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How To Use Rollers To Get Bouncy Hair

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In this video tutorial expert hair stylist Archana demonstrates how to use rollers to get bouncy hair. This is a very detailed step by step tutorial. The stuff you need are: 1. Rollers 2. Tongs 3. Hair clips 4. Pedal comb 5. Hair spray Bouncy hair is an evergreen hair styling style. Curly bounce looks great on medium length hair. This tutorial also explains how to do this style for re-bonded hair.
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Text Comments (9)
Bond 007 (2 months ago)
ill subscribe ur channel u have beautiful hairs as like u well done keep it up.
Ashwini Raj (5 months ago)
U r beautiful.. nice video .. pls make it in a disturbance free area .. audio has soo much disturbance in d background.. also pls concentrate on light or chose more ventilated place to shoot d video ..
Sanjay Prasad (6 months ago)
bakwas hai😬
Taste and foods (10 months ago)
Heat dene k liye hair straightner bhi use kr sakte hain?
Rakhi Malik (11 months ago)
can u show the picture of back combing comb
Beauty Mantra (5 years ago)
Thank you for liking it :)
Attiya Rehman (5 years ago)
Goood one ..
Beauty Mantra (5 years ago)
Hi. Thanks for liking this video. Sure will will do a video on your request. take care
Desiree Duque Broady (5 years ago)
very pretty style... please do video on how to use hot rollers while keeping hair length

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