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Kale Yeah: A Your Business Makeover by OPEN Forum

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For more info, please visit: http://www.openforum.com/yourbusinesstv Each week, MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. With no previous experience, an entrepreneur couple in Daytona Beach, Florida turned their idea into a profitable business called Kale Café. Fast-forward and now they have two locations, several kids and they want to delve into business expansion – it’s a lot to juggle. So to help them create a recipe for success, we decided to assemble some experts to give them a “Your Business” makeover!
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GinFizz Events (3 months ago)
If she is homeschooling where are the kids while she works the restaurant?
Candyprincess971 (1 year ago)
I loved this, awesome.
TVM Y (1 year ago)
Amazing family. Beautiful♥️
America news (1 year ago)
For business opportunity come on whatsapp +974-31107365
misstoi (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed this episode! I wish you the best in your business.
Tiffany Aura (2 years ago)
OH MY GOD, this is amazing so proud of both of you. Omar and Camille you are strong and hard working people! And inspire many young people like myself, thank you so much for the transparency, this hits many people's hearts watching this! :)
taenika sands (2 years ago)
wow Camille & Omar congrats!
Michael Holman (2 years ago)
So proud of you, Camille! You're a winner!!!
Michael Holman (2 years ago)
Love seeing my students blowing up!!! xoxoxox

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