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Christopher Owens - I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)(5 [email protected], Ace Hotel DTLA)

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09/18/2014, Christopher Owens performs, I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive), from his upcoming album “A New Testament” at the Ace Hotel Rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles.
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வ் ஹ் ர் இ ச் த் இ ப் ஹ் எ ர் இ எ என் ச਼்ੑਃਃ੦੯੮੭੬੫੪੩੨੧?ੱّْఊُّْٰ؟؟దధ۵ُ©️®️⚫️
Zack (1 year ago)
was randomly searching for Girls stuff on Vimeo and discovered there is a really fucking amazing recording of this done by Ace Hotel: https://vimeo.com/108173987 enjoy :)
Jason Edenilson (4 years ago)
John kills it in this vid!
Jason Edenilson (4 years ago)
@makesoundsnotlove yess me too man! he fuckin' rips!
makesoundsnotlove yess (4 years ago)
I would fucking love a shirt that showed John Andersons face with his name

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