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TesseracT - Live at The Regent Theater 5/3/2018

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May 3, 2018 - TesseracT performs live at The Regent Theater, downtown Los Angeles, California. https://www.tesseractband.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/tesseractband/ https://twitter.com/tesseractband https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesseract_(band) Members: Acle Kahney - Guitar James Monteith - Guitar Jay Postones - Drums Daniel Tompkins - Vocals Amos Williams - Bass Hometown: UK
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Text Comments (105)
masterhand510 (1 year ago)
Here comes the setlist! 0:28 Luminary 3:34 Nocturne 8:42 Concealing Fate Pt. II: Deception 14:03 Concealing Fate Pt. III: The Impossible 20:00 Survival 25:10 Dystopia 31:15 Hexes 36:58 Phoenix 41:38 April 47:16 Smile 51:35 Of Matter Pt. I: Proxy 56:47 Of Matter Pt. I: Retrospect 1:02:50 King 1:09:40 Concealing Fate Pt. I: Acceptance btw nice quality dude! thanks for sharing!
tim b (1 year ago)
masterhand510 better version of Nocturne here..I love the song. One of there best songs but... Putting Dan thru all that jst seems a bit much... he's making it wrk tho. Dan has a heart of a lion tho... He's pushing on. The band should concentrate more on songs from Dan's voice tho. Nevermind how bad ass Altered State is. We all know it's bad ass. So...move on. Showcase Dan. 4get Ashe.he's gone. Move on...
Giancarlo Solbiati (22 days ago)
Masterpiece! Thanks for uploading, bro!
Valentina Boccaccio (2 months ago)
Fantastic voice!
Gonzalo Peral (2 months ago)
Fucking amazing performance! Love the setlist, their playing, Dan's vocals and the one who shared this.
Regnar Bensin (2 months ago)
amos should practice his growls a bit more. and the band should use him if Dan cant do lows. would have been very VERY effective in a song like King.
Stefan Duginski (4 months ago)
Whoa someone in the audience nailed a perfect harmony at 58:12 did not expect that
Daniel Calderon (5 months ago)
The intro to Proxy is insanely effective.
twoplustwoisnotfour (5 months ago)
Awesome sound - what did U film this using??
Luka Markač (5 months ago)
this fucking drummer, I swear
Jennifer Ortiz Toro (6 months ago)
If anyone is from Omaha they are coming in February 2019.
MaestroMutt (6 months ago)
I've loved TesseracT ever since my friend introduced me to them I didn't know they were touring so on my birthday, May 3rd, I was just sitting at home with my girlfriend having a good day when out of nowhere our friend calls and says he has two extra tickets He drives up and we hop in the car and we drive a couple hours to see them live. It was a great birthday and I'll never forget the killer performance from TesseracT, Astronoid, and Plini.
MaestroMutt (6 months ago)
I still remember the guy in front of me browsing reddit on his phone before the show started
MaestroMutt (6 months ago)
Sorry I was yelling through the whole damn set but what a show
Caynug (6 months ago)
What a sick show, they inspired my music so heavely!
Michele Porcu (7 months ago)
Simply love TESSERACT
Aidan Quack (7 months ago)
Compared to performances before Sonder was released, Dan has gotten much better at singing Nocturne...even with laryngitis!
Fucyu Zuc (7 months ago)
THank you so much, I recently discovered this band \m/
Ferrari Paul (7 months ago)
This really is a great recording!! Audio is excellent!
sicdedworm09 (7 months ago)
Fantastic show except for the girl grabbing peoples faces because she was getting bumped by the mosh pit. Move or accept your at a metal show. pushing happens. Surprised the dude next to me kept his cool. Looked like he was ready to throw fists at her
Proksimity (7 months ago)
Whatever they're paying their sound guy it is not enough. That's some of the best live sound engineering I've ever heard
Fowo (19 days ago)
this so much. The only other band I've heard being so clear on a concert despite of lot of going on was Leprous. Having a good sound engineer in this genre is as important as being good live musicians these days
Obie (2 months ago)
Amos handles most of that as far as I know :D
Esa Edvik (6 months ago)
You got that from this phone/gopro recording?
Menor do Chapa - (7 months ago)
essa banda é palhaçada, puta que o pariu
Charley Abel (7 months ago)
I really hope they do Phoenix at Shepards Bush, London this year. I saw them in Oxford back in 2014 and it was fantastic!!! I'm so excited to hear Dan's vocals live again!!!
sam g (7 months ago)
54:15 sick vocals but what the fuck dan
Adam Ore (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing such quality upload, much appreciated! These guys are such powerful live performers... Seen them 4 times already across the years and can't wait for next one, which is pretty much soon;)
Alexis Poncelet (8 months ago)
What a fuckin setlist
Jeffybears (8 months ago)
God dam this is refreshing my new fave live show from this band yeassssssss
Alice Pozitivovna (8 months ago)
Thanks for recording! what camera you used here ?
Daniel Kirby (8 months ago)
this one was shot on my old iphone6S, with a Zoom iq5 mic attachment... my new vids after 9/21 are shot on an iphoneXS w the same mic
jamrhxh (8 months ago)
Hooooooly shet thats quality D; goosebumpssssssss
Andy S (8 months ago)
Their live shows are an experience. They are so clean and sound like their recordings. Great band!
Deth Meddl (8 months ago)
good mics u have
ernesto muyale (8 months ago)
I regret for not traveling 4 hours by car to see them in NC and they were worth it for sure, i hope to see you guys next year in north america.
Cody Martinez (9 months ago)
They should stop doing nocturne
Nakarin Ley (8 months ago)
After I listened, I agreed with you :p
Nakarin Ley (8 months ago)
What made you say that, I wonder.
sumsar0125 (9 months ago)
And the award for "Cringiest Stage Movement" goes to... haha. Love his singing here, but that robot move during Proxy?
falcon 89 (9 months ago)
luminary is ridiclusly bad compared to the others tracks
Liam Phillips (10 months ago)
1:05:41 - "wow" that's the truth though 😂
youfilin (10 months ago)
Tesseract stuck in my mind. The sound, the structures, the music!
Kike Quiroga (10 months ago)
Thanks for this footage. Cant wait to see them live someday!
Dmitry K (10 months ago)
No such words to describe how much I love this band. Simply awesome)) Been once in Moscow on their show, probably, really-really, one of the most musically impressive concerts in my journey. Big up!! One love.
Kraig Highnam (10 months ago)
i know dan is married but im next in line
mackie1001 (11 months ago)
They're getting tighter as time goes on. Nice.
Fayas Mohamed (11 months ago)
Dan is awesome. But to meet the ambience of Altered State you just got to have Ashe's voice.
Aldo Smok (7 months ago)
Polaris and sonder are better than altered state in my opinion And both are Dan's work
Andy S (8 months ago)
Not another Dan vs Ashe debate
Ryan D Hicks (10 months ago)
saw this comment a few days ago, agreed with it before I saw TesseracT in Melbourne on Friday night, not my first time seeing it but I have to disagree with this comment now, he aced it 100%. I feel with Ashe too he was definitely disappointing live and didn't live up to his album performance.
John Fitzgerald (10 months ago)
What you have to understand is that the vocals on Altered State were heavily layered. It gave it a more ethereal feel, but I would argue that Dan is the more skilled vocalist and is something to behold live when he’s on
Semp Barthinia (10 months ago)
Nah, I think Dan does it better personally. Obviously he's a lot better than ashe live but I also just like his voice on AS tracks..
Hound_TV (11 months ago)
this setlist is perfection o.0
sebastian cantillana (11 months ago)
Angie Guile (1 year ago)
Thank-you ...simply wonderful !
tim b (1 year ago)
Dan is the man. Play more from Dan's songs... 4get about Altered State. Ashe is gone. Move on... Altered State is awesome. We all know it. So move on already...
Shawn Mitchell (2 months ago)
@Daniel Calderon yea. It definitely isn't their best album but people make is like ashe made the album or something lol. The album was already written an demo'd before he even joined.
Daniel Calderon (5 months ago)
It still is a TesseracT album though and they need to give it some love. I don't consider it their best album, but a TON of people do and they'll all want to hear the songs off it and sing along, regardless of who is onstage.
tim b (10 months ago)
Crabcore1 jst now catching the back half of the show...he's killin these parts around 54 min mark... Guess early in the show he wasnt quite warmed up..cuz he actually crushed that. 4get what track that is. But he's doin a killer job on that one...
tim b (10 months ago)
Crabcore1 not taking anything away from what's still their best album. And I agree, it isnt jst cuz Ashe...but he definetely made his mark on that album.
tim b (10 months ago)
dislecsyk991 everyone capable except Dan not quite gtn it...
Carolina Barbosa (1 year ago)
33:34 godlike bro
Carolina Barbosa (1 year ago)
i really hope they soon come to my country 'cause i reaaaaly need to watch this and suffer with them live hahaha
Lucas Rohr (8 months ago)
Tô na expectativa já fazem uns 4 anos :c
Julio Cesar S.Santos (1 year ago)
< 3 escuto todos os dias!
Carolina Barbosa (1 year ago)
depende de nós cara, se a gente falar deles nas redes, mostrar pros amigos, enfim, spread the word, eles vão ser conhecidos kkk
Jessé Levy Vieira (1 year ago)
sure, but unfortunately they aren't too known in South America, anyway, olá , tbm sou BR kkkkk
blockeyking (1 year ago)
The beginning of deception sounds really weird... Not sure if its the recording or I just heard the first ever mistake that Tesseract has ever made... ever. Either way, another aaaammmmaaaazzzzziiing set from them!
Aditya Dimri (11 months ago)
Comes back in a second
Semp Barthinia (11 months ago)
blockeyking yeah Jay fucked up the beginning lol
NeovoX Music (1 year ago)
Does someone has the setlist ?
Yeet (1 year ago)
This setlist is so good
OldFingerman (1 year ago)
It feels like I'm there. awesome video!
Marine Leclève (1 year ago)
Is it normal they only played 3 songs of Sonder ?
Semp Barthinia (11 months ago)
Mista Jerka you're quite lucky then! I've been wanting TesseracT to play a full album live for years, glad they're doing it finally. They're also supposed to film their London show, possibly for a live DVD.
Mista Jerka (11 months ago)
Semp Barthinia sweet, that means ill probably hear the full album when they come to sweden
Semp Barthinia (11 months ago)
Mista Jerka pretty sure they just didn't all have time to learn them. Supposedly, according to Amos, they're planning on playing Sonder in full on their UK tour with BTBAM.
Mista Jerka (1 year ago)
BionicleSaurus did he mention what it wad they couldnt replicate live?
MrWiggnuts (1 year ago)
No wonder I can't find juno anywhere
mellamoignacio (1 year ago)
54:03 really?
Tarek Sayadi (6 months ago)
Bramkan (7 months ago)
Totally insane.
Mark Schriever (1 year ago)
Jesus, that was beautiful. Gave me goosebumbs.
Rocio Iribe (1 year ago)
You have no idea how happy it makes me that i can relive this magical night. thanks for uploading!!
Bernard Gueffier (1 year ago)
i love Dan's gestures but damn i hate those recorded voices ! Why don't the guys do the backup vocals ?
Semp Barthinia (1 year ago)
I don't wanna hear Acle and James trying to scream the insanely difficult backing vocals lol
Proxy Effect (1 year ago)
Because its not physically possible.
Kars Landman (1 year ago)
Cause I think it's insanely difficult to play their instruments tightly and also do the really difficult backing vocals...
Daryl Smith (1 year ago)
This is the best live upload. Incredible performance.
Alexander Prokes (1 year ago)
For a guy with laryngitis he was bad ass. The band as a whole is getting better all the time.
Gina R (1 year ago)
Alexander Prokes I thought the same
Daniel Gordon (1 year ago)
Serious kudos to them all here, but especially for Dan for those screams at the end of Perfection Pt 3 with his recovering voice. Brave!
NSF Drums (1 year ago)
Semp Barthinia yeah that’s what I read! Wondered why he struggled on some of the parts but overall he killed it.
Semp Barthinia (1 year ago)
NathanDrums Dan had laryngitis on this tour, at least part of it.
Jessé Levy Vieira (1 year ago)
where are you from bro?
NSF Drums (1 year ago)
Daniel Gordon recovering voice?
euse rojas (1 year ago)
brutal hexes version
Kai Ostrowski (1 year ago)
Awesome Sound! Thanks for the Upload, bro

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