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incredible New Tools for Welding

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Awesome New Tools and Product SUBSCRIBE-https://goo.gl/gYkBdJ Other video!!! Popular videos-https://goo.gl/KZCCXW Awesome life hack -https://goo.gl/SCZiAr 3 Drill Machine Life Hacks You Should Know-https://goo.gl/7Ckdfh How to make -https://goo.gl/g2Ph4P Welcome to MR SUNY channel Our channel include of guiding videos: - Life hack -DIY -How to make -Awesome ideas -Tips You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just have nothing to do, haven't you? You have found the channel you really need. Here you can find lots of crafts, hand made items, and the main thing is that they all made of make-shifts and at the lowest cost!
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Text Comments (103)
Francisco Soberanes (29 days ago)
Good idea.
Todos vldeos son creativos
javi (1 month ago)
Otro estúpido que inventó la pólvora y la rueda juntas.
q8_63 e (1 month ago)
good job and simple
maria luisa neria (2 months ago)
Muy bueno gracias x compartir su conocimiento
John Weakland (2 months ago)
great!!!! another tool that has already been invented!!!! you really need to use thicker metal on your jig!!!!
Josmar Sales (2 months ago)
Ramananda Saralaya (3 months ago)
Superb.Simple and I loved your work.Thanks for sharing.
Francisco Bullon (3 months ago)
Muy bueno muy bueno práctico sencillo y efectivo un aplauso
Sergio Avalos (4 months ago)
Hola muy buen vídeo excelente escuadra saludos desde ciudad Salta
Rashid Abdsalam (4 months ago)
That's vary good thanks for your
ramon angel escalada (4 months ago)
Realmente una obra de arte su trabajo ayuda mucho con su conocimiento y aporta una gama de idea a las personas que requieren conocimientos y técnicas nuevas
GALO TORRES (3 months ago)
Por favor dime para qué sirve?,si es para poner las cosas en ángulo se puede de forma manual
Jose Colmenares (4 months ago)
very nice and easy to make. thanks .
Brent Mcfadden (4 months ago)
Keep'em coming! Great gig again!
Gildeon Oliveira (5 months ago)
boa ideia gracias
EL POTRO NEGRO (5 months ago)
Metal Art Arte (5 months ago)
Muito bom parabens
Green River (5 months ago)
Mr Sunny, please do yourself a favour. Get someone to teach you how to weld. That duck faeces is getting to me. Hint..Use a square to ensure your projects are true.
Carlos Esaa (6 months ago)
hola buen dia amigo saludos nuevo suscrito,tengo una pregunta pero si se solda completa queda a 90 grados exacto? ojo es solo una pregunta
Jon Mcintire (6 months ago)
You could sell that in a hardware store😁
Amar singh (6 months ago)
Nice video sir g
How I made (6 months ago)
lol is this a joke...im surprised it didnt start off with a cut up empty plastic bottle and some hot glue.
Brandon Temidos (6 months ago)
Que buen inventó like
CUBETechie (7 months ago)
You should remove the Zinc first before you weld. Zinc fumes are toxic and the weld would be less powerful
frank rodriguez (7 months ago)
U got me....lol The good thing is I went to the end of the video first.
Ohňostroje PYROTECH (7 months ago)
This is not so incredible ;-)
Ваван Прокоп (7 months ago)
Молодец попросту и со вкусом
Seth Hollis (7 months ago)
This video has a good direction but was poor quality. The tool was poor quality, the welds were poor quality, and the prep was poor quality. Not down voting or up voting just giving constructive criticism
Tjoen Seng (7 months ago)
Very god
Hùng Trần (8 months ago)
Các anh em chế tạo ra các công cụ. Hữu ít cho mọi công việc quá thông minh tài chế tạo. Giỏi.
Bruno Traven (8 months ago)
allmost neverending...megastupid musica as well
Medida Certa Usinagem (8 months ago)
Muito Bom,ótima idéia.
Juan Carlos Lozada (8 months ago)
ya existen este tipo de herramientas.....en cualquier tienda del ramo la encuentras.
Karan Ramjattan (8 months ago)
yaar khan (8 months ago)
indeed incredible !
JesusGarsa (8 months ago)
song name???
958fuser (8 months ago)
incredibile BANALITA
Johnny Melo (8 months ago)
vc poderia fazer um jig de 45°?
Liam Lacroix (8 months ago)
Conscious law bow lggmo difference cry even free theology touch succeed bar.
Manish Kumar (8 months ago)
Mr SHIELD (8 months ago)
Brilliant idea 👍👍👍. . . 👌👌👌. . .
dhlokura h (9 months ago)
Estaba escuadradro eso?
Ben Sanda usta (9 months ago)
Good w,d
Samy Hady (9 months ago)
Marco Elgue (9 months ago)
thanks for sharing, i find it very useful
Eduardo Herrera (9 months ago)
Esta genial.....
Fred Astaire (9 months ago)
Motor Brain (9 months ago)
Great !
Abuanas Major (9 months ago)
Nice jop..
Edson pereira (9 months ago)
Brasil 👍👍👍
ramon duarte (9 months ago)
James Pratt (9 months ago)
This is a cool idea and would probably been something that I would have made if it wasn't for the fact that I already own 2 pairs of clamps for doing this. My father in law gave me my first pair when I first started welding and doing metal fabrication work. I got my second pair from a friend quite a few years later.
Savador Martinez (2 months ago)
ALL OF GAMING (9 months ago)
carlos lewusz (9 months ago)
Excelente idea, diseño. Muy útil. Gracias por compartirla
DIY Crafts (9 months ago)
Very nice
patrick mcglone (9 months ago)
Wow.. another idea that already exist. By the way that doesn't look like a true 90°.
Forgemaster Dragon (6 months ago)
This guys just showing how you could do it at home
Kevin Metzger (8 months ago)
Better off using angle iron
MilkCap (8 months ago)
It's not even close.
helmut adam (9 months ago)
, ¡
sunil saini (9 months ago)
Creative Jahirul (9 months ago)
*wow nice idea bro*
0439 (9 months ago)
Shailendra Kumar (9 months ago)
bahut badiya Jugaad
André Fleuriet (9 months ago)
C'est bien pour de la petite pièce.
классная предмет
Sebastian Adams (9 months ago)
I'm going to make a variant of this with my powerarc. Simple but good idea.
Marcos Munoz (9 months ago)
Excelente vídeo sólo una observación que no le pongas la masa al tornillo fijador por que Alguna chispa lo puede dañar
Giancarlo Romiti (9 months ago)
Elsa Jara (9 months ago)
Angular Y sostiene las maderas o hierros para soldar .muy bueno
Le Maquis (9 months ago)
perte de temps!!!!!!!!
Otima ferramenta para carpinteiro ! Nice like
Cleber Carvalho (1 month ago)
Vcrafts TV (9 months ago)
That so great
Javier Diaz (9 months ago)
Excelente 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Claudio Diaz (8 months ago)
Javier Diaz 7
Patrick Novak de Paula (9 months ago)
Muito bom show.
PC Gaming (9 months ago)
VeRy GoOd
Ignat Titus Doru (9 months ago)
Make this tridimensional.
Boramir Sadi (9 months ago)
ben sunay usta is stealing your videos report him!
LIKE2HACKS (9 months ago)
Good Performance :)
Criart Tub (9 months ago)
Nice vídeo
Deepak Sharma (9 months ago)
🖐️ awesome
Krum Скит (9 months ago)
Браво ! 👍
achuannu sd (9 months ago)
Крум Скитски
Sergio Ruelas (9 months ago)
Muy buen video saludos de un marino mexicano
Mr IMBUS (9 months ago)
Nice video 👍 Great Job man 👍👌😀
Sebastian Coetzee (9 months ago)
It is a pretty good idea
Amaan Alam (9 months ago)
make a different types of tools
Amaan Alam (9 months ago)
my 6 comment for you
Harbhajan Singh (8 months ago)
Ama Oan Alam
NIK TECH (9 months ago)
Very useful :-)
Roberto. H.G. (9 months ago)
Cooool 👌 ; )
DJI america (9 months ago)
Abu-ZIDDHI cazroad (9 months ago)
Super 👍👍👍
Creative Jahirul (9 months ago)

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