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jesse james - fabrication skills

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jesse james - fabrication skills
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Ricky Burton (6 days ago)
Jesse is just a punk! Other people taught him how to do things, otherwise he wouldn’t know shit! Never made it on his own!
Winnie Lessin (21 days ago)
Watching Jesse James was one of the main reasons why I bought an Everlast welder and learned how to weld.
Kurt Stedman (28 days ago)
I loved watching every episode of these shows when they were first broadcast. Even Monster Garage, as silly as some of the concepts could be blew me away, even before becoming an auto tech. Shot bag, hammer, torch and metal + Jesse James = something awesome
S Lit (1 month ago)
Try selling them now...Not to many People want these Bikes now....They want BAGGERS...Up here in Oregon you need Bags to put your Warm Gear in.
Kyle Matthew (26 days ago)
Come to the midwest. You would see quite abit of choppers.. more sport bikes than baggers
Rick Patton (1 month ago)
glassblastcollision (3 months ago)
For some reason people dis you Jessie but I know your a sharp knife as I am a fabricator and designer my self and only a couple years older then you .You have the common sense when designing. You may not check your comments but cheers any how! Heres a build im working on .Thanks Louie from Ontario https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=avro+speedster
Brett R (3 months ago)
Now I know where OCC got the web idea. Lol
sarge5000 (4 months ago)
Sandra Bullock
R C (4 months ago)
Im 28yo now with a new Harley but when I grew up In the early 2000’s I spent everyday watching him. My dad and him definitely made my childhood full of motorcycles
Jeff King (4 months ago)
Dan Casey (4 months ago)
Being a decent person is far more important than how good you can fabricate. Apparently most aren't intelligent enough to make that the priority. Good luck with that.
Water , Fire , Wind. (5 months ago)
They doubted him,but he never doubted himself.#KeyToSuccess
John Butler (8 months ago)
Never met the man. Comes across as a prick needing a Ass Whoopin'
DTP FABWORKS (11 months ago)
He's a good metal former, but fuck is he a douch bag.
reaper-k12 (1 year ago)
Jesse James is the man when it comes to bike building...I’ve always enjoyed watching him build bike...the one bike I like is his sturgis special
Joe Valdrighi (1 year ago)
Dave F (1 year ago)
I miss these shows of the early 2000's.
Russell Smalls (1 year ago)
Say what you want about Jesse but he's an amazing fabricator
Ken Adams (4 months ago)
Amazing is all you can say..
reints74 (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to shows with guys building stuff with no fake stories?
Dawn Benoit (2 years ago)
The shop name is East Wood
Dawn Benoit (2 years ago)
The dude goes by Cover well or the Masters
Dawn Benoit (2 years ago)
Hey James I did see an old timer on YOUTUBE the other day. banging out a gas tank at a metal show
Dawn Benoit (2 years ago)
ken c (2 years ago)
All of these bike builders have only basic metalshaping skills. Compare Jesse James to Geoff Moss, Peter Tommasini, David Gardiner etc etc. No comparison, Not even on the same planet skill wise.
CRFlixxx (2 years ago)
Ok, no idea who those other guys are, but Jesse has continuously learned new skills. A few years ago he went to Israel to apprentice with one of the world's greatest blacksmith's. He's then gone on to become a gunsmith/gun manufacture. He's not resting on his laurels. EDIT: And remember this video was shot almost 20 years ago. 20 years from today, he'll be even better.
Luca Uberti (2 years ago)
hello guys can you tell me if there is still the race video to sturgis with indian larry dave jesse james chopper and joseph Roncen give me url
bill porciello (3 years ago)
No one has a clue what it takes to make every part from an idea in your mind. No prints, no designer on a cad computer system. You da man Jessie I enjoy seeing your work.These other builders make me laugh buying parts from a catalogue. The hands on, saying you built it, your love of motorcycles went into it.
Donalddump (3 years ago)
back when jesse was worth a shit. now hes some hack in texas who makes guns and supports trump. what a fucking loser
Dewrbe AJ (3 years ago)
+idontlikecops1 just watching his vids I learn a thing or 2, and you say hes a hack ok, you try and replicate what hes done in his life!!
Liberty Wagon (3 years ago)
Great bike builder BAD husband! Married 4 times divorced 3! One of them Sandra Bullock! She really loved you! WOW dude! What's next? If you put as much into a relationship as you do bikes, who knows? I just can't watch you trash the relationship world single handedly!
Suga Wolf (9 months ago)
Liberty Wagon man shut the fucc up Sandra bullocks a biitch stop crying
CraftsMAN (3 years ago)
Indian Larry can build some amazing gas tanks..
Florence Dempsie (1 year ago)
CraftsMAN 😆😆😆
CraftsMAN (3 years ago)
+Random_Ninja Na, he is in heaven building bikes still. It is amazing you can correct people on youtube. Tell me about your other skills?
Random_Ninja (3 years ago)
+Craftsman **could
CraftsMAN (3 years ago)
+Craftsman And bikes. I watched him do an old school gold flake..
Landrew0 (3 years ago)
Direct descendant from the famous outlaw. What's an "indirect" descendant?
strattuner (4 months ago)
yes that's true I'm apache and Cherokee and the Cherokee is shining through,jesse doesn't give three shakes what anyone thinks and he'd of made it in my neighborhood
Landrew0 (3 years ago)
Actually, more DNA gets passed down the maternal line, than the paternal.
Full Metal Jacket (3 years ago)
+Landrew0 well direct means straight from the person and indirect means not from that person
therealdeadpen (5 years ago)
He was signing stuff at the local race track a few weeks ago. When a 60-70 year old woman made it through the line she asked if she could get a pic standing with him. He said "Today isn't the day I do that, I'm only signing one item per a person. You will have to come back some other time." and since she didn't have anything to have signed she just walked off.  His bikes went from $40,000 to $80,000 (same bike he had for sale on his site when the first program aired) by the time the second WCC video aired. Now all you can get from him is over priced frames and do-dads to glue or double sided tape to your bike. Oh and some crap tees and $60 cargo shorts.....Oh I'm sorry "industrial workshorts." LOL what a loser.
Juan Pablo (4 months ago)
Lmao 😂 wow don’t u wish u were you.
strattuner (4 months ago)
made a 100 million from walmart in toy sells,yah a real loser
dtucker0104 (5 years ago)
Haters.  Haters and no talent tards.  Fuck them.
Jack Ridge (4 years ago)
The man has talent. People forget HE STARTED the chopper tv shows too. THEY ALL OWE HIM.
Justin Bradford (5 years ago)
I Love Paul Jr., and aside from maybe Rick at OCC, the difference between OCC and Jesse James is that if I was given a custom bike from OCC, I'd take it to Jesse to get it customized. It's not that OCC sucks, it's just that to me, comparing the 2 is like comparing apples and oranges; Giant, juicy, pre-peeled oranges served free of charge by strippers in roller skates on a beach side patio in like heaven. The over priced apples also have worms and were harvested before they were ripe by snotty handed lepers with no gloves on. what'ya think of them apples?
socalisurfer13 (1 year ago)
Justin Bradford: So sadly, outside of the Discovery channel you seem to have no knowledge of any cycle building. All you needed to do was a quick Google search to see that neither fabricator had anything in common with the other beside each having a motor and 2 wheels. It’s also painfully clear that Jesse puts/takes way too much pride in each one of his custom built bikes that he would never touch any style of bike built by OCC or PJD especially seeing how a majority of their builds takes less time to design and complete then Jesse spends on fabricating his frame alone. Out of any of the icon’s, even though the styles are still completely different, Arlen Ness would have to have the most in common with a OCC/PJD bike.
Jimmy (5 years ago)
Don't forget the stupid logo sticker slapped on to each and every one of those apples that supposedly makes it a "theme" apple. But, yeah, I think Rick is the only true talent on that show. He has many of the same metal working skills as Jesse James. A close second is Vinny but he is more of a "wrench turner" than someone who can create something from scratch; although he is very good at what he does. If Rick and Vinny came to work with J.J. they would be the ONLY premier custom bike shop. Paul and Paul Jr. wouldn't be shit without those two. I don't care how many brain dead wrench monkeys they hire or how much they spend on tools and CNC machines, their bikes would never be the same. 
Peter Grant (5 years ago)
VK creation (5 years ago)
jesse james et le customizer le plus cool de sa génération
Ceekay420 (5 years ago)
WCC = bike builders OCC = drama queens
viniv20 (5 years ago)
i haven't seen these types of shows, really cool i've seen this vid, now i'm gonna look where i can find these ( if they're out there ) your exactly right angryjoy, this is totally different than what discovery is ding now, spot on !
Kaleb Woolgar (5 years ago)
If you put your mind to it you can do anything Never give up cool bikes
Adrenalinez06 (6 years ago)
This exact show made me want to become a welder way back when I was still in grade school. I always marvelled and Jesse's talent, and it motivated me into the trade. Now i'm a journeyman, red seal. Thanks Jesse, for giving me that motivation.
Radeonr9280x A (1 year ago)
Adrenalinez06 same here I had the black t shirt that said west coast choppers in sixth grade. Now I'm a metal former as well.
Promo (6 years ago)
If you think that a true bike builder just buys his shit and slaps it together than you're definitely an idiot. Jesse builds like 90% of his bikes by hand. True fabrication, not catalog building like Paulie Girl.
therainbowbus (6 years ago)
I have the same skull welding mask! LIKE IF YOU HAVE THE SAME ONE!!!
schneider mikael (2 days ago)
You have the skull but not the skill ;)
Ian Mangham (14 days ago)
I have a few skulls
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
John McRae (6 years ago)
Bolting on parts is not fabricating, I am not praising Jesse I don't like the man and I don't really like Paul jr either heck I don't even like Harleys except for top fuel Harleys but they aren't really harleys anyway. You have your opinion and I have mine. people are going to take sides but calling people groupies? your a Paul jr groupie get over it dude.
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
Thanks for your TIME reading my comments, you're so special! BTW, I don't watch TV!
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
(CONT) Jr. can really fabricate but he is also a businessman and cannot spend too much time fabricating. Look at the BIKER BUILD OFF videos, It's really sad to hear Indian Larry, Billy Lane, Trevelen, saying things like "I can't afford this or I can't afford that" They are awesome fabricators but, even though being famous, they cannot make money If you are happy praising Jesse, go for it, I don't give a damn. But don't be like him and hate somebody else's success. That's the bottom line!
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
C'mon bro, look (watch?v=pqOoHzT70fQ) Did you notice, there's no Rick or Vinnie yet? Trust me, there's more shows like that but they are not on YT. if you don't wanna admit it that's your problem.
John McRae (6 years ago)
First of all how would you know what I know about jr skills? I have been watching the show from the beginning and I am a fabricator myself and I build drag bikes so I know a little about fabrication, I will guarantee that Paul jr could not build his own frame fender or gas tank, he does how ever have a good design eye.
John McRae (6 years ago)
I am talking about fabrication skills jr has now not what he could have had if they didn’t get big and Rick stepped in as a fabricator and Rick is also a better fabricator than jr as well. They had to get a better metal guy because jr wasn’t up to par,. Go ahead and watch some of the old episodes closely and you will see his lack of skill BRO! oh and there are way better fabricators that both of them that aren’t on TV, Walt Timblin, the late James (puppet) Detulio just to mention a few, BRO
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
C'mon Jesse you should know the names of your own soap opera. At least Sandra learned acting!
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
Jesse is no more than a little turd in the boots of Matt Hotch, Indian Larry, Billy Lane, Joe Martin, etc. I'm talking about real builders not Hollywood attention whores who can't deliver. As I know, the only thing that Jesse can deliver is a legion of STDs that not amount of penicilin can get rid of. FACTS GROUPIES, FACTS!!
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
hey bro, I know you have no idea of Jr's skills. Have you seen the first episodes of American chopper? of course not. Trust me bro, I'm not a Jr's. fan in any shape or form. What I don't like is a bully who boast to be the best and at the end just delivers a typical chinese bike. If you want to know real builders check the videos of BIKER BUILD OFF and you will see guys 1000 times better than Jesse. Trust me bro, Jesse is all mouth and nothing special!! only GROUPIES believe in him!!
John McRae (6 years ago)
I am not a big Jesse James fan at all but the man can fabricate, as for Paul J he may have a good eye for design but his fabrication skills are far from Jesses skills and that's a fact.
jeffersonisthebest (6 years ago)
Regular Chinese bike? Out of stainless steel? Paul Jr. doesnt even know what Stainless steel is. You must be super happy that Jesse James passed on American Choppers and now you get to see your gay friends!
jeffersonisthebest (6 years ago)
How do you know? Do you know him? Have you met him? Have you sat down and got to know him? Im sure you are just spewing back what you hear or see huh? Think for yourself!
jeffersonisthebest (6 years ago)
How did he not deliver? He built a bike that you can actually ride for more than a mile and out of stainless steel mind you. I bet Paul Jr. doesnt even know what stainless steel is! It was a popularity contest. Jesse has been building way better bikes long before them idiots at PJD and OCC!
Ian Mangham (14 days ago)
The oldman hasn't got a clue about bicycles nevermind motorcycles
jeffersonisthebest (6 years ago)
You know that they pitched American Choppers to Jesse James first right? Cause he is a far better fabricator than Paul Jr. or Sr. could ever think to be. You obviously do not have a clue about fabrication!
jeffersonisthebest (6 years ago)
You realize this was years before American Chopper went on air? American Chopper was pitched to Jesse James first but well you see what American Choppers has become, he turned it down and made the right choice! He is a far better fabricator than anyone from OCC or PJD
MASSnificentTraining (6 years ago)
Says he doesn't build theme bikes. Hipocrit.
AlchemistLair (6 years ago)
These episodes were titled "Motorcycle Mania" and were really the start of the discovery channel blitz on automotive and motorcycle mod world. Jesse James was a relative unknown until these shows. They ran only three years I think. It's interesting to see his popularity rise as these shows aired. In the first one, the narrator says a JJ custom can set you back $40K; in the second $80K; and now probably $120K!!!
dan wolf (6 years ago)
you cant beat building a theme bike based on a bike,jj may be a idiot but at least his shop made real bikes for people, pj designs is a tv show studio nothing more(he sells t shirts though)
Chris (6 years ago)
Spooky, you hit the nail square on the head. Built from scratch.
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
No wonder Jesse praises himself so much, he is just a product of insignificant worshippers like you. No doubt you are so stupid and ignorant, have you seen any American choppers initial shows? Of course not obviously, therefore you have no idea of Jr building skills. Is not his fault the company expanded and he had to relay work to Rick. On the other hand, Jesse's recent production has been reduced to STDs. Good luck GROUPIE!!!
Thomas Maniece (1 year ago)
wow 5 years late with the comment,lol...better late than never...
Thomas Maniece (1 year ago)
I don't give a shit about either of them,so don't even bother with the groupie shit..Now,here is the difference; Jesse James cares about the art form of Metal Working,the history,respects the shit out of the people who worked with metal Generations ago...He bought a Yoder out of the 40s,that was used for fabricating planes for ww2,basically a Really violent english wheel,doesn't roll,it Hammers,then he went and learned how to work with Copper from an old timer,and learned how to Blacksmith to Forge parts for the bike he built and ran late on...Paul jr bought a waterjet....Oh,and i did This for 17 years before i went to welding school,so smart remarks mean nothing coming from you....https://youtu.be/f-cTQ2cotNk
dave adams (6 years ago)
Actually it is because the brainless masses like all show for bikes. I'm sorry faggots like you do not know what a real bike would be.It is something to be ridden and hardnot this fluff that sits around collecting dust.Not to mention junior does nothing mroe then cnc and bolt on,lots of skill involved in that.Anything else cupcake?
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
I like Jesse's gas tank for a toilet!!!
matt1618john146 (6 years ago)
How does it feel to swin inside Jesse's testicles? Typical macho, all talk but no delivery. How is it possible that more than 6 groupies (including Jesse), couldn't built a better bike than Jr's. I don't want to listen from Jesse's groupies like you, get real. It was a competition and Jesse didn't deliver, end of story. Keep riding in Jesse's balls!!!
dave adams (6 years ago)
Anyone who builds shitty bikes that are not ment to be ridden,like jr.all looks no balls.
wanabyastick (6 years ago)
step bit metal butchers (occ)
cydonianman (7 years ago)
Paul Jr didn't build anything but a furniture piece. if i rode it, it would vibrate apart before the end of the week.
James Balfe (7 years ago)
coolest guy in the world'' irish fan..!!! legend
hippa2dahoppa2 (7 years ago)
im not much into motorcycles, but seeing how much work he put into just a gas tank is awesome, i give him alot of respect for that
matt1618john146 (7 years ago)
However, Paul Jr. built a much better bike than Jesse you like it or not. Jesse's bike was just a regular chinese bike. He talked shit the whole show and at the end he simply didn't deliver. I know you don't care about design and concepts, you only care about Hollywood BS. BTW I'm from LA but I'm realistic and don't follow any trends and don't jump onto anybody's wagons. It was laughable to see 6 or 8 dudes helping Jesse and at the end all of them together didn't deliver. Who are the pussies?!
deepwater-jew (7 years ago)
Yeah your'e one to talk about being retarded. Maybe you should proof read your comments before submitting it. Dipshit.
Dick Richards (7 years ago)
Pat's bike's got some ridiculous handlebars...
laptoph4x (7 years ago)
@Grethnog i started when i was 16, part time. ive built over 85 bikes now. if you love it, make it happen.
ToddlesXx (7 years ago)
jesse james has good fabrication skills but he is a total dick head in life
Erik S (7 years ago)
'Hardcore Bikers' build their own bikes!
HOTSAUCE (7 years ago)
@Pebric amen! Jesse has his personal issues yes but........ He is still a bad motherfucker! No one is perfect!
dougspair (7 years ago)
...He's outa' there....
fasterthanyou22 (7 years ago)
Pebric (7 years ago)
@saucyjackattak like you never done anything fuck up in your life right? never hurted nobody? you've always been a true angel that never lie not even once?? Seriously what is wrong liking Jesse? Sure he talks, but his story from having nothing to making something out of himself with hard work, dedication and his love for metal fabrication, and even though he can build a bike the guy is still willing to learn other trades to perfect his metal fab is some reason why we like the guy.
Dom Anant (7 years ago)
@Pebric Which explains whay all the republicans you guys vote for are fukking scumbags....go figure, huh
Pebric (7 years ago)
@saucyjackattak Yeah and your soooo perfect right??? Before you posted your comment, by any chance did you think maybe the reason why acooguy456 considers Jesse his Idol is because Jesse builds bikes, or is a fan of his old shows. Many of us dont care what happens in his personal life its really its none our business .
mrjokez1 (7 years ago)
AutoProWalls (7 years ago)
OCC, what the hell were you thinking building an ATV for something this important? Like my college professor used to say -you missed the true meaning of the project! it would seem that Paul Sr has failed to focus on the contest. This was not the time for him to one-better Paul Jr on the Gears of War bike. Big mistake!! That's what the green-eye's monster will do to-ya every time!
cobnutts (7 years ago)
To all of you who don't think Jesse is a better fabricator than rick from occ GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BIKES OR METAL FABRICATION and to all of you judging him because of his personal life your a bunch of Madonna faggs if your more worried about his personal life than his skill as a fabricator if you want to challenge the fact that Jesse is the number 1 bike builder and fabricator bring it upside
Rangi Rewi (7 years ago)
this dude is a dried up wannabie, who doe's not have a clue where his ass is, who would f up with a celeb wife...numb nuts
dan wolf (7 years ago)
@raxorules yep I aggree, when he says its not an exact science and he doesnt know the result what bollocks,I do aircraft sheet metal and its all measured and inspected, not luck if it fits
JaketheSnake904 (7 years ago)
@16vastraturbo I'm sure he learned stuff here and there from different people but i'm sure a lot of what he knows is just from doing it
Mr Carpcatcher (7 years ago)
@mindthreat44 would luve to dude... lend me 20k so i can by all the tools and machinery then? did he really teach him self???
JaketheSnake904 (7 years ago)
@16vastraturbo Go teach yourself just like he did. Get out and do it
Mr Carpcatcher (7 years ago)
is there a part 2 to this??. people like jesse need to teach the younger lads how to do this so we can keep making things like tanks,bikes, car bodys ect, and companies wonder why they cant find anybody? teach us you god dam idiots in stead of spending money on ya porsche or ferraris....
TheRockdoctor54 (8 years ago)
@rodrigueznbrock09 excuse me? last I checked, the people who first designed, built, and rode motorcycles were white dudes... not to mention the internal combustion engine period... I'd say that's a pretty strong claim to culture... Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph, BMW, Ducati, the first airplanes, the first train engines... last I checked those companies were started by white guys... people like you are what propagate racism... anyone ever call you a racist? cuz that's what you are
MrOlddude1957 (8 years ago)
I like his metal work but ...Hard core bikers build there own bikes the end
buddydog1956 (8 years ago)
Being a metal fabricator all my life..... I have a new found RESPECT for this guy! Way to go, Jesse!!!
TR3NDK1LL (8 years ago)
Jesse really should have a fan or something to get those Carbon fumes away from his lungs when he's heating that aluminum. Amazing work none the less.
Gerhardter (9 years ago)
I absolutely adore this guy. I don't care who he's married to, it's just great to see him work (I could watch all day) Can somebody tell me please how this series is called? You can't find any episodes of it in austrian TV...
Gofernator (9 years ago)
@beasst94 U would fit right in then?
Santos Beas (9 years ago)
@SkateboardHub well said my friend
1990notch (9 years ago)
Using a Henrob torch. Thin aluminum and gas takes some practice. Seems like the guys over at OCC use a mig 98% of the time.
mindover3 (9 years ago)
SkateboardHub You obviously did not watch my video response above! . You dont need all those machines and all that money to make stuff.

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