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Queen - Time [Freddie Mercury solo]

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If you wonder whats the bigest force on earth, its time and Freddie.They are forever unbeatablle.
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000000 000000 (6 days ago)
Betti Channel (7 days ago)
I miss you Freddie <3
Sharon Laplace (12 days ago)
Brought tears to my eyes. Freddie has become so huge again, it's like we forgot he ever died and I feel I am mourning all over again over his death, over this world's loss of an icon, a legend. I am so glad that now there are new generations being wowed by this beautiful, hot, sexy, musical genius of a man. Queen are back!!! Freddie is reborn on you tube... for everyone to enjoy and to fall in love with him... just so hard to imagine he is not here now... 😔
Glenn Wilk (16 days ago)
This is an absolutely beautiful song it seems funny how you can miss somebody and they haven't been here and for a long time Freddie Mercury's voice is so amazing every time I listen to his music it just gives me chills and makes me think that everything is all right in life even when I'm going through so much things right now just losing my father over two weeks ago and just recently today I just lost my job in 5 years laid me off I can't believe this happened but listening to Freddie Mercury that everything's going to be alright and have to stay positive
fab alvarez (17 days ago)
divina como tu amor mio !!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia Bilinkas (21 days ago)
Imagine your doctoral thesis on the use of spirituality in Queen songs.
Johnathon Adams (25 days ago)
Freddie , you are being missed by your family and fans. Including me John Adams. Love your music man. Good job
Sunshine CDG (1 month ago)
Love hearing Freddie sing ballads too. Miss you Mr. Bad Guy...love yah Freddie! ❤
Giusy Chirizzi (1 month ago)
Forever a beatiful man !
Nina Lindley (1 month ago)
Total Freddie Mercury fan, I miss him so much. He put so much in to his singing. Trouble is I burst out crying listening to some of his song's , I still can't believe his gone. I hope he is one of the stars watching over us and knows how much we love and miss him. He is a legend. Never ever forgotten.❤❤❤❤
Zoja Kairaitiene (1 month ago)
Очень,весьма,люблю глас и выполнение Меркури лишь весьма жалко,что он вел хаотичный образ жизни,за это его господь наказал.Кому больше дадено с того и спрос больше!Но мне его,конкретно Меркури весьма,весьма жалко.Моя юность!
Natalija Milojevic (1 month ago)
BOGA net ! A Freddie zil kak hotel .Genijam vsjo dozvoleno!! Da, i eto vas bog napravil ego gomoseksualistom........
paola geraci (1 month ago)
Who is listening in 2019? FREDDIE FOREVER!!!!
Pelo men (2 months ago)
Time for a big voice
Viviana Natale (2 months ago)
Forever ❤️
하늘이 (2 months ago)
겨울새 (2 months ago)
Freddie... I still love you!!
Lilia Silva (2 months ago)
Eso lo hizo único su voz y ángel 💟 hermosa canción 😘😍
별이 (2 months ago)
만나고싶다 할수만 있다면 과거로 돌아가 그에게 말해주고 싶다...그가 선택한 그의 사생활을 뭐라 할순없지만 안전하게 하시라구 말해드리고 싶다...너무나 완벽한 그를 너무 허망하게 잃은거 같아 안타깝고 너무너무 아쉽다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Elena Caicedo (3 months ago)
Qué suertudos los que estuvieron a su lado en ese video xd
Melody Belfiore (3 months ago)
Still love you Freddie!! Your so right ..
Ksenia Kovaleva (3 months ago)
Фредди-ты не подвластен времени,ты живой в наших сердцах,ты будешь существовать вечно,мы тебя любим!!!
Marian Galvan (3 months ago)
Cuantos Freddies hacen falta en este mundo. El tiempo no espera a nadie, yo lo sé.
noemia Lirio (3 months ago)
Marc HALTINER (3 months ago)
I Miss Freddie Mercury
itsmemuffins (3 months ago)
Was he thinking of his,own mortality singing this? 🙁
Как великолепен его вокал.. его можно внимать нескончаемо!!
Алер_Adonai _1977 (4 months ago)
Чтобы ты ушел? Никогда.
Robert Kincaid (4 months ago)
gypsytwigg glitter (4 months ago)
:( sux ya gone Mr Mercury 😿
Holly Bischoff (4 months ago)
I could listen to him forever, which I do Everyday. Love and Miss YOU FREDDIE !!! R.I.P.
Carmen Ruiz (4 months ago)
El señor fue un grande y lo sera por siempre. Y esta en la memoria de nosotros Lo vemos y LO seguimos escuchando su musica. escuchando su musica.
c K (4 months ago)
Crying my eyes out for u edel ❤️❤️
Elena F (4 months ago)
I love you Freddie Time, Time ... I wish go back in time Magnificent song and also you...
GRV Bitter Pill (4 months ago)
i love Freddie 😍😍😍
亮介 佐藤 (4 months ago)
david david (4 months ago)
Un slow a la queen.
Jessica Friedman (5 months ago)
My favorite part is from 0:00 to 4:07 just look at the musical talent and instrumental and backup singing.... All so lovely. Another favorite part: September 5, 1946 to November 24, 1991
Marianna Vilkaja (6 months ago)
Thak you dear gentelman
Judy (6 months ago)
Gee think he must have be awesome to hang out with,, makes you laugh, cry, and puts you in the mood to hear song after song after song never get tired of your voice Freddy you are the Best !!!love you Freddy 💋🎩💖🥀🕺🏼🤴🌈
Jane Hodgen (6 months ago)
Time waits for no one,,,,, 💜 🇬🇧 been a fan just over 40 years living ledgends and Freddie lover of life singer of songs so perfect,,,, amazing singer song writer performer,,,,,,,, 💜 ⚡ I was blessed be around when he was, unfortunately never got see them . Live,,, way to young,,,,
גיא יחזקאל (7 months ago)
Voice so beutiful the best ever
Maria De Fatima Rosa (7 months ago)
Estrelissima,!!!?😈😈😈🤘🤘🤘, O maior show man de todos os tempos, do 🤘 Rook a música clássica, ele foi, é e será pra todos os tempis Único, insuperável, pena sua partida,🌹🌹🌹🌹🤔👏👏👏👏♈♈❓❓❓❓❓❔❔😕😕😕😕 porquê será que ele se foi?. Magnífico 👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹
Gina J (7 months ago)
Mowac (8 months ago)
Whether it was a balls-to-the-walls song like 'Stone-Cold Crazy' or sentimental ballads such as 'Time', Freddie could sing anything you threw at him. He had an amazing vocal range.
Michael Cloherty (8 months ago)
That's what I call music today's music is rubbish
Antonietta Verrengia (8 months ago)
Canzone stupenda.....❤️
Béla Remenyi (9 months ago)
Oueen nagyon jo mèg mindig
Дима Крамер (9 months ago)
Sonia Anabelle Lim (9 months ago)
You’re the best!
Jan Hunt (10 months ago)
So many songs he wrote seem to have turned out be prophetic. But be knew he was HIV so it makes sense he wrote from that perspective. Amazing that a song he didn't create, hit the mark in every way-- These Are the Days. Same with The Good Die Young. Neither song written with him in mind, but yet-------maybe these lyrics were put in their head-- had to be from the lap of God. Only God knew the exact moment Freddie would die and how utterly beautiful and full of meaning those lyrics were and waited for the right time to nudge Roger and Brian to remember these songs and release them. Ironic that those songs were written without any thought of Freddie. Divine intervention. Two of the most heart wrenching videos for those horrendous moments in time. Along with Winter Fall when it was re-done with images of Freddie. Some of these videos are so damned painful to hear and watch. You can't help but have tears running down your face and the grief you feel is unbelievable. Does not make sense that this many years later after his death, that we did not know this man, he was just a celebrity, yet we feel his loss as if he were a member of our family or a special friend in our lives. Defies all logic. Just unexplainable. How we love you, my Persian Beauty.
Tania Mara Roquetti (10 months ago)
Daniele Sussarello (10 months ago)
Più ascolto le tue canzoni o anche quelle interpretate da te,E PIÙ MI PIACCIONO E MI EMOZIONANO ANCORA PIÙ DI 20 ANNI FA😢😢😢
Marco antonio Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Nuestro enemigo! Time
marcio leporini (1 year ago)
Freddie Mercury, simplesmente o melhor
aliel aliel (1 year ago)
Its not just a song, it's a Musical. Not many know about it
ragnar lothbrok (1 year ago)
When time heard Freddie it was ashamed and stopped for a time
Jaana Novak (1 year ago)
Time: 0 Freddie's talent: 1 Score for Freddie; )
mhmadwhr whr (1 year ago)
العشق ❤️❤️
Larysa (1 year ago)
Song "Bohemia Rhapsody" is a prophetic song. About him, about Freddie. "I killed a man - a pistol set to his forehead fired" off - sings about itself. He itself killed the disorderly and perverted way of life. "Wherever wind will blow - however" me - it too about him: absolutely reckless, and foolish man! And Skaramush? Galileo and Figaro? Do you think it is simple some simple set of the words-names? As not so! Spiritual world is he nearer what physical! A word "magnifico" glorifies these names, and essence of them one is LIE. Id est glorifying of satan, devil - that is why he is lie - so God talks in Bible. And Bismillah! Freddie - more faithful his spirit - militates in these lines with spirits impure, devilish, Arabic. Freddie asks will "release me, spirits of Bismillah"! - and they in reply we will "Never release you" him . Then Freddie surrenders and sings" never release me"... and will "Release" again! And " Beelzebul (right arm of devil) summarizes prepared a demon" for me. Here so, expensive readers! Freddie wrote about that (not understanding), that went out into hell. Draw conclusion! Hold on to Jesus Christ - there is not other God, as God of Bible. No of Кoran and Bhagavad Gītā will not save you. But only Bible and Jesus! It is sorry Freddie. All short life glorified a satan, and by businesses and songs… Right now! Reader! Follow after Jesus Christ! It can be late tomorrow!!!
william bulsara (6 months ago)
Larysa so ignorant, lol.
Фредди, ты где-то рядышком...
Fредди, незримой звездой ты рядышком.
Edney Marques (1 year ago)
Nunca haverá voz igual!
Dumon Swayze (1 year ago)
Edney Marques Nunca jamais....
J Michael Carbonniere (1 year ago)
Freddy definitely broke the mold and is one of the all time greats. While he was unique, I hope he's not the last one ever with a golden voice. No, it's true they don't come down the pike very often. Honestly, I shutter to think of how many people in this world also have that golden voice but for various reasons never get the oppotunity to show the world what they can do - and that is truly tragic. Rest easy, Freddy, you've done all the hard work, pouring out your heart & soul to people you never met, but who know and love you just the same. I'm not a believer but if there is a heaven, you're damn sure belting them out and giving everyone something to love.Cheers,jc
Elissa Schornstein (1 year ago)
I LOVE this song. Freddie sings it perfectly. He was at his peak here. Looking healthy and gorgeous and sounding fantastic. REALLY MISS YOU Freddie every day and always forevermore.
GASTÓN DOWLING (1 year ago)
Maybe God can sing like him...but still He would not be Freddie Mercury
Bartek Kula (1 year ago)
I love her voice
Annie B. Talikha (1 year ago)
headrushindi (1 year ago)
what an incredible one of a kind ...never be another like him ...This guy knew how to write and perform memorable, singable, powerful music with a style and charisma unlike anyone I have ever seen ...
howard davies (1 year ago)
D XD (1 year ago)
Ferrari Emiliano (1 year ago)
Eccezionale, bellissimo... straordinario!
Cynthia Deverchin (1 year ago)
Perfection du pure génie ❤❤❤❤❤❤️ ❤
Си Джей (1 year ago)
Love Love Love
Elisabetta Boniello (1 year ago)
bel video
boxin (1 year ago)
One in billions, agree..?
231Risa (1 year ago)
Люблю непомерно
Janice Carroll (1 year ago)
Freddie looks so good here. I really miss him.
Kasia Krychowska (1 year ago)
there is the same magic in this song as in In my defence ...both of them were recorded after he knew about HIV
Peter Durrant (1 year ago)
first heard this on Simon Bates show many years ago he played it in memory of a young man whos girlfriend had written in and told a sad story of his short life have loved it since then
Zosia samosia (1 year ago)
❤❤❤❤❤Time with you and Queen it was incredible beautifully...forever
Teodora Neagu (2 years ago)
Freddie just beat the time...
Thalia Mercury (2 years ago)
Mi Freddie te amo
Thalia Mercury (2 years ago)
Linda Lawrence (2 years ago)
I love Freddie. I love Queen when they are all singing together. I can't watch this. Why does he constantly make so many melodramatic movements? Just sing it!
Zosia samosia (2 years ago)
Amazing time with Qeen ...with Freddie im always cray when see you
paul morris (2 years ago)
There is so much in this song about what is wrong with the world today, be tolerant folks and try being nice to your fellow man, it really doesn't hurt and you never know, you might even enjoy it
Maja Lesińska (2 years ago)
Freddie forever <3
Małgorzata Anna Bobak (2 years ago)
🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹
Karla Fox (2 years ago)
Yeah I never got to see Freddy either, mainly because I wasn't in to Queen when younger, but I guarantee, those who love Freddy Mercury like I do will see him again in the new world, a world with no sin and shame...only love and love and love
celeste71 71 (2 years ago)
È impossibile dimenticarti, per me sarai sempreeeeeeeee, vivo dentro di me. meraviglioso 😢😘😘💔💔💔
Marie-Reine Deschamps (2 years ago)
TIME will be my funeral song
Giorgio Salvato (2 years ago)
riposa in pace con i tuoi segreti e le tue virtu !!!
Kat don76 (2 years ago)
❤😍love this beautiful video n song ❤❤❤❤
Urszula Aa (2 years ago)
Amir Rea (2 years ago)
Thanks everybody for watching . good night .Love , Peace and harmoni .
Ridho Fajar Kadipa (2 years ago)
time is over
Frances Torres (2 years ago)
Ur pathetic, @jack hunter
Phillipa Stephenson (2 years ago)
beautiful song, sang by Freddie and written by dave Clark
Carmen ka (2 years ago)
Marina Tsakaya (2 years ago)

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