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How To Curl Your Hair!

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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! @DACEY_CASH YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT :) Similar iron here http://goo.gl/gS3vmD Watch My Other Hair Tutorials!: Perfect beachy waves https://goo.gl/wK3LJ2 Victoria Secret Hair Tutorial ( With Velcro Rollers): http://goo.gl/swUFXL Lana Del Rey/ Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial: http://goo.gl/mKmLdu
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Dacey Cash (1 day ago)
HEY! So I noticed I'm still getting a decent amount of traffic on this video and several of are complaining about it not being very instructional but I just want to say this was the FIRST video I ever filmed! I'm only 19 years old and had noooo idea what I was doing! Would guys like an more in-depth talk through tutorial on hair curling? Let me know! And please be sure to come follow me on instagram too! @dacey_cash
SAN G (18 hours ago)
I am watching it for like 10 th time... !. Something about this video is so amazing!
_silentrose (21 hours ago)
Literally have this video saved on a hair styling playlist and I will NEVER remove it!!! I ALWAYS re-watch it before I curl my hair :) This was my intro vid to your channel and I have been a subscriber ever since!! For the record, I thought it was very to the point which is why I love it but I would totally love to see an updated video :D
Kelsie Harrison-King (22 hours ago)
what heat did you have it set on?
SinnerInSecret (1 day ago)
what curling iron and size did you use here?
KristinaN05 (8 hours ago)
How long do you leave it on for😧😧😧😧
Mr. Blue (17 hours ago)
Hey ,,, you are beautiful 😍😘
Tu Conciencia (23 hours ago)
You are a beautiful girl. Be true to yourself.
ANAS9_MA9 fortnite (1 day ago)
You explained everything but how you curl your hair
Guillermo Jimenez (1 day ago)
She gorgeous
Rachel Fajardo (4 days ago)
Announcement: this does not work with wavy hair
Rowan Amy (4 days ago)
HIMAKSHI BORO (5 days ago)
looks beautiful.. Lke it😍😍😍
Study with me (6 days ago)
What's ur hairstyle?
Lauren Holegna (6 days ago)
And how long does it stay?
Paw Yt (8 days ago)
Mallika Piyaseeli (8 days ago)
Sophia Perez-Regalado (9 days ago)
Love your necklaces. Where did you get them
Vivi Yeptho (11 days ago)
What is her hair color
Anas Anas (11 days ago)
Nice video
divya dalsania (12 days ago)
Anyone know which company’s hair curls is this?
Maddy Coleiro (7 days ago)
Akki Ok (12 days ago)
So pretty😍
sunita dadhichi (12 days ago)
Can anyone help me out pls... 8 curled my hair but as I am combining or making a pony tail the curl opens and my hair becomes normal.. Why??
93나은아 (14 days ago)
Catriona Gray Look-a-like ❤
Vidyashree Vidyashree (14 days ago)
your hair cut name
Jessie 331 (15 days ago)
Does this work with curlers that don't have a clip on it and isn't 1 length? My curler gets smaller towards the end.
Omg thanks! I’m knew to curling and this helps a lot!
loulou362 (17 days ago)
could you do a tutorial f how to keep your hair heathy?????
hakuna matata (21 days ago)
make a tutorial on how you take a bath
Umesh Rai (18 days ago)
Shut the fuck up
Lalzui Tei (21 days ago)
I love the song, can anyone tell me name of the song
Alexus B (23 days ago)
You should use a heat protectant fof your hair if you use a hot iron that often
Ramandeep Kaur (23 days ago)
my hair doesnt become curly
Marsha Fleming (24 days ago)
She's soooooooooooooo dull
Deanna Mcmillan (24 days ago)
Thank you. That was so helpful girl. God bless you my friend. :)
Sooraj Rathore (24 days ago)
Some times girls find curling hair difficult but you made it super easy
Um Thanks (24 days ago)
I wish I had thin hair ;( my hair is uncontrollably thick
Lexy Viane (25 days ago)
Your hair looks so silky 😩 tell us your secrets
Jessica West (25 days ago)
She looks like Veronica off of river dale but with longer hair
Sofiya Jain (25 days ago)
U r so cute n awsome looks flawless. Amazing curls
KynzieJHargis (26 days ago)
Lol I thought that you weren’t supposed to go over the clip thing and I kept keeping it open and my hair falls off of the curling iron 😂
Humaira Khan (27 days ago)
Hi your hair color??
Majdouline (28 days ago)
Omg it's 9M 😱❤️
jacob jacob (28 days ago)
Plz say what oil u will use
• lezahlily • (28 days ago)
i burned myself
Deena Alturkait (29 days ago)
Your sooo innocent☹️💕💕
MaiHue Her (30 days ago)
I like her. She's just so natural in every way.
Vicky Vicky (30 days ago)
Your hair awesome
Arctic Phönix (30 days ago)
Oml this is so beautiful and awesome❤️❤️
aimersaliberte (1 month ago)
9m views? Her technique isn’t anything special she just has pretty hair that curls well :)
Tina Tran (1 month ago)
I love your hair
Smriti Bhattarai (1 month ago)
My hair is natureally coil so tha although I do currly my hair don't become short
Tenshi Kazenna (1 month ago)
What lipstick Did you use?
Janna Sawaya (1 month ago)
Do you have layers?
Angel (1 month ago)
Wow how can someone be so pretty, she’s so licky
Bhawana Goswami (1 month ago)
Why is diameter of your rod?
Shay Martin (1 month ago)
I'm on my last elastic
Jada Niles (1 month ago)
I absolutely love your channel and especially this video! Thank you for this! I have recently created a channel and I am trying to create similar videos etc in the future. Any feedback/advice from anyone would be really great thank you so much:)
NS 14 (1 month ago)
You were watching a video yourself
Himangshu Deka (1 month ago)
Her hotness have her 9m views
Angle cute (1 month ago)
Your hair is so beautiful
Ingridfoxy 123 (1 month ago)
Is really hard to curl my hair by myself cause I burn myself so I let my sister do it
Priya Naidoo (1 month ago)
Beautifully done
shanaya rao (1 month ago)
Vandana Mitkari (1 month ago)
Wowww so beautiful hair
shezzu Khan (1 month ago)
You r a cuty
Iqra Ansari (1 month ago)
Addison Mach (1 month ago)
how long does this take
• Latté • (1 month ago)
Is she from the Phillipines?
Lương Ngọc Ánh (1 month ago)
so cute
Lương Ngọc Ánh (1 month ago)
SundownRidge (1 month ago)
What does this look like on the second day?
Pharaoh 2020 (1 month ago)
You are gorgeous
Blue Whale (1 month ago)
How much time takes for one side of hair for curling?
Cubebay Marketing (1 month ago)
Awesome! i watched your video and looks cool guide! Hey i share your Video on my page and future too.
Lakshmi Borang (1 month ago)
U look somewhat like miss universe catriona
inside Ocampo (1 month ago)
thats curl look like nikki bella
shivani sagar (1 month ago)
Omg she is just so cute.
Chandra Arya (1 month ago)
ye kon se company ka ha tell me pleases
Muge Akbaba (1 month ago)
you have beautiful hair
Briana Castaneda (1 month ago)
What size is the curler?
Yadira Aragon (1 month ago)
Wow this is from 2013😮 I love it 😍 2019
Sheetal Mishra (1 month ago)
Please can Yu tell your haircut
Natalie Husereau (2 months ago)
I=while doing this I burnt my neck and it looks like a hickey .-.
Smith, Emma (2 months ago)
2:40 she looked like she was going to cry, or like a sad puppy.
StyleVibha (2 months ago)
U are awesome girl ❤️
Strong H BD (2 months ago)
She didn't mantion the times😑
carolina fernandez (2 months ago)
she looks like Alexa from the show Alexa and Katie
alfiya dholpuri (2 months ago)
You and your hair is so beautiful 😍. Silky soft bouncy. I wish I also had the same quality of hair. 😕
Sheetal Mishra (2 months ago)
Plzzz.can I Know your haircut
Thayaba Khatoon (2 months ago)
What is your barrel's size and at what temperature did you curl ? Anyone?????
Satvir Grewal (2 months ago)
I love ur hairs😍 can I ask u one thing what hair colour u did on your hair dear.
Moon Khan (2 months ago)
Your hair colour is so beautiful
Nikkie_ pie (2 months ago)
I also have this straighter + curler but i dont know how to use it because my hairs are very thin
keurigirl (2 months ago)
Could someone please answer these questions for me? How long total does this normally take? How long do you leave piece of hair on the curler? How do you separate you hair into sections?
Oliwia W (1 month ago)
it all depends on your length of hair, how thick it is.mine is medium long and i leave it for about 10 sec it takes me about 20 mins for the full head but practice makes perfect! <3
imuawarriors (2 months ago)
wow! you're so pretty!
mia yim (2 months ago)
I love your hair!!!
M patar patar (2 months ago)
brebnnr205 (2 months ago)
Wow what do you use to wash ur hair, looks so bouncy and shiny
Sarah Esseesy (2 months ago)
Tanveer Ahmad (2 months ago)
U look like sunny leone
Skylar Cat (2 months ago)
For everyone who doesn't know how to curl their hair, here we go. Take a section and hold the curling iron sideways. Then if you have the clip curling iron open it and place the hair where you want the curl to start. If you want it start at your scalp move the curling iron up. Same for lower. Then close the clip. Then turn the curling iron away from your face. Then open the clip a little and pull down. Then repeat until you reach the end. Then open the clip as much as you can release the hair.
Chelsea Hanifen (2 months ago)
Your so beautiful and love your hair
Laiba Ahmad (2 months ago)
Damn...she looks so good!!! Before and after curling!!!! Loved this video and the curler was damn!!! Loved it😍
EMW2006 (2 months ago)
All these comments are on about her hair. Can we just appreciate her teeth. Like how ....

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