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Prince - 1999 (Official Music Video)

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Prince's official music video for 1999 Listen to your favorite Prince tracks, all in one place: Spotify: https://Prince.lnk.to/SpotifyTopTracks!1999 Apple Music: https://Prince.lnk.to/pr_am!1999 Shop Prince: https://Prince.lnk.to/1995-2010WI!1999 Follow Prince: Facebook: https://Prince.lnk.to/1995-2010FI!1999 Instagram: https://Prince.lnk.to/1995-2010II!1999 Twitter: https://Prince.lnk.to/1995-2010TI!1999 {Don't worry, I won't hurt you I only want you to have some fun} I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray But when I woke up this mornin', could've sworn it was judgment day The sky was all purple, there were people runnin' everywhere Tryin' to run from the destruction, you know I didn't even care Say say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time So tonight I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast But life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last War is all around us, my mind says prepare to fight So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen to my body tonight Yeah hey, they say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time So tonight I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine Yeah, yeah, hey #Prince #90sMusic #Funk
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El Cuate (13 hours ago)
Prince is rolling in his grave or not for his earlier hits being made public.
El Cuate (13 hours ago)
2001 is what this song about. 911.
El Cuate (13 hours ago)
Mas o Menos.
Turn me on Deadman (13 hours ago)
Makes me wanna do coke and drink. Oh yeah....im already doing that!
Keir Ellis (23 hours ago)
Prince=musical genius
Luna Remedios (1 day ago)
woke up from a dream where I was in a club what they say in the song is what happened in my dream .. it was a crazy dream I was born on 1999...
Who are the women?
Crow 2003 (2 days ago)
1999 Bizarre Summer
Nick Callahan (3 days ago)
Fuckin Lucid guys...good work
Nick Callahan (3 days ago)
Mike Hayes (3 days ago)
666 WANAYE 666 (4 days ago)
Arturo Ortega (5 days ago)
chilix vibe (6 days ago)
I didnt like any of that.
Kontact (7 days ago)
Rappers/singers need fresh beats? I got the sauce. 🔥🔥🔥
Naela Shakir (8 days ago)
#RIPPRINCE #PRINCE4EVER #1999 love and miss you with all my heart beautiful purple one will always party with you like its 1999 xxx
Blue Eyed Soul Man (8 days ago)
How could the year 2000 mean anything? He's obviously talking about judgement day, right? If he rose is AD33, then 2000 years would be 2033 if the year "1" is accurate. (There is no year "0.") It would not be from birth but from resurrection if anything. Too serious for a pop song? lol. Just sayin'. At least he tried. He was off by at least 33 years.
choclate rain (6 days ago)
Your off 33 years salty onion
Tyler 1 (8 days ago)
Don Beck (4 days ago)
giacomina dingeo (7 days ago)
Sussudio was released by Phil Collins in 1985. This masterpiece by Prince in 1982. Who inspired who? To you the answer...
no show joe (8 days ago)
dont go too fast or ill sue
jason ballard (9 days ago)
love u prince rip
Golden Blue89 (10 days ago)
I love this song 💙💛
I listen to this song on my Sony Watchman on the radio
Gabriel Eduardo Costa (11 days ago)
Esse é o único funk que eu escuto.
gerald nwaneri (12 days ago)
Used to envy Prince in the day....just used imagine whats going on in his castle and i begged my parents to allow me spend a summer with Prince.....Such a great dude....I loved him and his music....and still do...thats why I'm playing it while i wrote this
Jago (13 days ago)
Are they twins
Antonio Johnson (11 days ago)
che chello (14 days ago)
Hola, cuando en realidad no es el destinatario de este mensaje por qué no me ha llegado el momento de la mujer de negocios y muchas cosas más importantes de la semana, y tú cómo estás te envío el colegio de abogados de la semana pasada que no se puede hacer el depósito de los dibujos que se le ha llegado el momento no se ha enviado..
Total classic 80's pop track right here
B.A.S.T Shme (14 days ago)
Love this song and it was before my time
Nameless :/ (14 days ago)
white hats stand up
Daddy December (15 days ago)
Crow 2003 (3 days ago)
Daddy December yessss
superserial (15 days ago)
Jill and Lisa were looking good.
Kari Atkinson (17 days ago)
Jamie Bertelson (17 days ago)
I was Born December 2 1999 this song makes me want to cry happy tears
Maravi Yoso (17 days ago)
BTW, 1999 has the same melody as Manic Monday
sans is ness (17 days ago)
WHY THERE SO MANY jOJO rEFeReNcES in the comment section
Roslyn Johnson (18 days ago)
One of the best albums ever,rest in love💜💜💜
vitalik vroku (19 days ago)
Прінц крут !!!
Aaron Soto (19 days ago)
Jill Jones amazing leg 2:12
Rakaisha Hokes (19 days ago)
Who wishes that Prince was still alive
Kari Atkinson (20 days ago)
Oh yes
Shakira Charriez (20 days ago)
I loved video when it came out. The Revolution was my favorite band. 💜💜💜🎵🎵🎵
Dedede is Dosh (20 days ago)
Kira's least favorite song
Crow 2003 (3 days ago)
Dedede is Dosh rip
Ottavio Farnese (20 days ago)
It's a very golden bizarre experience
German BG (20 days ago)
Prince was a genius!
Renee O'Shea (21 days ago)
Baddest mofo that ever lived!!!
The One Who Knocks. (22 days ago)
6164L (22 days ago)
RIP Beautiful Man!
Empire Today Fanatic (22 days ago)
My deceased mom LOVED this song.
JediJusticeDestiny77 (23 days ago)
Monday Monday. I was dreamin when I wrote this!
Clive Sangster (23 days ago)
Shit Prince was a genius.
melly bell (23 days ago)
2019 listening still <3 <3 <3
Ribeirao (23 days ago)
I've found out that blonde girl on streets of rage...
jason steel (24 days ago)
If the Democrats GAIN POWER IN THE 2020 election, God help us and these lyrics will rain true. Trump 2020, it's all about the economics.
lee pearson. (24 days ago)
The best Nye song ever.
Tommy Miller (24 days ago)
Prince had his real-life back-ground dancers sing the opening part of this song. True Story bro.
michele adams (25 days ago)
He wrote this song on the 80s and it still pays way past 1999 its 2019 no judgement day yet. Rip prince
anglekan (25 days ago)
I was like 8 or 7 years old when this came out and that blonde chick with the hat gave me a boner.
dodopoopinpoop (25 days ago)
Just realized today that this song was talking about the future when it was made but me being only 23 and so young. I always thought it was talking about the past when I heard it.
Stephen Hagony (26 days ago)
Midget noise maker.
GOOD OLD DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grayman 2003 (27 days ago)
1999 Bizarre Summer
Claudia Largaespada (27 days ago)
Dam real music real talent this came out when I was 3 and I’m listening to this in 2019 I love it
Munjee Syed (27 days ago)
The girl and especially the guy sound so similar to Prince I thought that when I first heard this I thought Prince was singing super high and deep in those parts I always thought the girl part could be an actual woman but assumed the other man was just Prince making his voice deep
William Lee (1 month ago)
All Michigan fans party like its 1989 national champs go blue.
Eddie Willis (1 month ago)
Rest inpeace Prince
Angela Cothran (1 month ago)
80's music is the best.
Assassin Audiotore (1 month ago)
Best Prince song!!!😎
Domine Wimbury (1 month ago)
When the year 1999 seemed years away. Now it's 20 years ago!
Daijah _Velez (1 month ago)
Why all the good legends leave 😞😭💔
soullimbo (1 month ago)
Damn ! Jill Jones was just....
Me when I’m bored and I’m home alone WE GON PARTY LIKE ITS 1999 R.I.P prince 👑
Lyte42 (1 month ago)
" if you didn't come 2 party dnt bother knocking on my door!" I got a line in my pocket baby its ready 2 roll 💅👊 R.I.P Prince 💖
The prince is very much alive!
Gery D (1 month ago)
I was born 1982...my mama dies at 1999...
Albert Renz Dones (1 month ago)
E Mack (1 month ago)
This song is 37 years old!!
TheFhhgh (1 month ago)
This song is the year i was born
Because... you're The Dad ... lol... u just want to fight... ;)
How do you ground a 40 year old kid?!
Nat Burke (1 month ago)
Shouldnt of NEVER sold of soul to be rich and famous.. R.I.P Prince ❤
ansiaaa (1 month ago)
0:44 that's Mos Def with a perm!
Senem Ulku (1 month ago)
r.i.p 🤴 loved your songs and your outfit and your dance you where so cool
Diana Chumard (1 month ago)
nice year for this song
MrBlactye (1 month ago)
This my jam right here. Prince made hits after hits. This man was so beyond gifted.
RobParliament (1 month ago)
Prince Rogers Nelson: One of the most awe-inspiring musical polymaths of the past century.
Tangsoojitsu (1 month ago)
i wish it was still 1999
San dra (1 month ago)
Zuracatta (1 month ago)
Muzska, I still miss you
Charmaine Stephens (1 month ago)
Love how he looks into the camera throughout the vid. Especially around 3:09. Still can't believe hes gone. RIP to one of the true greats <3
Jack Box (1 month ago)
Wonder what 2999 will be like
bigrayray43 (1 month ago)
Bobby Z, Dr. Fink, Dez, Mark, Lisa, Jill & Prince forever.
Windbandit (1 month ago)
The 80’s were cool
Cindy Oehler (1 month ago)
sixtynine999 (1 month ago)
Numbers FTW!
Kaesha Lynch (1 month ago)
Missing Prince! My workout and clean up house music! My son is 14yrs old and we jam to Prince's songs. He really appreciates great artists! Love that he loves Prince!
Jaycee Diaz (1 month ago)
Born in 1999 and loves this song.
Kassie (1 month ago)
"We can all die any day. I don't wanna die" 😔😔😔😔😔🏳️‍🌈🤧
Grace Silvers (1 month ago)
Why did he have to leave us? :-(
Grace Silvers (1 month ago)
David Pennington (1 month ago)
Oh, Prince man, I'm still partyin' Feb 2019
Mike Wilson (1 month ago)
Forgetting the year in the song, to me the meaning of this song is to enjoy life in the present before it’s too late.

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