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Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Official Music Video)

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Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Official Video) Listen on Spotify - http://smarturl.it/Wham_Spotify Listen on Apple Music - http://smarturl.it/Wham_Apple Amazon - http://smarturl.it/WhamFinal_Amazon ‘Listen without Prejudice/MTV Unplugged’ – OUT NOW. Listen on Spotify here http://smarturl.it/GMFreedomSpot and get the album here http://smarturl.it/LWPGM Get the Fantasy single here http://smarturl.it/GMFantasy Music updates http://www.listen-georgemichael.com Official website http://www.georgemichael.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/georgemichael/ Twitter https://twitter.com/GeorgeMOfficial Instagram https://www.instagram.com/georgemofficial/ #Wham #WakeMeUpBeforeYouGoGo #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo Lyrics You put the boom-boom into my heart You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts Jitterbug into my brain Goes a bang-bang-bang 'til my feet do the same But something's bugging you Something ain't right My best friend told me what you did last night Left me sleepin' in my bed I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead. Wake me up before you go-go Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo Wake me up before you go-go I don't want to miss it when you hit that high Wake me up before you go-go 'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo Wake me up before you go-go Take me dancing tonight I wanna hit that high (yeah, yeah) You take the grey skies out of my way You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day Turned a bright spark into a flame My beats per minute never been the same 'Cause you're my lady, I'm your fool It makes me crazy when you act so cruel Come on, baby, let's not fight We'll go dancing, everything will be all right Wake me up before you go-go Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo Wake me up before you go-go I don't want to miss it when you hit that high Wake me up before you go-go 'Cause I'm not plannin'' on going solo Wake me up before you go-go Take me dancing tonight I wanna hit that high (yeah, yeah, baby) (Jitterbug) (Jitterbug) Cuddle up, baby, move in tight We'll go dancing tomorrow night It's cold out there, but it's warm in bed They can dance, we'll stay home instead (Jitterbug) Wake me up before you go-go Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo Wake me up before you go-go I don't want to miss it when you hit that high Wake me up before you go-go 'Cause I'm not plannin' on going solo Wake me up before you go-go Take me dancing tonight Wake me up before you go-go, don't you dare to leave me hanging on like a yo-yo Take me dancing (Boom-boom-boom)
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Text Comments (56480)
yasmina noujoum (1 hour ago)
10 years later i still find myself here
Elizabeth Bunshoft (5 hours ago)
This song is one of my favorites, it makes me feel happy inside His singing has so much passion into it Idk why George Michael has to go. :(
JUSTO MORO (5 hours ago)
Bc (6 hours ago)
Who listening in May 2019??
Abraham Mitacc (8 hours ago)
;sweeshii (10 hours ago)
when I was trying to talk to my dad in the car he blasted this So three hours later, I’m playing this to get on his nerves I don’t even like this song, that’s how petty I am
Sonic Ranger (13 hours ago)
Get away from me, you f*cking fruits!
Ifti Hossain (13 hours ago)
tea cup (14 hours ago)
James Horace (16 hours ago)
The general air and energy of the 80’s was awesome
iceice eyes (19 hours ago)
Wham!: "Choose life" Me: I got no choice man.
faye at ease. (20 hours ago)
WAKE ME UP WHEN-- *wrong song*
Jett Carlburg (21 hours ago)
"You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Flaming so much the Master Tape was Burnt Up! Love the 80s!!
Media Mike (1 day ago)
…………...Oh a GOOD song...………...LOVE IT...………...
Nadia Sebile (1 day ago)
I miss these days not a care in the world....r.i.p George 😭💓😍😘
barwick hendrix (1 day ago)
"it's cold out there, but it's warm in bed"
SciFyerGaming (1 day ago)
Matthew Smolen (1 day ago)
The one perfect male... Gay 3:10
Andre Garcia (1 day ago)
This is George Michael's straight days.
Shadow program (1 day ago)
just slit my throat before you go-go
Frobisher (1 day ago)
Guys! Stop disliking the video. Seriously, who cares? It’s a great song. I myself am anti-lgbt but I still like Wham! and their songs. Stop disliking it.
Nikoooo (1 day ago)
49k dislikes weren’t waken up :(
Alguien en 2019❤️🤘🏻
Ricktcher (1 day ago)
When you have to tell Wamuu to wake you up after 2000 years
Sintija (1 day ago)
why the thumbnail(his face) reminds me of Dolan Twins?
Threelly AI (1 day ago)
So hyped... https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Ivette sangalo soy tu fan escucho siempre tus canciones y ademas eres un amor de persona
Neslihan Senkeman (1 day ago)
( • _•)
Douglas Aragon (1 day ago)
OilBaron100 (2 days ago)
What’s wet, sticky, and found on a toilet door? George Michael’s latest release.
bakang nkgodi (2 days ago)
Still love him deeply
Pink Vee (2 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Moreh 00 (2 days ago)
Awaken my masters!! Ayayayayayay
Ioseph Stalin (2 days ago)
amazing song for an Aztec God of Fitness who later inspired modern Air Conditioner system HVAC
Italian Tiramisu (12 hours ago)
kyah prince (2 days ago)
Why is George so beautiful 😍 R.I.P. LOVE
Fire Storm (2 days ago)
Emoji movie 😇
Nathália Volkmar (2 days ago)
Anyone here after Grey’s Anatomy last episode?
Walid Bouhadja (2 days ago)
2010 no ans 2019 YouTube his recomend me 🤦‍♂️
Cristian Channel (2 days ago)
There were lots of pillar men back then...
Rena Fuenmayor (2 days ago)
gamergeek 6655 (2 days ago)
Defiantly got to be in guardians of the galaxy 3
Sharon Tomek (2 days ago)
Pau Ne (2 days ago)
49k Dislikes! KUNSTBANAUSEN🤣🤣
Captain Kiwi (2 days ago)
(•_•) ~) )~ / \
Ah yes, the 80's.. When all of fashion looked like a gay pride parade...
Ok so basically... Jitterbug.
Togaとが (3 days ago)
awaken my masters
bel456 plays aj (3 days ago)
2019? anyone xd
빅이 (3 days ago)
5~16 ?
The Hens (3 days ago)
Wake me up when the school is over
Monado6 (3 days ago)
Time to bust out those orange mocha frappacinos
Sia Joya Bendu (3 days ago)
anyone 2019??
80s Comeback (3 days ago)
35 years ago!!!
Lee Pearl (3 days ago)
Tyrone Franchize (3 days ago)
The dancing didnt match the beat of the song lol
Isabel Bruinsma (3 days ago)
The 49k dislikes need to go-go
Italian Tiramisu (12 hours ago)
Isabel Bruinsma the dislikes are Joseph, Caesar, LisaLisa and the nazis
Rena Fuenmayor (3 days ago)
a normal hooman (3 days ago)
Andriiis (3 days ago)
If you see this and disliked this song, i just want to tell you: You have to go-go
Diana Mihaela (11 hours ago)
but wake me up before that
moomoo thecalf (16 hours ago)
Someone already commented that
Mercedes Tyson (19 hours ago)
HDFWB (1 day ago)
Rebeckfast MB (1 day ago)
Vojta Langr (3 days ago)
Kurtis McMahon (3 days ago)
This is so white 😂
Yasmine Balennn (4 days ago)
80s was a good era
yeeyee nation (4 days ago)
"you're my lady I'm your fool" The irony 😂
louisadulion (4 days ago)
ヽ(*´з`*) ) _ ) 」 / \
wot (4 days ago)
He looks like Prince Charming.
Dark Viper (4 days ago)
Wake me up before u go go wait I need to get my dildo
adee amoguis (4 days ago)
Gay.. i mean good song
Eduardo Baumgratz (4 days ago)
Awake my masters!
Keza Ayet (4 days ago)
(•_•) <) )\ / \
Adithi N (4 days ago)
he looks a bit like John Stamos. idk
スーパーカブ (4 days ago)
Genius ToastBear (4 days ago)
.-. 2019?
Osmar Leonel Caxias (4 days ago)
Saudades..... no Buso Palace♥♥💜💜💜💛💛💓💓💓...
Emanuel Ramirez (4 days ago)
Wake me up before you *JoJo*
James Barnes (4 days ago)
This song is cancer omfg... and aids
Big Cat (4 days ago)
You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day RIP, Doris
Alan Mac (4 days ago)
Their first UK/Us and AM No 1. So very 1980s. Filmed at Brixton Academy
Donna Kowalski (2 days ago)
I ❤ my George Michael Forever... The most beautiful man with the most beautiful voice ❤ Rest in peace, love & paradise sweet George 😢 ❤
Mason Maximization (3 days ago)
The Best voice is a tie between George Michael and Freddie Mercury in my mind
Kyan (4 days ago)
Kyan (4 days ago)
J'adore 👍👍👍💖
Ryan DSouza (4 days ago)
NUDITY SWEARING OBSCENITY MEANINGLESS WORDS. I fail to find them in songs from 70s 80s and 90s
Royal cupcakes DIY (4 days ago)
49K likes need to go-go
420 Mikemacky (4 days ago)
Hack it
Mr X (4 days ago)
Wake me up before you *Jo-Jo*
Rubina Hafeez (4 days ago)
Hes so gorgeous
Yadayadapete (4 days ago)
...you make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day ....R.I.P. Doris Day.
MeganØØF 2005 (4 days ago)
The dislikes are the people who hated sweet George
Callaghan Mayo (5 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
chomon khan (5 days ago)
Wake me up before you go go
tdsymes (5 days ago)
Zip me up before you Go-Go
bue cat13 (5 days ago)
(•_•) <) )L //
RunLego (5 days ago)
I hate this and love this at the same time
Blake’s 66 Chevy (5 days ago)
Yeah, I’ll just stick to 80s rock
Grace McCalman (5 days ago)
That high note! 2.03
May 2019
das great sandwich (5 days ago)
i watch this 2019
lazerlight31 (5 days ago)
Is it wrong I i imagine a scene from a movie with a zombie apocalypses and there in a roller skating rank and skating and dancing? 😶
Ro Jaws (2 days ago)
Dancing zombies dressed in eighties fashion sounds like a winning concept to me.
jasonamil (5 days ago)
Doris Day brought me here. RIP at age 97.
Shawn Hossan (5 days ago)
Rip Doris Day.

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