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Chinese New Year Horoscope 2019 : Year Of The Lucky Pig

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Like 2018, this year is ruled by the Earth element, continuing the theme of stability. Transitions and risk-taking will be challenging. Pleasant routines, holiday rituals, family traditions, and conserving resources are favored activities throughout the Year of the Pig. In 2019, slow and steady will win the race. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- source : http://tiny.cc/18fe2y music : [No Copyright Music] Folk Chinese - PeriTune [Non Copyrighted Music] Doug Maxwell - Lau Tzu Ehru [Chinese Music]
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Text Comments (14)
Jenefir Pueblao (1 month ago)
I am a ox
Buddy L (3 months ago)
Hate the computerize voice
Kythe Olleras (3 months ago)
I’m born in the Year of the Tiger
gregory frie (4 months ago)
c amore (4 months ago)
Pig here :)
moss pawz (4 months ago)
Im a dog, awesome I listen to my gut and it should be better than last year, my mom passed away in June, and 2018 was awful and a struggle.
Mommy & Son (4 months ago)
Trust god forever and everything else will be okay.
O Doyle Rules (4 months ago)
Yes how weird dog year was not good for dog. Many of my dog family and friends had very bad luck. Pig year will be good for you, I am snake pig is my enemy lol.
Peter Stark (4 months ago)
Im a boar and this will be my year. I bought red boxers to wear all year!
Helouise A. (4 months ago)
Water rooster!
GPS Sehijpal (4 months ago)
Very Nice Video. Happy Chinese New Year 2019! Get Chinese New Year 2019 Images Wallpapers: https://advancehappynewyeareve.com/happy-chinese-new-year-images-wallpapers/
Sabrina Nascimento (5 months ago)
My Twin and niece are sheep.
bezen (4 months ago)
I don't understand. You said you were a rooster in another post. How can your twin be a different sign?
Sabrina Nascimento (5 months ago)
I am a Rooster.

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