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Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City Optional Lore & Why Uldren Sov turned Evil

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Uldren Sov's mind was infected by Riven. I almost felt bad by the end. Im not sure if he bit the bullet or what. I think so maybe. Also the Queen lives.
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VanishEclipse4867 (8 months ago)
So the whole Forsaken thing all happened because of Oryx.
Roger Dsa (8 months ago)
Mara maravilha
thepositivelynegativ (9 months ago)
uh, hey ya'll, that ain't Mara.
Legendary ODST (9 months ago)
@thepositivelynegativ look Savathun's DLC is the next one I wouldn't worry yourself with her and her sister just yet. Bungo love it all to be separate as if they are separate games and yet somehow entirely relevant to eachother at the same time. Plus apparently Oryx took Riven just before the taken war however then people are saying it is Savathun there is a lot of controversy there. But yes. Sathathun may be a trickster but you are wrong unfortunately and I hate to say that but in game there is a triumph to visit Mara's court when she is present. So...it is 100% her and not Savathun. Hell if it is truly her against all odds I'll make a bet to never buy destiny 3 (not that I've continued buying after warmind anyway, friend is gamesharing with me) that sounds like a nice bet
thepositivelynegativ (9 months ago)
I get that. Savathun is supposed to be a trickster, though. Who's to say if she didn't use Mara to manipulate Uldren then she's not doing the same to the guardians?
Legendary ODST (9 months ago)
@thepositivelynegativ you did play the game right? We literally found out...spoiler... That it wasn't Mara and instead Riven. This device we are using is is contacting the real Mara Sov. So yes. It is the real one because we literally just stopped the fake moments before in the story. Or rather one of Rivens hench things
thepositivelynegativ (9 months ago)
She sounds sinister instead of the usual cold and timid, and also retreads lines from earlier in the series ( watch the house of wolves trailer ). It's suspect. If it is Mara, she's changed somehow.
Dear sadness (9 months ago)
How do you know
Anthony Fanchin (9 months ago)
Long live the Queen
Firefly (9 months ago)
Turns out riven wasn't taken, she is a descendant of the darkness itself
UNSKIALzPSN (8 months ago)
Riven *is* Taken though, first by Oryx and now controlled by Savathun
Voz Cosmos (9 months ago)
Damn, even Mara's oracle is *THICC* 👌😩🍑💦
Rocketeer 245 (6 months ago)
Wooosh or did I get woooshed.
Shadow Wolf1234 (7 months ago)
Voz Cosmos hahahahah dumb ass you think this is real
Iroh Approved (9 months ago)
So much for being a Lifeless Rock huh Zavala?
rcc1111 (9 months ago)
If you are awoken the dialogue changes slightly when you are in the dreaming city. Petra will call you cousin, a reference to your awoken heritage, and the ghost will ask your opinion if you can feel anything
Sundae (9 months ago)
That’s cool
Marphey (9 months ago)
I like they finally start aknowledge your race. First with Exo's on Nessus now with Awoken in dreaming city.
Fulcrum 67 (9 months ago)
For the first time in the Destiny universe, we saw the first baseline (Awoken) race get takenZ
Brad White (9 months ago)
I like to see other races like human and Exo to be taken
Aj Jones (9 months ago)
Senpai remembered us!
Nukes for Dayz Nk (9 months ago)
but whos revin tho
redhawk44109 (9 months ago)
@the luckless lime Mara's dragon
yvnguzu bruh (9 months ago)
TheOutBack Pandas no, ahamkaras can do that type of shit but it can be savuthun
TheOutBack Pandas (9 months ago)
Nukes for Dayz Nk riven was taken after the Taken War. Savathun used Riven to trick Uldren
Nukes for Dayz Nk (9 months ago)
@the luckless lime sooryfornospacesphonesmashed
Nukes for Dayz Nk (9 months ago)
@the luckless lime ohwaitshecorrupted
millan wood (9 months ago)
Ahhh fascinating she is some where were the battle rages on hummm interesting so she's alive in another realm probs using the same device to commune and riven the wish ahamakara dragon has been using uldran like a puppet on a string to set herself free
Bandar Salh (9 months ago)
@Cayde Six We killed oryx We are going to face savathun But what about the third sister
[ Hector C N ] (9 months ago)
@Shin Malphur She is in the ascendant realm
Cayde Six (9 months ago)
It was all *Savathûn's* doing afterall (that wretched Witch-queen....). Some people kept saying that Uldren was not Taken, but I stayed with the Savathûn-Played-Us-All Theory.
Shin Malphur (9 months ago)
millan wood exo stranger said the same thing maybe its the future where all of them are fighting the darkness and mara is contacting us from the future so we can help against the darkness or maybe mara and eris are fighting savathun
J s (9 months ago)
This explains the raid
Sooner Admirer (9 months ago)
@The Real Cactoos It's a trap
[ Hector C N ] (9 months ago)
We are going to see and know more of Riven, Dul Incaru, Quria and Savathûn.
J s (9 months ago)
@yukin1990 yep
The Real Cactoos (9 months ago)
Lewis Archer _[ ] Defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices._ HMMMMMMMMMMM?
yukin1990 (9 months ago)
So I assume the coming raid will be in the Dreaming City!! Where is Eris Morn by the way? P. S. The awoken city is beautiful and macificant man!

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