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How To Curl Your Hair!

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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! @DACEY_CASH YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT :) Similar iron here http://goo.gl/gS3vmD Watch My Other Hair Tutorials!: Perfect beachy waves https://goo.gl/wK3LJ2 Victoria Secret Hair Tutorial ( With Velcro Rollers): http://goo.gl/swUFXL Lana Del Rey/ Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial: http://goo.gl/mKmLdu
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Dacey Cash (2 months ago)
HEY! So I noticed I'm still getting a decent amount of traffic on this video and several of are complaining about it not being very instructional but I just want to say this was the FIRST video I ever filmed! I'm only 19 years old and had noooo idea what I was doing! Would guys like an more in-depth talk through tutorial on hair curling? Let me know! And please be sure to come follow me on instagram too! @dacey_cash
Saya (3 days ago)
Please tell me what size curling iron you are using
muneera muneera (5 days ago)
Yesssss please
Marline Weary (10 days ago)
Akram 786 (21 days ago)
Dacey Cash please tell me what's products you are used
sehresh Bakhtiar (21 days ago)
Its ok dear dacey .i support u always ..support a new begginers.ur method of teching is not bad..carry on keep it up n hard work God bless u.
asmr entertainment (14 hours ago)
Thamnail to show her boobs not hairs 😂😂
Bayleigh Manuel (1 day ago)
You make it look way easier than I make it look 😂
I have naturally curly hair...why am I here
Nizami KN (2 days ago)
It's easy......n it is lukng gorgeous on yu ma'am
Very nice! What do you use before? Maybe a conditioner? With or without rinse? Thanks
Irfan Ali (4 days ago)
brillent 😍😍
Samanta Leslie (5 days ago)
Great, to the point :) Thanks
Klaudia Bengtsson (5 days ago)
I loooove your hair and the fact that you don’t use any product is amazing. Keep up with the good job... don’t mind the trolls and negative Nancy peps. I admire you for not bouncing back with the same attitude as they and actually want to be better. Remember to expand your horizons and better yourself from your core...and not off others insecurities. For a 19 years old you have a beautiful mindset and will succeed well with your drive and compassion. You will kill it with kindness and shine because of it. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. ~K🙏💜
Rina Singh (6 days ago)
Wow it's fantastic
Shalu Aggarwal (9 days ago)
Awesome hair
Humberto Goris (9 days ago)
Mi amor tu eres súper presiosa..
You thot (10 days ago)
she doesn't know how wrong she was when she said "can't mess this up"
Sujitha Patnaik (10 days ago)
Can I know your haircut please
Alecia Kruszka (10 days ago)
Do you have extension's in?
Wes N Alex (11 days ago)
Why 4.4K dislikes? I thought it was a great video
sydney jenkins (10 days ago)
Wes N Alex bunch of jealous bitches
lina (11 days ago)
Sunflqwer girl ✨🌻 (12 days ago)
that's so weird bc i have the exact same curling iron and idk what it's called either
Ella Bella (13 days ago)
This was definitely helpful thx!!
Aiza Khanam (13 days ago)
Tahir Gul (13 days ago)
Your face makeup so smooth and good
Marita Jacobs (15 days ago)
Not worth watching.
Mocha (15 days ago)
I wanna curl my hair but like I'm scared if I burn it
f off (13 days ago)
Try using a heat protectant spray
mariam k (16 days ago)
This was published on my birthday 💕🙃😁
anju bala (19 days ago)
It's not looking too instructional. You need much more practice
Anureet Arora (20 days ago)
You've got very pretty hair
Sweet Heart (20 days ago)
Thanks for this hair tutorial 😍 What’s the name of the song background?
Chesca Jiminieee (20 days ago)
Glad you have a hair that follows the hair curler. When I went to a parlor, they said that my hair doesn't follow the curler. It only looks like I only have wavy hair. 😭
adelin halim (20 days ago)
oh gosh i love this video so much!
atifa tayyab (22 days ago)
thanku mam u have done a fantastic job
Why am I watching this my hair is naturally curly
GoddessChu Jisooyaaa (24 days ago)
Its easy to watch but when I try this for sure it will be a disaster! 😂
Sonica Chawla (24 days ago)
Ramesh kumar (24 days ago)
Rakealia (25 days ago)
I've had that kind of curling iron forever, but I rarely use it because I had no idea where to really start, so this definitely gives me an idea. :3
I like you very much
Crude Rhythm (26 days ago)
I was looking for curl of vector in electromagnetism....n I end up here
Qudsia Mall (26 days ago)
take a skip for every time she says: "I only use a curling iron" otherwise, it was blimmin awesome!!!
kajal maurya (26 days ago)
Awesome 😘
Hewlett_ Mongmama (27 days ago)
Catriona Grey? Is that you?
Kinsey Wagers (27 days ago)
Your hair is so beautiful!!!!!!
Sohni Sohni (28 days ago)
You r looking so beautifull
Baby bunnie (29 days ago)
THE best curling hair tutorial video.
RISHA QUEENN Martha (29 days ago)
So beautifull!
Avinash Naidu (1 month ago)
Awesome how your curling step by step nice
Amadeo Taculod (1 month ago)
omg you look Miss Universe 2018,MISS CATRIONA GRAY
Nathaniel Rojas (1 month ago)
I love how it turned shinier after you curled it than before
minal Awan (1 month ago)
I think for the people who have frizzy hairs should straight blow dry so after curling they don't get frizzy or rough afterwards
Jagdeep kaur (1 month ago)
How do you have such beauty hair and what do you do for it?
lilichan (1 month ago)
For her type of hair this is an easy peasy task.... She has thin and not that much hair. Its hard for people that have thick and a lot of hair.
Erika M (1 month ago)
What sucks about routinely heat styling your hair is the damage. You can see her ends are fried. Anyways...I watched it on mute and thought it was pretty instructional.
Toni (1 month ago)
You belong in a Pantene commercial. Beautiful hair!
Ruby Godinez (1 month ago)
R Priya (1 month ago)
Anyone in 2019 ???
Adriana Hernandez (1 month ago)
Bro u do it like it’s nothing when I try I fail terrible
MicU1288 (1 month ago)
What size curling iron is this?
Merp-da Derp (1 month ago)
After I tried curling my hair *Mission failed. Well get em next time*
alfiya dholpuri (1 month ago)
My curls doesn’t stay up it starts ruining in just half and hour of curling. Even though I follow the exact same method u did and how u did. I have he same thickness curling iron but still it doesn’t stays up and later my hair becomes frizzy. I just don’t know how to keep my curls last long. Please help.
Kayliann F (1 month ago)
I've spent the last hour doing this, curling the same strands over and over and I've come to the conclusion this is impossible and I'm having a mental breakdown
CeeCee Nunya (1 month ago)
Spray a light mist of hairspray right before you curl it, hon. It works for me when I need my curls to last longer. Practice makes permanent!! 😘
El- ish (1 month ago)
Alivia Wold-Howell (1 month ago)
step one:have thin hair me:there goes my chance🤷‍♀️
You are so beautiful..
menyvega (1 month ago)
Hello! I see your hair is good but as a tip that I’ve read in many pages by hair professionals all of them agree to NEVER go to sleep with your hair wet as it is prone to breakage. So to maintain the healthy hair go to sleep with hair dry either by blower or air dry o wash hair way before going to bed.
shaney firth (1 month ago)
Its not your real hair tho is it they are exstentions
lasani group (1 month ago)
Yar me ne curling rod lena he koi help kare ga meri konsi wali lon jo achi ho dubai se mangani he
まーきのっ (1 month ago)
Sophe Jane (1 month ago)
I have that one, but it's thinner
manish sikarwar (1 month ago)
Love you
Kayla Morris (1 month ago)
Her hair is pretty .
kalia wilson (1 month ago)
Kayla Morris uhh ok ?
vikas Thakur (1 month ago)
Too much cutee 👱🏻‍♀️
Maytah Joy05 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!! This is really helpful :)
Shayla Hope (1 month ago)
Emily Eyrich (1 month ago)
Girl, you're doing so great!! I would love to see this channel grow and prosper!! ❤❤❤
Felicity J (2 months ago)
Yes I want loose curls, most videos have tight curls that r ugly
diana caudillo (2 months ago)
Is it just me or does she look like catherine and talk like her no? Just me? Ok😂
KristinaN05 (2 months ago)
How long do you leave it on for😧😧😧😧
Mr. Blue (2 months ago)
Hey ,,, you are beautiful 😍😘
Tu Conciencia (2 months ago)
You are a beautiful girl. Be true to yourself.
ANAS9_MA9 fortnite (2 months ago)
You explained everything but how you curl your hair
Guillermo Jimenez (2 months ago)
She gorgeous
Rachel Fajardo (2 months ago)
Announcement: this does not work with wavy hair
Rowan Amy (2 months ago)
HIMAKSHI BORO (2 months ago)
looks beautiful.. Lke it😍😍😍
Study with me (2 months ago)
What's ur hairstyle?
Lauren Holegna (2 months ago)
And how long does it stay?
A1R GAMING (2 months ago)
Mallika Piyaseeli (2 months ago)
Sophia Perez-Regalado (2 months ago)
Love your necklaces. Where did you get them
Vivi Yeptho (2 months ago)
What is her hair color
Anas Anas (2 months ago)
Nice video
divya dalsania (2 months ago)
Anyone know which company’s hair curls is this?
Maddy Coleiro (2 months ago)
Akki Ok (2 months ago)
So pretty😍
sunita dadhichi (2 months ago)
Can anyone help me out pls... 8 curled my hair but as I am combining or making a pony tail the curl opens and my hair becomes normal.. Why??
93나은아 (2 months ago)
Catriona Gray Look-a-like ❤
Vidyashree Vidyashree (2 months ago)
your hair cut name
Jessie 331 (2 months ago)
Does this work with curlers that don't have a clip on it and isn't 1 length? My curler gets smaller towards the end.
Omg thanks! I’m knew to curling and this helps a lot!
loulou362 (2 months ago)
could you do a tutorial f how to keep your hair heathy?????
hakuna matata (2 months ago)
make a tutorial on how you take a bath
Umesh Rai (2 months ago)
Shut the fuck up
Lalzui Tei (2 months ago)
I love the song, can anyone tell me name of the song
Alexus B (2 months ago)
You should use a heat protectant fof your hair if you use a hot iron that often

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