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How To Achieve A 1950s Hair Style Using Hot Rollers: The Glamorous Housewife Beauty

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Text Comments (18)
piddle puddles (2 days ago)
Wonderful! Thanks!
hiko73 (7 months ago)
Wow! This look looks a lot easier & less time consuming that I had thought! Thanks so much for doing this, I have hair pretty much exactly like yours, so I am inspired to do my hair like this <3
Miz Tenacious T (1 year ago)
Great tutorial! I agree, the camera placement is great. Thank you for this! I'm inspired to try curling my hair again 😃💖
Buzzy'sHelper (1 year ago)
I use those curlers too. And they are really good and fast to heat up and set your hair. It takes me about 20 minutes to plug them in, set hair and take them out and style. Easy Peasy !
MrsKreepy Krawley (2 years ago)
Love the tutorial! My hair doesn't like to hold onto curls either, have you tried a wet-set? Works like a charm for me.
WB Sims (2 years ago)
Ever thought of using tresemme products some of their heat care products actually encourage and set the curls..
Making It Modern (2 years ago)
+Witchs Brew I have found most products weigh down my hair. Except for hairspray.
whoa19whoosh (2 years ago)
what kind of brush do you use when you brushed out the curls? lovely look :)
Making It Modern (2 years ago)
+whoa19whoosh It is just my everyday hairbrush.
cindy lou (2 years ago)
OK it's how you shape it AFTER you take it out of the curlers PLUS the final super spray that makes it truly a vintage look. Thanks!
Sharon La Tour (3 years ago)
pretty hair. poor orchid! all that spray!
Sian Powell (3 years ago)
This is a massive help as I have hot rollers and I've never really used them do you think this could work with thicker longer hair ? Thank you :)
Sorcha S (3 years ago)
Wow! So easy to follow and so simple! It looks amazing! Good job!
Cass M (4 years ago)
I love this look! I am a hairstylist and if you want your look to hold much longer, without a bunch of build up. Try using the AG Spray Gel (thermal setting spray). It is not like a normal gel, it's the only product I use for a working spray. It has replaced my light hair spray for any styles that require heat. Its great on ALL hair types.  You can use it when the hair is dry, just like how you sprayed with the light hair spray. It is AMAZING! Great Videos and blog xoxo 
blackmilKiki (4 years ago)
So pretty and elegant, love the look :)
Nicole Burgon (4 years ago)
wow, I love this! it really turned out great! :)
rollerdog369 (5 years ago)
great set turned out so beautifull!!!thumbs up
J Reed (6 years ago)
Wonderful tutorial. I like how you had the camera/mirror placement.

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