh lmao this has me sooooo mad.
Kim Smith (24 days ago)
In her defense, we don't know actually what the lady was intending to do with her hair when she left. Sometimes we just want you to do the parts we just don't want to do, and when we get home, we do what we originally intended. I had a lot of hair back in the day and I would let them get me to the place I needed to be, so I could style it the way I wanted when I got home. So it depends on the clients intention, which we don't really know. All she said is she wanted it rolled. That is what she paid for, and that is what she got. I myself would have been irritated if she did more than I asked. Especially if I knew I was going to change it anyway.
Peanut and Oreo Basset (24 days ago)
You look nice.
LyrMorrigan (24 days ago)
Her face at the end😐😐😐 We all have that face hahahaha
Lolita Cook (24 days ago)
First time I saw a roller set with long natural hair done right and healthy
M Byley (24 days ago)
It didn't look that good to me, but maybe the client liked it. It looked better after the roller set alone.
Shhh (24 days ago)
*This ain't it cheif*
Lorraine V. (24 days ago)
that's all?
Michelle Gil (24 days ago)
Shouldve gotten up when she took off those rollers
TaDonya Stephens Bey (24 days ago)
Omg 😲 this is horrible. I could have done way better than that.
S. M. D. (24 days ago)
Her hair is so pretty tho...long and thick, just gorgeous.
Yvette Williams (24 days ago)
She needed big bouncy curls, more body.

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