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Eden | Set an appointment! http://www.stylesbyeden.com/ IG @hairstylesbyeden http://bit.ly/2rJoaSo Tools & Products |http://stylesbyeden.com/blog/shop/Flat Iron Tension Rollers & Pins https://www.studiotechilo.com Roller set Process! | Shampoo - First 2 Washes: Design Essentials Therapeutic Shampoo Third and Final Wash: Kera Care Hydrating Shampoo Conditioner - Mizani Moisturizing Conditioner Setting lotion mixed with h2o Heat Protectant - Kenra Thermal Styling Spray Temperature of the Flat Iron - 280degrees
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Text Comments (119)
hairea54 (20 minutes ago)
Ok!!! I’m going to have to get my nails done!! So I can comb through my clients hair like this!!!😉
qbee53 (3 days ago)
What is the setting lotion used here and how much is it diluted? Thanks, B.
Hair styles By Eden (3 days ago)
Any setting lotion and do half and half ❤️
kunfussed213 (6 days ago)
I know she probably knows this already, but I'm going to say this just in case she doesn't. I just came from her website and the zip code that's listed is actually for New Hampshire and not Georgia. Simple "boo boo", but I thought it might help. 😀
kunfussed213 (3 days ago)
+Hair styles By Eden You're so very welcome 😀
Hair styles By Eden (3 days ago)
Thank you babe just changed it
ELIANE Soares (7 days ago)
Amei esse vou tentar fazer❤❤❤ no meu cabelo ❤❤❤❤😍😍
Tonia Lenza (7 days ago)
You can do anything with medium and long hair
B Karol (7 days ago)
Beautiful hair
bud pek (9 days ago)
Cade os brasileiros?
Ginnie Cruz (10 days ago)
Damn these people are the BOMB👍👍🔥🔥💯💯💯
Tiny Dancer (13 days ago)
My mama would set my hair every Sunday, took all day to air dry.
MIYA ABDUL (13 days ago)
I thought the heat said 880 💀
Alexis Gomez (19 days ago)
Ur in Atlanta Georgia
Samya Booker (20 days ago)
Oh Yeeesss😍😍
Hana Betty (20 days ago)
Hi Eden are u Ethiopian? because ur t-shirt looked like aze minilik t-shirt, even ur name
Curly Oromo (16 days ago)
Hana Betty yes she is
Mari Jones (21 days ago)
8:24 her hair lookin so shine
SparklsandRainbows (19 days ago)
BeezyBee89 (21 days ago)
Oouuu I can't STAND all the comments on almost every video you post saying "don't do this", "you are supposed to do that", "leave her curls the way they are", "stop flat ironing her curls", and so on . . . . Like do these mfs realise its YOUR JOB, YOUR CLIENTS, YOUR PROFESSION AND THE CLIENTS DEMANDS is what matters? . . . . Like we have a shit ton of "professionals" in the comments telling this woman how to do her job . . . . Its annoying 😑 And I'm done 😊 I enjoy your videos 👍👍👍
CarNation Luv (21 days ago)
Can I have her hair?! It’s so shiny, I just can’t believe it! You can probably see your reflection in it 🤗🤗
Naturally _ Me777 (24 days ago)
Came here to watch the video. Fell in love with the music choice 😊. Would you mind sharing who the music is by. Her hair is gorgeous
NancyEllen Woods (24 days ago)
Unnecessary heat damage to the cuticle!
FoxyBrownSugar1 (24 days ago)
Could have just flat ironed it to achieve that look. If she sat under a dryer and then sat there for a flat iron that's pointless.... More heat than needed.. The roller set was enough.
Lola Butler (25 days ago)
Gorgeous work and i love the music choice whats the name of the music
Eric Sanito (25 days ago)
wow what is the music? Love the music.. ❤️
Katie Irish (25 days ago)
she could be a super model!
Sylvia Bustamante (26 days ago)
I got to try this on my self, hope it's that easy. Nice results all the time.
Chi Yah (26 days ago)
What is this instrumental?
Peaches RP (27 days ago)
Yal acting like she was flat ironing the whole head. She was just straightening the roots and parts back out.
ctnjackson (1 day ago)
are you a hair dresser Rosemarie I have been for over 18 years, unfortunately not familar with doing black womans hair. Sorry I thought it was better than before.
kc (27 days ago)
What do you use for the setting lotion? Great work!!
Lea A (27 days ago)
I wish your salon was in my area. I don't know of any good natural hairstylists here.
Alicia Medina (1 month ago)
Beautiful 😘
Sabrina White (1 month ago)
Chleopatra Paige (1 month ago)
So pretty
Burnt Orange (1 month ago)
Hair ALREADY GORGEOUS! !....Why wud it need heat on it. Girl, I wud wear my hair natural w/o anything on it! But then, result was PHENOMENAL! Absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous. Love
Mary Beth (8 days ago)
The rollers are used as a heat safe way to get the hair dry faster along with stretched enough not to have to put too much heat on it
Itz All About Us (1 month ago)
She’s Black That’s Not Her Hair Black Women Don’t Have Hair
Sarah Zeppelin (17 days ago)
Oh so you're DUMB dumb! ok.
Angela Granberry (20 days ago)
Troll. Both my parents are Black and I have 2b type hair
CarNation Luv (21 days ago)
Itz All About Us Hmm, interesting name....racism much?
Erica Mclean (25 days ago)
@itzallaboutus I just checked out one of your videos girl if you don't stfu and do something to your own kids hair and that ragadey ass attempt at a living room! Black woman have hair however your ass wont have a damn life if you try talking this mess to a black queens face. Oh and btw theres a sell on bras at torrid you need to check it out your sagging to the floor boo!
Anjelica Donaldson (1 month ago)
asia91070 (1 month ago)
Eden, when I come to see you I will definitely want a roller set and then FLAT IRON my naturally curly hair. That is what I want and that I what I will pay for. #atlien
Ashley Pollard (1 month ago)
So Beautiful!!
Gorgeous G (1 month ago)
Excellent stylist and beautiful gorgeous hair.
Gayle Bertinelli (1 month ago)
What beautiful hair
Tiger Lilly (1 month ago)
This girl's hair is in the 2s, it's not even 3....beautiful results though....
Angela Granberry (20 days ago)
+Senja Sanchez Exactly ! All hair types need help on optimizing our hair.
Tiger Lilly (1 month ago)
+Senja Sanchez It matters because her results will be different than other hair types....the ability of the stylist is not in question...she's excellent, as I stated in my previous comment.....
Senja Sanchez (1 month ago)
Why does it matter what her hair is? Regardless she did a good job
Tiger Lilly (1 month ago)
+QueenFire08 Yeah, she has stronger waves...pretty hair anyway.....👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
QueenFire08 (1 month ago)
She's a 3A. I know you saw all of those waves in the beginning. 2 hair tends to be straight with a slight wave or curl and 1 is bone straight.
Dana Allen (1 month ago)
I love your style in doing hair I wish you were here in Texas!
Nickie Rasberry (1 month ago)
Nice 👌
DONNA ROSHELL (1 month ago)
Beautiful Results
Que hermoso quedó😍😍😍😍😍
gbair02 (1 month ago)
Beautiful result but a waste of time
Quinisha Harley (1 month ago)
You make it look so easy but when I do it, it looks like what the hell was you going for
Quinisha Harley (1 day ago)
+Hibiscus Syriacus you must be a hair stylist
Hibiscus Syriacus (1 day ago)
But it IS easy!😂
leeluv96 (1 month ago)
Barbara Mendez (1 month ago)
What brand of rollers and pins are those? love it! lots of holes for even drying
Kameisha Brown (1 month ago)
Tension rollers u can find these on Amazon I've seen them in white
Maria Diaz (1 month ago)
I would've take those rollers parts with a blow dryer then flat iron.. we do roller sets in puerto rico since forever is a good way to protect your hair from heat damage and it makes it grow healthier
Valerie Gould (1 month ago)
Aaaarrrrgh!!! I finally find someone who actually knows how to do a roller set and you're on the other side of the US. Literally. Sigh. You do outstanding work!!!
Hibiscus Syriacus (1 day ago)
I'm not a cosmetologist but I can do a roller set. I used to do it frequently until I became lazy and tired of waiting for it to dry. I don't use heat of any kind on my hair and it takes a day for my hair to dry. But yeah I've used all types of rollers. I can't use sponge rollers because they make very tight and frizzy curls. It really very easy😁
PressedForCurls (1 month ago)
I am always OBSESSED with your results!! And watching your videos relaxes me so much 😩😩😩
albatross (17 days ago)
same! unless i catch one of her vids where the background music drops a BEAT and i get startled! lol! 😂
Youi Samil (1 month ago)
Hello 👋 Do you ship 🚢 to oman Or middle east?!
Ester Falcão (1 month ago)
Excelente. Parabéns, gosto muito do seu trabalho.
TP Anderson (1 month ago)
Iss fya!!!
Ashley TaShira (1 month ago)
Why do people insist on telling this woman what to do to her PAYING clients hair?
NancyEllen Woods (21 hours ago)
Because we know how long this process takes and its redundant. I cant imagine sitting in the shop this long. This process shows she lacks the skill to accomplish the end result without further inconveniencing her clients.
Ashley TaShira (20 days ago)
+ebony waller She's a licensed professional giving her client what they want.... Which was straight hair. Have a blessed day ✋
ebony waller (20 days ago)
People tell her about her work because she needs to no what she needs to work on period
Savithri Venu Gopal (26 days ago)
People with nothing better to do are always telling other people what to do! I don't pay these people attention. The hairdresser knows what she is doing to her PAYING client's hair according to their request as you stated.
ctnjackson (1 month ago)
That is the most gorgeous hair set on long black hair, I'm a white hair dresser, and you are so talented. The care and finesse you put into her hair was well worth the watching it through the end. To my ignorance I didn't know that black woman can use hair spray? I thought that would dry there hair. I am going to go back to school so I can learn how to hair like this. Keep up the great work and hopefully make more hair video's like this.
Rosemarie Collins (1 day ago)
Are you fckn kidding me ? The roller set itself was good, but the finish was horrible, totally not finished . You can see every part from the roller set . A good finish would be achieved by blowing out those marks
Elaine Warner (24 days ago)
I think is east indian hair, not african.
Nesha Brown (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️, you had those curls poppin😍
HAIR-a-cane (1 month ago)
she has such pretty healthy hair.
Catrina Watkins (1 month ago)
As always I'm never disappointed. This is gorgeous. I love the sheen and shine. You do an excellent job. I'm glad that you tried the medium rollers. Keep up the good work and thank you for your videos.
Alexia Green (1 month ago)
Tashala Rich (1 month ago)
You do beautiful work and videos are very informative. How long did the client have to sit under the dryer and at what heat setting? Thank you for sharing a less heat intensive way to do silk outs.
Reyna De La Cruz (1 month ago)
Where are you located !
Nana Abena (1 month ago)
Reyna De La Cruz Atlanta
This is so relaxing to watch. Thank you for uploading.
Nesha Brown (1 month ago)
CrazyCountrySouthernBelle yea she does when u go to her page it’s the 5th video
So relaxing watching this. She has beautiful hair. Thanks for sharing! 👍👏🥰
Ruby Chew (1 month ago)
Why do you press the hair after it's roller set. Wouldn't it be natural just let the curls fall over time?
oliviam (1 month ago)
She just flat ironed the roots. In my experience with my natural hair, roots don't fall. They tend to swell and revert to their original curlier state. Without any flat ironing, days later, the middle and ends of the hair may 'fall' and look sleek and the roots may look 'puffy'- 2 different textures. I suspect the flat ironing made the roots sleeker for longer.
Fouleymata kamara (1 month ago)
Slt mon frère 👍👍👍💝
vivian williams (1 month ago)
The roller set came out so very nice!
rae capital (1 month ago)
Do you have any of these videos on 4b/4c hair?
AlmazB (27 days ago)
Yeah she has a number of them
Keirra Knappenberger (1 month ago)
This one is an improvement from the last time I seen you work on this client
Al Wa (1 month ago)
I love you
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Love you more!! ❤️😘
Grün Pfannküchen (1 month ago)
STOPPPPPPPPPP using the damn flat iron on the hair . You have beautiful curls that you keep deflating by using the heat at the end. There’s no need for that. Simply undo the rollers and comb with a wide tooth comb or finger separate the curls . Also a couple of the rollers you just pulled out instead of carefully unraveling which caused the curl to loosen and separate. Slow down and show more consideration for your clients .
Question: are you a hairdresser? And secondly, do you even know if whether or not the client asked for it to be flatiron even after the rollerset was done? It’s about what the client wants, not what people in the comments want and think they have an expertise about how to do hair, when they never went to school for it.
Nana _ (24 days ago)
Grün Pfannküchen how about you dismiss yourself because she’s DOING WHAT HER CLIENTS WANT
Patricia Johnson (1 month ago)
+Grün Pfannküchen of course, she can get feedback good or bad, BUT that still isn't going to stop her from giving her clients the service they want.
Grün Pfannküchen (1 month ago)
Patricia Johnson okay and if she posts on YouTube she can get feedback and opinions about her hairstyling techniques. Good or bad. Now dismiss yourself .
Neph Pierre (1 month ago)
+Hair styles By Eden I wish I had someone like you to do my hair 😭
K B (1 month ago)
Gorgeous work! Artistry at its finest!! Go girl. 🔥🔥
Luam Luam (1 month ago)
For habeshas front hair daneged could you tell me please what can I do thank you
Hair styles By Eden (1 month ago)
Hi, what happened? Is it from color, to much ponytail or ..
ladynefertitibk (1 month ago)
Beautiful roller set results.

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