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Clinique Skincare Challenge Results + Review!

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Text Comments (174)
Dominique Z (14 days ago)
Is this an ad
Matthew Kim (1 month ago)
where can i buy those may i know ? i dont think they dont have walmart i had 18 scars i cant help removing thing :(
Matthew Kim (1 month ago)
@joseph soto i am trying to remove bio oil is it helpfull for bio oil? 18 scar?
joseph soto (1 month ago)
Matthew Kim93 you can buy it at ulta beauty!
Amir Gurung (2 months ago)
Honey u look great because you applied make up ok laaa
shoroq amiyy (2 months ago)
are you skin type dry???
Stephanie Ortega (3 months ago)
I used for first time today and it made mine feel “tight”. Will this go away? (If anybody knows)
green bean (3 months ago)
it makes your skin feel tight because the toner has the bad kind of alcohol in it that strips away moisture and damages your skin's natural barrier. I used it for a year before I learned about good and bad alcohols for skincare, and honestly it totally damaged my skin and made my pores huge. Google good and bad alcohols in skincare. This stuff is like paint thinner.
ITSME CARMELAAYYY (3 months ago)
Is this safe for 13 y/o? HAHA
Yfh (4 months ago)
My skin is a bit oily on my nose and chin, and I had pimples for the last year and they just keep coming back every once in a while, I only use a antibacterial soap now but it doesn't really make a difference, a skin products seller told me that Clinique moisturizer will make me break out even more, idk if I should start using these 3 products I don't want my skin to be worse..
apurva S (6 months ago)
Bangs will suit on your believe me
ROSIA ROSIA (6 months ago)
Hi all I would like to tel my experience about this 3 step Clinique . I bought this on nov 18 2018 in Sephora I used it before going to bed I was feeling good after using face wash then I had to put the lotion on my face after I put the lotion it started to burn literally bad I thought it’s normal bcoz I’m new to it then I put my mosturizer then the second day I did the same I had that same symptoms of burning and itching I did it twice morning and at night the next day I woke up my face my eyes my lips we’re swollen red and itchy as if I got stunk my honeybees jus two days I used it my skin is peeling it’s still burning I stopped using Clinique this cream doesn’t suit me Now I’m taking medication for my allergic reaction which happened by using this and to get rid of skin which is peeling I’m using olive oil it controls irritation and burning sensation thank you . It’s jus a feedback from me
ROSIA ROSIA (5 months ago)
Mangaka-Chan 😃Ur welcome nice talking to you😃😃😃😊
Mangaka-Chan (5 months ago)
@ROSIA ROSIA Thanks for telling ^w^
ROSIA ROSIA (5 months ago)
Mangaka-Chan The soap which I’m using is from MY HOMETOWN INDIA 🇮🇳 it’s CINTHOL
Mangaka-Chan (5 months ago)
@ROSIA ROSIA I don't use any moisturizer. I only use water and Dove soap ^^ but which brand is the soap from ? (Sorry for my broken english)
ROSIA ROSIA (5 months ago)
@Mangaka-Chan Now I'm not using any product just soap and l'oreal moisturizer 😊 wat product are you using
esther teixeira (7 months ago)
Omg she looks like Meghan markle
Mayly Vang (8 months ago)
Uhh...... No...... No.... Didn't see nada.
April Rx (8 months ago)
I've used this system since I was 12yrs old & I hardly ever have pimples, discoloration, or any other skin issues. I stand by this 1000%! #cliniquecare
Daniel Stephens (8 months ago)
I need advice!! I have really dry skin and acne. Some products I’ve used to treat my dry skin breaks me out even more and the acne products that I’ve used dries my skin even more. What are some good products I should use that will treat my dry skin and won’t break me out?
Christina Kim (8 months ago)
Thank you
Umama Shah (9 months ago)
Nancy Vélez (10 months ago)
Oh please I love Clinique and I know Clinique is the best Brand butttttt why you cut the video in the tape test !!! Please this a filth video !!!
Mariem 1 (11 months ago)
Whats the name of the first product
Jeolyn Cristanesia (11 months ago)
Hey i just got my new clinique clarifying lotion 2 and i just feels like it has too much alcohol in it and i’m just 15 years old. So should i use it or just leave it please please let me know. I’m so sorry my english are suck but I’m trying my best hhaha
Mangaka-Chan (5 months ago)
Leave it
Alyshah Kinsellla (1 year ago)
Did not help
Jessi Malay (1 year ago)
Wow that tape test says it all!
Pink Soldier (1 year ago)
Oh my god your teeth 😭❤️
Yaya Ale (1 year ago)
Clinique is amazing! I used it for 2 months and the results were great. I have very dry skin and eczema. So by using a pink 32 hour moisturizer, it really helped. I stoped using it for about 3 months because of how costly it was. However, it's totally worth it. When I stoped those 3 months, my skin was getting worse and worse. Even with drinking ALOT of water, it never did anything to me. So I went back to clinique amd I've never been so happy
Films skincare video with 50 pounds of makeup on lmfao
Vannybe Rey (1 year ago)
Hi everybody, I created a video to show you all the great products and masks that I am currently using to maintain my skin fresh and young. Link in my bio 😀
Amy-Jane Grace (1 year ago)
I just bought some can't wait to see the results 💗💗💗💗
Ash Lee (1 year ago)
Hye guys,I'm only asking for your opinion.Whoever sees my comment,I hope you reply it.Which one do you think works better?Clinique or Laneige(korean product)?Cuz I'm really confused to choose in between these 2 products.Hope to hear from you guys soon esp those who had experiencing them..I would really2 love to know.😊😉
Mangaka-Chan (5 months ago)
Don't use clinique, it caused a lot of allergic reactions to other people !
Alisha Ricki (1 year ago)
does step 2 burn when u use it ?
Angie Huyke (5 months ago)
It stings but it’s worth it trust me
cyrel oman (6 months ago)
No, i am using it now
Mayly Vang (8 months ago)
erin corinne (1 year ago)
I swear by the moisturizer. I've tried many different ones and always come back to clinique!
Tayyba Khan (1 year ago)
You’re so pretty!!!
Leslie Garza (1 year ago)
Clarifying lotion kinda burns
Macky Suson (1 year ago)
Fanstastic work! Thank you for doing this! I am really inspired to have watched this! I am a fan now! Keep it up! Will be waiting for your next video!
Nikki Vermeylen (1 year ago)
Your teeth are so beautifull and White! What do you use to keep them so white? Xx
Sandy P (1 year ago)
love the products
Nesrin Tota (1 year ago)
This crem for ouly skin
Fatima Ism (1 year ago)
I've just started using the kit number 3 and have some breakouts on my face... Is it sign that it's working or not?
9big_ _joke8 (1 year ago)
Fatima Ism same just stop it
Jovanna S (1 year ago)
I am new to your channel. I been searching up different videos reviews about different skin care to get rid of blemishes. I tired so many products at Wal-Mart. None of them had work for me. My skin is very oily and sensitive. Proactive is the best fit, however I ain't paying over $25 bucks for an 4 fl oz. It isn't worth it. So, after I have been doing my research, I came a cross to Clinique. I purchased it today and I will give it a shot starting tonight.
alfredo lopez (1 year ago)
Hate. Clinique alot of alcohol
Denise Brown (1 year ago)
I like your video i use everything from clinique and i love it
波ʟɪᴜ (1 year ago)
when your a korean skincare addict and your just like noooooooooo
trippalita (4 months ago)
The Gnome I get them either on Amazon or SokoGlam. Sometimes Walmart has them in the Teen skincare isle. Amazon is cheaper but you get free samples and rewards onSokoGlam, plus SokoGlam takes much better care with shipping. Also beautykorea is a good site.
The Gnome (5 months ago)
@trippalita where can you buy it ?
trippalita (5 months ago)
@Ashley Mack Exfoliating and hydrocolloid patches. For redness and inflammation use clay mud mask and green tea sheet masks in that order. also, don't forget to moisturize.
Sydney Elizabeth (6 months ago)
You are nasty
Jedda 212 (7 months ago)
lily cormack (1 year ago)
They made a new formula for the clinique moisturiser gel its crap now
RIGAUK - (1 year ago)
yuuki *_* (2 years ago)
Do you have to wash off step2??
Martha Rodríguez (1 year ago)
That one Weirdo no. It's toner not soap.
N Hassan (2 years ago)
Did it cause your skin to breakout when you first started using it...I have started using this product about a week ago and I am not sure if I should return it because I feel like its causing my skin to breakout.
Kaely 28 (10 months ago)
Monalisa Menno hows your face? Did the itchiness go? I have the same experienced I am afraid to continue I wonder how did it go with you
Monalisa Menno (1 year ago)
Yesterday/last night was day #1 for me, I didn't use the step 3 during the day today and not sure if I'm going to use it tonight because my face itches sooooo much and it's red, I'm not peeling or don't have blisters so is a reaction instead of allergy but it kind of hurts, I found some info that I should keep using it regardless the side effects and in 1 week or so my skin will become tolerant to the product, but as right now itches so much I don't know what to do
Rosy hernandez (1 year ago)
i just started this about a week ago and i broke out. maybe it gets worse before it gets better? like it takes out all the gunk so it can started fresh?
M. Galán (2 years ago)
I don't know if you'll see this comment but: despite having lightish brown hair and less asian eyes, my eyebrows and nose remind me of yours. So thanks for your tutorials because I really needed to see someone with a similar face structure, especially when contouring my nose. You are BEAUTIFUL. And I use Clinique too 🙄 could you review their new gel spray to set make up? I hear it's great to also rehydrate your skin during the day when you already have make up on just spraying it once.
ATL Guera (2 years ago)
I was wondering why I seen Clinique tape at Ulta today...lol I love my Clinique too
Paige DiPietro (2 years ago)
Do you think you can do a review on IT cosmetics foundation? Other people have done reviews but I really trust your opinion...
Taylor (2 years ago)
I got the 3 pack for dry skin from ulta for $10 (thank god for 21 days of beauty) and ive only been using it for 2 days now but I love it so far! my skin is extremely dry and for once in my life i can actually wear makeup with out huge dry spots sucking up my foundation and I've tried a lot of different moisturizers the only other one that has done well for me is the tarte highlighter moisturizer which i only use if I want extra dewy looking skin that day =P. that system+ Laura Geller hydrating Spackle primer has done wonders for my skin.
trippalita (5 months ago)
a moisturizing primer would help with that foundation problem.
Brooklyn _ (1 year ago)
Taylor Levin did it continue to work for you? Because I have the same problem with dry spots and my face is really flakey but I’ve read a ton of comments saying that these products stopped working for them/ made their skin more dry
Kermen Dordzhieva (2 years ago)
Hello, Dacey! U'r soo cute and u'r my favourite YouTube beauty blogger^^ Your reviews and tutorials are amazing! And it would be so great if you make a wardrobe essentials or basic wardrobe video, because you have nice sense of style^^
Melissa P. (2 years ago)
your gorgeous, love your videos and makeup styles.
brenda Nirv (2 years ago)
You mentioned products from The Ordinary in the past did you like any of them? Are they worth trying out?
Cassie Molter (2 years ago)
Hi, Dacey! Can you do a spray tan tutorial using Loving Tan? Thank ya! :)
Amber D (2 years ago)
I'm a new subscriber. My two year old, Mireille, thinks you're Moana and she loves watching you with me! 🌸🏝🌺
Andrea Kemp (2 years ago)
Loved the video! It was nice to see the before and after. Also, where is your choker from? I love it!
Karla Meli (2 years ago)
Your skin is so flawless!!✨thanks for the review.! Clinique is a excelent brand and always is important to know our type of skin for a best results! Kisses from Colombia! 💋😘✨
Blessy Diana (17 days ago)
hi I'm using clarifying lotion 2 for past 2 days it creates burning sensation on my skin for few seconds after that it will be OK...is that good or bad???please help me mam
Valeria Arcos (2 years ago)
please do a haul
Shaghayegh Nkh (2 years ago)
Hey Dacey, please make a valentines day makeup toturial! -love, a huge fan from Dubai <3
Tara S (2 years ago)
This is so helpful! Clinique has great products so this definitely seems worth checking out.P.s. Are you a Spartan?? :)
Amie Svg (2 years ago)
Would this work for dry acne prone skin? I'm going through some weird hormonal issues right now, Iv always been oily but now my face is severely dry with flakes 😫
Brooklyn _ (1 year ago)
Lauren Maslin does it really and how would you recommend to use it because my skin is super dry and flaky as well
Lauren Maslin (1 year ago)
Amie Siyavong Aloe does WONDERS for skin.
Denisse Romero (2 years ago)
My aunt is a dermatologist and she told me that the Clinique toner is so harsh for your skin! It is not gentle at all. It is alcohol based which we all know is a drying agent. Even if they say its "cosmetic grade", alcohol is alcohol. It strips your skin and leaving it raw and sensitive even when you don't notice it!. I once had a stain on my floor and even windex wont take it off, I used the leftover Clinque toner that I had and it removed it. Scary. Love you Dacey!
green bean (3 months ago)
@abiwankenobi Moisturizing right after won't stop the damage alcohol does to your skin cells though. https://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/skincare-advice/basic-skin-care-tips/alcohol-in-skin-care-the-facts.html You can get BHA exfolients without alcohol in them. That's the ingredient that exfoliates and makes your skin smoother.
green bean (3 months ago)
@Angie Huyke from Beautypedia: "Clarifying Lotion 2 is an alcohol-based BHA exfoliant that still contains witch hazel and menthol. The Clinique salespeople may claim that the alcohol is “cosmetics-grade,” which sounds nice but doesn't make this product any less irritating."
Amanda04 Apple cifer vinaigrette instead of toner
Sezen Cameron (4 months ago)
that's why they also have a 1.0 version which is made without alcohol
Caroline Isabel (5 months ago)
Well the Clarifying lotion is not a toner. Toner balances PH, the clarifying lotion does not. Any alcohol in it is cosmetic grade and also contains witch hazel which is great for the skin. Number 2 is only for dry-combo skin, number 1 being for very dry and 1.0 being completely alcohol free. Theres also 3 and 4. There are so many options for many different skin types, so there isnt just one clinique "toner" that your aunt claims is "so harsh". Clinique has done wonders for my skin. And I have also worked with people that have used clinique products for 40+ years and they all look amazing. Oh, and former Clinique Beauty Advisor here, so I definitely have definitely met my fair share of people that started using Clinique before I was born, and look absolutely amazing! By the way, most new clients I met with problematic skin were recommended by Dermatologists ;) and it was Dermatologist developed.
shai shai shai (2 years ago)
i was kinda waiting for jouer to sponsor you ...i discovered about it from you before everyone else started talking about it 😂
jessbess26 (2 years ago)
gorgeous as always!! I have super dry skin as well and I've tried a million things. I might have to try the 3 step system next 😍😘
Franchesca Burgos (2 years ago)
Hey Dacey!! Can you do a Sephora collection review???!!!
Mindy Burns (2 years ago)
Your skin looked brighter each day!
Daisy Dudley (2 years ago)
dacey please let me know where your choker is from! looks adorable on you
WhaTHefUCK (2 years ago)
I can't stop staring at her teeth. Goals tbh
Kara Denise (2 years ago)
so pretty!
Brenda Wilkins (2 years ago)
Yay!! You had a Michigan sweatshirt on!! My cardiologist is at the University of Michigan and love them! I just may give Clinique a try again thanks to your video. It's been a long time since I've used it and I think my skin has gotten too use to my Philosophy stuff and it's not longer clearing things up anymore 🙁
Lauren Russell (2 years ago)
I have really dry skin, and the cleanser leaves my face feeling very tight, and the moisturizer does not work for me, at all. Literally not even 5 minutes later, I have to reapply because my face is flakey. It burns my face also. I have very sensitive skin. It sucks for me
Angie Huyke (5 months ago)
Tokyojoonz facts
Angie Huyke (5 months ago)
You know at first when I started using it they gave me the 3 skin type and it didn’t work at all because since my skin is greasy BUT I started using the 2 skin type even though that is not my skin type and it gave me the best results ever and I’m so happy with my skin! I recommend you to try the same if your skin dried
Selena Pama (6 months ago)
I also have sensitive, dry skin but the system worked for me beautifully. Clinique is one of those “throw the dice” products and I do hope you found a great regimen that fits your skin type.
Luijzika FireTwister (6 months ago)
You should try Korean skin care products :)
Tokyojoonz (11 months ago)
To me clinique is one of them brands where it works or it doesn't. Then when it works, IT WORKS
Taylor (2 years ago)
Your teeth are so white and perfect what the heck! You're so pretty.
Marianne Zhao (2 years ago)
What products do you use to whiten your teeth??
kaylanie kaw (2 years ago)
do you like the shape tape concealer? i got it and i find that it's drying and creates lines etc. i don't like it and i feel like everybodyyyyyy does lol
Gabriella (2 years ago)
I def noticed less hyper-pigmentation of the skin! you're beautiful as always! ☺️ gonna try out the first two since I already own the third one.
MelisaSmileyFace (2 years ago)
I use that toner and I love it! Definitely recommend the moisture surge moisturizer.
Olivia C (2 years ago)
Omg Clinique skincare is where its at. Used it all through middle and high school and seriously I rarely ever broke out. The gel moisturizer is really good too, its my personal fave:) I love that you do videos with Clinique they are such a good brand.
justchloe (18 days ago)
Marjana but rlly worth it
Marjana (1 year ago)
Olivia C and expensive
Aubrey Makayla (1 year ago)
Did u use the 3 step
Yongyong (2 years ago)
Jammella Montejo (2 years ago)
Do you know a good product for dark spots? I'm trying everything and my skin is at its worse 😭
shreya1098 (2 years ago)
kate somerville has a dark spot correcter and vitamin c works well!
Beth Hurley (2 years ago)
Ooh may have to check them out! Do you think they will work for acne prone skin? Also Dacey where is your jumper from? I love it! Beautiful as per usual xxx
Ashley Christine (2 years ago)
any small youtubers want to support eachother?! i just uploaded my first video. :) subbing anyone. also love you dacey!!
Anna James (2 years ago)
Where did you get your choker? I love it!!! Love this video :)
Dabryen Narine (2 years ago)
Where is your choker from
Erica Jelly (3 months ago)
Go to wish! I also got one just like hers from Rue21 ❤️
Anja Plemic (2 years ago)
Dabryen Narine i feel like you can buy any small necklasse and wear it like a choker 😁
alicia bennett (2 years ago)
Dabryen Narine let me know too lol
Stephanie Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I love this set ! I tried it about 2 months ago and it's already my holy grail it's simple , affordable and effective.
Tahreen Choudhury (2 years ago)
Wow from that tape test I might need to go out and purchase the step two. Btw love you and your videos ur so beautiful x
Janbelle Selene (2 years ago)
What do you ask for when you get your haircut? Layers? It's so pretty 😍😍😍
Stephanie Romero (2 years ago)
Janbelle Selene I asked her before and she said she cuts it herself.. it's so pretty 😍
deanna (2 years ago)
Janbelle Selene let me know too I love it haha
Nikki M (2 years ago)
Janbelle Selene I want to know too! :)
Gabrijela Jurisic (2 years ago)
Hi dacey, love your videos soooo much, can you do some tutorials, videos like grwm? Thank you, greetings from Croatiaaa 😊😊
Jenica D (2 years ago)
I just noticed the name change! I liked hapa 💙
Jenica D (2 years ago)
I definitely understand! Either way you're still my fav 💁🏽😘
Ti ana (2 years ago)
i think this way your channel comes across as more professional, not that there was anything wrong with hapa!
Dacey Cash (2 years ago)
I want to go by my first and last name now. My username was confusing people and I think EVERYONE thought my last name was "hapa"
Anna Drees (2 years ago)
Hey chica! Hope you're doing well! When will we see the review on the new wet n wild products?
Dacey Cash (2 years ago)
I'm planning on doing a first impression on them but haven't gotten around to filming it, yet!
R Shepherd (2 years ago)
Beautiful 💜
Dacey Cash (2 years ago)
Thanks girlie girl
Molly Morley (2 years ago)
I got the mini set for Christmas, but haven't used the three step system either, I've occasionally used it but not always! So this video made me very excited to now use it for the 10 day's! Love this video x
Dacey Cash (2 years ago)
Yeah I really like it! It's a simplified skincare routine but I was missing my extra serums and stuff! x
Maya Maya (2 years ago)
Always look forward to seeing your videos in my feed
Dacey Cash (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
kromatic (2 years ago)
Love love love Clinique. Thanks for this review, Dacey! I might consider buying the clarifying lotion. After the 10 days, I can definitely see the decrease in hyperpigmentation and increase in the brightness of your skin! Just wondering, what eye cream do you use or which would you recommend? (:

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