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Perfect Blowout Hair Tutorial. From the first step to the last tweak!

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PERFECT BLOWOUT step-by-step Taking what your genes gave you and creating shine, bounce, and naturally perfect-looking hair. A must-have skill for every stylist – The Perfect Blowout. More tutorials at http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tutorials/ In English, Français, Español, Portugües STEP-BY-STEP DETAILED TECHNIQUE & TIPS - 00:00 Intro - 00:34 Tools you will need - 00:59 STEP 1: Preparing your hair. How to prepare your hair for the perfect blowout. - 01:51 STEP 2: Adding Mousse - how to and tips - 03:05 STEP 3: Massaging the mousse into your hair. Tips and best practice for a perfect result! - 03:51 STEP 4: First things first - Lifting the roots Practicing the steps. - 04:41 STEP 5: Sectioning and Blow drying. The low-down. How many sections Where to start - 06:24 How to hold the hairdryer. - 06:34 How many times to brush each section, Brushing increases shine. - 08:01 What temperature should I set my blow dryer at? - 08:34 Small round brush. Why does using different size brushes make THE difference between lank tresses and that perfect salon blowout all sleek silk and shine? - 09:23 Large Round Brush - 10:12 Recap on main pointers for creating the Perfect Blowout. CARINE GETS HANDS ON AND PRACTICES THE STEPS - 12:10 STEP 6: Carine gets hands on practice following the step-by-step instructions to finish the look - 12:44 Tips on using a hairdryer for maximum effect on your hair with minimum workout for your arms. - 15:14 STEP 7: Perfecting your style for a perfect finish. A ESCOVA PERFEITA. Pegar o que os seus genes lhe deram e criar um cabelo sedoso, natural, perfeito e com movimento é uma habilidade necessária a todo cabelereiro – A Escova Perfeita. MON BRUSHING. Créer de la brillance, du volume, un lissage soyeux : le guide technique rapide et parfait pour réaliser soi même son brushing. LA FUSIÓN PERFECTA. Coger lo que te han proporcionado tus genes y crear brillo, vitalidad y un cabello de aspecto perfecto. Un arte necesario para todos los estilistas. La fusión perfecta. NICOLAS JURNJACK FASHION & BEAUTY PORTFOLIO: http://nicolasjurnjack.com BEHIND THE SCENES on FASHION & BEAUTY SHOOTS: http://hairblog.nicolasjurnjack.com Perfect Blowout Hair Tutorial - From the first step to the last tweak.
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