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When she sees her hair straight for the first time! / The magic of roller set!

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Eden | Set an appointment! http://www.stylesbyeden.com/ IG @hairstylesbyeden http://bit.ly/2rJoaSo Tools & Products |http://stylesbyeden.com/blog/shop/Flat Iron Tension Rollers & Pins https://www.studiotechilo.com Roller set Process! | Shampoo - First 2 Washes: Design Essentials Therapeutic Shampoo Third and Final Wash: Kera Care Hydrating Shampoo Conditioner - Mizani Moisturizing Conditioner Setting lotion mixed with h2o Heat Protectant - Kenra Thermal Styling Spray Skinny serum- Paul Mitchell Keracare - Edge control Temperature of the Flat Iron - 380 degrees
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6ae6e 6oozy (1 hour ago)
My mom has me doing my 8 year old sister hair cause she says I do it better and because she always has a difficult time brushing her hair to the point where she once cut her hair which was almost bald and my sister was devastated I felt bad so ever since then I do her hair cause I don’t my mom to cut my sisters hair ever again at least not that short.
Denise Rodemich (1 hour ago)
Her hair is beautiful both ways.
Payson Miglin (1 hour ago)
At the end where it said “Her face was priceless” in the mirror she looked so annoyed XD
Marie Vanleeuw (6 hours ago)
Aren’t you supposed to cut the hair when it’s still wet?
Kathy Stratenberger (8 hours ago)
Ain't no me trimming my thick ass hair
Catherine Greene (11 hours ago)
She’s absolutely gorgeous!!
Annette G (17 hours ago)
What a beautiful girl!!!
Im a Collector (18 hours ago)
She is going to regret it when she is 27 .
NeveCro (18 hours ago)
What iron is that, I nerd that one in my hard core curly hair life.
Mae Korte (22 hours ago)
This girl is gorgeous!!!
Stefani Garcia (1 day ago)
Absolutely gorgeous both before and after!! Excellent job!!! ❤️❤️❤️
gigi jordan (1 day ago)
Lovely soft curls were nice. I do prefer them . The use of rollers were true replacement of the blow-dry. Both styles are gorgeous. And her hair colour is awesome. Wonderful transformation...
Lisa Murray (1 day ago)
I like her curl.
Johanne Champagne (1 day ago)
Hair was so stunning in its natural state.
Lauren (1 day ago)
She now has movie star har instead of acid trip freakout homeless hair...
Pickles World (1 day ago)
14:06 her face is priceless look in the mirror
Amanda Share (1 day ago)
You have beautiful hands and her hair looks amazing!
Nahomie Mekonnen (1 day ago)
you from Ethiopia🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 or from Eritrea🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷 Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹 + Eritrea 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷 = Syblings 🇪🇹+🇪🇷 = Syblings PS: Im from Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹
I AM CANADIAN (1 day ago)
It's amazing how long her hair actually was once it was straighten! It's beautiful!!!😍
Steffi St. (1 day ago)
straight hair is kind of... boring... nearly everyone has straight hair. the one with character has something unique. curly hair is one of these unique things. (i live in germany, straight hair is here everywhere)
Alessandra Balsamo (1 day ago)
Can I get my hair done here? The hair dresser Is awesome! That girl is so pretty!❤️☺️
hunniekombs25 (1 day ago)
eman ata (1 day ago)
Can u please tell me what hair salon u went to and in what country that would be helpful thxs!
Loved the curly waves the best.
CarolinaGirl (1 day ago)
She is precious, and her hair looks amazing. So shiny and healthy looking. ❤️
Maci Yarbrough (1 day ago)
What was the point in roller setting the hair if you were just gonna straighten it?🤔 Beautiful job, just lost with the technique.
Alora Marie Kiser (2 days ago)
Who else thinks she looks like the girl from walk the prank I meant thought
Unekwe Faith (2 days ago)
Only hitting the like button because of her facial expression. If not the previous one with curls is the bomb.
Stephanie Walker (2 days ago)
You said is years but I think you meant in years
Mackenzie Cryan (2 days ago)
I wonder what her friends at school are going to say
atinis (2 days ago)
*I like her first look with the curls!*
sevi zezou (2 days ago)
The hair is wow... but why she look soo unhappy in the whole video?
Ern'ary Kpana (2 days ago)
Wait non-heat curls that’s Amazing and she kinda looks👀 like Ella mai
touqeer ali (2 days ago)
She look nice with straight hairs😀
Manuela Ore (2 days ago)
what an amazing world...and im here wishing to have been born with curls lol
Cathy Miskella (2 days ago)
Loved her curls
Amy Shepherd (2 days ago)
Straight hair, big wavy curls, or natural ringlets...this young lady is gorgeous!! She can rock any look she wants!!
The took 3 people??!?
Toni Dill (3 days ago)
Grammar Nazi here...yours is atrocious
waad zakaria (3 days ago)
Shes super pretty,she looks like ella mai
Louise David (3 days ago)
I liked her hair colour... So nice.
OneTrueWord1988 (3 days ago)
Her hair is so shiny and gorgeous, curly or straight!
Brande Burns (3 days ago)
Was a little sad when those pillow soft curls were going missing! You did both styles to suit her perfectly. So much to say ☺
Quin Egbe (4 days ago)
I never saw the priceless face
Robloxian Player (4 days ago)
1919Denise (4 days ago)
Wow ... such beautiful hair. Love this :-)
Cynthia Jones (5 days ago)
Why roller set then flat iron? Or am I just stupid.
pizzalizza 18 (5 days ago)
Abie Robinson (5 days ago)
OMG she looks so pretty ❤🧡💛💚💙💜😍😍🤩🤩
Abie Robinson (2 days ago)
Thanks for 1 like
SitatheNightGoddess (5 days ago)
She looks so happy at the end of that! :)
Jimi Jimi (5 days ago)
This girl can't have ugly hair She rocks all hairstyles
Adrienne Allen (5 days ago)
Straight hair nice. Curly hair spectacular.
Maria Robles (5 days ago)
Katelyn Diaz (6 days ago)
Her hair is so shiny 😮
Marina Sali (6 days ago)
What's the point of the rollers if you are going to flat iron?
Kai Lloyd (4 days ago)
Marina Sali it replaces blow drying.
creshaa (6 days ago)
totally would've done smaller section, when applying heat to straighten the hair. Regardless, she's beautiful
Melissa Williams (6 days ago)
She is a beautiful little girl. Her curly hair is so beautiful I love it. But I know it can be so much sometimes and to have something different like you gave her was amazing. Her face was absolutely adorable. I love it. Amazing job 🤩
0121 (6 days ago)
i hate straight hair..i love my curls to much..but thats just me..
Carole Nash (6 days ago)
gorgeous hair.
Sylphadora (6 days ago)
I have a special kind of respect for hairdressers. I don’t know how they have the patience. Hats off to them
Rosie Wilkinson (6 days ago)
'her face is priceless', lol she looks miserable
Anne * (6 days ago)
Her hair colour is gorgeous. I used to have the same colour when I was younger
Anujin1030 (6 days ago)
she’s so pretty, kinda like Billie Eilish tho
Linda Cassell (6 days ago)
Did you put her under the dryer? Omg she looked amazing
Megan Bailey (7 days ago)
Awww sweet little girl, her hair is gorgeous!
Margarita Quiroz (7 days ago)
poor baby girls hair is cooked to death. ....smh
ko ko (7 days ago)
Omgosh I love her hair 😍 and it looks beautiful straight
Badbadbaby Scott (7 days ago)
Beautiful hair
Bharat mata ki jai (7 days ago)
Sis, u looked more pretty with curls.. Love from India.
Glitterbomb45 (8 days ago)
Is this considered cultural appropriation? Because Black chicks get mad when white chicks wear corn rows. See how dumb y’all sound with the whole “cultural appropriation” thing! Her hair is beautiful btw.
Diane E (8 days ago)
I’m just curious...why do you have to rollerset first? Couldn’t you achieve the same look if you just straight ironed her hair from the start? It turned out very beautiful!
Sherice Holland (5 days ago)
Diane E less heat damage
Lynn Soriano (8 days ago)
That is one ugly girl
CR RC (8 days ago)
She seen her hair the whole time it was getting done and all of a sudden got surprised?
Esha (8 days ago)
Her hair at the start is so beautiful I wish my hair was like that
Tamara Morton (8 days ago)
I thought it looked shiny and gorgeous after the rollers.
Kathryn Foster-martin (8 days ago)
Looks great but I would’ve used more anti humidity lotion on the wet hair and brushed it out when dry and that’s it. Too much heat gonna ruin her hair in the end. If you want it smooth wrap it at night and next day have straight hair. The goal is to keep it healthy. If you’re doing this just blow it dry all haphazard and flat iron it in the end lol
sharon bartley (8 days ago)
Too much cutting.
Jesus Is Lord (8 days ago)
Nothing beats the curls no matter how good! Now back to the beginning to watch and admire the curls!
Ms. EssentiaList (8 days ago)
Wow!!! What a transformation! How long does it take till it curls back up??
Angie Cuellar (8 days ago)
Great job 👍 beautiful little girl 🙋
Stephanie Narron (9 days ago)
Love her hair .... what did you spray on her hair at the end?
Tina M Fam (9 days ago)
holy crap, her hair is healthy, you can tell she never straightens it. good thing too! that straightener was hot!
Belen Allisp (9 days ago)
Does anyone cringe when watching smoke coming out of her hair? ?
TheLicktySplitz (10 days ago)
What type of curl does she have I'm interested?
louisa_ mst (10 days ago)
Au début je pensais que c'était Paola lct
Marisol Ross (10 days ago)
So pretty
Elisa Rodegher (10 days ago)
Hairdresser: Her face is priceless 😍 Girl: 😐
Auntie Rizpah (10 days ago)
Eden....you inspire and enlighten all of my Cosmetology skills and passion. Thank you.
Barb (11 days ago)
Omg her hair looks gorgeous! Who is this hairdresser? I need her!
Jemima Santos da Silva (11 days ago)
Her natural hair is so beautiful! But I loved the result.
marie d (11 days ago)
Thank goodness they didn't put nasty straightener on. I would love just 5 percent of her curl! Bone straight grey hair here.
Rochelle James (12 days ago)
Really nice job. I also like her hair color and I think that the roller set style was pretty also
L. Crayton (12 days ago)
Her hair is BEAUTIFUL but why did the stylist do a wet roller set if she would later flat iron straight?🤔
marie d (11 days ago)
To relax the natural curl, which was tight. Flat iron would burn hair if not relaxed first...would take too long...too much heat.
Yori Lamaz (12 days ago)
I am grateful for my straight Asian hair. 😭 mad props to all y’all with natural curls. I can’t fathom all the time and money spent on products and services to get what I was born with.
Rachael Davis (12 days ago)
She is so pretty. Loved the way she couldn’t stop smiling 😊. I’ll bet she was shocked to see how long her hair actually is. I’m so glad she didn’t have you use relaxer/perm to straighten it. Hairstylist for 33 years here and back in the 80’s I had a lot of girls who insisted I use relaxer and it did not work on many of the younger ones. It reverted back immediately and I learned from continuing education classes that many girls have tat occur because the hair has a different cellular or molecular property before puberty!! Who knew? I love her hair both ways. It looks to be very healthy as well. So happy to see more natural hair, less chemicals 💕. You did a very nice job and have great technique 🙂
Susie Foureyes (12 days ago)
Wow flat ironing each section of hair so many times must be incredibly damaging, hope it wasn’t raining that day.
Teela Tequila (12 days ago)
Used to have curly hair used to roll it on those big magnetic rollers to get it straight and then at times I would use a regular iron on my hair to make it straight
Lauryn Davis (12 days ago)
She look like ela mai
kadydidit M (12 days ago)
So beautiful! Both the girl and the hair.
joannie vargas (12 days ago)

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