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Hot Roller Hair Curling Routine | StyleAssisted

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Hi everyone! This has been requested, so here is my current curling routine using hot rollers. The travel roller set I use is this one: http://bit.ly/2P06UYw Favorite hair texturizing sprays: Not Your Mother's: http://bit.ly/2CWeXyn Amika: http://bit.ly/2yMGL5d Living Proof: http://bit.ly/2P4KIwa Bumble & Bumble: http://bit.ly/2P3gWIj
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Just Li (1 month ago)
I know red is your natural color but do you add any additional color to make it shine like that? It is very pretty. Also I roll mine from the top down. Is there a reason you start at the bottom?
misshunneebunnie (1 month ago)
Yay! You are so fun and sweet and I LOVE your videos! I also over curl my hair because I have so much and it is so heavy that it also falls into waves by the evening! Thank you for another video, I am definitely going to get some hot rollers! 💜💜💜
Lyn (1 month ago)
Beautiful hair love your natural color too!

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